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  1. What exactly does Laird do on the new show?
  2. I forgot which episode Splinter said....................
  3. Raph as Shredder in 3rd season?
  4. we get to see....
  5. Baxter's fate?
  6. How much time has lapsed?
  7. Can someone answer this question for me?
  8. How to get Shredder's voice
  9. Hey! Is it just me, or
  10. How many Utroms do we know?
  11. TMNT fights
  13. Leonardo Died?
  14. Do the turtles do bad things? Or cause bad?
  15. I think the official site spoilers who is under the cloak
  16. Usagi....
  17. More Episodes added to Cartoon Network?......
  18. TMNT killing Shredder
  19. Line from the new show
  20. Things Change to now: How much has changed with this toon?
  21. Question about Lord Drako...
  22. Triceraton Invasion
  23. Ugh...gripe about the DVDs
  24. dunno if this has been said before... but
  25. Big Brawl Part 2
  26. Who got the TMNT vol. 12
  27. City at War is the next TMNT DvD
  28. Ninja Turtles season 3 premieres on CN this January
  29. New Ep Discussion: "The Christmas Aliens"
  30. DVDs spines HELP!
  31. the tmnt as toddlers
  32. Episode Missed
  33. Shredder versus bishop
  34. TMNT calendars
  35. Fox Box New Episodes?
  36. Episode #78, rather intresting
  37. Weird scheduling
  38. New TMNT Website
  39. mightest of warriors
  40. Random Thought
  41. City at War is out on DVD.
  42. New Guard Preview
  43. Saw Nobody's Fool and have a few opions to say about it.
  44. What would you like to see happen in the new series?
  45. New Ep Discussion: "New Blood"
  46. The Fox Box Era is over... New 4 Kids Site up
  47. New Ep Discussion: "The Darkness Within"
  48. Darkness Within Preview Screens
  49. which episode was last aired
  50. Darkness Within Preview Is Up
  51. Skeptical
  52. Vol 16 Worlds Collide DVD on April 26th?
  53. TMNT Novel #1: Shadows Over Chinatown!
  54. What is your favorite Shredder battle arc?
  55. 2nd Annual Super Brawl Turnament
  56. Who will be next on the DvD side picture
  57. Question about Hunted
  58. new dvd covers
  59. Mission Gravity Preview up!
  60. New Ep Discussion: "Mission of Gravity"
  61. 4 in a row
  62. New Preview screens
  63. How old is Angel?
  64. Entity Below *possible spoilers*
  65. Hun and Stockman = Bebop and Rocksteady
  66. Evil Encounters
  67. Time Trevails *spoiler warnings*
  68. Season 3 discussion
  69. Hun on the Run *spoilers*
  70. Dark Horizons on TMNT 4: New movie by 2007!!!
  71. Have any episodes not made it to DVD?
  72. Hey, did any of y'all get..........
  73. TMNT Valentines
  74. DVD intros
  75. TMNT Monster Jam Truck
  76. its official.....
  77. Am I The Only One?
  78. Leo voice actor in person
  79. Please...Help with a quote...
  80. TMNT renewed for a 5th season? And new info about Season 4!
  81. How do the seasons fair against season one?
  82. Be careful what you say
  83. Why fox why!!
  84. Great news for DVD buyers!
  85. No new ep this week? *update?*
  86. DVD Cover
  87. New Ep Discussion: "Reality Check" aka Machi's EVIL
  88. Anyone think Shredder knows Usagi?
  89. 4kids.tv website! Watch full-length free legal episodes online
  90. New TMNT Season Two UK DVD's?
  91. new cartoon series dvds boxsets
  92. Reality Check Preview
  93. Question about Time Travails
  94. CN TMNT *contains Spoilers*
  95. New Ep Discussion: "Across the Universe"
  96. unanswered questions regarding utroms and shredder
  97. Alien Invasion at Best Buy
  98. DVD Disc Colors
  99. Trans-Chronological and Dimensional travel in the New TMNT
  100. TMNT DVD 17: Return of the Ultimate Ninja
  101. crazy theory about splinter
  102. Cartoon Network TMNT Contest
  103. Kitty, kitty, kitty . . .
  104. TMNT: Time Change?
  105. Future turtles...
  106. New Ep Discussion: "Same As It Never Was"
  107. What episode do you like better and why
  108. Bishop
  109. That's it, I'm not buying anymore of FUNI's crappy TMNT DVDs
  110. 4Kids/Funimation Contact Info?
  111. WHERE did you find vol. 15??
  112. Top 5 Darkest episodes *spoiler warnings*
  113. Where can i find new episodes?
  114. 4Kids indicates TMNT is doing well
  115. a more adult turtle show?
