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  1. [For Sale] New Thread, Everything Priced - Loose figures, vehicles, playsets
  2. [For Sale] TMNT 2013 Figures
  3. [For Sale] Cockroach Terminator on card (FS or WtT)
  4. [Want to Trade] Anyone willing to trade for a scratch figure?
  5. [For Sale] thousands of vintage weapons, parts, pieces...
  6. [For Sale] Starting lineup lot for sale or trade
  7. [Want to Buy] Ninjas in training Raph & Mike perfect paint apps
  8. [Want to Buy] Movie Star Splinter MOC
  9. [For Sale] all four movie star turtles, MOC w/ Zolo cases
  10. [For Sale] collection for sale
  11. [Want to Trade] Giant battle shell figs loose
  12. [Want to Buy] Wishful wish list
  13. [For Sale] Mods delete
  14. [Want to Trade] Looking for tmnt Universal Monsters
  15. [Want to Buy] zoloworld tmnt cases
  16. [Want to Buy] spider bytez
  17. [Want to Trade] I NEED 2k3 "Turtles Against H.A.T.E" DVD I have ___ to trade...
  18. [For Sale] Lots of 2003 TMNT Items; eBay. Please look
  19. [For Sale] Purple armored super shredder - 100 % complete
  20. [Want to Trade] SHOTFC Duncan covers
  21. [For Sale] MOTUC Grayskull
  22. [For Sale] Nick Raph and Leatherhead
  23. [For Sale] TMNT Classics and Neca (color bands) loose complete lots for sale!!!!!
  24. [For Sale] Prints for sale!
  25. [For Sale] Closed
  26. [For Sale] Closed
  27. [For Sale] Original 1988 Ninja Turtles MOC for sale (work in progress)
  28. [For Sale] IDW TMNT Collection
  29. [Want to Buy] MOTU He-man variant statue from pop culture
  30. [Want to Trade] Nickelodeon TMNT mutagen mini-turtles
  31. [For Sale] cockroach terminator and the new battle shell michaelangelo
  32. [For Sale] Japanese keychains and card
  33. [Want to Buy] WANTED: TMNT Mighty Mutations and maybe others and Megazords
  34. [Want to Trade] IDW Micro series 4 comics
  35. [Want to Trade] TMNT for Video Games
  36. [For Sale] Canister of Ooze replica and Ninja Rap Newspaper
  37. [For Sale] NECA Turtle Parts
  38. [Want to Buy] 5th anniversary leonardo
  39. [For Sale] idw #5A and #5B issue
  40. [Want to Trade] My Turtles Stuff (Pics) for Older Comics
  41. [For Sale] TMNT figures and more for S/T/B list
  42. [Want to Buy] published OA by Frank Fosco
  43. [Want to Trade] Want to trade
  44. [eBay] Undercover Turtles loose Raph no acc.
  45. [Want to Trade] looking to buy or trade for moc 2012 raph and leo nick figs
  46. [Want to Trade] want list and trade list
  47. [Want to Buy] URGENT Lego Mini Figures Completion WTB Thread
  48. [Want to Buy] Need help buying a Poster form us
  49. [Want to Buy] Want list
  50. [For Sale] vintage stuff for sale.
  51. [Want to Trade] Looking to trade for IDW TMNT#1
  52. [eBay] TMNT Dinos Tricera Mike loose figure
  53. [eBay] Pannoni1's Holiday 2013 Auctions
  54. [Want to Buy] My want list
  55. [For Sale] nearly complete collection of NINJA TURTLES new in box from 88-92
  56. [For Sale] 1989 MISB Footcruiser
  57. [eBay] mysterycolor- EVERYTHING MUST GO!
  58. [For Sale] Kevin Eastman Raphael Sketch - 2012 Annual Variant
  59. [Want to Buy] Ninja Turtles trading cards wishlist
  60. [Want to Buy] Archie - Mighty Mutanimals #9
  61. [Want to Buy] SDCC b&w NECA turtles sealed.
  62. [Want to Buy] Darkwing Duck Toys
  63. [For Sale] TOYS MOC/LOOSE Krang Android, 1998 figure Nick toys etc
  64. [For Sale] Turtles Vs Foot Posters (Leo and Shredder)
  65. [For Sale] Various MOC Figures (Soft heads, Movie Stars, etc.)
