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  1. [Want to Buy] Looking for a Turtle Titan Mikey
  2. [Want to Buy] Classic Collection Raphael
  3. [For Sale] Loyal Subjects KARAI figure
  4. [eBay] Tmnt ooze display!
  5. [For Sale] 4Kids 2003 TMNT DVDs - Complete Seasons 1 thru 4
  6. [For Sale] Splinter, Shredder, and Leonardo Art Print lot for sale
  7. [For Sale] NECA Leonardo (in tube) NEW
  8. [For Sale] Reluctantly selling part of my collection
  9. [For Sale] Eastman Selling His 2014 Prints On His Site
  10. [For Sale] Tales of the TMNT Volume 2 #32
  11. [For Sale] Casey Jones concept original art w/ COA!!!
  12. [For Sale] Current TMNT Line Collection for Sale
  13. [Want to Buy] 1988 Ninja Stars/Primary Weapons + Side Kicks
  14. [For Sale] IDW 1-39 Plus Micros
  15. [Want to Buy] Looking for a TMNT poster
  16. [Want to Buy] TMNT and other strangeness 1st printing
  17. [For Sale] Star Wars & Transformers Figures For Sale
  18. [For Sale] closed
  19. [For Sale] Collection Duplicates
  20. [eBay] Toon turtles collection carded
  21. [For Sale] Shredder Sideshow Exclusive NEW
  22. [Want to Buy] MOC Movie Star Raph
  23. [Want to Buy] The Turtles Come Alive In 1985!! Print
  24. [eBay] Complete Volume 2 run of 13 issues and Scout vehicle
  25. [For Sale] 1989 Casey Jones and 1987 DVDs
  26. [Want to Buy] Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa comics Vol 1 & 2
  27. [For Sale] Two Un-tested Atari 2600s (4 switch)$25 shipped
  28. [Want to Buy] TMNT #16 and #20 (Image/Volume 3)
  29. [For Sale] Original art and prints for sale!!
  30. [Want to Buy] Loyal Subjects April and Black Foot Soldier
  31. [Want to Buy] Digital Webbing Presents #24
  32. [Want to Buy] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collected Volume One First Printing 1988
  33. [Want to Buy] Mutagen Ooze
  34. [Want to Trade] Looking for Kidrobot Shredder and Splinter from blind box
  35. [For Sale] IDW Limited Change is Constant Blue, Black, & Red Label Set Complete w/ Illustrations
  36. [For Sale] Ninja Turtles "Arcade Attack"
  37. [Want to Trade] SuperXShredder's Buy/Sale/Trade Thread
  38. [Want to Buy] Official TMNT 3-ring binders
  39. [Want to Buy] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #23, vol. 4
  40. [For Sale] Loose Nick Mutagen Oozes no turtles
  41. [eBay] RARE Movie Star Ninja Turtles with Unpunched Cards (expires Sunday)
  42. [eBay] TMNT Ooze lot
  43. [eBay] Casey Jones CGC SS 9.8 and Albedo 1 CGC SS 8.5
  44. [For Sale] Usagi Yojimbo COMPLETE DARK HORSE TPB Lot
  45. [For Sale] Do not deal with the cheese phone ... Scammer
  46. [For Sale] TheMasterTurtle's Have/ Wants
  47. [For Sale] Loyal Subjects APRIL and RED FOOT SOLDIER
  48. [eBay] Muta-Force, Metal Mutant Tiger Spirit Shredder, Rocksteady and more
  49. [Want to Buy] Moc Dino Figures
  50. [For Sale] Vintage 1990 / 1991 MISB
  51. [For Sale] Scratch- 100% complete
  52. [For Sale] Vidja Games, figures and a Trade
  53. [For Sale] TMNT Oddballs: UK Hero Turtles Book + TV Teddy VHS
  54. [Want to Buy] My want list and for sale/trade list (comics)
  55. [Want to Buy] Original Art/Poster
  56. [For Sale] IDW blue label 25th anniversary eastman sketch HC Featuring raphael
  57. [For Sale] TMNT Volume 4 (2001) comics
  58. [For Sale] Neca turtles authentic tube packaging sealed
  59. [Want to Buy] MOC Metalhead
  60. [For Sale] Ninja Turtles Johnny Cupcake pin set
  61. [Want to Buy] Random Vintage figures
  62. [Want to Buy] TMNT/Ghostbusters RE Covers
  63. [For Sale] The last of my old TMNT figures
  64. [For Sale] Loyal Subjects & Kidrobot TMNT
  65. [Want to Buy] Rare TMNT Figures
  66. [eBay] Complete Fred Wolf & 4Kids DVD Collection (1 Day Only!)
