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  1. Did Ch'rell really care for Karai in the 4Kids cartoon.
  2. Why wasn't The Slayer Rat King hated as The Utrom Shredder in the 4Kids cartoon.?
  3. 4kids Mike talking about having a past life
  4. So... were the fans at the NY Comic Con blind? (Turtles Forever)
  5. Who here grew up with the 4kids series as their first exposure to TMNT?
  6. The Ultimate Ninja?
  7. correct episode order for fast forward
  8. Characters in the series that disappeared over time
  9. Why didn't Stockman ever create another clone body?
  10. What is your favorite episode from Back to the Sewers (Season 7?)
  11. Why did the mutants in this show always resemble monsters?
  12. Which theme song did you choose?
  13. this shredder?
  14. Lincoln
  15. Do you think the episode "The Darkness Within" was scary?
  16. Adventures in Turtle-sitting?
  17. Why were the Dark Turtles so underused?
  18. April's Artifact Song
  19. What year was O'neil Tech founded?
  20. Talk about Racy!!!
  21. Best seasons of the 2003 Cartoon??
  22. Garbage Man/D12 Fight Music
  23. Samurai Tourist Music
  24. am i the only one who value the Mayhem episodes?
  25. One thing that bugs me about "same as it never was".....
  26. Master Khan and the new foot ninjas
  27. Ask a (4Kids) Question, Get an Answer
  28. Anyone think the turtles should had team up with Ch'rell against the Triceratons?
  29. Who thinks they should've made a Shredder episode for Fast Forward?
  30. How did Cody get a hold of one of Ch'rell's suits
  31. this is just a theory but...
  32. New version of my idea for Shredder episode that should've happened for Fast Forward.
  33. Ch'rell's comical moments (Does this hurt his character?)
  34. You find it cool that the city was unaware of the Shredder's existence?
  35. UK region 2 DVD plans
  36. Y2k3 Mona Lisa
  37. Watching straight through the 4kids series for the first time
  38. Back to the Sewer DVD Release?
  39. TURTLES FOREVER Blu-Ray Release?
  40. What if Ch'rell's foot found out about his secret?
  41. Help convince Shout! Factory to release the 4kids series on DVD
  42. Why do some people complain about Ch'rell even after watching season 5?
  43. A Top 20 2k3 Episodes of hype!
  44. Other Super heroes in the TMNT2003 universe
  45. Questions about Shredder's life on earth
  46. Did Ch'rell had an identity crisis in the 4Kids cartoon.
  47. Turtles Against H.A.T.E. DVD???
  48. raptarr and edge: seperated at birth...
  49. Could we possibly ever see the return of the 2003 Turtles Universe?
  50. TMNT Soundtrack
  51. How many believed feudral shredder was an ancestor
  52. Who is You Favorite Fast Forward Character?
  53. I would've loved to see this in Turtles Forever.
  54. Maybe Wedding Bells and Bytes is the finale, not Turtles Forever!
  55. Before Exodus, did you believe Hun knew Shredder was an Utrom?
  56. Anyone sad there wasn't a Moo Mesa/TMNT crossover episode?
  57. You think Shredder died or should stay dead in Turtles Forever?
  58. Excluding the Shreeder, Who was your favorites big bads in the 4Kids cartoon.?
  59. Is there a layout or picture of the turtle's third lair?
  60. Would you want to see a Leatherhead spin-off show?
  61. Why didn't Shredder just listen to Karai in Turtles Forever.
  62. Your First TMNT FF Episode
  63. Do you like the Shredder being a mantle in the 4Kids cartoon.?
  64. 4Kids series on videotape
  65. Shredder's other allies
  66. The GOOD episodes of Fast Forward, and which you should watch
  67. You think there is an alternate universe where Ch'rell/Shredder is a good guy?
  68. I loved this show!
  69. Who was your favorite original 4Kids cartoon villains.?
  70. TMNT 4Kids Soundtrack
  71. GMJ's "What if..." Segment 1... What if... Raph had killed Mikey with the chair leg?
  72. Shredder's Mystical Connection (and Turtles Forever)
  73. What exactly IS available on DVD?
  74. An Episode I think would've been cool if it happened.
  75. How many floors are on Shredder's Skyscraper?
  76. So What Happened With That Turtles Forever Ad?
  77. Fast Forward Designs
  78. What if Shredder and Ch'rell were two different people?
  79. April's Black sweatsuit
  80. How SAINW Could Have Happened
  81. What if Zog was still alive during Space Invaders?
  82. You think Ultimate Ninja would last against Shredder?
  83. What if Eastman was involved in the 4Kids cartoon.?
  84. Where can I watch this?
  85. what about this helmet??
