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  1. [Want to Buy] Slash's legs
  2. [For Sale] Non TMNT Prototypes
  3. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 2/21-2/26
  4. [For Sale] My sewer playset... New!!
  5. [Want to Trade] jux's Trade Thread!! (B/S/T)
  6. [Want to Buy] Retromutagen ooze store display (complete)
  7. [For Sale] TMNT and other custom art stuff
  8. [For Sale] TMNt Mutant Melee PC Game
  9. [For Sale] Old Ninja Turtles comics from 85-87
  10. [eBay] TMNT Vol. 4 #28
  11. [Want to Buy] Supermutant Splinter
  12. [Want to Buy] IDW TMNT Buy / Trade
  13. [Want to Buy] Modern Peter Laird Original artwork
  14. [For Sale] Turtles Against H.A.T.E. DVD
  15. [For Sale] TMNT foot clan arm guard replicas!
  16. [eBay] pannoni1's eBay March Madnness: TMNT/vinyl record auctions
  17. [eBay] Dragn's ebay auctions for March
  18. [For Sale] Protech Protective cases
  19. [Want to Buy] '12 Toy Fair TMNT, IDW Issues, and Figures
  20. [For Sale] 1988-1989 rare moc collection - 12 figures
  21. [Want to Buy] Tmnt 1 color reprint
  22. [For Sale] SDCC 2009 TMNT Smash Up mini poster and Leo belt buckle
  23. [eBay] MOC action figures
  24. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 3/6-3/11
  25. [Want to Buy] Digital Ghost's Haunts and Wants
  26. [For Sale] Hot Wheels & Star Wars Vintage Collection
  27. [For Sale] A.C. Farley Custom Donatello
  28. [eBay] Super Shredder: Mint Figure/NM Card/VG Bubble
  29. [Want to Buy] Anyone have a SOTA street fighter Gen?
  30. [For Sale] 4Kids Ninja Turtle Poster For Sale
  31. [Want to Buy] Looking for a NECA Mike
  32. [Want to Buy] Muckman's head cover & wyrm's hand
  33. [Want to Buy] Scar's Want List
  34. [For Sale] Vintage Weapons Lot (bunch of movie stars)
  35. [eBay] Funkyg's Excess Figure Auctions ( Damaged Purple Armor Super Shredder )
  36. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 3/13-3/18 loose action figures
  37. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 3/13-3/18 vehicles
  38. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 3/13- 3/13 SEWER PLAYSET 100% COMPLETE
  39. [For Sale] Original '88 Figures & more
  40. [For Sale] TMNT m.u.s.c.l.e.
  41. [For Sale] GI Joe
  42. [Want to Buy] Please help me fill out my TMNT collection
  43. [For Sale] Super shredder purple armor - all the accessories
  44. [For Sale] TMNT & MOTU MOC figures
  45. [Want to Buy] Looking for Micro Series 1:25 issues
  46. [Want to Buy] Moc figures I'm looking for
  47. [Want to Buy] Looking for 1988 Turtles with damaged Packaging and loose pop ups displays!
  48. [eBay] IDW bag and several comics
  49. [Want to Buy] Dark Horse minis original baggie release for $300.00!!!
  50. [For Sale] Cgc 9.9 digital webbing presents #24 tmnt
  51. [Want to Buy] Shredder Comoqutte.
  52. [Want to Buy] Mirage TMNT logo Sticker
  53. [For Sale] TMNT, Transformers, Marvel, etc.
  54. [Want to Buy] Hero's Want List.
  55. [Want to Buy] DonatellFan's For Sale/eBay, Wants, & Trades List
  56. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 3/20-3/25
  57. [For Sale] Looking for TMNT comics back issues? - Check out MHC today!
  58. [For Sale] Quarry and Pals
  59. [For Sale] Custom Hulk Hogan m.u.s.c.l.e. figure + Turtle Todlers MOC
  60. [For Sale] Selling Almost Complete Scratch
  61. [For Sale] Rare TMNT Comics!
  62. [Want to Trade] Any WWE Mattel collectors here? A ton inside!