  67. [For Sale] Nick TMNT - Figures, vehicles and more
  68. [eBay] Metal Mutant Shredder, Nick Shellraiser truck, Fighting Rocksteady,
  69. [Want to Buy] TMNT Unleashed 50, 90 & Red Baron Donatello Card
  70. [eBay] Loyal Subjects APRIL
  71. [For Sale] Lot of loose figures
  72. [For Sale] Selling elsewhere. Thanks for looking none the less!
  73. [Want to Buy] IDW's Turtles In Time #1
  74. [Want to Trade] The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck
  75. [Want to Buy] Toxic Crusaders
  76. [Want to Buy] MISB MOC TMNT Items Wanted
  77. [Want to Buy] Wtb tmnt oa
  78. [eBay] Loyal Subjects lot of APRIL, SHREDDER, CASEY and more
  79. [eBay] 2k3 Battle Shell
  80. [For Sale] Dark Horse Miniatures Large Michelangelo
  81. [For Sale] AFA 85 Graded Hot Spot and Shogun Shoate with certificates
  82. [Want to Buy] Moc/Mib giant don, undercover don, more Donatellos
  83. [For Sale] Vintage Turtlecopter and Crazy Car
  84. [For Sale] Archie Covers Pins
  85. [Want to Trade] Loose Figures
  86. [Want to Buy] takara capsule turtles, other mini turtles
  87. [Want to Buy] Neca Raphael (loose)
  88. [Want to Buy] Sumo Michelangelo Accessories
  89. [Want to Buy] Classic collection Rocksteady US release
  90. [For Sale] Large cardboard standups from TMNT 2014 movie
  91. [eBay] Weapons Scratch Neca Figures Vehicles Puzzle Plush
  92. [For Sale] Dan Berger Artwork 4 TMNT
  93. [Want to Buy] or WTT 2K3 Figures
  94. [For Sale] Def Leppard Autographed Ticket Stub
  95. [For Sale] European variant figures - purple shredder, rahzar, tokka, black super shredder
  96. [Want to Trade] Loyal Subjects April, Foot Soldiers, Splinter
  97. [For Sale] KidRobot Foot Soldier
  98. [For Sale] TMNT Mini Mates
  99. [Want to Buy] wanted - 2007/2006 movie figures
  100. [Want to Buy] Vintage tmnt prototypes!!
  101. [For Sale] Rare Metalic-plated Fugitoid collectors item from 2009
  102. [For Sale] Super shredder purple armor european variant + belt
  103. [For Sale] A bunch of old and some new toys on eBay
  104. [For Sale] TMNT Vol. 4 #1-32, Volume 3 #1-23 and Tales of the TMNT #70
  105. [For Sale] Kevin Eastman selling a signed TMNT #1 1st Printing
  106. [For Sale] Current TMNT Playmates Figures For Sale
  107. [For Sale] TMNT IDW all Unread
  108. [Want to Buy] Sealed techndrome
  109. [Want to Buy] MOC Sandstorm & Half Court
  110. [Want to Buy] Bounty: NOW Real Ghostbusters vol 2, #2
  111. [Want to Buy] Karai 2007 figure (loose complete)
  112. [For Sale] WTS Nick Ooze Canisters 3 Green 1 Yellow Purple Orange Green
  113. [eBay] Loyal Subjects APRIL, Casey and MORE!
  114. [For Sale] NEAR COMPLETE Technodrome Playset! Must see!
  115. [Want to Trade] Loyal Subjects and Goldie Keychains
  116. [For Sale] Tiger Spirit Shredder
  117. [For Sale] Purple Shredder for sale!
