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  1. New Episode Discussion: "April's Artifact"
  2. Ninjara in the new show?
  3. hows TMNT doing on the cartoon network? ratings
  4. Boxset
  5. Cursing in TMNT!
  6. Worst TMNT crossover you can think of
  7. What is the current status of TMNT DVD's?
  8. Krang mentioned in Secret Origin 3?
  9. Ninja Turtles changing times AGAIN?
  10. Make your own TMNT business cards (FoxBox)plus games
  11. New Ep Discussion: "Return of the Justice Force"
  12. Need clarification on DVD spines.
  13. Okay, got a question.........
  14. Non-TMNT allies you'd liketo see in the new show?
  15. TMNT dvd Vol. 5 correct spine
  16. Hun theory
  17. Still no Season 3 synoposis?
  18. Tales of an Evil VCR.....
  19. Usagi?
  21. finale
  22. Unidentified Voices
  23. To those who have been fighting over the airdates of BB eps.
  24. New Ep Discussion: "The Big Brawl"
  25. Will Big Brawl Part II be playing next week?
  26. News about the Season 3 episode Guide!
  27. if the turtles had different weapons.....
  28. Turtles In Space!
  29. Was that Merdude??
  30. Shredder and Krang one in the same
  31. TMNT Vol 11 Ultimate Ninja DVD cover art
  32. Volume 6: Shredder Strikes Back - Chapter Selection Menu
  33. Mikey on a pogo stick! :)
  34. Tales of Leo episode
  35. Turtles, GBA...and E3
  36. Villains From the old that will appear in the new episodes
  37. Season 2 in the UK?
  39. Which "Shredder survived" one do you like the most
  40. David Wise
  41. Bought DVDs 5 & 6 today.
  42. Next dvd's???
  43. what undergound mutant do you like the most
  44. Does the use of 3D objects bother you?
  45. what 5th turtle do you think should be on the new show
  46. TMNT officially Renewed for a third season
  47. Shredder's fate***Spoilers***
  48. TMNT's friends-High expectations?
  49. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The King airs today Memorial Day on CN
  50. Return To New York DVD Vol 7
  51. It's been a while
  52. Shredder's Fate: What do you think will happen?
  53. TMNT Vol 10 Secret Origins special features...
  54. TMNT 2003 Soundtrack Wanted Tracks
  55. Unanswered Questions
  56. Letter to TMNT fan mail about new DVDs and toys
  57. What was the worst moment of the new series?
  58. Majesco's GBA Video Carts
  59. What would you think if Joss Whedon wrote some episodes?
  60. what is a great moment in the new show
  61. Okay, got a question here...............
  62. Next releases
  63. TOP 10 Favorite Episodes of Seasons 1 & 2
  64. Characters that will have to be revised for the new show
  65. series potential and future gueses of the series
  66. Mini DVD releases...
  67. Favorite Clothes that April Wears
  68. What are your favorite Ninja turtles poses(Post pictures!)
  69. fox box schedule, MAD NO REVIEWS YET
  70. After Shredder falls...
  71. REMINDER TMNT Marathon this Saturday from 3-6PM on CN
  72. BIG BRAWL part 2?
  73. Just found out something interesting.....................
  74. Question about Notes From The Underground
  75. Who do you think will defeat the Shredder.
  76. Does anyone just get the Shredder battle DVDs?
  77. Question for UK GMTV 2 watchers
  78. Important Question, quick answer needed
  79. Ninja Turtles DVD #11 Ultimate Ninja "What a Croc"
  80. And I ask this again....when will we get the Season 3 info?
  81. And who is this handsome devil? (S3 Spoilers)
  82. Season 3 Information from the mouth or um hands of Peter!
  83. New Movie Casting.
  84. A reminder to Australian fans.
  85. Do the Turtles steal food and money?
  86. Can you rent the DVDs anywhere?
  87. Gosh! The official site freaked me out! *About season 3*
  88. Japanese elements
  89. Help Needed! Which episode is Fox Kids (UK) up to?
  90. You know what gripes me........???
  91. Secret Origins review by the Australians.
  92. Channel Ten stuff up
  93. Who's Neo??
  94. Question about Weapons
  95. Questions about Leatherhead...
  96. How much is the new show like the mirage comics?
  97. Season 3 Sneak Peak on Fox Box
  98. Foot Elite and Foot Mystic Origin and Other Questions
  99. Sunday's ep of the Ninja Turtles on Cartoon Network
  100. search for splinter plotholes
  101. New Season Begins?
  102. The Triceraton Invasion on Earth in Season 3.........
  103. Girlfriends.
  104. Oruko Pimiko
  105. Episode guide for season 3?
  106. *Possible Season 3 Spoiler at Official Site*
  107. Intricacies of the ninja turtles
  108. Ninja Turtle Stuff
  109. DVD recap questions.
  110. meet casey jones
  111. Who's Captain America?
  112. If these four turtles ever do appear in the new show...
  113. Season 3 Episode Guide?
  114. New Episode DVDs
  115. TORTUGAS!!!
  116. IRC Channels
  117. TMNT mystic weapons
  118. TMNT Vol 12 & Xmas Special Arrive on DVD in Oct!
  119. Do you think Rat king will show up soon?
  120. TMNT at 9:30 sun
  121. Dvd Spines
  122. New show theme music/intro change/not change
  123. Hi I'm new and have some questions
  124. song from "april's Artifact"
  125. baxter betraying
  126. Ninja Turtles Smackdown! Who do you want to see fight
  127. I'd hate to ask this, but....
  128. CN schedule of eps 34 and 35
  129. Pics from Big Brawl Part 2!! SPOILER!!!!!! SPOILER!!!!!
  130. There was a short preview shown of season 3 today.
  131. THIS is radicly..
  132. spoilers.