  66. [For Sale] 1988-2013 HUGE TMNT Lot for resale
  67. [Want to Buy] Toy Fair 2012 michelangelo
  68. [Want to Buy] TMNT Trading Card Game foil #'s 23, 32, 50, 90
  69. [For Sale] Large Collection of OT figures & vehicles
  70. [For Sale] TMNT action figures
  71. [For Sale] Loose OG NECA Turtles w/Bases 95% Complete
  72. [Want to Buy] Archie Mini Issue #3 Dec 1988 1st print NM
  73. [For Sale] MISB Items
  74. [Want to Buy] Seeking Turtles 2003 DVDs
  75. [Want to Buy] WTB: weapons for '88 turtles
  76. [Want to Trade] Sealed MIB 2003 sewer for loose
  77. [For Sale] 2012/2013 Collection - Nearly complete
  78. [Want to Buy] Tales of TMNT vol 2 #32
  79. [eBay] Selling Entire Collection
  80. [For Sale] Ghost Busters Fire House!
  81. [eBay] 12 inch "Lord Krang" TMNT/Star Wars custom figure
  82. [eBay] 99 cents snakeweed with gold nick label, misprint i'm guessing
  83. [Want to Buy] NECA LOOSE RAPH or DON
  84. [Want to Trade] loose MOTU classics
  85. [For Sale] TMNT Mutations April complete!
  86. [For Sale] Retromutagen, CGC Comics, Vol 4, and more
  87. [eBay] Cowabunga Carls Winter Cleaning Blowout
  88. [For Sale] Casey Jones movie mask replica
  89. [eBay] Couple of mixed lots
  90. [Want to Trade] LF: TMNT Sideshows, Older Comics, Walking Dead (Pics of haves)
  91. [Want to Buy] New Teen Titans vol.1 #2
  92. [Want to Buy] black and white NECA don, mike, raph
  93. [Want to Buy] Dawnatello Turtle Chick's I WANT IT List!
  94. [For Sale] Johnny Cupcakes Big Kids Shredder shirt- size Med
  95. [For Sale] IDW Limited Black Label Ultimate Vol 2 - Raph #/10
  96. [Want to Buy] Looking for vintage toy package production art
  97. [For Sale] TMNT gameboy games
  98. [For Sale] Shredder sketch cover for sale!
  99. [eBay] Purple armor super shredder with accessoires
  100. [For Sale] IDW #21RI, IDW #22RE and Animated #3 Montreal Comic Con variants
  101. [For Sale] IDW Jetpack Mask Variants - 23-28 - NM - Below Retail
  102. [Want to Trade] Future trading
  103. [Want to Buy] TMNT Classic Stands
  104. [Want to Buy] All 4 Red Bandana Turtles LOOSE, or IN PACKAGE (Neca or Bootleg)
  105. [Want to Buy] TMNT 1 Counterfeit
  106. [eBay] $.99 Auctions - Talbot Art, NES Games, IDW Variants
  107. [Want to Buy] Mini TMNT 2003 Playing Cards (Lego?)
  108. [For Sale] Various IDW Covers for sale
  109. [Want to Buy] 2012 April & Foot Soldier
  110. [eBay] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 first printing CGC graded 8.0
  111. [Want to Buy] Looking for city at war #50 original art
  112. [For Sale] Rare TMNT
  113. [Want to Buy] Looking for Next Mutation Figures
  114. [Want to Buy] WTB: Shogun Shoate accessories and armor
  115. [For Sale] Comics IDW/VOLUME 1, Action Figures, and ART for sale
  116. [eBay] $.99 NR Auctions: Jetpack Mask & Sketch Variants 23 25 26 27 & Annual Blanks
  117. [Want to Buy] IDW #1 and #2 Newsstand edition
  118. [eBay] Selling my IDW TMNT comics
  119. [For Sale] IDW Variants (Eastman, other) Vol. 4 issues
  120. [For Sale] OT & Movie DVD Cases + Discs Kinda
  121. [For Sale] Jim Lee TMNT and Savage Dragon figures
  122. [Want to Buy] Looking for a TMNT #1 First Printing and Scratch
  123. [Want to Buy] Camo Cycle and Hydro Skimmer
  124. [For Sale] Huge TMNT figure and vehicle lot
  125. [Want to Buy] 88' Don's Belt & Soft Head Leo w/Belt
  126. [Want to Trade] Figures and Accessories. Including wish list to complete dream collection
  127. [For Sale] 2 Packs of MOUSERS 2013
  128. [eBay] TMNT Trolls, Purple Re-release, Vintage Talking Turtles lot
  129. [eBay] Signed TMNT Arcade Marquee - 25% to Operation Smile
  130. [eBay] Funkyg's Infrequent Auctions are Back!
