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  1. [Want to Buy] Neca mousers
  2. [For Sale] Random Figures
  3. [Want to Trade] Classics Bebop and Rocksteady
  4. [For Sale] Amazing Spiderman Family Business Graphic Novel
  5. [Want to Buy] TMNT #5A issue - IDW - Santolouco Cover
  6. [Want to Buy] Original TMNT Movie Cardboard Display
  7. [Want to Buy] 1988 Soft Head Shredder
  8. [Want to Trade] 2 Dragon Choppers for Sale or Trade
  9. [For Sale] Shellback FCBD Print 240/250
  10. [Want to Buy] I need a few MOVIE Foot Soldiers, Wacky Shredder and more.
  11. [Want to Buy] WTB TMNT vol 4 #25
  12. [For Sale] loose tmnt lot parts for sale
  13. [Want to Trade] Donnie The Wizard 2014
  14. [For Sale] TMNT: The Ultimate Visual History autographed editions
  15. [Want to Buy] Funko Hikari Turtles (all)
  16. [Want to Buy] Coming Out of Their Shells- Pizza Hut and Tour Promo Items
  17. [For Sale] 2009 Color reprint & error reprint, FCBD signed by Laird
  18. [Want to Buy] TMNT vol 4 #2 second print
  19. [For Sale] MOC Sealed Figures Must Go!
  20. [Want to Buy] Pizza Power Michaelangelo (Hikari)
  21. [eBay] 4 Different TMNT Shirts on eBay
  22. [For Sale] coreyrc87's For Sale / Want to Buy List! TMNT & More
  23. [For Sale] TMNT Comics, Usagi Sketchbook, Pitarra Print
  24. [eBay] Tales of the TMNT #36, #69, #70, Bodycount Complete Mini-series for sale on eBay
  25. [Want to Buy] Loyal Subjects figures
  26. [Want to Buy] Red Label Ultimate Collection
  27. [Want to Trade] Want: Random TMNT Miscellany; Have: Random non-TMNT Miscellany
  28. [For Sale] I was told I can post Commissions...?
  29. [Want to Trade] Kid Robot trading!
  30. [Want to Buy] TMNT Vol. 4 Issue 27
  31. [Want to Buy] Looking for TMNT Sideshow Mikey and Raph statues. Regular or Exclusive. ******
  32. [eBay] Sold Please delete
  33. [Want to Buy] Tales of TMNT vol 2
  34. [Want to Buy] TMNT Image Comics
  35. [Want to Buy] LEO Art
  36. [Want to Buy] Monster Jam TMNT Trucks
  37. [Want to Buy] Looking for Nick TMNT figures.
  38. [For Sale] IDW TMNT #5b (2 copies) Ebay ending soon
  39. [For Sale] TMNT Cold cast Statue Set and TMNT #1 first print comic
  40. [Want to Buy] Raphael TMNT 1990 Classic Figure Sais
  41. [Want to Buy] TMNT Comics I need
  42. [For Sale] TMNT IDW Comics
  43. [Want to Buy] NECA TMNT figures Not tubed package. Looking for square packaging only
  44. [For Sale] please delete
  45. [For Sale] IDW B covers
  46. [For Sale] VINTAGE Sewer Dragster MISB (mint in sealed box)
  47. [Want to Buy] Back to the sewer: Something Wicked dvd
  48. [Want to Buy] bebop and rocksteady from the classic line..
  49. [For Sale] UNDR Sale
  50. [Want to Buy] BeBop and Rocksteady
  51. [Want to Buy] Vol. 1 Comics
  52. [For Sale] please remove thread mods
  53. [Want to Buy] I am looking for an Antarctic Usagi Yojimbo figure
  54. [For Sale] Some Comics for sale (Vol.1, Vol.4 and Creed/TMNT Gold Variant)
  55. [For Sale] Zolo Cases for Nick and Vintage Figures
  56. [For Sale] New Animated Adventures #3 RE Montreal Comiccon Variant
  57. [Want to Buy] Vol 1. #2 (2nd print) / #1 (3rd print)
  58. [For Sale] TMNT Book and Ghostbusters II Original Artwork
  59. [Want to Buy] WTB 2002 Turtle Set of 4
  60. [Want to Buy] TMNT Hyperstone Heist
  61. [For Sale] TMNT IDW SDCC 2014 exclusives and eBay auctions
  62. [For Sale] TMNT 1 Homages/Reprints and More (CGC and ungraded)
  63. [Want to Buy] IDW TMNT #34 Niagara Falls Variant
  64. [For Sale] Michelangelo Playmates Series 1 Softhead Fan Club Flyer AFA 85 Figure
  65. [Want to Trade] Geek Creek BST Thread
  66. [Want to Buy] Toon shredder figure
  67. [For Sale] SDCC Hikari Mike, Kid Robot Bebop and Rocksteady
  68. [Want to Buy] Chubby's Want List
  69. [Want to Buy] 1989 vintage Playmates Casey Jones (loose)
  70. [Want to Buy] Prototypes!!
