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  1. Where do you get the Australian DVD releases?
  2. The Foot in "Back to the Sewer" and "Turtles Forever"
  3. Is the 2003 series available on iTunes?
  4. Did the Don/April pairing start in the 4kids series? Pics included
  5. Karai line I never understood
  6. Man "The Monster Hunter" was an awful episode
  7. Turtles Forever Pre-Screening Recording?
  8. Favourite opening theme?
  9. What if "Dark Leo" happened in Shredder Strikes?
  10. A re-watching of show!!!
  11. How many episodes a week?
  12. 2k3 series Theme song question
  13. Episode #1 "Things Change"
  14. What is the source of this Shredder artwork?
  15. Is it worth it?
  16. The Leo One Shots
  17. Rewatching the series
  18. How do you feel about Hamato Yoshi never being part of the Foot Clan in this show?
  19. Character Designs?
  20. What are you four fav episodes of season 3?
  21. Shredder's Laugh
  22. Post your four favorite season 2 episodes...
  23. Tengu shredders powers?
  24. How do you feel about the series finale, "Wedding Bells and Bytes?"
  25. Changes you admired or disliked
  26. Did Baxter Stockman know Shredder/Saki was an utrom?
  27. TMNT Cubee
  28. So how old were Casey, Hun and the Turtles?
  29. 4kids TMNT series question
  30. It bothered me that Mikey beat Raph so easily in the Battle Nexus tourney
  31. Too much focus on Leo?
  32. They made Turtle Titan a jerk in later seasons
  33. Why do people obsess over "Same As It Never Was"?!
  34. What makes this show great for you?
  35. Am I the only one who thinks this is like Spectacular Spiderman?
  36. Favorite Northampton episodes in 4kids?
  37. 2k3 on Nicktoons!
  38. You think tanks can take on Utrom Shredder?
  39. TMNTFF time traveling question
  40. Finally!!
  41. Was Turtles Forever Developed in HD?
  42. How would you compare the 2k3 Splinter to the 1987 and 2k12 Splinter
  43. Stuff from 2k3 series in the new TMNT movie.
  44. Nick.com is streaming this series as well
  45. Any sign of this being shown again in the UK?
  46. Different Season 5
  47. Question about two last season.
  48. Were there any other rat king episodes planned?
  49. Why did Hun become a staple of the franchise?
  50. How could They have done Chronos? the clock king
  51. Favourite episodes?
  52. So what happened with Karai and the Foot between seasons 5 and 6?
  53. TMNT FastForward Unreleased Episode
  54. R1 collection
  55. Why hasn't the earth been conquered by Shredder hundreds of years ago?
  56. What was that episode about the collection?
  57. iTunes, guys.
  58. Will we get any new merchandise for this series?
  59. 2003 Show's Nick Releases
  60. Did chi/ki/qi have a factor in this show?
  61. Is This Everything?
  62. Remember when Mikey killed a Triceraton?
  63. Watch all seasons.
  64. I grew up with the dutch 2003 version
  65. Sword of Tengu VS Demon shredder
  66. Operation Ninja Mail
  67. Is this series worth tracking down?
  68. What were your reactions when you saw Shredder decapitated?
  69. What would it have been like for characters who weren't in the 2003 cartoon?
  70. 2k3 finally coming back to DVD through Nick?
  71. do ppl actually talk like that irl ?
  72. Are there any animation errors in the 2003 cartoon?
  73. Are the episodes edited or am I missing something?
  74. How old was Angel?
  75. This show has a lot of sad moments
  76. Missing scene?
  77. Do you think the cartoon would have adapted Volume 4?
  78. Bishop's immortality
  79. anyone else like TMNT 2k3 better than...
