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  1. [Want to Buy] Random House TMNT children's books
  2. [For Sale] TMNT 2007 International Poster - Double Sided
  3. [eBay] Tales of the TMNT Original Vol 1 Series Treasury Edition & TMNT Vol 1 #1 (5th)
  4. [eBay] TMNT Rare "Shell Shock" Graphic Novel + 8 Bonus Comics
  5. [Want to Trade] OT Episode: Carter, the Enforcer
  6. [eBay] My Turtle Toys On Ebay
  7. [Want to Buy] MOC Fan Club Raph and Leo, Usagi, Ooze, 88 Rocksteady BeBop and Shredder 88-90 stuff
  8. [For Sale] 1988 Soft head Shredder MOC
  9. [Want to Buy] Ninja Turtles Magazine - $15 each - read for specifics
  10. [eBay] My HUGE list of TMNT on eBay
  11. [Want to Trade] Neca Donatello
  12. [Want to Buy] TMNT NES Palcom console bundle
  13. [Want to Buy] Need help finding this item (Not TMNT)
  14. [eBay] Less Then 24 Hours Left For The Great TMNT Comic Collection Of All Time!
  15. [Want to Trade] Rare hungarian TMNT comics and rare TMNT cards
  16. [For Sale] Graphic Novel Collection!
  17. [For Sale] MOC Tokka 1998 and MOC Slash 25th $15 each
  18. [eBay] Amazing Baxter Stockman art by Steve Lavigne for sale! Free Shipping
  19. [For Sale] Turtle Vehicles & Cards... Pics / Prices/ OBO / Trades
  20. [Want to Trade] TMNT Playset
  21. [eBay] TMNT Comic - Volume 1 #19-21 "Return to New York" story
  22. [Want to Buy] MOC or loose 2k3 Utrom
  23. [Want to Buy] Wish list of vintage figures / vehicles / playsets
  24. [Want to Buy] TMNT Vol 3 (Image) #21
  25. [Want to Buy] Model & Toy Collector Special #3
  26. [Want to Buy] Playmates Donatello Statue - Worth a look
  27. [Want to Buy] WTT/WTB black and white neca don raph mike
  28. [For Sale] TMNT 2K3 Ninja Knights Gold Set
  29. [For Sale] Fugitoid comic
  30. [eBay] 5 TMNT Graphic Novels: Souls Winter, Future Tense, Tales Collected #1 - #3
  31. [eBay] 83 MOC Turtles 2 days left on eBay... soft heads, 10 backs +++
  32. [eBay] Scratch 4 sale!
  33. [Want to Buy] Looking for 25th ann
  34. [eBay] Hot Spot for sale 99 cents
  35. [Want to Buy] Mike from 2007 Versus Pack
  36. [Want to Buy] Animation Cels
  37. [Want to Buy] Albedo Anthropomorphics Volume 1 NR 2
  38. [Want to Trade] And/or Buy MIB NECA Donny
  39. [Want to Buy] 88 hard head leo loose
  40. [For Sale] Raphael #1, Archie Source Book, more
  41. [Want to Buy] tmnt volume 4
  42. [Want to Buy] or trade - Power Rangers toys
  43. [Want to Buy] Wtb street sharks
  44. [Want to Buy] Coming out of their shell tour VHS new
  45. [eBay] OMG! ONE Day Remaining - ARE the terrorists winning?!?
  46. [Want to Buy] Sideshow Raph statue
  47. [Want to Buy] Parts for vehicles
  48. [Want to Buy] Moc Toon Turtles.