  118. [For Sale] TMNT Commissions
  119. [For Sale] Entire 2007 TMNT Film Figures
  120. [For Sale] Kidrobot, Funko Mystery Mini's, Classic's, 2014 Movie, Half Shell Heroes etc
  121. [Want to Buy] Infestation 2 #1 RI B & RI C
  122. [Want to Buy] Looking for upcoming convention cover variants
  123. [eBay] TMNT Retro Classic Collection Figures
  124. [eBay] 1990 Movie Classic Collection TMNT figures - sealed set
  125. [For Sale] Talbot Art/Animation Cels
  126. [Want to Buy] Battle Shell Donatello 5" Figure
  127. [Want to Buy] Playmates Leo statue, neca box set
  128. [For Sale] Albedo 1 First Print Signed
  129. [Want to Buy] Loyal Subjects Black Chase Foot Soldier COMPLETE
  130. [For Sale] IDW TMNT 2012 Annual OA for Sale
  131. [For Sale] Sealed Retromutagen Ooze from Retrocatapault
  132. [eBay] FS - Eastman #18 Cover & Campbell Page
  133. [Want to Buy] IDW TMNT second prints
  134. [eBay] please delete
  135. [For Sale] Don's Camo Hydro Skimmer
  136. [Want to Buy] Tmnt #44 (idw)
  137. [Want to Buy] 2007 Karai NO MASK HEAD.
  138. [Want to Buy] WTB: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (1st print)
  139. [Want to Buy] NECA Leo bobble head
  140. [Want to Trade] IDW TMNT Issue 44 for Earlier Issues
  141. [For Sale] NECA Black and White Box Set Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  142. [eBay] NECA Turtles MOC and Battle Shell 2k3 series MIB for sale
  143. [For Sale] Bundle of fun stuff
  144. [Want to Buy] WTB Nick TMNT Current
  145. [For Sale] Playmates TMNT Statues
  146. [For Sale] All Collection Going For Sale
  147. [Want to Buy] UK Leo/Bebop, Raph/shredder, Mich/Rock 2 Packs
  148. [Want to Trade] Raphael & Michelangelo Funko Mystery Minis
  149. [For Sale] Pop Up Display Stands for Sale
  150. [Want to Buy] Original Art CAW pages
  151. [eBay] Funkyg's Infrequent Auctions are Back!
  152. [Want to Buy] Wtb/t 2012-2014 tmnt ooze
  153. [For Sale] Tmnt #1 color classics CGC 9.8
  154. [For Sale] TMNT Street Collector's Edition 1
  155. [eBay] Movie Star Classics Turtles
  156. [For Sale] TMNT 25th Movie Anniversary print
  157. [Want to Buy] Fan club splinter/shredder/rocksteady
  158. [For Sale] Color Classics
  159. [eBay] Lots of TMNT figures and IDW comics
  160. [Want to Buy] WANTED: TMNT vinyl figures (loyal subjetcs, Funko Mystery Minis)
  161. [Want to Trade] My Want List of Comics and Comics I Have To Trade.
  162. [eBay] NECA April, Fast Forward TMNT/Splinter, Alien Hunter villains
  163. [Want to Buy] Wtb tmnt 2003
  164. [For Sale] 1990 Movie Leo, Raph, and Stretch Super Shredder
  165. [Want to Buy] vol 4 #32
  166. [eBay] 2007 Movie figures including all 4 Stone Generals, Classics Bebop/Rocksteady, Bigfoot
  167. [For Sale] Gatekeeper Rocksteady MOC
  168. [For Sale] 4Kids TMNT episodes and the original movie!!!
  169. [Want to Trade] Loose Original-era Toys
  170. [For Sale] Sideshow Exclusive Raphael
  171. [For Sale] For Sale Minimates
  172. [Want to Buy] TMNT Vol. 4 #29
  173. [For Sale] complete idw set fs
  174. [For Sale] Original Cartoon Animation Cells w/Pencil
  175. [For Sale] Stuff I have on ebay.
  176. [For Sale] Tmnt neca black n white set
  177. [Want to Trade] papa_smurf73's Trade Thread
  178. [eBay] Dino Shredder, Rhinoman, Shogun Raphael, Nick figures, 90's Weapons and more
  179. [For Sale] Spring Cleaning!! Tons of stuff of all kinds, look inside!!!
  180. [For Sale] 24 HOUR AUCTION 1998 Turtleflage Blitz Cycle Complete(?)
  181. [For Sale] Channel 6 News Van Complete with Stickers Applied
  182. [For Sale] NECA clamshell authentic turtles
  183. [Want to Buy] TMNT old 3-ring binders
  184. [Want to Buy] [WTB] Ninja Turtles Vol. 3/Image and IDW books
  185. [Want to Buy] Need Ninja Stars - Movie Star Silver, 1988, or Storage Shell!