  86. oof! struggling through this series...
  87. Do you find the ninja Tribunal likable or dislikable?
  88. Does Ch'rell seem different to you guys in Turtles Forever?
  89. Should Michaelangelo have been allowed to say Cowabunga in the 2003 show?
  90. Quick Reviews of TMNT 4Kids episodes
  91. Raphael = Orange?
  92. Imagine 4kids takes on the original cartoon characters
  93. Do you liked how Ch'rell was used in season three of the 4Kids cartoon?
  94. Events in the 4kids cartoon that did NOT happen in the Mirage Comics
  95. Ch'rell's Other Identities
  96. Why didn't bishop go after Karai and Hun after Exodus?
  97. Anyone wish the 2003 cartoon was darker?
  98. It's funny they still show close-ups of Shredder's fake head
  99. Hun's real name?
  100. What if Shredder's mutants obeyed him in 4kids?
  101. So why all the changes in this show?
  102. The Problem I have with the 2K3 mutants..,
  103. The search for splinter episodes
  104. Stealing a man's identity vs taking on a mantle
  105. Is Ch'rell Utrom Shredder's real name?
  106. The 2003 universe took place in the 90's?
  107. 10 Year Anniversary of the 4kids TMNT Cartoon
  108. Would Season 5 have been cooler if the Monster Shredder returned in modern day?
  109. Look at this!
  110. Why didn't Lord Simultaneous get the turtles out of 2105?
  111. Episodes where the Turtles eat pizza in the 4kids cartoon
  112. Did this series seem similar to a Bruce Timm or Greg Weisman cartoon to anyone else?
  113. Racist Symbols for Battle Nexus
  114. If ch'rell can create a virtual version of himself, then why adopt a human girl?
  115. The "Shredder Wars" should be a TV movie
  116. Random thought...
  117. Which Agent Bishop fights do you prefer in the 4Kids cartoon?
  118. Foot Ninjas versus Foot Soldiers
  119. How did they get away with impalement in this show?
  120. What if Saki had pulled a David Xanatos on his enemies?
  121. Turtles against HATE, did I get scammed with a bootleg?
  122. Do you like Back to the Sewer?
  123. Turtles Forever: New Family Favorite
  124. Turtles Forever Mistakes
  125. Leo and Karai
  126. Is Agent Bishop the most popular character made for the 4Kids cartoon.
  127. TMNT 4kids (Seasons 1-5) Review
  128. One thing I notice about this show and the OT....
  129. I don't understand Karai
  130. Are old were the Turtles?
  131. Was Utrom Shredder really one-dimensional?
  132. Has anyone seen that TMNT flash series on Newgrounds?
  133. Do other criminals know who Shredder is?
  134. Is Peter Laird the reason 2003 series was cancel?
  135. Shredder and the Turtles VS the Triceratons
  136. I feel like the 2k3 series is completely overlooked
  137. Ninja Tribunal DVD
  138. Something I noticed....
  139. My newfound appreciation for the 4Kids 2K3 TMNT Series
  140. Anyone else felt disppointed by the fifth season?
  141. Different versions of SAINW
  142. Zanramon - the closest thing that came to a 2k3 Krang?
  143. Mode of transport
  144. The Peach Nova TMNT Mini-Eps
  145. [PETITION] Let's have a TMNT 2003 box set! [PETITION]
  146. What If the 2k3 Mutants could Talk?
  147. Was Leo boring in 2k3?
  148. Cool, SAINW fanmade theme.
  149. Why Ch'rell and Oroku Saki should be seperate people
  150. Why Ch'rell wasn't given a backstory in the 4Kids cartoon?
  151. Did Mirage's weak rogues gallery impact the 4kids cartoon?
  152. Sons of the Silent Age
  153. Fast Forward VS Back to the Sewers
  154. Tengu...bat?
  155. Best filler episode in the 4kids series?
  156. Ch'rell's fighting skills
  157. Here’s my feelings about Karai:
  158. What if Karai had a kid?
  159. Why doesn't Ch'rell shoot energy blasts like Tegnu Shredder?
  160. Michelangelo's Accent?
  161. which is the best season 7 theme?