  71. [For Sale] Custom made NECA style Utrom/Krang
  72. [Want to Buy] NECA Raphael
  73. [Want to Buy] Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles Ooze Canisters
  74. [Want to Buy] Graded
  75. [Want to Buy] Wtb I am looking for a 1988 turtle set
  76. [Want to Buy] Mirage Vol. 4
  77. [eBay] Funkyg's Infrequent TMNT Auctions
  78. [Want to Buy] Mirage Studios: TMNT Volume One (1984 - 1993)
  79. [For Sale] TMNT custom figs by PlasticPlayHouse - Cyborg Don, AC Farley Don, Mark Bode Mikey
  80. [For Sale] Hikari Michelangelo SDCC 1/500 $60 + Shipping
  81. [For Sale] TMNT CGC Comics and More
  82. [Want to Buy] WTB *** NECA TMNT figures Clamshell packaging only (Unopened)***********
  83. [Want to Buy] ZOLO World Cases
  84. [For Sale] IDW TMNT TPBs Vol 1-5 and Secret History of the Foot Clan
  85. [For Sale] TMNT Season 1 Animation Cell Fred Wolf
  86. [For Sale] Scratch loose figure
  87. [For Sale] Loose NECA Raphael Figure
  88. [For Sale] big lots/auctions on FB for tumor medical bills
  89. [Want to Buy] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #4 (MISPRINT)
  90. 1990 movie production hoodie auction
  91. [For Sale] Mirage Raphael Fitted Hat
  92. [eBay] pannoni1's Fall 2014 eBay auctions for OT fans
  93. [Want to Buy] WTB Giant Movie Leo and Pop Up Display Bebop
  94. [For Sale] Ninja Turtles Carded and Loose in my Etsy Store
  95. [Want to Buy] Wave 2 classic collection
  96. [Want to Buy] TMNT #36 Kevin Eastman Fan Club Variant.
  97. [For Sale] 25th Ann Set Carded (Missing Shredder)
  98. [Want to Buy] WTB Battle Shell armored attack Van
  99. [Want to Buy] retro classic figures
  100. [Want to Buy] NECA Raphael
  101. [For Sale] Rare Usagi T-shirt Signed/Sketched!
  102. [Want to Buy] Davin's Want List
  103. [For Sale] TMNT DVDs
  104. [For Sale] MIB Movie Star Mike, Don and Leo (1991 version)
  105. [For Sale] Vanilla Ice/TMNT/Alamo City Comic Con VIP after party tickets
  106. [Want to Buy] NECA Leonardo bobble head new in box.
  107. [Want to Buy] Funko mini Casey Jones
  108. [Want to Buy] Missing 90's Turtle figures
  109. [Want to Buy] TMNT 2K3 Figures
  110. [Want to Buy] Wild Wants List... (Not really wild)
  111. [For Sale] Turtles and Foot Gang Figures
  112. [For Sale] FS: 2007 Don MOC, NECA vinyl, Takara mini figs!
  113. [Want to Buy] Alamo City Comic Con IDW #38 Eastman variant
  114. [eBay] Saw this cutom full set on Ebay. Thought it was worth a share.
  115. [Want to Buy] NECA Loose B&W Donatello
  116. [For Sale] 1988-1991 TMNT Figures all Complete! 88's, Foot Clan, Villains, Turtles and More
  117. [For Sale] Capsule Turtle - Mint in Bubble
  118. [Want to Buy] WTB WTT I am looking for a black & white Neca set
  119. [For Sale] SDCC Kevin Eastman Fan Club Exclusive Variant Cover In Hand
  120. [eBay] TMNT Party Wagon 1988 (eBay)
  121. [eBay] RAPHAEL and Donatello 1988 (eBay)
  122. [For Sale] TMNT Fred Wolf FIRST EPISODE Cartoon Animation Cels S1 E1 "Turtles Tracks" Episode
  123. [For Sale] 2K3 Figures and Other Turtley Stuff
  124. [Want to Buy] Toxic crusaders moc (to Europe)
  125. [eBay] Custom Neca Casey Jones & Playmates Movie Star Shredder for sale!