  63. [Want to Buy] looking for ninja turtle movie props
  64. [Want to Buy] Tales of the TMNT #70
  65. [Want to Buy] Infestation 2 Issues
  66. [For Sale] Custom painted Leo bubble bath bottle
  67. [Want to Buy] TMNT Sticker Album: Sticker #88
  68. [Want to Buy] Neca TMNT
  69. [Want to Buy] Neca turles
  70. [Want to Trade] FT/FS Jakks Pacific Dragonball Z figures
  71. [eBay] Infestation 2 TMNT issues plus more
  72. [For Sale] Vintage MOC / MIB Toys for sale!!
  73. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 3/27- 4/1
  74. [For Sale] lego and hess trucks
  75. [eBay] Some Amazing Auction the Week
  76. [Want to Buy] Pannoni1's Want list
  77. [Want to Buy] missing tmnt volume 4 issues
  78. [For Sale] Giving Away DC New 52 Comics - Flash, JLI
  79. [Want to Buy] missing TMNT vol 3 issues!!
  80. [Want to Buy] Ewan's Want List
  81. [Want to Trade] Tales of the TMNT TPB volumes 3 & 4
  82. [For Sale] Playmates Cold-Cast Raphael Statue
  83. [Want to Buy] TMNTDude87's Want list
  84. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 4/3-4/8
  85. [eBay] Original Artwork. Dark Horse. Comics. More
  86. Selling my TMNT B&W Comic Collection Issues #2 - #49
  87. [Want to Buy] Tales of the TMNT #20
  88. [Want to Trade] Transformers g2 Grimlock (blue) and g2 slag(green)
  89. [For Sale] tmnt stuff for sale comics/art/toys!!
  90. [For Sale] Selling my collection
  91. [Want to Buy] Sideshow/Playmate Statues
  92. [For Sale] 2 Moc Metal Mutants
  93. [Want to Buy] WTB: Sideshow donatello
  94. [Want to Buy] TMNT v4 #29
  95. [For Sale] Tales Collected Vol. 5 w/ Signed Bookplate.
  96. [eBay] Volume 4 #23 (rare)
  97. [eBay] More Auction This Week (Pictures)
  98. [Want to Trade] 1991 finnish card game
  99. [For Sale] Vehicle Parts
  100. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 4/10-4/15
  101. [For Sale] Original Artwork
  102. [For Sale] Commissions by Pedro Lajud (pl212)
  103. [Want to Buy] Vintage Sewer Playset
  104. [For Sale] Tmnt idw #1 Eastman hand sketch comics all 4 turtles cgc
  105. [Want to Buy] moc TMNT cgi set of 4 turtles
  106. [For Sale] Vintage Mirage Books For Sale
  107. [Want to Buy] Lots of comics (some for trade/sale)
  108. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 4/17-4/22
  109. [For Sale] Movie III Figures MOC
  110. [Want to Buy] Loose NECA figures
  111. [Want to Buy] MOC Softhead Turtles
  112. [For Sale] Technodrome & Figures For Sale
  113. [For Sale] NYCC #3 Variant for sale
  114. [For Sale] Deadpool/TMNT Original Artwork, Fan club kit
  115. [For Sale] WTS loose partially painted Dark Horse minis
  116. [For Sale] Random TMNT Figure & Vehicle Parts
  117. [Want to Buy] Tyranno Shredder, Foot Gunner, 2003 Leatherhead (carded)
  118. [For Sale] Raph and don devils own resin statues
  119. [Want to Buy] WTB: Sideshow Raphael/Leonardo
  120. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 4/24-4/29
  121. [eBay] mysterycolor's basement auctions 4/24-4/29
  122. [Want to Buy] Mirage vol. 1 number 1 first printing
  123. [For Sale] Sideshow Donatello Comiquette (Regular)
  124. [Want to Buy] Pricing Question 92' Merdude
  125. [For Sale] customized Tokka & Donatello (playmates movie)
  126. [For Sale] Pinball Machine, Arcade Machine, Bust and some figures DALLAS, TX
  127. [For Sale] NYCC Vol1 Issue 3
  128. [For Sale] All four MOC Space Hoppin Turtles *Special Limited Edition*
  129. [Want to Trade] shadow moses trade/want list
  130. [Want to Buy] Capcom TMNT Pizza Drop Redemption Game
  131. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 5/1-5/6
  132. [For Sale] TMNT Animation Art. Sealed. Three pieces (Shredder).
