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  1. Turtles Forever - Great Episode or Greatest Episode?
  2. How did Shredder Chrell survive Secret Origins 3?
  3. Lines you would use to PO Raph (and other TMNT characters)
  4. Recast the series!
  5. 2k3 DVD Scans
  6. BttS dvd's
  7. Talkback: Laird's 2k3 development notes!
  8. Where does 2K3 rank in your all-time list?
  9. DVD´s in spanish???
  10. Ninja Turtle Pick-Up Lines
  11. Threads You Would Use To Piss Off Intelligent Posters
  12. Did anyone not like the...
  13. Season 3 Question
  14. Interview with Sam Riegel (2K3 Donatello)
  15. Turtles Forever coming to DVD <3 <3
  16. What are all the extras on the DVDs
  17. TMNTpedia dispute over canon and multiverse
  18. Favorite TMNT episode(s)
  19. Why did Shredder need Baxter, Chaplin?
  20. Why do you think the series had such a hard time moving on from Shredder?
  21. Just bought all the Fast forward dvds for $30AU
  22. Favorite Fast Forward Villain?
  23. Are you surprised how old the 4kids cartoon is now?
  24. The Shredder Wars Season...meh
  25. all-inclusive ep list for the 4Kids TMNT series
  26. Favorite character arc
  27. Did April not seem as connected to the Turtles in this series?
  28. Okay, quick question here.............
  29. Seriously....why didn't 4kids give us a Usagi animated series?
  30. How many people did chrell SHREDDER kill?
  31. Did Shredder win Battle Nexus?
  32. Was the 2k3 Donatello not that good a fighter?
  33. Anyone Feel Bishop was written too strong?
  34. Should KARAI and Chaplin have ended up together?
  35. Turtles Forever broadcast on Nickelodeon on August 29th
  36. Was Cody Jones a good character, or was he a Marty Stu?
  37. Was Mikey in the 2k3 series as good a fighter as he boasted he was?
  38. Turtles Forever Airing on Nick Sunday, Aug. 29 @ 12PM CST!!!
  39. Turtles Forever airing on CW Saturday, Aug. 28
  40. DVD Picture Quality differences?
  41. Top 3 Best / Worst, SEASON by SEASON!
  42. Anyone backed up the 4Kids 'blogs'?
  43. Battle Nexus question...
  44. Who are your favorites and least favorites 4kids TMNT cartoon characters
  45. Here's how much of a dork I am...
  46. So I guess this means 4kids is completely done with TMNT
  47. Wonder what the 2K3 Turtles reaction would have been...
  48. 4Kids online presence has wiped its collective hands of TMNT
  49. Chrell Shredders aliases
  50. The best thing about this series was the Foot Soldier/Shredder fights
  51. Ch'rell's voice
  52. So how weird was it....
  53. Background music
  54. Why was Leo denied a fancy weapon in Season 5?
  55. Were you surprised that Hun and Baxter lasted through the shows entire run?
  56. Season 2 DVD bundle
  57. Humor is where 2k3 failed terribly at
  58. Discussion on Ch'rells armor which is better.
  59. Talk about Oroku Saki.
  60. If old toon Baxter or Casey were in Turtles Forever...
  61. Should Tengu Shredder have been in Turtles Forever
  62. anyone intersested in the tmnt technology
  63. Watching through the 2k3 series for the fist time
  64. Why Shredder trusts Stockman easily?
  65. Anyone curious as to why Nick isn't airing the 2k3 series in reruns yet?
  66. Weight Of The World
  67. Best VS Shredder arc
  68. Who had the best character development?
  69. Where do these two episodes go?
  70. Fast Forword question
  71. Shredder
  72. Rewatching Season 5 - bad animation?
  73. City At War - 2003 Series
  74. 2K3 April's hair color
  75. Season 4 ep Bad Day
  76. What type of villain you prefer in the 4Kids cartoon bishop or the Shredder/Ch'rell.?
  77. Self Proclaimed Defender of the OT
  78. Who was the 4Kids cartoon's best fighter, Bishop or Shredder/Oroku Saki/Ch'rell.?
  79. DVD Playback Issues??