  49. [For Sale] TMNT 07 Deluxe DVD (Target exclusive)
  50. [Want to Buy] 2k3 Turtles and Splinter
  51. [Want to Buy] Black and white Mirage shirt from Hottopic
  52. [Want to Buy] Tales vol 2 #70 anddddd
  53. [Want to Buy] Complete v.1, v.3, Tales v.1 and Adventures
  54. [Want to Buy] 2007 Movie Items
  55. [Want to Buy] 13inch raph sais
  56. [Want to Buy] Mutatin' Tokka
  57. [Want to Buy] Swarm Spider-Man
  58. [Want to Buy] COOTS - French Version
  59. [Want to Buy] tales of leonardo
  60. [Want to Buy] Next Mutation Donatello MIP
  61. [eBay] Huge lot of about 130 mostly complete and loose complete turtles and accessories
  62. [For Sale] Michaelangelo #1 Signed by Kevin Eastman
  63. [Want to Buy] cgi movie nightwatcher n big moth raph
  64. [For Sale] TMNT McDonald's Happy Meal Toys
  65. [eBay] Muckman, General Traag, Private Bebop
  66. [For Sale] 2003 Battle Shell
  67. [Want to Buy] List of MOC figures
  68. [Want to Buy] Wish List
  69. [For Sale] Japanese Trading Cards
  70. [For Sale] Upper Deck Trading Card Game - Foil Cards & Uncommon Non-Foil Cards
  71. [Want to Buy] Tales #32, Image # 18, 20
  72. [For Sale] Nintendo DS Lite w/ 4 games
  73. [Want to Trade] TMNT TCG foil cards needed!
  74. [Want to Buy] turtles vol:3 help
  75. [eBay] NECA TMNT set of 4 MOC, 99 cent start
  76. [For Sale] Fleer Trading Cards
  77. [eBay] Playmates Catalogs 4 Sale!!
  78. [eBay] 2007 Movie Prequel Comics Color Art Print
  79. [Want to Buy] Need another NECA Donatello
  80. [For Sale] Loose, incomplete Mutant Module
  81. [Want to Buy] movie star turtles moc
  82. [Want to Buy] Foot Cruiser
  83. [eBay] Non-TMNT Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock: Guitar + Game
  85. [Want to Buy] TMNT moving jaw COSTUME HEAD and Feet
  86. [Want to Buy] Buzzroc, Multiflex, and Secret Agent Don
  87. [For Sale] Sealed Burger King Kids Club VHS
  88. [For Sale] Mike and Raph vintage plush dolls
  89. [For Sale] Future Tense For Sale
  90. [Want to Buy] Original 80-90's TMNT Parts wanted
  91. [eBay] TMNT 07 Target Exclusive DVD
  92. [Want to Buy] WTB: sideshow statues
  93. [Want to Trade] 5 TMNT Image comics for TMNT Archie Comics
  94. [eBay] TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - NECA Set 4 Figures / Signed.
  95. [Want to Buy] Undercover leo/mike moc, surfer leo/scuba raph moc
  96. [Want to Buy] b&w neca tmnt
  97. [eBay] 2009 Peter Laird TMNT, Fugitoid, Triceraton, & Utom Print
  98. [eBay] some figures for sale
  99. [For Sale] SDCC Neca TMNT SET signed by Kevin Eastman
  100. [Want to Trade] NEED Mirage TMNT #1 "Free COmic DAy" Comic
  101. [eBay] Vintage Mikey Plush
  102. [eBay] Rare Forever War Signed Print
  103. [eBay] lot of 5 MOC Leonardo figures unpunched 88 leo included
  104. [For Sale] Neca tmnt
  105. [Want to Buy] MOC Scratch
  106. [eBay] Marvel Legends Onslaught
  107. [For Sale] Price Check - TMNT 2 stunt suit parts
  108. [eBay] TMNT 1984-2009 25th Anniversary Sticker
  109. [eBay] TMNT 25th Anniversary NYC Comi Con Retro-Print signed!
  110. [For Sale] 2k3 toys complete w. Cardback
  111. [For Sale] TV-Recorded OT Episodes
  112. [Want to Trade] COMICS -4- Sale/Trade + WANT LIST
  113. [eBay] movie stars, toons and more...
  114. [Want to Trade] Comics for trade or sale. Pictures inside!
  115. [eBay] 55 loose figure auctions started... more to come.
  116. [For Sale] or Trade Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (Euro)
  117. [eBay] Original Mutant Ninja Utrom Art by Eric Talbot
  118. [For Sale] WTB/WTT Sideshow Exclusive Don, Leo/ FS Sideshow regular Leo, Don, Mike
  119. [Want to Buy] Looking to buy these 2 comics please anybody?!?!
  120. [For Sale] Shell Shock TPB (Free Shipping)
  121. [For Sale] Future Tense TPB
  122. [Want to Buy] Toxic Crusaders figures.
  123. [For Sale] Motu Heman Espada luminosa figura suelta.
