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  1. [Fan Art] my not finished ninja turtle logo a la expendables
  2. [Fan Art] TMNT art & other stuff
  3. [Fan Video] I'm thinking of doing another TMNT Adventure readthru, but...
  4. Doodle including a Turtle
  5. [Fanfic] Danny's Hidden Talent
  6. [Art Contest] TMNT Redesign Challenge #7 - MONA LISA
  7. Raph speed painting practice
  8. My Wife-to-be's toss garter
  9. Eiko's Art Thread
  10. some new art works of mine
  11. [Fanfic] Josh's Childhood Moment
  12. [Fan Art] Taking requests!
  13. [Fanfic] Superhero Family
  14. [Fan Art] Metalhead
  15. My MIRAGE Ninja Turtle mod in Modnation Racers
  16. My belated showing of TMNT art...
  17. [Art Contest] Vote for the best MONA LISA Redesign
  18. What´s your opinion about this hand-made card set???
  19. MNTGaiden RPG Project
  20. [Fan Art] SHREDDER COSTUME I MADE FOR HALLOWEEN 2010 let me know what you guys think
  21. Archie Desktop
  22. [Fan Art] My random art stuff
  23. Donatello from the TMNT Smash Up Comic Cover
  24. [Fan Art] Can I get feedback on my drawing?...
  25. [Fan Art] Would you like to draw this card??
  26. [Fanfic] Band Changes
  27. [Fan Art] Anybody Like Pokemon?
  28. La Tmnt Familia Arts
  29. What type of art software do u use?
  30. [Fan Art] Mona Lisa needs some more luv...
  31. Collision- A card game I created
  32. GOONGALA!!! My first Casey fan-art
  33. Visionaries Survival of the Fittest
  34. Turtles Forever Custom DVD Cover
  35. [Fan Video] Fan made tribute
  36. [Fanfic] Away In A Zoo
  37. Visionaries The Call
  38. [Fan Art] Mr. Hasty does page 11 of tmnt issue 1
  39. [Fan Art] Need some Feedback....
  40. My First Contribution
  41. The other Mr. unHasty does Page #27 of issue #1
  42. [Fanfic] Ex-Cel Band on Superhero Family
  43. This is slightly I'm-bare-assing...
  44. [Fanfic] Shredder's got some balls
  45. CGI/3D Ninja Action
  46. they jus' jealous cuz Shredder luvs me more ..
  47. "Fight The Foot" trailer
  48. don speedy
  49. mike speedy
  50. Who is BB?
  51. Man Ray pic
  52. leo speedy
  53. Baxter Stockman digital painting
  54. [Fan Art] meet Raph... yeah, life size
  55. [Art Contest] TMNT Redesign Challenge #8 - MERDUDE
  56. Fight the Foot fan film
  57. 'Tag Your Friends' Request
  58. [Fan Art] Damaged Shredder - Warning
  59. The Shredder digital painting
  60. Voice Actors needed for a YouTube fan series
  61. [Fanfic] Stuck In LA, Again
  62. [Fan Art] Li'l Mikey
  63. TMNT Vol. 1 #1 Voice Over Project - In Production
  64. psyrusly art thread
  65. New TMNT Fancomic
  66. [Art Contest] Vote for the best MERDUDE Redesign
  67. Ninja Turtles Of 25 Years Is Ready To Return
  68. Your TMNT Artwork
  69. Your Digital Art Process ( How you draw/ink )
  70. Cowabunga Corner
  71. [Fan Video] non tmnt video City Hunter
  72. [Fan Art] Cyber Shredder
  73. [Fan Video] Ninja Turtles without Venus
  74. [Fan Art] Take a look at my Real Leatherhead photo!!
  75. Turtle Cosplay?
  76. Bebop & Rocksteady
  77. Ray Fillet song
  78. [Fan Art] Black and white art dump
  79. Be a Follower :)
  80. Seen These?
  81. [Fanfic] Getting Back
  82. [Fan Art] My first attempt with tablet, manga studio, and a ninja turtle
  83. My Donatello drawing, pencil and sharpie on bristol.
  84. [Fan Art] Donatello knows bo!
  85. [Fan Art] Azrael's fan art thread
  86. banner please?
