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  1. [Want to Buy] Soft Head Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles MOC
  2. [Want to Trade] Soft Head Splitner for Soft Head Shredder
  3. [Want to Buy] Wanted: 1988 10 back Fan club soft heads! And turtle blimp
  4. [Want to Buy] Looking for 2003 Casey Jones' Hockey mask
  5. [Want to Buy] Looking for Karate Kid toys
  6. [eBay] Delete
  7. [For Sale] TMNT Art prints
  8. [For Sale] TMNT Stickers
  9. [eBay] Did someone need Tales #2.70?
  10. [Want to Buy] next mutation trading stickers
  11. [Want to Buy] TMNT Universal Monsters
  12. [Want to Buy] Operation Blue Line Sealed or like new
  13. [For Sale] Prints for sale!
  14. [eBay] custom painted Scratch, complete
  15. [For Sale] TMNT Dynamic Forces variant covers
  16. [For Sale] Sale or Trade TMNT WindUp Walkin' Sets MOC
  17. [Want to Buy] TMNT Image (vol.3) comics
  18. [For Sale] IDW 23 & 19 - RI Variants
  19. [Want to Buy] Playmates 2K3 DVD
  20. [Want to Buy] TMNT Volume 1 #32 Second Print (High Grade)
  21. [Want to Buy] Trench coats for 1:12
  22. [Want to Buy] 2k3 TRICERATONS
  23. [Want to Buy] Comics...
  24. [For Sale] Ultra rare purple armor super shredder - complete 100%
  25. [For Sale] Movie stars, some 10 backs... last chance before eBay
  26. [For Sale] Jetpack Exclusives FS: #1 Laird, 21, Krang, 23, SHOTFC, Color Classics - FREE SHIP
  27. [For Sale] Sideshow EXCl statues
  28. [For Sale] XL TMNT shirt & tons of Ultimate Spidey, Wolverine #1, DH's Conan #1, & more
  29. [Want to Buy] Im looking for the Tailspin Sea Duck
  30. [For Sale] Tmnt comics
  31. [For Sale] Berger 3 char. art, MUST SELL, price LOWERED!!
  32. [For Sale] Stretch Turtles
  33. [eBay] Foot Soldier Screen Used Prop Mask.....
  34. [For Sale] TMNT Comics and other stuff for sale
  35. [Want to Buy] Mutant Module
  36. [For Sale] Moc figures w/ zolo cases many rare
  37. [eBay] Selling a lot of 2003-4 TMNT on ebay
  38. [Want to Buy] Looking for MOC Sewer Surfer Mike
  39. [For Sale] MOC Figures and MISB items
  40. [Want to Buy] loose figures
  41. [For Sale] IDW TPB Collection (All issues)
  42. [Want to Buy] Hot Spot Loose Complete
  43. [Want to Buy] Evil Dead Ash Figure, Pee-Wee Figures
  44. [Want to Buy] Good deal??? please help
  45. [Want to Buy] My Complete Wish List!
  46. [For Sale] For sale on ebay....
  47. [Want to Trade] Extremly rare Star Wars toy for trade
  48. [Want to Buy] NECA colored bootlegs
  49. [Want to Trade] 100 Piece Launch Set - 2003 Space Hoppin' Turtles
  50. [Want to Buy] Want to buy turtle blimp I or II
  51. [Want to Buy] Looking for some MoC, Unpunched TMNT Figures
  52. [eBay] Vintage Unpunched Figures including Pop Ups
  53. [Want to Buy] Can anyone heading to San Diego Comic Con help me please (friday 13th figure)
  54. [Want to Buy] Turtles in Time SNES art box
  55. [Want to Buy] Next Mutation awesome foursome
  56. [For Sale] Previews Magazine - City At War cover
  57. [For Sale] Tmnt stuff for sale Needs to go
  58. [Want to Buy] Looking For
  59. [Want to Buy] New Rat King and Cockroach Terminator figures
  60. [Want to Buy] Loose colored NECA (with or without diorama)
  61. [Want to Buy] MoC Pop Up Shredder and Splinter
  62. [Want to Buy] Broken (no power ) PSP system
  63. [Want to Buy] Darkwing Duck Toys
  64. [Want to Buy] bunch of stuff
  65. [Want to Buy] Looking for these toy lines
  66. [eBay] My Master Splinter custom for sale
  67. [Want to Buy] Secret Agent Donatello (Fast Forward)
  68. [Want to Buy] Looking for toon vernon,burne and Irma
  69. [For Sale] Original art - Donatello
  70. [Want to Buy] Authentic NECA Raphael
  71. [For Sale] Vintage figures Nick weapons Neca spare parts
  72. [Want to Trade] mutating Rahzar
  73. [For Sale] TMNT Anime OVA DVD (Legend Of The Super Mutants)
  74. [Want to Buy] TMNT, the Collected Book: Volume Six: The
  75. [Want to Buy] Bomber5 Wantlist: Figurines, Vehicles, Comics LIST ADDED! PayPal Ready!!
