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  1. figures for trade
  2. WTB/T- zulli drawn issues of TMNT comic...
  3. Kidworks Turtles Swivel Action Pinball Boxed FOR SALE
  4. TALES OF THE TMNT vol. #1 #7 for sale
  5. I'll trade any of these for Super Shredder
  6. Anyone Living In Argentina?
  7. Anyone make me copy of TMNT1 soundtrack?
  9. Muppet Babies DVDs (non-tmnt)
  10. Looking for wintage TMNT sewer parts
  11. MOC/MIB TMNT and Prototypes for sale
  12. McFarlane NFL Series 8 Ahman Green VARIANT WHITE JERSEY!!!
  13. Anyone have TMNT: The Next Mutation episodes for trade
  14. TMNT Original Episodes
  15. Help me with my TMNT Unleashed TCG collection...:cry: Anyone
  16. Storage shell Michelangelo
  17. Need: Firefoot Mystic, Tales of TMNT #1 (2nd series) Have...
  18. Wanted to buy:
  19. Vintage Figures!!Mint On Card selling list September 7, 2004
  20. Website? is there a good resource?
  21. TMNT Trading Card Game Starter Set
  22. Can somebody help find me these 2004 figs?
  23. A new TMNT website myteefinestuff.com has just been posted.
  24. Looking for a vintage MUTANT MODULE!!
  25. Original TMNT cartoon playing cards!!! Inquire within!!!
  26. FS-TMNT/TMNT 2 movie scripts-unproduced BATMAN, SUPERMAN....
  27. TMNT For Sale
  28. Female for Male
  29. Is General.....
  30. Feedback Section
  31. Who needs the new TMNT wave???
  32. [deleted]
  33. Want to buy some vintage TMNT figures! kala !
  34. Im selling my TMNT SHELL SHOCK TPB...just let you know!
  35. Have some vintage TMNT stuff for sale
  36. Leatherhead, Scale Tail, and Anthrax for sale.
  37. How much would you all pay for this
  38. TMNT Figures For Sale
  39. invisible Mike and Hot spot wanted
  40. 193 episodes?
