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  1. 4Kids goes off the air...
  2. Mikey sparing Kluh's life...a good idea?
  3. What if.................
  4. Official Ep Discussion: "City Under Siege"
  5. Which will be released first
  6. So whats the bottom line on the future of TMNT BTTS?
  7. Ultimate Ninja: Not so Ultimate
  8. Season 2 Part 2 Episode List?
  9. So how did TMNT 2k3 even have 26 episode seasons in the first place?
  10. Robocop VS Baxter Stockman
  11. Episode 12 of BTTS summary on official site
  12. what happen to this BTTS episode?
  13. Where's season 3 part 1
  14. To me, TMNT 2k3 ended with 'Enter the Dragons' Part II.
  15. Officially ticked.
  16. New 4kids schedule
  17. Professor Hunnycutt: Brain or Bust?
  18. Comic Adaptations List
  19. TMNT animatics?
  20. Any Good Quotes from TMNT?
  21. Possible Plot Goof: Hun's discovery of Ch'rell as an Utrom.
  22. From Dan Berger..."BTTS will be the final new season."
  23. Question...
  24. what did Renet mean?
  25. Background music
  26. Picture request
  27. Justice Force
  28. Did Casey ever have a job in the series?
  29. Story from DNA is Thicker than Water?
  30. Request to 4kids: Release the script to 'Nightmares Recycled'.
  31. How often was April the "damsel in distress" in the new toon?
  32. TMNT DVDs
  33. Do you think there will be a CGI cartoon?
  34. Why did Rat King never get a second episode?
  35. How many seasons have there been so far since the start of the 2k3?
  36. Current cartoon meets old cartoon?
  37. 4Kids and Back to the Sewers Appreciation Thread...
  38. When do the new Eps get going?
  39. What do you mean?
  40. BTTS Episode 13 title and summary
  41. What is the "Lost Season" of TMNT
  42. DVDs...
  43. Anything on the Cartoon Announced at Comic Con NYC?
  44. How many years of cartoon do you think there will be?
  45. Something I don't get about the Justice Force
  46. How Lucky We Are
  47. Any plans for the mini-eps?
  48. SOOO out of the loop...Everything cancelled??
  49. Do you think the 2k3 series had an interesting rogues gallery?
  50. TMNT 2003 Tribute video by Yoraee. (Since it's indeed coming to an end.)
  51. A message of support?
  52. Need help with some lines in the subtitles I'm writing (for Back to the Sewer)
  53. Official Ep Discussion: "Super Power Struggle"
  54. Pic request
  55. Series enders at different points?
  56. New Episode airing Feb. 21st
  57. Episodes?
  58. If TMNT ends, I have nothing to watch on 4kids Saturday block
  59. CW Sneak peek - 7 minutes of the "supposed" series finale 'Wedding Bells & Bytes'
  60. Question for the masses....Master Splinter
  61. So, TMNT 2003 Was Actually Really Good
  62. 4kids rep. Still around??
  63. Best Fight Scenes
  64. Whatever happened to Touch and Go?
  65. "The Nightmare Sewer"????
  66. Bishop an Utrom!?
  67. Official Series Finale Discussion: "Wedding Bells and Bytes"
  68. They forgot April's Sister and Uncle Augie!
  69. Now that the show has ended, let's see which villains got closure
  70. 2k3 Galleries
  71. Comparing Season 6, (Fast Forward) to Season 7 (Back to the Sewers) were you happy?
  72. So now that TMNT 2K3/FFBTTS is over....
  73. Splinter and Casey..
  74. Happy with the ending. **Spoilers Included**
  75. Shredder being the villain for the shows entire run
  76. TMNT Season 3
  77. New TMNT! "Mayhem From Mutant Island!!!" Shorts
  78. Homages to the original series ?
  79. Australian TMNT Season 3 DVD
  80. How much did you enjoy the voice acting in the 2k3 series?
  81. let's have a usagi cartoon!