  80. References in the 2k3 Cartoon
  81. Would anyone like to have seen "The Shredder Wars"?
  82. What's Your Favorite Arc?
  83. Which two shredder suit's r you fav's? season 3
  84. Where can i acquire Turtles against H.A.T.E?
  85. Everyone Tweet To @Nickelodeondvd!!!
  86. Rewatching Fast Forward
  87. How come this series is so awesome? (4kidz Rant/Appreciation)
  88. Season 3 airing on Nicktoons July 25th!
  89. How come Bebop and Rocksteady weren't in this series?
  90. Insane in the Membrane will air on Nicktoons
  91. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 2003 Show's 'Cowabunga Christmas' DVD is Announced Ta
  92. Turtles Forever mutants
  93. So does anyone agree with me that "I, monster" is better than the comic?
  94. Why did the art style change like every other episode
  95. Advanced technology early in the series.
  96. Who can give me Season4 of English subtitles
  97. 20th century snacks?
  98. Your saddest TMNT 2003 episode
  99. Cowabunga Christmas came out on DVD, bypassing the other two?...
  100. Question about Ninja Tribunal artefacts
  101. Who is this?
  102. Ch'rell (Utrom Shredder)
  103. False Credit For 4Kids Designs?
  104. 4kids ignorance... help?
  105. Looking for official character art?
  106. Petition for Complete DVD Boxed Set?
  107. iTunes transfer issue?
  108. I want to see the 2K3 series.
  109. Do you feel the 2k3 series is under-appreciated?
  110. Shredder: Ch'rell
  111. Back to the Sewer DVD releases in other regions
  112. 2003 24 hour T-shirt from Ript Apperal
  113. The show looks terrible on my monitor
  114. Am I the only one who thinks 2k3 started to decline a bit after "Secret Origins"?
  115. Japanese TMNT theme related to the 'Drome?
  116. Fast Forward Makes "Top Twenty Worst Animated Theme Songs" List
  117. Tinder logo and Foot logo similar
  118. Relationship between Viral and Sh'Okanabo
  119. The 2k3 Lairs
  120. rewatch of 2k3 series
  121. Timing is Everything dates
  122. Seinfeld Reference
  123. Favorite sound effects?
  124. Any word on Karen Neil?
  125. Reality Check Discussion
  126. Episode Teasers
  127. rat learning martial arts/the ancient one
  128. WHo wanted to see more of Uncle Augie?
  129. How should the 20032009 animated TV-series continued post-season 4?
  130. Lloyd Goldfine is writing a He-Man/Thundercats crossover.
  131. Who voiced Dr. Chaplin?
  132. Happy 14th Anniversary to the 2003 turtles
  133. Mike and Raph Podcast
  134. Turtles forever uncut question
  135. One Episode
  136. Am I the only one who LOVES the 4Kids theme song?
  137. Looking at old threads on this forum from when the 2k3 series just started
  138. Nightmares Recycled
  139. Children growing up with the 20032009 animated TV-series
  140. What non tmnt What non tmnt cartoon should the 4Kids tmnt have crossed over with?
  141. 2003-2009 series Vacation in Europe
  142. Attempt at a thorough reference list to the 2003-2009 series
  143. The picture books?
  144. Thoughts to consider/What Ifs
  145. Thoughts on Tengu Shredder?
  146. Is it just me?
  147. Where Do You Place The Christmas Aliens In Season Three?
  148. The Utrom Council and Guardians and Shredder's "death".
  149. Where did Donnie get the Utrom hover scooter from?
  150. What was left unadapted from Mirage?
  151. 4Kids Animation Cels?
  152. Will this series ever see a nostalgic resurgence?
  153. 2k3 music in SNL sketch?
  154. Tengu Shredder/Chaka-Hachi Similarity?
  155. Does Master Khan remind anyone else of Tiger Claw?
  156. Was the Ninja Tribunal ever broadcast in the UK?
  157. What aspects of this show would you like to see in future versions?
  158. Was there any reason given why Rat King only appeared in a single episode?
  159. 2003 tmnt question
  160. Upcoming Anniversary/Thoughts
  161. My Friend is Related to Sam Riegel (Donatello)!
  162. Remember that time April transformed into a demon?
  163. 15th anniversary of the 20032009 series debut
  164. Ultimate Ninja
  165. Why does everyone seem to dislike Fast Forward so much?
  166. What do you think of 2k3 April?
  167. Could Same as it Never Was and Fast Forward happen in the same time stream?
  168. would any story arc from this series make a good film?