  80. Splinter's Appearances
  81. Could the 4Kids cartoon had more success if Fred Wolf cartoon characters were used
  82. Did 2k3 come out too early?
  83. Homemade Season 3 Vols 1 and 2 and Season 4 Vol 1
  84. TMNT Sounds
  85. TMNT Cine-Manga
  86. Ideas from Independence Day?
  87. Conan & the TMNT
  88. Turtles Forever to be released UNCUT in the UK
  89. 4Kids Blog Stuff
  90. Are you surprise that the 4Kids cartoon had over 100 plus episodes.
  91. If 2k3 had a DTV what would you like to be?
  92. Who was your favorite original 4Kids cartoon characters.?
  93. Does the 4kids series now have the unfortunate, "middle child" syndrome?
  94. Know What Nickelodeon Should Do With DVD Releases?
  95. Mortu is Utrom spelled backwards
  96. Plans for a Turtles Forever screening...
  97. Your show pitch for 2K3
  98. 4Kids TV Smashup
  99. TMNT Mini Episodes
  100. Did April Change Her Name?
  101. Does anyone feel Ch'rell was the definitive Shredder in the 4Kids cartoon.
  102. Somethings that bug me about Exodus.
  103. Does anyone have this...? Ninja Tribunal Australia DVD Cover in HQ
  104. What happened to Casey's Dad?
  105. Did anyone think Garbageman should have been Rat King?
  106. Bishop and Baxter - 4Kid's Shredder and Krang?
  107. Was Back to the Sewers ever on DVD?
  108. Unanswered Mysteries...
  109. I HATE Fathers and Sons!
  110. Maybe I missed it?
  111. Turtles dvd single disc releases.
  112. Master Splinter appearance?
  113. Serling ain't that bad...
  114. Mikey had the best fight scenes?
  115. Australian DVDs
  116. The Sword of Tengu
  117. Return of Savanti - Renet and April.
  118. Nick and Turtles Forever..
  119. The Complete Theme Song
  120. TMNT Top 10
  121. The Shredder/Oroku Saki as a Tengu or an Utrom
  122. Music Help
  123. 4Kids Entertainment Files For Chapter 11
  124. The Rat King as the slayer
  125. Group Rewatching of 4kids Series.
  126. 2k3 Extended Theme Song
  127. Turtles Forever Graphic Novel
  128. Hats at Lids.com
  129. Was the 4Kids TMNT cartoon as the MYP MOTU cartoon.
  130. Was the 4Kids TMNT cartoon as good as the MYP MOTU cartoon.
  131. Mini Episodes
  132. Little help,guys
  133. Seaweed Mikey
  134. Playmates DVDs
  135. Will Nick ever give the 4kids series proper DVD sets?
  136. Your favorite TMNT Lair (Home)
  137. Who was right Leo or Raph (City at War)
  138. Did 2K3 borrow from Mirage Vol. 4?
  139. How old was Cody?
  140. The 4kids TMNT Continuity Timeline
  141. Do you consider Fast Forward and BTTS spinoff or seasons 6 and 7 of the 4Kids cartoon
  142. What was Sh'Okanabo planning with a time machine?
  143. Help organizing bonus material?
  144. When the series was still running, did anyone hope it'd have as many eps as the OT?
  145. Do Utroms sleep?
  146. Sewer Sleds
  147. 4kids' TMNT flash games
  148. Why do people hate Ch'rell?
  149. Is Agent Bishop the 4Kids cartoon version of Albert Wesker.
  150. What happened to the old Turtles in the FF timeline?
  151. Did you watch the 4kids series when it was new and airing for the first time?
  152. Your least favorites Shredder
  153. One fatality shown in Exodus
  154. Why dimension 'Third Earth'?
  155. 4Kids employee talks about working there-
  156. Turtles Against Hate
  157. VHSs 5&6
  158. Why is Nick sitting on the 4kids series?
  159. 4kids final seasons op
  160. 1st episode question
  161. I've Only Just Gotten Around To Watching This
  162. That's part of the Atlantis Myth? Learn something every day!
  163. Character Models/Style Guides
  164. Ch'rell as Oroku Saki or The Shredder
  165. Need some help with the 4kids DVDs!
  166. Clearing Up a Few Things About Shredder
  167. What If......
  168. Who else would've liked to see...