  126. [For Sale] Extremely cheap video games for sale
  127. [For Sale] FREE - 1990 NYCC exclusive TMNT art print
  128. [Want to Buy] Scratch, Hot Spot, Turtleflage, Undercover, Blitz, Skimmer
  129. [For Sale] TMNT Classics set + Ronin comics set
  130. [Want to Trade] Lots of Sports cards for your unwanted toys (funkos, tmnt, mmpr,wwf)
  131. [For Sale] Movie accurate Casey Jones mask sale
  132. [For Sale] 1990 TMNT movie art print
  133. [For Sale] Kirby Bat Error Packaged
  134. [For Sale] SDCC Kevin Eastman Fan Club Variant #36 $85
  135. [For Sale] Lots of MOC Figures
  136. [Want to Buy] NECA TMNTs
  137. [For Sale] Sold and closed
  138. [eBay] Some TMNT Action Figure loose vintage for sale (eBay)
  139. [eBay] TMNT #1 First, Second, and Third Printing Signature Series
  140. [Want to Buy] Original toy line MOC figures
  141. [For Sale] Older Figures For Sale
  142. [Want to Buy] Moc figures
  143. [For Sale] Mondo TMNT Prints (Movie & OT)
  144. [For Sale] Revoltech Leonardo
  145. [eBay] IDW TMNT #1 Sketch Variant CGC SS Connected Set of 4
  146. [Want to Buy] WTB I am looking for 2003 Mystic Fury Turtles
  147. [Want to Trade] looking for Movie 3 Whit figure and Casey Jones poster
  148. [Want to Buy] VA Comicon TMNT/Ghostbuster Comic
  149. [For Sale] 2003, 2012, Movie figures. DVD's and misc items
  150. [For Sale] Peter Laird Vintage Original Artwork 1987
  151. [Want to Buy] 1988 figure parts
  152. [For Sale] IDW #22 Kevin Eastman Sketch Covers 1/132 x 4 For Sale
  153. [For Sale] TMNT MOC, and AFA
  154. [Want to Buy] Forgotten Sewers Gatekeeper Rocksteady MOC
  155. [Want to Buy] TMNT Dino Pterano Don, Wings Only
  156. [Want to Buy] 1988 Michelangelo's Nunchucks
  157. [For Sale] The Great "Archon is Having a Baby" Sale!
  158. [For Sale] IDW Limited Eastman original art - Donatello full color AP
  159. [For Sale] TMNT Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 -Variant Cover
  160. [For Sale] Instant Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collection
  161. [Want to Buy] I just need NECA clamshell Raphael, Unopened. Anyone selling? *********
  162. [For Sale] Moc and Mib digures and vehicles
  163. [Want to Buy] Classics Bebop or Rocksteady
  164. [eBay] My custom Krang up for auction.
  165. [For Sale] IDW TMNT 22 Eastman Donatello Sketch Cover
  166. [For Sale] Movie Star TMNT Complete Figures
  167. [For Sale] Original full color Raphael by Kevin Eastman 88'
  168. [For Sale] TMNT Cold Cast statues
  169. [For Sale] If I were to sell, what could I get
  170. [Want to Buy] Mirage 2-4 CGC 9.6 w/ WP
  171. [For Sale] TMNT Action Vinyls! The Loyal Subjects
  172. [For Sale] TMNT Prints
  173. [For Sale] Complete IDW TMNT comic collection (all Eastman covers)
  174. [Want to Buy] Looking for Karai figures!
  175. [For Sale] The Loyal Subjects Action Vinyls! MORE
  176. [Want to Buy] Vintage TMNT want list
  177. [For Sale] MISB Technodrome
  178. [Want to Buy] Any of the 1988 main Turtles Belts/Acessories and Casy Jones
  179. [For Sale] for sale Turtles
  180. [For Sale] NYCC TMNT Prints
  181. [eBay] tmnt Kid Robot key chain lot for sale.