  133. September is looking to be a shell of a month
  134. Big Brawl PArt 3 Spoiler!!!
  135. YOU KNOW THE...
  136. Worms of madness gets animated
  137. PS2 related problems with the DVDs
  138. Has Season 2 Been Shown In the UK Yet?
  139. Why didn't Fox Box show that Season 3 preview at Comic Con?
  140. Leatherhead's voice actor (image)
  141. BIg Brawl Part 4 PICS MAJOR SPOILER!!!
  142. Seasons on DVD
  143. the episode where the tmnt.....
  144. The Shredder Strikes- what the shell?
  145. Theories for Utrom Shredder's exile.
  146. :SPOILER: confirmed episode of season 3 :SPOILER:
  147. So lets gover over what we do know about season 3( spoilers)
  148. Something I found for the Special
  149. About a Shredder's quote
  150. Tomorrow to all who can capture TV shows.......
  151. Leatherhead in Tales of Leo?
  152. more turtle trivia
  153. Usagi is.....
  154. Big Brawl part 2 clips!!!!!!!!!!
  155. How to make screencaps!
  156. I wonder about Klunk
  157. Cartoon Network TMNT
  158. BIG BRAWL PART 3 CLIP!!!!!!!!
  159. My guess: No Synopois until September
  160. TMNT 2k3 Cels
  161. ninja turtle soundtrack song.....
  162. Just watched "What a Croc"
  163. Fridays Episode On Cartoon Network
  164. TMNT Backlit
  165. Croc attack
  166. Leonardo's VA to appear at Katsucon 11!
  167. Vol 11 available at Best Buy NOW!
  168. Mega Sneak Peek Weekend
  169. Question about the Upcoming Big Brawl episodes.
  170. whats up with the xtras
  171. How do you think the Future DVDs will be layed out?
  172. Is the DVD coming out........
  173. Shredder/Foot Questions
  174. MIkies chrisTMAS rEsCu3
  175. I suppose this is a dumb question, but is there any...
  176. The turtles stealing! Alot too
  177. TMNT Vol. 13 "City at War" on Nov. 9
  178. Problem with Merchandise?
  179. A missed episode.
  180. Don't Forget!
  181. Who's your favorite Original new toon character?
  182. The songs of the new show
  183. During Series 1, how many people knew Shredder was an Utrom?
  184. *MAJOR SPOILERS* Could someone describe Episode 38 to me?
  185. 4 more weeks until
  186. a prank mikey could do.
  187. TMNT DVD 1-4
  188. Edited and dubbed?
  189. Saturday night live tribute in TMNT season 1???
  190. Don and Usagi
  191. Rat King WILL show up in season 4.
  192. You looking for funny screencaps?
  193. Why can't the Turtles on the new show drink?
  194. A new movie closer than we think?
  195. Fan Appreciation Day
  196. Ideas for new Wallpapers.
  197. airing schedules and a season 3 question
  198. How long do you guys thing the Turtles will last
  199. splinter is flawed (only for die hard fans)
  200. Who is your favorite Turtle
  201. guy from new game in the show
  202. when is....
  203. Tortues Ninja - French DVDs with more episodes
  204. Re-used footage in the new show!
  205. I've changed my mind. I like the new series better than...
  206. to anyone who saw tmnt on vh1
  207. New TMNT DVDs in the UK - start of 2-Disc Sets!
  208. Silver Sentry vs. Shredder
  209. Ninja Turtles loses afternoon slot on Fox Kids UK/Jetix
  210. Quick Usagi question
  211. big brawl part 2 airdate
  212. Ages
  213. Screencaps
  214. 2-3 more weeks until..
  215. Been had? *gasp*
  216. raph's closeness wit don
  217. Season Premire?
  218. HOT DAMN !!!
  219. New Ep Discussion- "The Big Brawl"- new teaser!
  220. TMNT on Sunday?
  221. which characters should come back
  223. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles official Season 3 description
  224. Anyone here from the Milwaukee, WI area? Regarding Foxbox
  225. Official site update: New episodes pushed back to Sept. 18th
  226. new episodes
  227. Alien Wars
  228. Season 3 Synoposis: Will you read them or not?
  229. new regulation about childrens programing mabie more TMNT!
  230. Six episodes this weekend.
  231. old school glitch in new school tmnt
  232. Don't mean to be ignorant
  233. Wow! Triceratons are STRONG!
  234. BIG NEWS!! -Was "Will we get synpopses this week?"
  235. Episode From New Toon
  236. this is the week and 9/25
  237. mess up in the first fugitoid ep
  238. TMNT on cartoon network, Sundays, 4pm
  239. Battle nexus dvd on nov 9
  241. Clarification of the DVD's
  242. We've Saved the Best Till Now
  244. Leo and Mikey Relationship
  245. Deep Deep Sweepstakes!
  246. Was... that... SLASH?! 0_o
  247. what a croc and dvd projections
  248. previews for today and com breaks stuff
  249. airdate projections for season 3.
  250. A hint of ninja skilled April? Check out this wallpaper