  131. [Want to Buy] Season 1 animation cells.
  132. [For Sale] 2003 Lair Playset
  133. [Want to Buy] TMNT OOZe Display from 88
  134. [For Sale] TMNT ooze display shipping case!
  135. [Want to Buy] City at war OA page/s
  136. [Want to Buy] Original Green Ranger Dragon Dagger
  137. [Want to Trade] Turtles trading cards
  138. [Want to Trade] TMNT Panini Sticker Album UK
  139. [For Sale] IDW micro-series Shredder sketch cover
  140. [For Sale] TMNT: Turtles In Time arcade cpo (limited run reproduction)
  141. [Want to Buy] In Search of Ninja Turtles: Arcade Attack for DS
  142. [eBay] TMNT Ninja Turtles Donatello 10 Back 1988 Series1/SoftHead/Fan Club Flyer
  143. [Want to Buy] looking for Eric Talbot Art
  144. [Want to Buy] Giant tmnt weapons for 14" figures
  145. [Want to Buy] WTB: Playmate Cold Cast Statue - Leo- or all 4
  146. [eBay] Teenage mutant ninja turtles #1 3rd print NM
  147. [For Sale] Can anyone tell me what this is worth?
  148. [Want to Buy] Mutant Module
  149. [Want to Buy] Mystic Fury TMNT 2003
  150. [For Sale] TMNT The Complete Series (Party Van)
  151. [For Sale] MOC Set of Fightin Gear
  152. [Want to Buy] Giant Moviestar Turtles
  153. [Want to Buy] TMNT Vol 4 #25
  154. [For Sale] TMNT Vol 4 comics.
  155. [For Sale] Nickelodeon Casey Jones FS!!!
  156. [For Sale] Technodromes 1988s movie stars , etc
  157. [Want to Buy] NECA figures
  158. [For Sale] 17+ TMNT figures 80s-90s $9.99 plus shipping
  159. [For Sale] Ft/fs tmnt weapons
  160. [For Sale] 3 VHS Original Toon Painted Covers for Sale!!!
  161. [Want to Buy] Utrom Empire #1 1:25
  162. [eBay] TMNT Lots Vehicles, Plushies, Figures, Pinball machine and more!
  163. [eBay] Purple Armor Super Shredder & other European figures
  164. [Want to Buy] TMNT Classic Series DVD's
  165. [Want to Buy] McDonald's Happy Meal toys (2014) #5-8, Don and Mike
  166. [eBay] Set of 4 Cold Cast Playmate statues
  167. [For Sale] Sideshow EX Don, Leo; Playmates Raph statue
  168. [For Sale] Super shredder purple armor
  169. [Want to Buy] WANT LIST MOC figures
  170. [eBay] E-bay TMNT comics
  171. [eBay] Playmates MOVIE STAR TURTLES
  172. [For Sale] Casey Jones movie mask replica
  173. [Want to Buy] WTB: Nickelodeon TMNT #7 from Panini
  174. [Want to Buy] I Need IRMA and VERNON LOOSE!!!
  175. [Want to Buy] Glider and Golf bag.
  176. [Want to Buy] TMNT 1 Special Deluxe Edition (6th Printing) / Image issues 24 & 25
  177. [Want to Buy] Utrom Empire 1:25
  178. [Want to Buy] Original 88 toy wave
  179. [Want to Buy] Moc Mutant Masters
  180. [Want to Buy] Giant bebop and rocksteady Dino mike and raph
  181. [Want to Buy] 2013 McDonalds #1, 5 and 6
  182. [For Sale] TMNT Figures for Sale
  183. [For Sale] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TMNT action figure Lot of 41
  184. [Want to Buy] Tales of the TMNT vol 2 Issue #70 NM condition
  185. [Want to Buy] Nick series figures
  186. [For Sale] Technodrome
  187. [For Sale] Peter Laird 2006 Donatello Sketch
  188. [For Sale] 2002 TMNT Donatello MIB
  189. [eBay] Purple Super Shredder - my last one
  190. [For Sale] SOLD - Please delete
  191. [Want to Buy] NEED Krang Android (small) parts and also looking to buy a few loose figures/parts
  192. [For Sale] TMNT II Replica Ooze Canister Prop- *Price Change* *Accepting best offers*
  193. [For Sale] Mirage TMNT Comic #1 (2nd Print) Signed by Eastman
  194. [Want to Buy] TMNT #4 Misprint Cover CGC 9.8 with White Pages
  195. [Want to Buy] MOC Figures
  196. [Want to Buy] Toon Figures
  197. [eBay] Original Cartoon Animation Cels
  198. [Want to Buy] Mirage iron ons for $300!!!