  133. [Want to Buy] TMNT #29 vol. 4 $40
  134. [For Sale] Free Figures (Just Shipping)
  135. [For Sale] Non-TMNT Items For Sale! LOTS OF STUFF
  136. [eBay] Final Set of Auctions - Many Sets/Lots
  137. [For Sale] Mini Mutant collection (modern one)
  138. [Want to Trade] squer's "For Trade" list
  139. [Want to Buy] Buying Sidekick Minifigures
  140. [For Sale] Mirage v4 1-28. Every issue. NM/VF.
  141. [For Sale] mysterycolor eBay auctions 5/8-5/13
  142. [Want to Buy] VOL 3 full set, Vol 4 issues 27,29 & 30 & Tales of TMNT
  143. [eBay] Neca, artwork, comics, figures, and more
  144. [For Sale] Collected Book Volume 2
  145. [For Sale] Misc MOC figures
  146. [Want to Buy] Sega Saturn games and misc stuff
  147. [Want to Trade] Zarana-X's junk for sale/trade
  148. [For Sale] Set of 4 headsketches by Peter Laird and Steve Lavigne (colored)
  149. [Want to Buy] Old Mini mutant vehicles
  150. [For Sale] Operation Blue Line Videos (Sealed)
  151. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 5/15-5/20
  152. [For Sale] Playmates Cold-cast Raphael statue
  153. [Want to Buy] Mirage TMNT vol 1 # 5 & 6 first prints
  154. [Want to Buy] Nightwatcher parts
  155. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 5/22-5/27
  156. [Want to Trade] Buy, sell, or trade.
  157. [Want to Trade] Turtle Freak88 Wants and Haves!
  158. [For Sale] Various Items for Sale and trade.
  159. [For Sale] Movie Star Turtles
  160. [eBay] Playmates Donatello on eBay!!!!!
  161. [Want to Buy] Turtle Blimp
  162. [Want to Buy] utrom figure parts
  163. [For Sale] Beast Wars
  164. [Want to Buy] Jim Lawson Comic Page
  165. [For Sale] Original Casey Jones Art Pin-Up
  166. [For Sale] Tmnt art and commissions
  167. [For Sale] mysterycolor eBay auctions 5/29-6/3
  168. [Want to Buy] TMNT Adventures full set
  169. [For Sale] Neca boxset
  170. [For Sale] stuff
  171. [For Sale] Green Leonardo Hoodie
  172. [For Sale] Sideshow TMNT Michelangelo Exclusive
  173. [For Sale] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 First Printing Mirage 1984
  174. [For Sale] Tmnt sideshow exclusive (for sale)
  175. [Want to Buy] Tmnt sideshow exclusive (to buy)
  176. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions 6/5-6/10
  177. [For Sale] TMNT moc figures & comics priced to move!
  178. [Want to Buy] Mirage Volume 1 #1 reprints
  179. [Want to Buy] Darth Knuckles' Wish List
  180. [For Sale] NECA Black & White TMNT
  181. [Want to Buy] Batman arkham city sickened joker and other arkham figures
  182. [Want to Buy] Looking for Channel 6 Newsvan loose/complete
  183. [Want to Buy] Idw issue 1 variants
  184. [For Sale] Nice Priced Irma
  185. [For Sale] Moc toon turtles lot!
  186. [Want to Trade] Figures for Sale/Trade
  187. [eBay] Custom CJ Colorblank, Loose TMNT figures
  188. [For Sale] Donnie's For sale
  189. [For Sale] 3 Archie Comics for Sale! VF
  190. [For Sale] 3 Mini Mutant Combos for sale!
  191. [For Sale] TMNT 1 Casey Jones Mask Replica
  192. [eBay] Lordmylar's Ebay auctions
  193. [Want to Buy] Peter Laird NECA SDCC Autograph Card for Boxed Set
  194. [Want to Buy] Want BUY/Trade TMNT FLIX-PIX cards.