  124. [eBay] Shell Shock
  125. [Want to Buy] I want to buy a lot of tmnt comics
  126. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions
  127. [eBay] 130+ loose figures, Krang-Undercover Mike and More!
  128. [For Sale] Movie III Warlord figure. Unopened.
  129. [Want to Buy] Blu-ray collection
  130. [For Sale] Halfcourt / General Traag Mint off card
  131. [eBay] 177 TMNT auctions 5/31-6/5
  132. [For Sale] neca tmnt
  133. [For Sale] Toys for sale!
  134. [For Sale] TMNT Adventures, movie comics
  135. [Want to Buy] Foot Cruiser windshield
  136. [eBay] Bunches O' Comics - Tales Vol. 2, Vol. 4, Gizmo, Furrlough #47 (and non-TMNT stuff)
  137. [Want to Trade] Pop Up MOC Figures & Fan club Insert MOC
  138. [eBay] Hollywood Dudes Cartoon Promo Poster
  139. [Want to Buy] Vintage Slash
  140. [Want to Buy] Looking to buy Kevins Artobiography
  141. [eBay] 4 Reptiles And A Rodent Art Print Set (Each Signed)
  142. [eBay] 139 TMNT auctions 6/7-6/12
  143. [Want to Buy] Quarry MOC
  144. [For Sale] NECA Wrestling/Future Tense Customs for sale
  145. [Want to Buy] I'm looking for 2K3 series dvd's
  146. [Want to Buy] Advice and thoughts
  147. [For Sale] or trade. Vol. 4, and Tales Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
  148. [eBay] NECA Climbing Claws 4 Sale
  149. [eBay] TMNT Comics For Sale
  150. [For Sale] 2K3 DVDs
  151. [eBay] TMNT Book One (2009)
  152. [For Sale] Marvel lot: GI Joe, some Transformers, Thundercats, ElfQuest
  153. [For Sale] Vol 1 - Issues 1-62 plus specials.
  154. [Want to Buy] set of 1988 raph sais and ninja star
  155. [For Sale] TMNT Adventures Original Cover Art
  156. [eBay] 6/14-6/19 230+ auctions figures/vehicles/moc/giant/mini
  157. [Want to Buy] Eric Talbot Raphael Original Art
  158. [Want to Buy] Looking for the old Dark Horse miniatures
  159. [Want to Trade] comix trading!!!
  160. [For Sale] tmnt figures for sale
  161. [For Sale] Selling LOTS of 2003 Playmates stuff
  162. [For Sale] FS: TMNT First Books TPB Volumes 1-3
  163. [Want to Buy] Looking to purchase over 90 comics!
  164. [For Sale] TMNT Toys for sale on Craig's List
  165. [Want to Buy] 12" turtle weapons
  166. [For Sale] TMNT 25th Anniversary Party Wagon (Turtle Van) MIB
  167. [For Sale] Various TMNT Adventures Comic issues
  168. [Want to Trade] TMNT Tengamo
  169. [Want to Buy] MOC undercover mike Storage shell Raph w coll. card
  170. [Want to Buy] Looking for 4Kids TMNT Season 2 Part 2 DVD
  171. [Want to Trade] 2k3 series 1+2 cards
  172. [For Sale] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fleer Collection
  173. [Want to Buy] Want to buy or trade for tmnt wall watch
  174. [Want to Buy] looking for 2k3 plush leo
  175. [For Sale] Sideshow Leo (regular) sealed
  176. [Want to Buy] Looking to Purchase Fleer Series 1 and 2 Promo Cards and Dealer Sell Sheets
  177. [For Sale] NECA Tube TMNT Complete Set of 4
  178. [Want to Buy] Looking for some parts
  179. [For Sale] Future Tense
  180. [Want to Buy] Neca TMNT Tubes
  181. [Want to Buy] 2K3 TMNT Fitted Bed Sheet
  182. [Want to Buy] NECA Don & Raph please
  183. [For Sale] TMNT Hero Turtles The Next Mutation UK Import DVD Seasons 1 & 2
  184. [eBay] Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol 1 #1 - 7
  185. [Want to Buy] Cerebus #1
  186. [Want to Buy] Looking for the "Croc Attack" ninja turtle dvd.