  162. Why do people hate 2k3 mikey?
  163. Where can i watch the japanese version of 'Same as it never was'?
  164. What would u do Differently do make this forgotten show more Appealing to the public?
  165. Were the 2003 turtles really teenagers
  166. Did this era of TMNT history go by way too fast for anyone else?
  167. Does the OT turtles appear in 2k3 other than Turtles Forever?
  168. If Ninja Turtles Fast Forward could be redone
  169. Things you didnt like about 2k3 tmnt
  170. Leonardo - The Reaping (By Yoraee)
  171. Stupid Idea, If Raphie met Minerva Minx
  172. When Leo acted more like Ralph
  173. TMNT 2003 DVD spines?
  174. Did Mikey sing the 2k3 theme songs?
  175. Favorite Action and/or Fight Scene in 4kids series
  176. The Christmas Aliens?
  177. Question about 'The Darkness within'
  178. Favourite 2k3 Theme Tune?
  179. Why do people think Ch'rell wasn't planned in the 4Kids cartoon?
  180. What about the 2k3 show did you Love?
  181. Splinter's grey fur
  182. Bishop vs Shredder
  183. Looking back, I really wish PL allowed "some" OT/Archie characters into this series
  184. Would you want to live in the lair
  185. What Happened to the Turtle Shorts?
  186. I never got into this series....
  187. What if Slash & Mona Lisa appeared?
  188. Theme Song Contest Nominations
  189. A fourth Digger?
  190. Were there any clues that showed that the Shredder wasn't really human
  191. Hun = the only 4kids character to break into three different TMNT universes?
  192. For fans of 2k3 with Windows 8
  193. Question about Yoshi's childhood friend
  194. Back to the Sewer theme choices!
  195. Moments in 2K3 that made you laugh!
  196. Trading Card Game Artists
  197. The Utrom Shredder being an impostor in the 4Kids cartoon.
  198. Where can I buy the Seasons?
  199. Surprisingly Gory For 4kids
  200. Is the future in "Same as it never was" a real one?
  201. Can I find subtitles?
  202. Did this show have the most positive portrayal of April in animation?
  203. The Tengu Shredder being too powerful in the 4Kids cartoon
  204. What is your favorite line from the show?
  205. I must applaud the writers for making a show without a ton of mutants
  206. why didn't the 80s cast voice their turtles in forever?
  207. What is your Fav episode of the 2k3 4kids show and why?
  208. The Cyber Shredder being redundant in the 4Kids cartoon.
  209. Is it the 4Kids series' fault if...
  210. 4kids TMNT cards?
  211. Why do people hate Utrom Shredder?
  212. Full Episode Soundtracks
  213. How did this show last so long?
  214. Was shredder scared of the tmnt in turtles forever
  215. If you were to take over TMNTFF...
  216. To go from Season 1 to Turtles Forever
  217. Splintersson Query
  218. Season 7 DVD
  219. Leatherhead: Back From the Dead
  220. Should this series be revived?
  221. The Slayer Rat King being a skilled fighter in the 4Kids cartoon.
  222. If you could replace the 4kids filler episode villains with past villains
  223. Agent Bishop being a supersoldier in the 4Kids cartoon.
  224. TMNT 2003 10th Anniversary Retrospective
  225. How did you feel about April and Casey's relationship?
  226. what effect did the shredder have on the turtles mentally??
  227. Found scottie ray's youtube channel
  228. Tmnt fast forward master fighter 2105
  229. Who is the most fiercsome Villian in all of this series?
  230. Any TMNT fan trying to force himself to watch the entire TMNTFF?
  231. There's another way they could have introduced a human shredder!
  232. Should the Justice Force have their own series?
  233. Were you the target audience when the 4kids series was airing?
  234. Do you guys believe Bishop really reformed in FF?
  235. In Hindsight, Would You Have Preferred A Second FF Season To The BTTS Season?
  236. 2003 series fan
  237. Archive of the 4Kids TMNT Blog
  238. Is there any relationship between Karai and Tengu Oroku Saki
  239. IS there any relationship between karai and Tengu Oroku saki
  240. How do I get into this show?
  241. What is Nickelodeon Waiting For?
  242. Nicktoons has bumpers for this show?!
  243. FoxBox and 4Kids TV Bumpers and Advertisements
  244. Did Donnie start a second Renaissance?
  245. Need help with scenes for a music video.
  246. Before Secret Origins Part 3, did you suspect Shredder was an Utrom?
  247. AMV Question
  248. Is anyone happy this show never had a voice actor change for the Turtles?
  249. Information on the Making Of...
  250. Paleo Patrol Turtles