  76. [Want to Buy] NECA NYCC NRFB Color 4-pack
  77. [eBay] black ps2 slim
  78. [Want to Buy] Wanting to buy loose TMNT figures 1988 onwards
  79. [Want to Buy] Volume 1 number 1 second printing in very poor condition
  80. [Want to Buy] Karate Kid Kreese Figure
  81. [For Sale] 100% complete set of 1988 line
  82. [For Sale] Movie Star Raph NIB near mint, mint +
  83. [Want to Buy] Nick Basic Figures Series 01 Sealed case
  84. [Want to Buy] Donatello Fan Club & Shredder 10 back
  85. [Want to Buy] 2012 tmnt toy fair
  86. [For Sale] Fosco Art, Comic Lots, Game Consoles etc.
  87. [For Sale] Undercover Leo complete - $200 shipped in US
  88. [Want to Buy] Neca turtles
  89. [For Sale] Lots super rare tmnt stuff for sale
  90. [Want to Trade] FT: SDCC Shredder (Chrome One)
  91. [Want to Buy] Looking to buy Mutant Military 2 (loose)
  92. [Want to Buy] Mirage vol 1 #1 1st issue
  93. [For Sale] Fast Forward lot for sale.
  94. [For Sale] RARE and almost impossible to find TMNT movie posters 1990 theater 27x40" MINT
  95. [Want to Trade] UK Fans - TMNT Trading Card Game
  96. [Want to Buy] leatherhead's top half of head
  97. [eBay] Classics Krang and Android Body custom on Ebay
  98. [eBay] Custom NECA TMNTs on ebay with real weapons.
  99. [For Sale] TMNT Comics
  100. [Want to Buy] Raphael Laird Talbot Print
  101. [For Sale] Tmnt moc zolo cases
  102. [For Sale] SDCC Shredder up on Playmates Toys
  103. [Want to Buy] Channel 6 News Van MISB
  104. [Want to Buy] TMNT Classics Stands
  105. [For Sale] TMNT 1988/1990 MOC Figures x3
  106. [For Sale] (Testing the waters) TMNT Customizable card game
  107. [For Sale] TMNT Japan Plush Keychains
  108. [For Sale] ALL Japanese Releases - Devil Shredder , Turtle Saint ETC
  109. [For Sale] IDW Blue Label Ultimate Collection Volume 1 (10/10)
  110. [For Sale] IDW Eastman Layouts with Matching Duncan Original Art
  111. [For Sale] MOC TMNT Figures (Star Trek, Movie 3, more)
  112. [For Sale] 2 HUGE (14x17) Ken Mitchroney Sketches
  113. [For Sale] The Birds the Bees and the Turtles Original Art
  114. [Want to Buy] TMNT IDW #5 and #6
  115. [Want to Buy] IDW #21 Ottawa Comiccon Variant (buy or trade)
  116. [Want to Buy] 1993 Street Fighter GI Joe Figures Wanted
  117. [Want to Buy] Looking for a TMNT #1 First Printing
  118. [Want to Buy] Anybody have King of the Hill Figures
  119. [Want to Buy] Big Trouble In Little China Figures Wanted
  120. [Want to Buy] Looking for TMNT Volume 4 Issues #25, #26, #29 and #30
  121. [For Sale] Original Art and early Mirage issues
  122. [For Sale] Fishface Cockroach Terminator
  123. [For Sale] Next Mutation and Turtle Force Fan Club Kits for sale
  124. [eBay] Pulverizer Custom!
  125. [Want to Buy] Playmates Michaelangelo soft head with Fan Club (MOMC, unpunched)
  126. [For Sale] Saint Turtle for sale.