  87. [Fan Video] "TMNT: Sweded!" 1990 Film Remake (2 Episodes up)
  88. [Art Contest] Toys That Never Were Challenge!
  89. My first sketch in 14 years
  90. [Fanfic] All-American Hottie (Spring Break)
  91. "A Vision"...My First Fan-Fic.
  92. [Art Contest] TMNT Redesign Challenge #9 - DRAGONLORD
  93. [Fan Art] Shredder VS Chromedome
  94. Screwing around with my new graphics tablet
  95. [Fan Art] Donatello Picture for a Friend
  96. Check out these Amazing portraits..
  97. [Fan Art] Bored and playing with PhotoShop
  98. [VIDEO] Me getting my first TMNT tattoo.
  99. Image/Logo Request
  100. Technodrome versus Optimus Prime
  101. Art of TypH
  102. Great Fan Artist Find: Michael DiMotta
  103. Retro Playback "Turtles" posts
  104. You Design The Nickelodeon TMNT
  105. [Fan Comic] Turtles Forever: Shadows Beyond
  106. TMNT Shoutouts in Star Trek Fan Film
  107. AUDIO: [MLP] TMNT: April's Diary, Chapter 1
  108. [Art Contest] Vote for the best DRAGONLORD Redesign
  109. What the next TMNT should look like.
  110. Nebezial's Awesome Shredder and Krang
  111. casey jones & shredder costume build
  112. CGI Turtles - Fan Made
  113. First Issue pg.9
  114. [Fanfic] Okra Winfry
  115. Introducing my First Blog, "Donny's Lab"
  116. [Fan Video] A Music video
  117. [Fan Video] Has Anybody Seen These? NECA Demonstrations
  118. [Fan Art] My Original Characters
  119. [Fan Video] Live Action TMNT short!!!! Truely Epic!
  120. Has anyone tried to do lip sync with after effects?
  121. [Fan Art] Recreate the TMNT # 1 cover!
  122. [Fan Art] 3-Toed Leo
  123. [Fanfic] TMNT Unlimited
  124. My TMNT Month - In May for Youtube
  125. POSSIBLE, TMNT Concept art for the New Movie
  126. TMNT Collection, April 2011 [video]
  127. Will pay artist/design whiz for DVD cover art
  128. [Fan Art] Interesting Leonardo Fanart
  129. [Fanfic] TMNT Meets TFNT
  130. [Fan Art] Shredder!
  131. [Fan Video] Self-made Turtles Forever trailer!
  132. Non-TMNT fan art... is that ok?
  133. I'm looking for a good animator!
  134. My Original TMNT Artwork
  135. Technodrome Forum Memes
  136. [Fan Video] Whip It Music Video
  137. High School Dream
  138. Shell-shock (a tmnt art show & tribute)
  139. [Fan Video] Help with 1990 film/2k3 project.
  140. [Art Contest] TMNT Redesign Challenge #10 - CRYIN' HOUND
  141. [Fan Art] Drawing a turtle
  142. TMNT T-shirt Design
  143. [Fanfic] Double Wedding
  144. Some TMNT Backgrounds I made awhile back
  145. Krang Custom Spriting project + MUGEN character
  146. When Leonardo Met Skipper
  147. Ninja Turtles Are Not Expendable - Diamond Eyes (Shinedown) - TMNT (2003) Tribute
  148. [Fan Video] 2k3 recreation of tmnt issue 1
  149. [Fan Art] Powders Art Gallery
  150. TMNT Episode Music?
  151. OT Fan Season 11
  152. Shredder Avatar
  153. TMNT: A High School Dream - Script by Bauer536
  154. [Fan Art] TMNT fanart lost and found.
  155. [Fan Video] My TMNT 90's movie fan video. The story of a family.
  156. [Fanfic] Backstreet Turtle
  157. Question about Trends among TMNT fan characters
  158. Shredder poster
  159. [Fan Art] Raph vs mousers, a collaboration.
  160. [Fanfic] Waterpark & The Beach Buds
  161. TMNT Duct Tape Wallets!
  162. Birthday cake...
  163. Interest in a fan communtiy project?
  164. [Fan Art] Krang Puppet?
