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  1. The ALMOST New Season
  2. 4Kids moving to the CW
  3. DNA Is Thicker Than Water (new ep)
  4. bone creature in Fathers and Sons
  5. official new Fast Forward ep discussion for "The Cosmic Completist" 07Oct13
  6. official new Fast Forward ep discussion for "The Day of Awakening" 07Oct20
  7. More Rat King?
  8. Two more characters possibly related?
  9. Attention Sinterniklaas Lovers
  10. TMNT and Halloween
  11. Hun/Dun
  12. what now..?
  13. The CONFIRMED New Season
  14. Lost Season DVD
  15. Official New Fast Forward Ep Discussion for "Zixxth Sense" 07OCT27
  16. Holiday episodes
  17. Favorite Theme DVD
  18. So are they going to make Bishop a villian again in '08?
  19. been gone for months...HELP on new seasons please
  20. Should I get the new Season Sets?
  21. You think the 2008 season will finally have a good theme song?
  22. Season 2 on DVD?
  23. Will The Writers Strike Affect TMNT 2008?
  24. Question - TMNT 2003
  25. As if Fast Forward wasn't bad enough....
  26. Check it out!!!
  27. New 2k8 character
  28. New cartoon.
  29. No new TMNT till Spring...
  30. A question about the mutagen origin.
  31. Shredder Noise?
  32. Which characters/story arcs do you want to see resume in 2k8?
  33. Fast Forward product observations
  34. Funny feeling that '08 will kill TMNT again
  35. Teenage Angst: Leonardo in Season 4
  36. Episode/story arc content. What is your prefrence?
  37. Lost season...
  38. When do you expect the "Lost Episodes" on DVD?
  39. Pre-Lost Season debut poll: Have you seen all the LS episodes?
  40. FF DVD question
  41. Lost Season Toys
  42. TMNT: their look in season 7
  43. Is tomorrow's episode a repeat?
  44. Ninja Tribunal DVD australia
  45. Today My Heart Was Filled With Joy
  46. "Lap of the Gods" episode discussion
  47. 5 years of the NT! (late)
  48. The Boardman's Blog
  49. The Ch'rell/Triceraton Connection
  50. What will and wont be in season 7
  51. Decide The New Theme
  52. "Demons and Dragons" episode discussion
  53. Predict how the dvd covers will look!!!
  54. Wal-Mart phasing out 2K3 DVDs?
  55. Official semi-new 2K3-vs.-anime ep discussion, "Legend of the Five Dragons"
  56. Theory's as to why turtles leave their home
  57. Ask the TMNT a question!
  58. Would you want to see some of the acolytes again in season 7?
  59. Spitfire Answers the TMNT's Questions
  60. "More Worlds Than One" episode discussion
  61. TMNT DVD releases
  62. Are we going to see Leo further his training with the ninja tribunal? (re: FF)
  63. fast forward episode guide
  64. Ch'rell: Brilliant Scientist or Strong Minded Semi-Psychic?
  65. Beginning of the End
  66. Question for Italian fans...
  67. Okay, quick question about the new season sets
  68. Question about the Ancient One
  69. DVD-singles
  70. Season 4
  71. Episode Discussion "Membership Drive"
  72. New themes
  73. So what's the consensus on the new Season sets?
  74. The Battle Nexuus [Big Brawl Episodes]
  75. 4Kids' "blog"
  76. Where are the pix of the Season 7 Tron-ish TMNT?
  77. Spectacular Spider-Man is a good indincation of what the season 7 might look like.
  78. Favorite chi markings?
  79. Real names of human acolytes revealed
  80. Episode Discussion "New World Order" Part 1
  81. Can any of the human acolytes beat utrom shredder (without their mysticical powers)?
  82. TMNT voice actors
  83. The Sword of Tengu
  84. Questions about the 5th and 7th seasons
  85. Episode discussion: "New World Order" part 2
  86. Something to think about...
  87. Hey, how are the ratings of the Lost Season so far?
  88. Loose Ends
  89. Same as it Never Was, question
  90. ATTN: Italian-speaking fans...
  91. The Garbageman!
  92. Episode discussion: "Fathers & Sons"
  93. What would be in your ideal tmnt movie?
  94. The unthinkable has occurred.
  95. Question about Scottie Ray (voice of the shredder)
  96. Could any of the turtles beat Hamato Yoshi in combat?
  97. leo's shell
  98. Can someone fill me in..
  99. official new ep discussion for "Past Present"
  100. TMNT 2008... What countries are ready for it?
  101. Favorite 2k3 scenes?
  102. TMNT DVD's
  103. Will the turles become ninjitsu masters at series end?
  104. The foot elites eyes?
  105. Episode discussion: "Enter The Dragons" Part 1
  106. Present Bishop against Future Bishop?
  107. Possible Merge Ahead
  108. How many TMNT episodes has been released?
  109. Better looking?
  110. Back To The Sewers Logo's
  111. Episode discussion: "Enter The Dragons" Part 2
  112. How they could have released "Nightmares Recycled"...
  113. Anyone ever notice this?
  114. Why only 13 episodes to season 7?
  115. Fast Forward DVD question
  116. Is Back to the sewer going to be a good show
  117. April's Fighting Outfits
  118. Bad News about Ninja Tribunal DVD
  119. Glutton for punishment, oy!
  120. Entire Season 7?
  121. Review Of The Ninja Tribunal DVD
  122. Best episodes of 2003 toon?
  123. eyes with pupils
  124. Season 2 part 2 coming September 1
  125. Selling TMNT DVD's..
  126. Selling TMNT DVD's..
  127. is it just me or
  128. music you hope to hear on 4kids' blog
  129. TMNT Fast Forward on CW
  130. Lost track of the show, so few questions...
  131. A question about the Shredder artifacts from Lost Season
  132. Which character's theme music in the new toon is your favorite?
  133. Woo, new autographs
  134. Favourite Turtle?
  135. Insanely On Demand
  136. purple is everywhere!