  127. [For Sale] All 4 Movie Star Turtles MIP GREAT shape
  128. [For Sale] Tmnt Scratch 1993 - great conditions
  129. [For Sale] Downsizing the collection
  130. [Want to Buy] NECA Turtles
  131. [For Sale] New eBay auctions - TMNTA #69 and 70 plus more!
  132. [eBay] Playmates ALL 4 Turtle Statues
  133. [Want to Buy] WTB Fan Clubs & Other things
  134. [Want to Buy] Bebop 1988 Unpunched
  135. [Want to Buy] Bushroot darkwing duck
  136. [Want to Buy] Cowboys of Moo Mesa
  137. [For Sale] Miscellaneous Comics
  138. [Want to Trade] Japanese Exclusive Dark Devil Shredder #61
  139. [For Sale] Selling all my Japanese releases right now!
  140. [Want to Buy] Neca tmnt set
  141. [For Sale] IDW #5 Cover A
  142. [Want to Buy] IDW Comics
  143. [eBay] My custom Krang IDW figure for sale now on ebay.
  144. [For Sale] Raph/Slash Totoro Prints
  145. [eBay] SDCC Night Shadow Leo & IDW Hardcover & TPB Lot
  146. [Want to Trade] Usagi Yojimbo Book 2 }UK{
  147. [For Sale] Original Secret of the Ooze 27x40 movie posters! (and lots of 80s/90s posters)
  148. [For Sale] IDW Eastman TMNT Series Comic Books
  149. [Want to Buy] Sai for 2002 Raphael
  150. [Want to Buy] Bebop and Rocksteady 1988 Unpunched
  151. [Want to Buy] 2002 4 turtles
  152. [Want to Trade] Sega Genesis console
  153. [For Sale] 88's for sale
  154. [For Sale] 2 Power-Con Power Passes for sale
  155. [eBay] IDW Limited Black Dan Duncan Color OA & Signed/Sketched Turtlemania FS
  156. [eBay] Thinning the TMNT herd
  157. [For Sale] New on Ebay
  158. [Want to Buy] IDW Trade Paperbacks
  159. [Want to Buy] My collection is almost complete... Scratch and hot spot weapons
  160. [For Sale] (DFW, TX): mouser 7 pack and Leo/donnie turtles in training RETAIL price
  161. [For Sale] Loose Figures of Different Sizes/Years
  162. [eBay] Ninja Turtles Pillow Pets... ALL 4 on eBay ...FREAKIN CUTE
  163. [eBay] TMNT Classics Figure Set & Nick Figure Set FS - $.99 NR
  164. [For Sale] Cowabunga Comics (rare)
  165. [For Sale] Leo Vs. Foot Art
  166. [eBay] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Thrower
  167. [Want to Buy] IDW 1st print TPBs in mint condition
  168. [Want to Buy] Leonardo loose figures
  169. [For Sale] IDW #'s 1 and 2 RI's and Jetpack
  170. [Want to Buy] Universal Monster Invisible Mike and Lagoon Leo
  171. [Want to Buy] Loose figures
  172. [eBay] Downsizing my stuff, cheap starting bids
  173. [Want to Buy] Ninjas in Training (Raph and Mikey)
  174. [Want to Buy] MOC Undercover Leonardo
  175. [Want to Buy] SDCC Shredder
  176. [For Sale] Vintage large Raphael with weapons
  177. [For Sale] Japanese Devil Shredder MISB
  178. [For Sale] FS or FT Duncan IDW Limited Black Art
  179. [For Sale] Some Unique TMNT Collectibles on eBay
  180. [Want to Buy] Michaelangelo Fan Club 1988/Toddler Turtles 2004
  181. [Want to Trade] Ottawa Comic Con #21 for #1 Newsstand IDW
  182. [Want to Trade] Large Ninja Turtle Vintage Raphael.
  183. [Want to Buy] 1988 turtle weapons and Don's belt
  184. [Want to Buy] WTB Loose Completes with backerboards
  185. [Want to Buy] Mutant Module *don't laugh*
  186. [Want to Buy] a T-shirt @ nickShop.com that will not ship to Aus; are you the Dromer who can help?
