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  1. Foot Gunner.
  2. foot clan rankings
  3. How do you think Shredder's big secret will be revealed?
  4. who will win the foxbox super brawl
  5. Abotu the new toon..
  6. And you thought the Shredder/Krang/Utrom thing was annoying!
  7. DON....
  8. TV Guide Schedule Glitch
  9. Pics of News reporter April and Leatherhead
  10. Its Official...Shredder is a red little devil
  11. Making fun of the original?
  12. Reasons to doubt Shredder a Utrom.
  13. Favorite Moments in the series
  14. Was it just me...
  15. Questions you would have liked Secret Origins to answer
  16. Pics of new TMNT DVDs: Return to NY and Search For Splinter
  17. Ok some food for thought here about Shredder.....
  18. DVD box set?
  19. Please read!!! A Shredder speculation...
  20. 4th Ninja Turtles DVD UK release
  21. City at War?
  22. Problems with TMNT 5 & 6 DvDs
  23. You think their are two Shredder suits?
  24. Show no longer = Mirage comics?
  25. Where can I find the season 2 synopsis?
  26. any one notice this about mike....
  27. Future vehicles?
  28. A bit of bad news...
  29. Weird things happened on Secret Origins part 3..
  30. New Season?
  31. What's the difference [DVD]
  32. Soundtrack ???
  33. Anyone got any high quality screens of Shredder/Elite Guard?
  34. New Ep Discussion: "The Ultimate Ninja"
  35. Possible season 3 episode news
  36. 2 Different length versions of "Things Change" on
  37. New Episode Discussion: "Reflections"
  38. Idea for last episode, read this one
  39. Anniversary
  40. animation
  41. Possible story for future Nano episode
  43. Happy anniversary TMNT !
  44. Drinking, yes or no.
  45. Can someone please sum up what has been going on?
  46. What happened to Oroku Saki?
  47. who would like to see a episode of the tmnt as kids
  48. The Fight For The Fox Box?
  49. Limitations
  50. Diggers
  51. rewatching
  52. Atlanta stinks!
  53. Whaaa.....
  54. DVD screw up on volumes 5-6?
  55. What would you have prefered Shredder to be.
  56. New movie?
  57. Screen Caps from the New Show!! (Index Updated)
  58. Tenative release dates for TMNT Season 2 volumes 1 and 2
  59. The New release of TMNT the movie (UK)
  60. Whats up with the 'Whaaaa....' thread?
  61. New Ep Discussion: Modern Love- The Return of Nano
  62. Anyone notice...
  63. new TMNT series airing in March
  64. pic of nanobot
  65. Boxset for Volumes 5-8?
  66. who has noticed rapheal.....
  67. Why does Rapheal need to wear a towel?
  68. Wish list.
  69. Ninja Turtles Weekend in the UK (22 episodes)
  70. Ninja Turtles Vol 4 DVD UK Box Art
  71. What is with the Turtles eyes?
  72. Mutations Commercial
  73. How long....
  74. Favorite Quotes
  75. Is he changed in NewCartoon?
  76. What version of TMNT did you like most? (please no bashing)
  77. TMNT premieres on CN on April 19th at 6pm!
  78. Now that SonicX Has Been Axed Will TMNT Be Next!?
  79. New Episode Discussion: "What a Croc!"
  80. Re-Runs go away!!
  81. Close to reaching the half-way point of Season 2. Rate it.
  82. TMNT Time Slot Change
  83. Unlock 'What a Croc' thread!
  84. New Cartoon End Credits
  85. Stockman is just a head. So how can he control the exosuit?
  86. wallpaper...hooyah!
  87. who thinks these new turtles an all old ones....
  88. Australian Fox Box Turtles & Technodrome.com
  89. The Monster Hunter.
  90. Favorite Season
  91. Is The UK version of this show edited?
  92. I know it's stupid but I look at 1st movie Shredder=Utrom
  93. New Ep Discussion: "Return to the Underground"
  94. Season two Hiatus?
  95. New Ep Discussion: "CITY AT WAR"- Updated Again!!!
  96. People in the UK: What is this DVD? *Pic included*
  97. First pic of "Turtles In Space" DVD/VHS cover
  98. whats the difference? dvd question
  99. what ep?
  100. I would like to Apologise. PLEASE READ.
  101. "Ninja" April?
  102. Stuff you'd like to see happen on the show.
  103. Which April is hotter?
  104. city at war and secret origins 2 comment
  105. who is ready for the....
  106. What's with Leo?
  107. Cool storyline idea: One of the Turtles goes EVIL
  108. Do you think that this will be made into an episode?
  109. How would you feel if there....
  110. I need help here, peeps.......
  111. Krang theory in a later Season...
  112. Show Characters compared to their Mirage counterparts
  113. Shredder is NOT an Utrom
  114. I just relized this!!!
  115. Which Shredder/Saki do you prefer?
  116. Just got back from picking up the new DVD's...
  117. ''Running free in NYC''
  118. Stockman gets weirder now ==
  119. Favorite Episode?
  120. HOw come New DVD's don't have Scene Selections?
  121. the sword of tengu.