  169. Working on a TMNT Soundtrack
  170. The changes you would make
  171. The Slayer Rat King or The Utrom Shredder,Which was better in the 4Kids Cartoon.
  172. Where did BttS air?
  173. The Shredder War: How did it go down?
  174. Back to the Sewer: TMNT meets TRON?
  175. How many times did Donatello almost singlehandedly take down the Shredder?
  176. Do you think the rating affected the show at all?
  177. When do you think you will start to have nostalgia for this series?
  178. Would Laird made Oroku Saki into an utrom in the 4Kids Cartoon.?
  179. How do you think the 4Kids series will be remembered?
  180. How do the worms work?
  181. Unproduced 4kids episodes.
  182. Why did chrell help the tokugawas gain power
  183. About censorship...
  184. Speculation about Nick re-releasing DVD's
  185. Request: '88 Turtles Forever TMNT blog images
  186. Master Fighter 2105
  187. Mob Leader / Globfather
  188. The Y’Lyntian Lair
  189. Utrom Shredder ain't so tough!!
  190. The Tengu Shredder or The Utrom Shredder, Who the bigger threat in the 4Kids cartoon?
  191. Same As It Never Was vs. Carter The Enforcer
  192. Original DVD Special Features
  193. my biggest problem with btts...
  194. TMNT 4Kids Wiki
  195. So is it agreed that Khan was one of the Elite guards?
  196. The new villains created by 4kids, how many did you find memorable?
  197. Which Agent Bishop design do you prefer in the 4Kids cartoon.?
  198. Old Ninja Turtles Site!
  199. When Does Mayhem from Mutant Island Take Place?
  200. Do Season Sets Have Better Quality?
  201. Who would stand a chance against Tengu Shredder?
  202. Favorite episode of season 1
  203. Lost Wayne Grayson "Mikey" 2003 interview from Ninja Turtles Network
  204. Guru Splinter
  205. Marrying into the Foot
  206. TMNT DVD Covers
  207. Peach Nova Animations
  208. Favorite episode/arc of Season 2
  209. My Issue with the Tengu Shredder
  210. Episodes of the 4kids series that reminded you of the original cartoon
  211. whatever happened to finn?
  212. Hourlong Veronica Taylor interview!
  213. Worms
  214. What is your favorite episode from Season 3?
  215. April & Casey
  216. Question about episode "the Darkness Within"
  217. Fast Forward Theme
  218. What is your favorite episode from the first half of Season 4?
  219. What episodes could you have done without?
  220. Season 2 - Part 2
  221. Abraham Lincoln an Utrom?
  222. Animation Mistakes
  223. DVD release question
  224. Stock Art
  225. What is your favorite episode from the second half of Season 4?
  226. Proper endings if had that been the final episode
  227. How many times have you rewatched through the series?
  228. Does anyone think that Nickelodeon will ever air the 4Kids cartoon.?
  229. Turtles forever too mean
  230. Turtles Forever Make Anyone Sad?
  231. DVD Covers Help
  232. What is your favorite episode from Season 5? (Ninja Tribunal, "Lost episodes")
  233. Music in the show
  234. Favorite Overall Episode
  235. tmnt back to the sewers?
  236. Mind Blown.
  237. The Foot Clan or The Earth Protection Force, Which group has the better technology
  238. Mutagen in Turtles Forever
  239. What is your favorite episode from the first half of Season 6 (Fast Forward)?
  240. BTTS Theme
  241. Tmnt forever
  242. Is 4Kid's Michelangelo the worst iteration of the character?
  243. Best Combat Skills (Villains)
  244. Creepy Episodes?
  245. Darius Dun or Sh'Okanabo
  246. Lost Sam Riegel "Don" and Darren Dunstan "Splinter" interviews
  247. What is your favorite episode from the second half of Season 6 (Fast Forward?)
  248. The Shredder Wars - Who would've won
  249. Why the hate for garbageman
  250. Phelous reviews Turtles Forever