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  1. New Ep Discussion: "Cousin Sid"
  2. YTV aired new episodes H.A.T.E + NOBODY?
  3. LOL @ new intro! (see first post for song)
  4. does anyone know where you can download the new opening song?
  5. Of all the things... Baseball was on this morning!!!!
  6. Shadow Jones Where Art Thou?
  7. What episode so far really sticks in your head!
  8. Would you like to see old toon Character's or Archie TMNT characters in....
  9. which dvd contains the episode.......
  10. New toon characters you'd deem "comic worthy"
  11. Here's an idea of how TMNT could return to weekdays
  12. New Ep Discussion: "The People's Choice"
  13. Can someone give me advice on the DVD's...
  14. New theme video
  15. Whats uo with this video?
  16. Mutants And Monsters Dvd 3.5 October 4th 2005
  17. New vs Old
  18. After Seeing Season 4 So Far With Patience, Its Becoming Unwatchable Its Fate Is Near
  19. New Ep Discussion: "Wing and a Prayer"
  20. Problem with DVD's?Have you had any issues?
  21. Does Disney own 4Kids?
  22. if the turtles had to fight.....
  23. Show may be returning to C.N.
  24. This week's episode?
  25. Sons of the silent age
  26. New Ep Disscussion: Sons of The Silent Age
  27. New Ep Discussion: "I, Monster"
  28. New Ep Discussion: "Grudge Match"
  29. "New" Leo
  30. Mutants and monsters
  31. DVD Issues (not related to prev. post of same title)
  32. New Ep Discussion: "Aliens Among Us"
  33. 4kids CEO: Ninja Turtles has made $1 billion since 2003 relaunch
  34. Who here plays the piano?
  35. Cool TMNT News
  36. Name their jobs
  37. Character Expectations
  38. TMNT DVD 20: Turtles Against HATE press release
  39. TMNT VHS versions missing episodes and parts of episodes
  40. Dan Berger answers about Leo's shell scar!
  41. New Ep Discussion: "Dragon's Rising"
  42. 4Kids TMNT Clips
  43. Quick question about upcoming DVDs
  44. Tales of TMNT Episodes
  45. Rejected theme song?
  46. Let It Be Known About The Tmnt It Is Only A Cartoon!!!
  47. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Timeline / Chronology
  48. How the TMNT DVDs episodes should have been collected
  49. TMNT episodes vs. original series
  50. New Ep Discussion: Still Nobody
  51. Official site hamstrung by DVD releases
  52. Who would have won?
  53. Who would you marry?
  54. DVD case colors
  55. Rat King?
  56. New Episode: "Samurai Tourist"
  57. Can somebody help me out with these dvds?
  58. How old is Splinter?
  59. A look back at "Things Change".
  60. How old is Miyamoto Usagi?
  61. Where can I download TMNT Eps?
  62. Tmnt On Cn
  63. TMNT seasons on DVD?
  64. Re-hash characters *Almost as bad as stock footage*
  65. New Ep Discussion: 4-14: Ancient One
  66. Season 4...what order were they supposed to air in?
  67. next new tmnt EP
  68. Question about the ep, "The Ancient One"
  69. 4 kids TV has updated!!!
  70. "Fast Forward" *Season 5 Spoilers*
  71. Yet another 'Turtles Against HATE' DVD cover
  72. Turtles' Music Videos
  73. Should SAINW hae been longer?
  74. Possible improvements/alterations?
  75. Donatello's Shell Cell?
  76. March 25,2006= TMNT (100)
  77. old in new
  78. Focus, The Past And Present
  79. A big WTF moment I just had
  80. What disc # is the future episode?
  81. The Message With-In "The Darkness With-in"
  82. completely ill focus man
  83. The Rat King
  84. Steve Blum as Raphael
  85. TMNT DVD 21: Hun on the Run - May 16th
  86. TMNT Movie Villain Info
  87. New Tmnt CGI Movie Poster!
  88. Let's Discuss All Of The Characters On The New Show Shall We?
  89. When Will The New TMNT EPs Start Airing?
  90. pics of the turtles next to humans?
  91. What do you think the rest of Season 4 will be like?
  92. 4kids website
  93. Kevin Eastman Talks New Turtles Film
  94. Grey Delisle does voice in upcomming CGI TMNT film
  95. It's all ways Leo
  96. when will the new episode air?
  97. Obscure Old TMNT reference in New
  98. New Eps resume Feb 4th, Download preview here!
  99. 4Kids TMNT100 site EXPANDED!!
  100. New TMNT Poster Manip
  101. Tmnt Cgi
  102. Turtles Against H.a.t.e. Is Now Out!!
  103. DvD
  104. Episode 100 coming soon!
  105. Cool Dvd Find At Target Tonight!
  106. The FoxBox (literally)
  107. "Fast Forward" Description Released
  108. New Ep Discussion: "Scion of the Shredder"
  109. I have a theory...
  110. Could someone post a pic of all the DVD spines to date?
  111. Something odd about the new DVD
  112. what would you chage about the series
  113. TMNT DVD Art, aka Mikey is Too Sexy!
  114. Karai OC because of Mystics/Heart of Tengu?
  115. TMNT Previews online!
  116. New Ep Discussion: "Prodigal Son"
  117. Oroku Saki statue
  118. Cool Leo Video
  119. New TMNT Intro
  120. Season 4 discussion
  121. Karai - what to expect
  122. Next episode?
  123. Should they bring back Oroku Saki, the Shredder?
  124. AUtographs
  125. New movie trailer (NO LINK IN THREAD---yet)
  126. What no Frank Frankson
  127. New Ep Discussion: "Outbreak"
  128. Who's your daddy?
  129. 100th episode info
  130. Would anyone be interested?...
  131. The Lost Season
  132. new dvds
  133. where are April and Casey
  134. Episode Arc Idea
  135. I think Bishop will be in "Fast Forward"
  136. Anone else feel Raph gets kinda jipped, personality wise?
  137. scripts?