  187. [Want to Buy] 2k3 Karai, Leatherhead, Hun
  188. [For Sale] Chris Allan Published/Personalized Art
  189. [For Sale] Neca April without mousers very cheap
  190. [Want to Buy] Neca tmnt accessories
  191. [Want to Buy] Metalhead Radar Dish
  192. [For Sale] Ninja Tribunal DVD
  193. [For Sale] Selling tmnt minimutants with leo
  194. [For Sale] Huge EBay Sale...Everything Must Go!!
  195. [eBay] Next Mutation and TMNT 2k7
  196. [eBay] Amigurumi Dolls
  197. [eBay] Dan Duncan IDW Limited Black Donatello Original Art Sketch $.99
  198. [For Sale] japanese key chains.
  199. [Want to Buy] 2k3 Leatherhead figure
  200. [For Sale] Prints of April's Sketch of Leo
  201. [Want to Buy] My wish list
  202. [Want to Buy] TMNT Konami 2004 TCG Cards
  203. [Want to Trade] Have Mouser 7 pack, would like to trade for MOMC Raph & Mike Ninja's in Training
  204. [Want to Buy] WTB: Vintage figures, incl. Shogun Triceraton and Shoate
  205. [Want to Buy] Looking to buy animation cels from seasons 8 - 10 of the original series
  206. [For Sale] Accessories
  207. [Want to Trade] (Pics) Scratch, Turtles in Time, Comics, OT Figures, Plush, OT Knickknacks
  208. [eBay] Mr Maczaps eBay
  209. [Want to Buy] TMNT Fast Forward & Supermutants
  210. [For Sale] 2012 TMNT Mutagen/Classic Collection 6" Don & Raph
  211. [Want to Buy] $200 ! for a Raphael 1988 MOC unpunched fan club flyer
  212. [For Sale] SDCC 12 Night Shadow Leo available on BBTS
  213. [For Sale] Comic-Con 2009 Souvenir Book & Guide (TMNT heavy)
  214. [eBay] Zachatello00's Collection must go!
  215. [For Sale] 1998 rerelease Don Mikey Leo and Raph
  216. [For Sale] Early comic art for sale...!!!!
  217. [Want to Buy] TMNT IDW #5b
  218. [For Sale] Cracked Ninja Turtle Mug from 1990
  219. [Want to Buy] what's a decent price to pay?
  220. [Want to Buy] Want list
  221. [For Sale] TMNT Figures and other Strangeness (SW Lego, E.T., Mario)
  222. [For Sale] Over 100 figures ('88-'97)
  223. [eBay] Set of 4 MIB 1989 GIANT 13" Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  224. [Want to Buy] Tales of the TMNT 32 Wayne Center for Arts cover
  225. [Want to Buy] 10-Back MOC Bebop, Rocksteady, & 14-Back Baxter Stockman
  226. [Want to Trade] Anyone need nunchucks?
  227. [eBay] Movie Star turtles, Splinter, and Blue Stripe April
  228. [eBay] Universal Mummy Raph
  229. [For Sale] Technodrome
  230. [For Sale] NYCC Nick TMNT Autographing Op
  231. [Want to Buy] looking for these figures moc or mib
  232. [Want to Buy] looking for a set of 25th ann figs
  233. [Want to Buy] Looking For Spider Bytez Please Help!
  234. [Want to Buy] TMNT CGI Movie Weapons/Belts
  235. [For Sale] Vizio VTab1008 Android Tablet
  236. [For Sale] $30.00 plus actual shipping. Shredder 2, Spider Bytez, & Raph & Mike NIT SOLD
  237. [Want to Buy] Looking for LOOSE MINT COMPLETE NINJA TURTLES (Nickelodeon) New Series
  238. [Want to Buy] Ch 6 Team
  239. [Want to Buy] SHotFC sketch cover variant
  240. [Want to Buy] 2012 Nickelodeon TMNT 4 turtles
  241. [For Sale] IDW TPB's, Color Classics, Hardcovers,Toys and MORE!
  242. [Want to Trade] TMNT Volume 4 #30 for TMNT Volume 4 #29
  243. [Want to Buy] Vol 3 Image Comics #s 17, 20, 21
  244. [Want to Buy] NECA Black and White TMNT Boxset
  245. [Want to Buy] Movie Star Mike MOC
  246. [For Sale] Toys and 1 page of art for sale
  247. [Want to Buy] Giant Bad Boys
  248. [Want to Buy] Pizza Face new on card.
  249. [For Sale] Custom Movie Star TMNT Set
  250. [Want to Trade] doubles i would like to trade