  165. [Fan Art] TMNT Shredder mask
  166. [Fan Art] Real Ninja Turtle Cycle cruiser
  167. [Fan Art] Technodrome CGI
  168. My Shredder costume thread
  169. [Fan Art] Casey at the bat
  170. Looking,paying for some 1 to draw me a full sleeve turtle tattoo design.
  171. [Fan Video] Reenactment of Turtles In Space: The Big House
  172. Shredder drawing
  173. Michaelangelo artwork
  174. [Art Contest] Vote for the best CRYIN' HOUND Redesign
  175. Back into action
  176. cant find old fanfic "now and forever"
  177. I'm back and I brought a hostess gift...
  178. Please help.
  179. The "Best" Fan Art Out There
  180. First Contribution. TMNT Mirage Comics Turtle skull embroidered patch!
  181. [Fan Comic] Seeking Artist(s) for TMNT Short Stories
  182. Somewhat Funny/Creepy Japanese Fan Video
  183. [Fan Art] Exposure`s Art
  184. Krang fan art
  185. [Fan Art] darkyphil fan art
  186. Mirage TMNT return to "Hal & Kyle" (Green Lantern)
  187. DareDevil/TMNT mash up!
  188. [Fan Video] Documentary about vintage toys (Polish edition)
  189. Working on a clay sculpture of Donny, Need some help
  190. [Fan Art] Anyone want to color a Leo?
  191. My tmnt ink and pencil sketches.
  192. [Fan Art] My Art Work ... Raph and LEo Now Updated.
  193. Ninja turtle sculpt
  194. Live sized turtle costume
  195. Another by the same artist
  196. [Fan Art] My apperication art (fanart)
  197. [Fan Art] You request, I Draw (Oniri)
  198. Random Found Fan Art
  199. Tokka-Tokka's Turtle Art
  200. [Fanfic] The Fellowship's Out of the Bag version 1
  201. A new Turtle Rap for the Ages...
  202. Pizza Slice: Mikey's Rap
  203. Leo & Karai pic
  204. My old 9/11 TMNT story
  205. [Fanfic] Leonardo In Concert
  206. My TMNT Artwork
  207. My Other Fanart
  208. ~Jusy a couple of TMNT Sketches
  209. [Fan Comic] Tmnt & motu
  210. [Fanfic] Mikey's Drum Concert
  211. [Fan Art] foot clan arm guard
  212. [Fan Art] Drako-Cat Strikes Back
  213. Stupid Water Level!
  214. [Fan Video] Tengu Shredder vs Utrom Shredder
  215. Question for fellow Writers...
  216. Movie Poster
  217. [Fan Comic] Master Splinter in "Nothing to Fear"
  218. Super Monopoly- TMNT Heroes and Villians
  219. Some of my old artwork
  220. A sample of my 3D art
  221. [Fanfic] Turtle Power Meets Pony Magic
  222. [Fan Art] Cowabunga Carl's Art
  223. Threadless Turtle Soup Submission
  224. [Fan Comic] TMNT fancomic
  225. TMNT RPG Book
  226. [Fan Art] Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses
  227. [Fanfic] Mikey's New Hero
  228. Would you be interested in a TMNT Adventures redraw series?
  229. My little side project (CGI)
  230. [Fanfic] Big Time Showdown on Thanksgiving
  231. Krang-The handmade necklace from Deminsion X
  232. Custom Bebop Head
  233. [Fan Art] Zany's Art
  234. [Fan Art] Tokka is Currently Taking Commissions
  235. TMNT Movie scratch board pictues
  236. A cartoonish Old Hob.
  237. Technodrome Remix issue 2
  238. [Art Contest] TMNT Redesign Challenge #11 - RAT KING
  239. [Fan Art] Can't find the perler bead sprite for the Turtle Van
  240. [Fanfic] Bebop & Rocksteady - The long road
  241. [Fanfic] Shadows-My first attempt at TMNT fanfiction
  242. lifesize turtle sculpt project
  243. [Fan Video] My TMNT music videos
  244. [Fan Art] cartoonistaaron's Mecha Donatello COLORED!
  245. MetropolisKid's Turtle Art
  246. More non-TMNT stuff
  247. Favor?
  248. This Time LaVioletta Drew Mona Lisa!
  249. I just had to share this, EPIC.
  250. Ha, I just found an old Shredder drawing I did in high school.