  199. [For Sale] Any interest in something like this? Ooze canister!
  200. [Want to Buy] Shogun Triceraton, Antrax, Scratch, Retromutagen Splinter
  201. [eBay] TMNT Lots Vehicles, Plushies, Figures, Parts and more!
  202. [For Sale] Dead Babies!!!
  203. [Want to Buy] TMNT 1 6th Print Special Deluxe Edition
  204. [Want to Buy] Seeking Fish Face figure
  205. [Want to Trade] Trading old school for NECA, *maybe* buying! Also hockey + bowling + pizza toss
  206. [eBay] #2 & 4 First Prints Signed By E & L, Eastman Original Art, IDW Limited BLACK Art
  207. [Want to Buy] X-Files TMNT #1 1:25 cover
  208. [Want to Buy] Looking for Scratch
  209. [For Sale] Mark Martin's Personal Original Art Collection TMNT/ Gnatrat/ much more
  210. [Want to Buy] Item acquired- please lock
  211. [For Sale] Retro figures all 6
  212. [For Sale] Any interest in custom color sidekicks?
  213. [For Sale] Tmnt ooze cannister 2.0
  214. [eBay] Buy it Now Loose Action Figures
  215. [For Sale] Custom Nick TMNT Figs
  216. [For Sale] IDW Limited Vol 1 Black Label Eastman Color Michelangelo Original Art #7/10
  217. [Want to Buy] Movie 3 Turtles & misc.
  218. [Want to Buy] Classic line bebop and rocksteady
  219. [eBay] Selling one of my sideshow statues (Mikey)
  220. [For Sale] Tmnt costumes
  221. [Want to Trade] Searching for Artist / Please look if you are buying from me.
  222. [eBay] Selling a small lot of some TMNT stuff
  223. [For Sale] Vintage 1993 TMNT 3 - MOVIE - Stickers
  224. [Want to Buy] Retromutagen Ooze - Green
  225. [Want to Buy] Nick ooze chuckin mikey
  226. [Want to Buy] Hot Head with Trading Card MOC
  227. [eBay] Hard Cover TMNT ultimate collection VOL 2
  228. [For Sale] Eric Talbot TMNT Sketch $10
  229. [For Sale] Rare VHS - Return of the Turtleoid (TV Teddy)
  230. [eBay] Custom skateboard for the nick figures
  231. [For Sale] 20 MOC figures originals
  232. [Want to Trade] Tmnt comics (idw)
  233. [Want to Buy] MoC Scratch
  234. [For Sale] MOC figures for sale, signed Raphael, and dvd
  235. [Want to Buy] TMNT IDW Comics Variant Covers, Toys, Etc.
  236. [For Sale] WTS Nick Donatello spare weapons
  237. [For Sale] MoC 10-back Shredder and Splinter
  238. [For Sale] Tales of the TMNT Collected #2, 7 Dreamwave comics & Johnny Cupcakes Shredder shirt
  239. [Want to Buy] My all out want list
  240. [eBay] IMAGE 1996 Comic Books Full Run
  241. [For Sale] 4 Ninja Turtle HAND DRAWN Wooden Cut Outs from 1990! ONE OF A KIND!
  242. [For Sale] NECA Figures and 4Kids DVDs
  243. [For Sale] Six 2K3 Figures FS or FT
  244. [eBay] Stan and Sharon Sakai CAPS Auctions
  245. [For Sale] 1988 10 back turtles 3 out of 4 unpunched in zoloworld cases!
  246. [Want to Buy] Sideshow Mouser Statue
  247. [Want to Buy] Mirage Style Turtle T-Shirt or Hoodie?
  248. [Want to Buy] Wtb vintage headbands
  249. [Want to Trade] MOSC Classics Leonardo for MOSC Classics Rocksteady
  250. [For Sale] 4kids DVD's, hats, RC cars, vehicles, etc