  116. No more TMNT on CN?
  117. Would you like to see the story of Same As It Never Was expanded in Season 4?
  118. Cartoon NEtwork showing eps in wrong order?
  119. New endings
  120. Sam Regal, the voice of Donny, posted on the ToonZone.net forums!!!
  121. Finally - New Toon on German TV
  122. I got the City at War DVD for $5.50 at Wal-Mart!!!!
  123. Channels airing TMNT 'up-to-date' ?
  124. How would they react??
  125. April's Artifact
  126. New Ep Discussion: "The Real World" Part One and Two
  127. Cool Tmnt Ad For Sale On Ebay. Hints About The Movie!!!
  128. The Turtles are going to return to the big screen in 2007!!!
  129. New CGI Turtles animated movie
  130. Same as it Never Was - Same as it ever was?
  131. Season 3 Starts in the UK Today
  132. The X-mas special dvd...
  133. Comics vs. the New Series
  134. When the new toon first came out...
  135. Tv.yahoo.com has Exodus Part I listed for April 16th
  136. New Ep Discussion: Bishop's Gambit
  137. Kevin Munroe Interview- New Movie Information
  138. Download the Exodus Part I preview now!
  139. New Intro Anyone?
  140. Interview with Kevin Munroe about the new movie
  141. Bishop's Gambit and Exodus finale on CN in late May
  142. Should David Wise Write An Episode?
  143. I think i know where donny was in same as it never was
  144. New Episode Discussion: "Exodus II"
  145. Shredder's decapitation still shocks me to this day. *SOME SEASON 3 SPOILERS.*
  146. In case you missed it today, here is the preview for 'Exodus' Part II!!!!
  147. New Season?
  148. Particularlly The Shredder's Death
  149. Who's Hotter? April or Karai?
  150. Who will never be seen again after Exodus 2?
  151. Laws of Physics and Shredder's head
  152. I am 75% certain that Volume 2 will be adapted for Season 4 (list of reasons inside)
  153. Exodus could lead into another Turtles in Space escapade
  154. TMNT fighting
  155. Again they mess things up.
  156. Question about New DVDs...
  157. Season 3 -thoughts?
  158. TMNT Losing Badly in 4Kids Poll
  159. Other turtles in "The same as it ever was"?
  160. Favortie Shredder Episode
  161. Karai's green eyes
  162. Do you see Bishop as Shredders Equal?
  163. Are The Ninja Turtles Big Matrix Fans? What Do You Think?
  164. Season 4 release date announce and Cartoon Network stuff
  165. Question on two newest DVD's
  166. Anyone have a complete list of the new DVDs?
  167. Bad Guys Dying?
  168. No fair trials with the Utroms? (may contain Exodus spoilers)
  169. Turtles count it off! - theme song and BGM questions -
  170. theme tune change
  171. Ninja Turtle Seat Covers
  172. Will there be a boxset for the new show?
  173. Biship Not As New as We think
  174. Help this fan
  175. new meets old - what if?
  176. Touch And Go? What the...
  177. Ninja Turtle Troubles on CN (formerly 'Note to' and 'If you didnt see SAiNW')
  178. 4kids tmnt favorite
  179. DVD 18: Shredder's Final Countdown - DVD premiere episodes!
  180. Whats with the Inconsistency on the TMNT Spines?
  181. Signitures for "The Teen Power Hour"
  182. Season 4
  183. New Film: What "Aspects" of Part II Will Be Used?
  184. Funimation Problems
  185. Random Thought...
  186. TMNT 4 movie teaser poster
  187. TMNT see the light of day on CN, but just on weekends :(
  188. How the brothers see each others.....
  189. The Ultimate Ninja name is Ve-sama???
  190. Holy cow...how are they getting away with it?
  191. Okay, now I'm REALLY pissed at Cartoon Nwtwork.........!!!!
  192. Calling all females!!!
  193. TMNT on Cartoon Network moving to a later time!!
  194. Calling all females!!! pt.2
  195. Discouraged
  196. My solution to the TMNT on CN problems
  197. Reality Check arc I just noticed.
  198. Fox makes me sad
  199. TMNT : Never Before Seen (?!!!?)
  200. No more DVD Spine Artwork!!!
  201. Errors in Worlds Collide
  202. TMNT Info on AICN
  203. waiting is the hardest part
  204. Shredder Raph?
  205. More editing on UK Jetix episodes...
  206. New show/old show mixup... I'm confused
  207. a different perspective on the dvd's
  208. Sound Clips?
  209. A Cat?
  210. New Characters from Mutant Melee?
  211. What Will Top "Same As It Never Was"...
  212. They should have never died
  213. TMNT on 4 Kids timeslot change
  214. CN says... No TMNT for you
  215. HeroesCon
  216. Just ordered boxset
  217. New Series over.. The Writings On The Wall
  218. TMNT DVD 19: Mutant & Monsters - Oct 4th
  219. Shredders' Armour "Suits" Others?
  220. Casey Jones
  221. New CG TMNT Movie in 2007
  222. My Note Mailed to Cartoon Network.
  223. how tall do you think the tmnt are
  224. in the series the next mutation.......
  225. What are your favorite moments in the new TMNT cartoon?
  226. Everybody Ready?
  227. Can someone please identify this episode for me?
  228. what episode does this quote come from?
  229. Possible clue of what's to come in season 4?...
  230. TMNT Season 4
  231. Shell-terrific Day at Hershey Park
  232. The Rat King (Potential season 4 spoilers)
  233. Ok what gives? Shredders Final Countdown?
  234. Will you pick up the Shredder's Final Countdown to see Season 4 premiere early?
  235. OK! its been awhile is TMNT back on CN??
  236. Holy out of order DVD releases Batman!
  237. TMNT on Fox question
  238. TMNT moves to 11:30AM on 4kidsTV this Fall
  239. TMNT Cosplay?
  240. shredders final count down out now!! Season 4 Spoilers Ahoy!!
  241. Is it any good?
  242. Darker tone for series four?
  243. Less than 13 days before Season 4 and still no synopsis'.
  244. does anyone have dvd extra for download? where donnie chases raph with a hammer?
  245. Is the "Never Before Seen" dvd still coming out?
  246. Where's the thread with all the DVD titles on it?
  247. the peoples choice
  248. ok now it's getting dumb
  249. Incomplete Season 4 Synopsis
  250. I want to capture something from the new Turtles DVD. How do I do that?