  195. [For Sale] mysterycolor's basement auctions 7 LOTS
  196. [Want to Buy] Shredder Movie Figure 2007 CGI
  197. [For Sale] Playmates Michelangelo Cold-Cast statue-Signed by Eastman and Laird
  198. [For Sale] mysterycolor eBay auctions 6/19-6/24
  199. [eBay] Auctions Up Again - Purple Armor Super Shredder
  200. [Want to Buy] or Trade Thread (Last One Got Deleted)
  201. [Want to Trade] Slash figure
  202. [For Sale] Coming Out of their shell tour items...lowered prices
  203. [For Sale] eBay - Movie Star Raph reissue, Next Mutation Leo loose
  204. [eBay] 8 MOC Figures (a few from 88) :)
  205. [Want to Buy] Looking for 9 in playmates statue (Raph)
  206. [For Sale] mysterycolor eBay auctions 6/26-7/1
  207. [Want to Buy] Zolo cases... anybody have a few to spare?
  208. [For Sale] Vehicles + Accessories for the Price of Shipping
  209. [Want to Trade] Dark Knight Joker 400% Bearbrick MIB
  210. [For Sale] Customs, Toys, Art
  211. [For Sale] TMNT art from Eastman Talbot Dooney & Lawson
  212. [For Sale] IDW 1-10 variants (28 issues)
  213. [For Sale] Original TMNT Art Page Vol.1 #5 Page 9
  214. [For Sale] Set of 5 Playmates Soft Head Figures
  215. [Want to Buy] 5 Basic Next Mutation Turtles
  216. [eBay] Shogun Shoate
  217. [For Sale] Artwork.
  218. [For Sale] 2k3 sewer lair parts for sale or Trade!!!
  219. [For Sale] Sideshow Leo (Exclusive) Comiquette w/ box (statue damaged)
  220. [For Sale] mysterycolor eBay auctions 7/3-7/8
  221. [For Sale] MOCs in Canada
  222. [Want to Buy] 2003 Donatello & Michelangelo S1, MOC Preferred
  223. [Want to Buy] Looking for collector cards of Undercover Leonardo and Baxter Stockman
  224. [Want to Buy] Dino series TMNT '97
  225. [eBay] Two masks plus foam latex turtle costume for auction
  226. [Want to Buy] TMNT Fan Club Purple Bandana
  227. [Want to Buy] NECA Turtles and Mirage Comics
  228. [Want to Buy] Looking to buy Donatello Toy Fair Exclusive
  229. [Want to Buy] Neca tmnt
  230. [Want to Buy] turtlemania gold
  231. [eBay] Rare comics, real cheap.
  232. [eBay] mysterycolor eBay auctions! figures, vehicles, playsets & more!
  233. [Want to Buy] 2012 tmnt basic assortment
  234. [Want to Trade] WTT Neca leo or mikey sdcc leo
  235. [Want to Buy] SDCC Shadow Leonardo
  236. [For Sale] Tales of the TMNT complete vol. 1 and 2. (77 issues)
  237. [Want to Trade] Technodrome Scout Vehicle for Trade
  238. [Want to Trade] Looking for Scum Bug, Mutagen Man, Other
  239. [For Sale] TMNT Artobiography for sale- Signed by Eastman & Laird
  240. [eBay] Selling doubles
  241. [eBay] selling doubles MISB + Practice Pals
  242. [Want to Buy] scratch
  243. [Want to Buy] The 2007 TMNT movie turtles
  244. [For Sale] SDCC mini toy comic handed out by Nick
  245. [Want to Trade] Real Cloth UnderCover Turtle for Trade!!
  246. [eBay] Pannoni1's super summer auctions!
  247. [For Sale] OS - DVD's - season 4, 5, 7, vol 6 (s3)
  248. [Want to Trade] OPTICS' Wants List
  249. [Want to Buy] Want to buy this Ralston Cereal box!
  250. [Want to Trade] Trading/Buying to complete Mirage Vol. 1 & Archie Adventures READING COPIES