  187. [For Sale] TMNT Adventures TPB Volume 1 Tundra
  188. [Want to Buy] Neca TMNT
  189. [Want to Buy] TMNT Chicago Con Comic
  190. [eBay] Custom Neca style Mirage Shredder!
  191. [Want to Buy] IMAGE comics # 10, 16, & 18 NM
  192. [Want to Buy] NECA TCRI Canister - Help!
  193. [For Sale] Four Original Turtles - 2K3 and TMNT (2007)
  194. [Want to Buy] TMNT Comicon ashcan
  195. [Want to Buy] 2K3 FoxBox Toys 'R' Us Mini-Comic + Savage Dragon
  196. [For Sale] 2K3 lot *all mint first prints*
  197. [For Sale] TMNT 2 foot clan masks 2 in hand ready to go!!!
  198. [Want to Buy] Fan Club Bandanas (blue and orange)
  199. [Want to Buy] Scumbug Shirt
  200. [Want to Buy] Looking for '88 figures MOC
  201. [Want to Buy] Sideshow Michelangelo Comiquette -NON-EX
  202. [Want to Buy] Playmates Cold Cast Leonardo and Raphael
  203. [Want to Trade] Looking for Rare TMNT Unleashed Card
  204. [Want to Buy] Red Barron Cards
  205. [Want to Buy] TMNT Video Game Variant
  206. [eBay] Playmates Catalogs
  207. [eBay] Tales of the TMNT Vol. 2 Issues
  208. [eBay] TMNT Vol. 4 #26
  209. [eBay] Future Tense For Sale
  210. [Want to Buy] NECA SDCC Black & White Boxset
  211. [For Sale] TMNT NECA Stump Wrestlers for sale
  212. [eBay] Moc scratch, shoguns + loose figures 125 auctions 8/2-8/7
  213. [For Sale] TMNT 2, 3, 4, Raphael - all oversized
  214. [eBay] New York Comic Con Michael Dooney Print Signed by Everyone!
  215. [For Sale] Green Lantern goodies
  216. [eBay] Mouser figures from 2k3 April
  217. [For Sale] Original Art Commission-SLASH by Andres Ponce
  218. [eBay] 2007 Mirage Christmas Card Signed
  219. [For Sale] Leonardo by Ethan Van Sciver -ORIGINAL ART
  220. [Want to Trade] My TMNT toys for your VOL. 1 Comics! :)
  221. [Want to Buy] 909 want list
  222. [For Sale] TMNT HUGE LOT! 49 Figures, 15 Vehicles, 3 Cases!
  223. [eBay] TMNT comics for sale
  224. [eBay] TMNT Volume 4 #29 - Sketched & Signed By Peter Laird!
  225. [eBay] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Volume 4 #26
  226. [eBay] Tales of the TMNT Volume 2 #32
  227. [Want to Buy] Necca Mousers
  228. [For Sale] Tons of NM Archie first prints and other comics!
  229. [Want to Buy] Mirage Vol. 1 #1 NM (2nd or 3rd print)
  230. [Want to Buy] Help me waste 40 dollars
  231. [Want to Buy] Looking for the following TMNT Playmates collector cards
  232. [Want to Buy] Pair of footcruiser antennae
  233. [For Sale] Interest thread: Michelangelo Mask * Finished*
  234. [For Sale] Comics, TPBs for Sale! Oversized, Future Tense, later Adventures, more!
  235. [For Sale] Selling Leonardo Statue and Leonardo Bust.
  236. [Want to Buy] Need lots of accessories
  237. [Want to Buy] Art/commissions and CGC comics
  238. [Want to Buy] TMNT comics
  239. [For Sale] Collection is up for sale
  240. [Want to Buy] Bebop & Leo & Don w/Popup Display
  241. [Want to Trade] Lets make a trade! :)
  242. [Want to Buy] TMNT #1 full color one shot with bookplate.
  243. [Want to Buy] Looking To Buy Cards
  244. [Want to Buy] Ninja Turtles variants
  245. [For Sale] Free BAF custom fodder
  246. [For Sale] Need someone from Eastern Europe to purchase.
  247. [eBay] Image Comics TMNT #1 cover Wallet 4 sale
  248. [For Sale] My Art
  249. [eBay] Several TMNT auctions.
  250. [Want to Trade] Anyone have an Amazon Kindle - 3G for trade