  82. the character designer's youtube channel
  83. What else will be on the DTV DVD?
  84. Was the 2003 TMNT 2003 cartoons based on the comics?!!?!?!?
  85. Favorite Foot Ninja Design
  86. What happened to Karai?
  87. In the end, Bishop, not Ch'rell, was 2k3's best villain.
  88. Al Kahn: All TMNT staff are being terminated, the show is no longer in production
  89. 25th Anniversary Shell-ebration stuff
  90. Back to the Sewer DVD in June (AUS)
  91. Dear 4Kids....TMNT Online
  92. Funimation Discontinuing TMNT DVDs
  93. Could the just announced 5th movie impact the cartoon?
  94. Just how good was the animation?
  95. Master Kahn: cruel joke?
  96. A qustion about the dvd's
  97. tmnt single dvds
  98. TMNT's New Distributer Question
  99. Tmnt 2k3 interstitials
  100. TMNT: Fast Forward episode 144 - "Master Fighter 2105" animatic
  101. tmnt 2003 vhs
  102. Season 3 DVD?
  103. Usagi on TMNT 4Kids blog!
  104. TMNT Future DVD Releases
  105. Turtles Forever - The Direct to DVD 25th Anniversary Special
  106. Technodrome in Future Shellschock
  107. TMNT Back To The Sewer Screencaps?
  108. Finishing Fast Forward
  109. How Do You Think People Will Ultimately Remember the 2K3 Show in the Future?
  110. Turtles against H.A.T.E.
  111. Fast Forward Season 2 ep titles
  112. Help out at shoutfactory.com
  113. The Remote Control Silver Sentry Toy
  114. The evil Turtlebot
  115. Top Ten Episodes
  116. Problem with Casey
  117. City at War?
  118. Help finding an episode
  119. Stores in Calgary that sell TMNT DVDs
  120. "The Christmas Aliens"?
  121. Image of the Foot Lgo?
  122. What are the chances of an 8th TMNT 2k3 season ?
  123. Unknown Season
  124. Sons of the Silent Age Episode Discussion
  125. TMNT (2003 cartoon) Talkback Thread Collection
  126. When is Shout Factory and 4Kids going to sign a deal for a DVD Distribution rights?
  127. Lost Season Being Aired Again
  128. Ninja Tribunal Theme Song
  129. Turtles Forever *SPOILERS*
  130. Fast Forward. Concensus?
  131. Which TMNT toon is better?
  132. Return Of The Ultimate Ninja Transcript
  133. BTTS Region 4 DVD
  134. 4kids for SALE?!
  135. Would you dig this?
  136. Cool Idea for a New TMNT cartoon
  137. 4kids stamp collection
  138. 4Kids' TMNT Blooper Reel
  139. The One True Shredder
  140. Where are thos clips from?
  141. Need specific image.
  142. Really want season 3 parts 1&2?
  143. Finished(?) Back to the Sewer Intro
  144. TMNT Forever DVD
  145. A question 3rd season in single disk cases
  146. Magna Pacific
  147. Question about Back to The Sewers...
  148. Which Mirage characters should had been in the 4Kids cartoon.?
  149. Presumably thinking: Shout Factory will be in talks in the coming months?
  150. Is the 2003 series over?
  151. Why were people so hyped about the "Lost Season" again?
  152. Shout factory will NOT Distribute TMNT!
  153. Insane in the membrane
  154. TMNT Ranks Eight on Most Popular List
  155. Which Distributor do you think America that could the next 4Kids Distributor?
  156. Is TMNT 2k3 officially dead?
  157. Were any of Fast Forward's Season 2 episodes completed?
  158. Turtles Forever - Meet up locations
  159. Turtles Forever One night only showing canceled :(
  160. Question: Would anyone else still see Turtles Forever in theaters after tv or DVD?
  161. turtles forever update?
  162. Turtles Forever at MIPCOM Discussion Talk
  163. 2k3 Rat King
  164. Who is to blame for the TMNT 2k3 & Turtles Forever DVD debacle?
  165. Ninja Turtles cartoons series laserdiscs
  166. Is there gonna be a season 8 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003?
  167. Planet Bellerophon in both TMNT cartoons
  168. Lord Dregg, could he had worked as villain in the 4Kids TMNT cartoon.?
  169. When will "Turtles Foever" air on tv?
  170. BTTS on UK TV
  171. Turtles Forever: New News Speculation
  172. 2k3 show.