  137. looking for the foxbox jukebox
  138. YES!! Autograph from Usagi!!!
  139. Who is Spuds?
  140. 2008 - Art
  141. 4Kid TMNT podcast
  142. Who would you like to see write for the show?
  143. So far, which season of TMNT has been the best?
  144. Bonus Features?
  145. need help!!!!
  146. It's not ninja tribunal's fault!
  147. TMNT Joins Rare Saturday Morning Feat
  148. Mikey B T T S Design has a big head..~~ **
  149. next host of the tmnt "shellcast"
  150. Where was FF going before it got canned?
  151. Now that FF is over...
  152. Grudge Match
  153. how lucky are we?
  154. What season?
  155. Which stories from the comic would you like to see in Back to the Sewers?
  156. what i dont get about fast forward...
  157. Super Heros in the show
  158. TMNT Season 2, Part 2
  159. Season 7 on DVD??
  160. Should Bishop be consider an anti villain.
  161. Small Back To the Sewer Sneak Peak
  162. New cartoon.
  163. Which Oroku Saki was more evil.?
  164. TMNT "Blog" week 26 - What do you want to see?
  165. How will they react?
  166. Voice Actor Info - Scemmel and Delisle
  167. Least favorite episode of each season?
  168. New Season Starts when?
  169. The abstract concepts.
  170. An avatar request.
  171. Has it been officially announced,
  172. Another new autograph
  173. Shadows over Chinatown
  174. Shredder's Colour Scheme
  175. TMNT : Back to the Sewer - Gennosuke & Usagi peek..**
  176. First Back to the Sewers commercial aired.
  177. Take it all... For the Shredder.
  178. Leo and Raph's fighting
  179. Wb's tmnt toon
  180. TMNT: BTTS Preview online
  181. TMNT Back to the Sewers... when?
  182. Question about DVD
  183. What is your favorite look ?
  184. gobo's lofty goal: a 2K3+ marathon this week
  185. So out of the loop.
  186. Karai
  187. Back to The Sewer episode descriptions
  188. official new ep discussion thread for "Tempus Fugit"
  189. anyone else not able to see premiere today?
  190. Usagi Episode Question
  191. I hope Viral is gone for good
  192. Your favorite TMNT theme song since 2003
  193. Don's bag of tricks
  194. official new ep discussion thread for "Karate Schooled"
  195. What would you think if Hun...
  196. Mutant Ninja Turtle-Boys Cyber Squad!
  197. Favorite (And Least Favorite) New Characters
  198. Master Khan...an Elite Guard Ninja?
  199. Fans reaction to angst in the turtles.
  200. The Shredder War
  201. Mikey's behavior
  202. How many new eps do we get before reruns?
  203. Official Episode Discussion: "Something Wicked"
  204. This season to end with animated movie?!
  205. Good idea?
  206. How is Back To Sewers Doing So Far?
  207. Which is more likely for May?
  208. the Splinter thing
  209. dsfhhjsfj
  210. Official Episode Discussion: "The Engagement Ring"
  211. I missed the show today!
  212. Character Image from the "The Engagement Ring"
  213. Is it really going to be like this?
  214. Casey & April's Wedding
  215. Season 7: the last season?
  216. Where is...
  217. You can watch "Back to the Sewers" online now (officially)
  218. No New Episode Today?
  219. So, what would you like to see in a potential season 8?
  220. TMNT Will Change Yet Again Next Season
  221. Official Episode Discussion: "Hacking Stockman"
  222. Peter Speaks On The Cancellation "Rumor"
  223. The Difference between Males and Females....
  224. Karai
  225. New episodes on youtube?
  226. BttS Schedule Change
  227. Official Episode Discussion: "The Incredible Shrinking Serling"
  228. Exodus
  229. Shrinking Serling Sneak Peek
  230. They're re-releasing all of the seasons right?
  231. am I alone?
  232. 2003 Turtles cartoon dvd sets
  233. Official Episode Discussion: "Identity Crisis"
  234. bebop and rock steady
  235. The Garbageman
  236. Pirate Raph?
  237. Official Episode Discussion: "Web Wranglers"
  238. Rank the Episodes So Far
  239. Who is the smartest?
  240. This season went by too quickly?
  241. Leatherhead found!
  242. City Under Siege Being Listed As Three-Parter
  243. Whats up with the subpar fights
  244. Characters not yet used?
  245. Official Episode Discussion: "SuperQuest"
  246. sooo...yeah...
  247. is there a way to watch BTTS Episode 9?
  248. Horrid Songs In Season 2
  249. Official Episode Discussion: "Virtual Reality Check"
  250. Major Spoiler!