  138. Season 5 Storyboard Artist Shannon Denton
  139. Tiny question
  140. New Ep Discussion: "Trouble with Augie"
  141. Hun on the run is TMNT DvD 3.7
  142. Anybody see this?
  143. 4KidsTV's TMNT shorts
  144. will there be a new ep next week?
  145. Each Weeks Episode Preview*Favor/Help*
  146. Uck
  147. Autograph update
  148. More TMNT for the UK
  149. New Ep Discussion: "Tales of Yoshi"
  150. The Usagi Yojimbo Show!
  151. New Autograph update!
  152. The Lost Season is real!
  153. TMNT CG movie info and release date
  154. DVD Release List Request
  155. TMNT DVD 22: Rise of the New Shredder
  156. The Ninja Turtles Timeline
  157. New Ep Discussion: "Return of Savanti, Part 1 "
  158. The Newest New Episode About Old Things: Return of Savanti Part 1
  159. where was savanti from?
  160. So, who is missing Tokka & Rahzar?
  161. Shredder in Battle Nexus!
  162. Battle Nexus Referee Question
  163. New Ep Discussion: "Return of Savanti, Part 2 "
  164. My TMNT autograph collection still goes...
  165. Good Genes
  166. Hey, big question about the DVDs...
  167. What happened to Fugitoid and Leatherhead?
  168. New Ep Discussion: "Adventures In Turtle Sitting"
  169. they showed the 2nd episode this morning..
  170. Another great TMNT sig!!
  171. Hello, question regarding TMNT dvd's
  172. E-mailed Dan About Episode Order
  173. Where is the torrent of the last episode?
  174. Proposed TMNT Cartoon.
  175. Favorite Shredder Suit?
  176. DVD Volume 5 Question
  177. Ninja turtles back on the Citv channel!
  178. TMNT movie street date 3/30/2007 - Turtle Trailer Revealed..
  179. Bad News Guys
  180. Leo's shoulder belt: After thought?
  181. TMNT music Video
  182. character avatars?
  183. Truth About Insane In The Membrane
  184. Will Fast Forward Be the End of the TMNT
  185. DVD box sets??
  186. Good Genes: Part 2
  187. Leatherhead Vs. Killer Croc?
  188. I hope we got some concrete info on the Lost Season soon.
  189. Woohoo, mega cool TMNT sig addition!
  190. Tmnt Tcg
  191. Ep Discussion: The Ninja Tribunal
  192. Hopes for Lost Season?
  193. Missed TMNT today
  194. What did happen to Hunnycutt?
  195. Loose Ends
  196. The Talent behind the Turtles
  197. news about lost season release
  198. Thinking about not watching this show anymore
  199. How this season could have ended in a way so next season would work.....
  200. Checked TV.com
  201. How should they handle the next DVDs?
  202. John Aylward (Niles on TMNT III)
  203. 4Kids forms 4Sight
  204. Errors on TMNT DVD Releases
  205. Some more Lost Season/Fast Forward info
  206. Important TMNT Petition!
  207. So... was Baxter ever that huge patched up monster thing....
  208. 5 Favorite Episodes..
  209. Holy crap I'm lost...
  210. First Impression
  211. It's about time TMNT went back to Miguzi I'd say
  212. Insane in the Membrane SPOILERS
  213. What Would You Like To See On The Show, What Would You Have Done Differently, Etc.
  214. Connecting the Show with Reality (beware): Landmarks
  215. New Series TMNT Music!
  216. I'm interning for 4kids FOR NINJA TURTLES
  217. Hun on the Run DVD.
  218. New TMNT Theme lyrics Spliced with 1st TMNT theme! Best of Both worlds!
  219. TMNT Fast Forwad Images on Official Site
  220. Casey and April
  221. some new info about Fast Foward
  222. Can someone fill me in?
  223. The Mystery of "Insane in the Membrane" Solved
  224. How else are they gonna Screw with us?
  225. About the "Lost Season".
  226. Insane In the Membrane Available Online
  227. "Insane in the Membrane" rant
  228. plot holes???
  229. Tokka and Razar
  230. Turtles back on Jetix at a good time (UK)
  231. Cartoon Network pulled TMNT again
  232. Favourite Story arc?
  233. Least favourite episodes
  234. Beyond TMNT-FF.. no season 6 ?!
  235. Sesaon 4 episode order.
  236. Sneak Peek
  237. Insane in The Membrance on DVD
  238. Turtles in Water...
  239. Brother of Hun
  240. TMNT TV Guide
  241. It's weird
  242. will shredder return in season 4???
  243. TMNT Lost Season on DVD Sept 12th?
  244. Karai a friend or foe?
  245. favorite Shredder Story Arc/ Favorite Foot Clan episode
  246. I finally caved In
  247. 4Kids.tv promo clips
  248. Mellow Mikey
  249. favourite and least favourite seasons?
  250. TMNT (2003) Episode Guide Project