  173. Regarding Turtles Forever Airing- Confirmed it will not be the 15th
  174. Turtles Forever line in Attack of the Mousers
  175. TMNT 2003 and Turtles Forever With 4Kids or with Nickelodeon?!!!
  176. The Foot *slight Turtles Forever Spoilers*
  177. What is this show like?
  178. We're gonna put the kabosh on you!
  179. Cyber Shredder origins
  180. BttS DVD?
  181. Zog?
  182. 2003 TMNT seasons 3 & 4 DVD sets
  183. Turtles Forever Will Air November 21st
  184. is the turtles forever trailer out?
  185. Help from anyone!!
  186. The BIGGEST problem with Turtles Forever
  187. No spoilers please but is Ch'rell's return in Turtles Forever properly explained?
  188. tmnt turtles 4ever fight styles
  189. TMNT4kids, is Turtles Forever going to be the last new story of the 2k3 Turtles?
  190. Anyone like how they tried to push the censors for a Saturday morning cartoon?
  191. Stuff you wanted to see or expanded upon
  192. new trtles forever trailer
  193. Turtles Forever - Talkback Discussion Thread
  194. Anybody not have the Turtles Forever air in their town?
  195. Next Mutation not recognized in multi-verse
  196. What would the 8 Turtles say ?
  197. So what got cut from the CW airing?
  198. I MISSED Turtles Forever... Where Can I watch it?
  199. Thank You 4Kids For A Great Series!
  200. Turtles Forever Screencap thread
  201. Looking for the quote about the Shredder Wars and BTTS Season 2.
  202. A Thank you to Lloyd Goldfine
  203. Question that still needs to be answered: When does Turtles Forever take place?
  204. Did Anyone Else Not Like Oroku Saki, But Really Like Ch'rell?
  205. What would have happened if Ch'rell got mutated?
  206. What do you feel are the show's biggest flaws?
  207. This was one of the few action shows where most of the villains got closure
  208. Triceraton Shredder in Fast Forward?
  209. Ch'rell and red blob from Pac Man
  210. The many faces of Baxter Stockman!
  211. Did you miss Turtles Forever?!
  212. Save the 4Kids Blog!
  213. Is there any explanation for the various eyes
  214. Did you miss Turtles Forever?!
  215. CW4Kids' 16 cuts to Turtles Forever... TRANSCRIBED
  216. TMNT "Turtles Forever" Director's Cut Online Exclusive Dec 16 on 4KidsTV.com
  217. The many faces of the Shredder! (All versions seen on 2k3!)
  218. Episodes and song names
  219. April's comment in Return of Nano
  220. Translating "Turtles Forever"
  221. Final consensus on FF season
  222. What if the NT Turtles met the OT Red Sky Turtles?
  223. why was the ooze purple/pink?
  224. Turtles Forever Credits Song
  225. The Japanese Dub
  226. So....this board is now pretty dead since the Turtles Forever hoopla is over. :(
  227. They are showing the Ninja Tribunal season again.
  228. What's the best way to collect all the DVDs?
  229. What was more worth it: Turtles Forever or TMNT #1 CGI adaptation?
  230. Battlenexus Drako and Starchild Draco
  231. A cuestion please...
  232. If you coulda picked 1 original VA for Turtles Forever?
  233. Turtles Forever Montage Trailer Music
  234. Back to the sewer episodes
  235. Multiverse question
  236. What's Wrong With 2k3?
  237. My Impressions of the New Show
  238. Foot Elite - Human or not?
  239. Season 3 DVD Question
  240. "Turtles Forever"'s ratings
  241. What if Season 7 had spun-off from the 2007 movie?
  242. Favorite evil turtles?
  243. What if the events of Exodus went differently? Let's think about it.
  244. Did you Notice that?
  245. Favorite Shredder
  246. TMNT will debut this season on Nicktoons along DBZ and new Voltron
  247. What 2k3 episode has the most action with Shredder?
  248. Trying to find April's theme mp3
  249. Did "Insane in the Membrane" ever air on TV?
  250. mayhem from mutant island...next saturday