  182. [Want to Buy] Movie stars
  183. [Want to Buy] Movie stars
  184. [Want to Trade] Vintage 80s toys for trade
  185. [For Sale] TMNT Comic Lot FS/FT
  186. [For Sale] 25th Ann Sludgerunner
  187. [Want to Buy] TMNT vol. 4 #26 & #29
  188. [eBay] All Turtles Starting at $.01 No Reserve Free Shipping
  189. [For Sale] 2K3 figures for sale
  190. [Want to Buy] TMNT collected book vol. 6 NM-Mint
  191. [Want to Buy] Weapons for 2003 Turtles
  192. [Want to Buy] Return to newyork print
  193. [Want to Buy] 1988 Leonardo and Raphael Portrait File Cards
  194. [For Sale] AFA Graded Scratch, Shogun Shoate, Loose Scratch, Graded Shogun Triceraton, AFA
  195. [For Sale] Tmnt collected edition volume 1 1988 softcover
  196. [eBay] My custom B&W Comic style TMNT figures for sale.
  197. [eBay] More Turtles for Sale Starting at $.01 No Reserve Free Shipping
  198. [eBay] TMNT Figures in Australia
  199. [For Sale] Sold
  200. [For Sale] 25th Anniversary Blue Label HC Raphael Sketch!
  201. [For Sale] MASSIVE TMNT figure collection. Some loose but mostly packaged. Instant Collection!!
  202. [For Sale] TMNT/Usagi Original Art
  203. [For Sale] original art for sale.
  204. [eBay] All 2007 movie prequel comics for sale
  205. [eBay] Archie comic digests 1-7
  206. [Want to Buy] NES Tournament Fighters Complete
  207. [For Sale] eBay items (fan club kit with all bandanas, Nightwatcher, more!)
  208. [For Sale] Replica Sai from TMNT 1 & SOTO
  209. [For Sale] The Nerdiest Store update
  210. [eBay] My custom Undercover Raphael concept statue.
  211. [eBay] Cyber Monday Sale
  212. [Want to Buy] Looking to buy Canadian Tmnt fan club figures
  213. [For Sale] Shirts, Prints, Toys, Autographs & More!
  214. [Want to Buy] Giant donatello turtles
  215. [Want to Buy] Storage Shell Accessories
  216. [eBay] AFA 80 Scratch No Reserve
  217. [eBay] AFA scratch 80 Graded with accessories starting at AU$500
  218. [eBay] Turtles Starting at $.01 No Reserve Free Shipping
  219. [For Sale] TMNT Minimates set
  220. [eBay] LAST DAY For BRAND NEW TMNT Back To The Sewer Vol 1 & Vol 2 DVDS
  221. [For Sale] Selling my ENTIRE TMNT collection.
  222. [Want to Buy] Miniature Ninja Turtles & Giant Nunchuck
  223. [For Sale] Free TMNT 2003 DVDs
  224. [eBay] Mirage TMNT comic lot 45+ issues and full City at War run
  225. [eBay] NES, Gameboy TMNT instruction manuals
  226. [For Sale] TMNT Sideshow Exclusive Info
  227. [Want to Trade] Gatekeeper Rocksteady
  228. [eBay] RARE TMNT Prints - FCBD 2013/2014, IDW 22
  229. [Want to Trade] Stretch Super Shredder 1995
  230. [For Sale] TMNT Comics Vol. 1 Early Issues For Sale
  231. [For Sale] IDW Limited
  232. [eBay] No reserve moc afa 80 scratch ends tonight
  233. [eBay] 90's Undercover Raph, Mirage Deluxe reprint, other toys
  234. [eBay] 90's original toon mini-playset LOT, 8 playsets and 20+ mini-figures
  235. [Want to Trade] 2k3 in package figs for trade or sale
  236. [Want to Buy] Konami 2004 TMNT: Unleashed TCG Foils
  237. [For Sale] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Kidrobot GI Joe
  238. [eBay] Playmates Cold Cast Mike - Sideshow Mouser
  239. [For Sale] Original 1989 Graphic Novel Vol1 Mirage
  240. [eBay] TMNT lot featuring some rare figures
  241. [Want to Buy] TMNT Vol. 4 Issue 32 Mirage
  242. [For Sale] AFA Graded Shogun Shoate, Triceraton, Hot Spot, and more
  243. [For Sale] VENUS figure NEXT MUTATION
  244. [Want to Buy] Movie star ninja stars ( silver )
  245. [Want to Buy] Return of the ultimate ninja DVD and Turtle tunes new
  246. [eBay] Mutant Masters, Road Ready mutations, Shogun Leo, Storage Shell Raph, etc
  247. [Want to Buy] Heroes in a Halfshell VHS new/mint + Laserdiscs
  248. [For Sale] Blu Ray slip covers for the new movie, all 4
  249. [For Sale] TMNT Latex Foam Masks and Turtle Arms!
  250. [Want to Buy] Tmnt oa