  122. Ninja Turtle DVDs
  123. Should Shredder and Stockman take a vacation in season 3?
  124. I'm dieing for a TMNT animated feature (a hardcore one)
  125. Secret Origins box art?
  126. April and Casey
  127. Heres a pointless question...
  128. New turtles DVDs for cheap
  129. Was this episode on yet?
  130. If they made a 4th movie w/Karai, who should play her?
  131. Funny thing
  132. The golden puck
  133. Anyone tape this week's new episode?
  134. April's lover
  135. Favorite Instrumental from the New Series?
  136. foot
  137. Explain this, please...
  138. Running Free in NYC Guitar Tab
  139. Can someone please answer this!
  140. TMNT products
  141. Theme remix
  142. Help! to owners of TMNT DVD Vol 5
  143. new DVD glitches
  145. Ninja Turtles back on GMTV this Sunday (UK)
  146. Anyone know how the new TMNT show is doing in ratings?
  147. Made my day!
  148. RUMOR: Turtles in Space DVD to include only first 4 parts
  149. Any one else notice something wrong w/the official avatars?
  150. what do you think is better the new or origanel TMNT?
  151. Characters from the comics in the new TMNT show
  152. How many storylines have been taken directly from comics?
  153. Release Date for Volume 5 in UK - Updated with Bad News
  154. Who here wants a real Shredder vs. Splinter fight?
  155. Favorite Moments
  156. Oroku Saki might NOT be The Shredder
  157. Ninja Turtles Trivia Game!
  159. Next Break
  160. Utrom gender
  161. Some quick-witted humor in new toon!
  162. Which of the trilogy stories was your favorite? 100th post!!
  163. Rocksteady and Bebop In the NEW TMNT SERIES
  164. Shredder Clones!?
  165. New Episode Discussion: "Junklantis"
  166. Mirage Characters Who Have Not Yet Appeared
  167. No Junklantis On Saturday??!?!
  168. Who the heck is William Hung?
  169. Who is the worst character so far?
  170. Can anyone explain this?
  171. sword of tengu
  172. The first thing you liked/disliked about the new series...
  173. the turtles fighting stlye
  174. DVD shops
  175. new ememys in new toon
  176. got you shellbacks ep
  177. "The Golden Puck" = "The Unmentionables"
  178. Which turtle do you think has suffered the most?
  179. Any news on another Box set of the next 4 DVD's?
  180. Alternate ending to Return to New York, Part 3.
  181. Something that bugs me about Shredder
  182. New Episode Discussion: "The Golden Puck"
  183. 'Rogue in the House' Part I preview with Ultimate Muscle
  184. Photo of DVD spines?
  185. Episode downloads?
  186. Mikey = Purple
  187. Hard to Believe
  188. Episode #48 Return of the Justice Force images spoilers
  189. Anyone know if the show is broadcast in HD(high definition)?
  190. Liked the Shredder Utrom, yes or no?
  191. comments and alternate way of entrance in Return to new york
  192. How far into Season One did we get the info for Season Two?
  193. scale replicas
  194. About spoilers... Please read
  195. new ratings
  196. Replacement for Spine Mistake?
  197. Homage to previous incarnations.
  198. rouge in the house
  199. Anyone know what this guy is talking about?
  200. NEW turtles trivia
  201. Something from Return to the Underground...
  202. New Ep Discussion: "Rogue in the House"- new poll!
  203. quick question
  204. The best new episode of TMNT iS....
  205. Some questions about Utrom Shredder - Spoilers for UK Fans
  206. Does anyone have a pic of April in her jumpsuit?
  207. Which turtle do you relate to most?
  208. who else was touch in return to new york when......
  209. Official site posts Cartoon Network's schedule for new TMNT
  210. Blast From The Future!
  211. Hamato Yoshi and Utroms. Spoilers I suppose.
  212. Aussie newsflash!
  213. The Foxbox Turtles site needs a HUGE overhaul
  214. Loved city at war
  215. What do we think about Hun
  216. Idea to bring SLASH back!?
  217. ending season 2, season 3,questions of Big Brawl quartology
  218. Here's a fun game/idea!
  219. GBA TMNT Videos in Action
  220. Shredder and Karai= Emperor and Darth Vader?
  221. Miguzi
  222. New theory about Silver Sentry.
  223. So, which new character is your favorite?
  224. What would you like to see in Season 3?
  225. Leonardo's a Hypocrite!
  226. TMNT On The Cartoon Network
  227. Karai a bad girl or not?
  228. I posted this at another site about Turtles 2K3
  229. Which villain would you like to see in the new TMNT?
  230. More info on the new TMNT DVD Volume 9
  231. Spoiler for Season 3!!!! dun dun dun!
  232. Will Baxster Stockman really die in the new toon?LikeMirage
  233. That's a big LOL there buddy.
  234. Can someone answer this?
  235. Will Karai turn?
  236. TMNT 2003 Music
  237. next week on turtles
  238. What are your thoughts on Zog? (possible spoilers)
  239. Shredder's new threads.
  240. Karai Picture Request
  241. OPERATION: Evil Turtle
  242. Non-TMNT villians you'd liketo see in the new show?
  243. Mysterious Ninjas....will they be in the new show?
  244. New Ninja Turtles toon: Darkest Saturday morning cartoon?
  245. Is Leather Head Dead?
  246. Zog's really dead?
  247. Pinch yourself... TMNT ALL WEEK LONG
  248. Real Ninjutsu.
  249. TMNT cToons