  186. [For Sale] C2E2 Exhibitor Badges!!!! (x3)
  187. [Want to Buy] WTB/WTT Loose figures
  188. [Want to Buy] WTB/WTT All time TMNT figure want list
  189. [For Sale] Blank
  190. [For Sale] 1989 Sewer Playset Starter Kit/75% Complete
  191. [For Sale] Massive Tech Deck Lot: Ramps, Stairs, Pool
  192. [eBay] Hot Spot Loose AFA 85 Graded One Day Auction
  193. [eBay] Hydro Skimmer and Blitz Cycle incomplete One Day Auction
  194. [For Sale] Volume 4 #32
  195. [eBay] 2007 movie Vampire Bat, Jersey Devil, weapons/accessories
  196. [For Sale] TMNT comic collection
  197. [For Sale] Remaining Items - Needs To Go!
  198. [For Sale] AFA 85 Graded Loose Hot Spot
  199. [eBay] 2k3 Quarry figure RARE
  200. [eBay] Massive 2k3 series villain lot, Fast Forward, all villains, tons of figures
  201. [Want to Buy] Toon Dask
  202. [Want to Buy] 2008 SDCC B & W NECA box set. MIB
  203. [Want to Buy] WTT TMNT2k3 Fast Forward Dark Turtles MOC
  204. [Want to Buy] looking to buy ninja turtles vhs tapes
  205. [For Sale] Almost All Gone!
  206. [Make Offer] Dooney Art (2 pieces)
  207. [Want to Buy] Kmart Minimate series 1
  208. [For Sale] Leo Blitz Cycle for sale
  209. [For Sale] TMNT Playmates Mirage Comics Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles MOSC
  210. [Want to Trade] Carded metalhead Michaelangelo
  211. [For Sale] IDW TMNT Ghostbusters #1
  212. [Want to Buy] WTB carded playmates from nick show
  213. [For Sale] Giant mutation Donatello, NECA box set, NECA head knockers, white jersey Dunkin Don
  214. [Want to Buy] Original first theatrical movie 1 sheet poster NM
  215. [Want to Buy] Vintage star wars parts?
  216. [For Sale] Jim Lawson Tales#2 Original Artwork
  217. [For Sale] TMNT Collected Book Vol. 1 (Mirage 1988)
  218. [Want to Trade] Tricon Variant & FCBD 2015
  219. [Want to Buy] Neca Raph bobblehead
  220. [Want to Buy] Operation blue line VHS tape
  221. [For Sale] Revoltech, SDCC, Comics
  222. [Want to Buy] Paleo Original Art
  223. [For Sale] Vintage boxed module
  224. [eBay] Next Mutation, 2007 Movie TMNT, 2k3, NECA+ lots
  225. [For Sale] ORIGINAL pages from A.Modeen's TMNT Vol.3 Conclusion
  226. [For Sale] IDW Raphael sketch cover
  227. [For Sale] tmnt ultimate collection complete set hardcovers.
  228. [eBay] Radically Huge 2k3 Collection For Sale all MOC
  229. [eBay] TMNT Volume 3 - Image Run - Nearly complete
  230. [Want to Buy] Revoltech parts
  231. [For Sale] For sale thread - multiple items / etc
  232. [Want to Buy] MOC vintage Figures
  233. [For Sale] IDW Lot of 7 TPBs
  234. [Want to Buy] TMNT 30th anniversary -IDW
  235. [For Sale] Space Monkey Toys SALE 10% off for dromers!
  236. [Want to Buy] Stretch Turtles!!
  237. [Want to Buy] Early 1985-88 tmnt art
  238. [For Sale] WTS (U.S.) Vintage 88'-94' TMNT Action Figs + Accessories (Large LOT)!!
  239. [For Sale] WTS (U.S.) Vintage 88'-94' TMNT Action Figs + Accessories (Large LOT)!!
  240. [For Sale] Classic Collection (cartoon) turtles!
  241. [For Sale] Nickelodeon playmates large lot!
  242. [Want to Buy] WTB 2 Zolo Cases
  243. [Want to Buy] TMNT (2003) Season 3 DVD Volumes
  244. [eBay] Custom Neca-style Rocksteady, MISB Legos
  245. [eBay] Turtle Van Complete, Next Mutation, Bebop/Rocksteady Warriors
  246. [eBay] Shell Shock 1989 TPB, Dreamwave 1-7 complete, Archie TPB
  247. [For Sale] AFA Hot spot 80
  248. [For Sale] Ultimate Collection Vol 1-5, Automutations, Cheapskate
  249. [For Sale] Mystery box
  250. [For Sale] Revoltech Donatello