  41. TMNT VHS Wanted
  42. Tons of TMNT figures & accs. to trade for other figure l
  43. Not TMNT but still 80's awesome!
  44. TMNT Sale: Trading Card Game, Vintage Figures, Comics, etc.
  45. Napoleon Bonafrog for mutagen can
  46. Gwgtrunks' Want List
  47. TMNT on dvd or vhs
  48. Looking for Figures and DVD's
  49. TCG TMNT Unleashed
  51. All 193 Tmnt Episodes Sale Great Quality!
  52. Gwgtrunk's want list
  53. Official Stuntman Ninja Turtles Jacket; eBay
  54. For Sale: Leonardo Cold Cast Statue
  55. For Sale: Michelangelo Cold Caste Statue
  56. My weapons want list...
  57. VintageWANTED: Complete figures, Newsvan, Elite guards Footsoldiers mousers...
  58. Call for Tattoo customers
  59. Next Mutation Mike
  60. Notes From the Undergound DVD`
  61. 15 figures from new series for sale
  62. TMNT Mini-DVDs??
  63. TMNT Trading cards New Series!
  64. Shell Shock TPB for sale on ebay
  65. Japanese Metal Mutants set
  66. My want / Trade list
  67. LTB : Scratch MOC
  68. Wanted: TMNT DVD's
  69. Extra April?
  70. My Wants list (many lines)
  71. WTB- TMNT 31,35, 36... zulli issues
  72. Vintage MOC figures for sale
  73. I'm Looking for Fleer Ooze Cards
  74. I am selling my TMNT comic book collection
  75. TMNT Vol. 4 Issues for sale or trade.
  76. Japanese Metal Mutant Set.....Again
  77. TMNT 4 Player Conversion Game
  78. Desperatly searching "SUPER-POSEABLE" toys
  79. MOC Raph w/Pop Up Display FS/FT
  80. Vintage Ninja Turtles for sale 100's of items
  81. Searching For the Following Mirage Volume One Comics
  82. Misc. Stuff For Sale
  83. Looking for Turtle Party Wagon
  84. Any vintage prototypes out there?
  85. TMNT Trading Card Game lot auction
  86. Figure want list and some for sell
  87. Set Of 4 Ooze Cans + Baby Turtles Available
  88. Sewer PLayset
  89. Items for Sale or Trade
  90. Beware of Hamato_Saki
  91. TMNT Playing Cards
  92. Does anyone have a metalhead they could part with?
  93. Urgent!!! Rebel without a fin, Trade
  94. Selling my collection! Mint in Box!
  95. ML beast for trade- will trade for susan storm (visible form)
  96. For Sale Or Trade Tmnt Trading Card Game Cards
  97. My Vintage TMNT wants list
  98. Looking for 1989 Leatherhead - loose - will buy/trade
  99. TMNT videos
  100. TMHT DVDs from Norway
  101. Looking for White uniform Slam Dunkin' figure - can be loose
  102. RARE TMNT Wal-Mart Banners For Sale
  103. Looking for a Hyperstone Heist for Sega Genesis.
  104. Gargoyles Trading Cards
  105. items for trade/sale. Make an offer
  106. Looking For Mutant Masters-loose/nib English/jap
  107. Tmnt Cold Cast Statue Mikey
  108. Wtb Or Trade Vintage Original Carded Figures
  109. For Sale - Original Loose Figures
  110. Turtle Comics for sale - 3
  111. Next Mutation Elite Guard with Street Cycle buy or trade
  112. where can I find
  113. Wow!!! Super Rare Mikey Statue On Ebay!!!!!!!!!!
  114. Plush For Sale
  115. TMNT Vids For Sale
  116. ATI All in Wonder 7500 For Sale
  117. TMNT Board Game and VHS set of 7
  118. WOW TMNT #3 First PRINT SIGNED!!!!!!!!!!!
  119. Everyone This Is My Last Mikey Statue!! Dont Miss Out!!!!!!!!!!
  120. TMNT - New Usagi Yojimbo - Looking for MOC for Buy/Trade
  121. 3 Ninja Turtles VHS Original Toon
  122. New TMNT figures - need American/International help
  123. TMNT Movie Costumes
  124. NEW USAGI YOJIMBO MOC for sale!!!
  125. Mikey Cold Cast Statue MIB!!!
  126. Jim Lee's TMNT
  127. Anyone interested...
  128. Looking for New Toon...
  129. Looking to Trade (maybe wwe stuff? )
  130. Looking For Some Parts
  131. Vintage '88, '89 Toys MOC for Sale!
  132. Swat Kats figures on ebay, compatible with TMNT
  133. Anyone selling vintage figures
  134. Looking for these toylines
  135. Vintage figures to trade for vintage foot soldiers
  136. MOC variant bullseye
  137. hi
  138. Making of Video
  139. FS:1988 April O'Neil NO STRIPE MINT/CARD
  140. does anyone have
  141. Toddler Turtles Mint on Sealed Card
  142. wanting dvds
  143. I have a question
  144. Mirage Vol 4 comics wanted
  145. traders unite?
  146. My want list
  147. Stuff FT/FS
  148. Coming out of our shells video
  149. Various TMNT Comics For Sale
  150. Got any TMNT comics vol. 1 for sale?
  151. Any Body got the movie T-shirt
  152. TMNT Stuff For Trade
  153. Looking for SuperMaxx guns, stuff to trade
  154. Vintage figures for Vhs
  155. 4x Utrom for sale Great Army builder
  156. me want tmnt mega blocks
  157. I am looking for this PLEAZE HELP!
  158. City at War TMNT Comics Wanted
  159. Complete Vintage Sewer Playset
  160. TMNT New Cartoon 18 DVDs - Volumes 1 to 3.3
  161. Bodycount Graphic Novel
  162. Original Casey Jones action figure for trade!
  163. TMNT comics wanted from european sellers...
  164. Looking to buy comics..
  165. Wanted : Some New Series Tmnt Mosc
  166. Comics for sale/trade....anybody interested?
  167. Does anyone have any knowledge of
  168. TMNT #1 Mirage Vol.1 SKETCH COVER REPRINTS (limited run)
  169. Please help me find some stuff 4 my son!!!!
  170. Looking to buy...
  171. Don Mech Wrecker for sale
  172. various TMNT comics AND magazines on eBay
  173. TMNT comic books wanted
  174. TMNT items for sale
  175. need old and new tmnt episodes
  176. I need these
  177. TMNT Book IV
  178. So it's come to this.. time to get rid of figures
  179. Looking for MOC Mutating Shredder (can be in 2pack w/ Raph)...
  180. comics
  181. Alien Urine
  182. Lot of Vintage TMNTs for sale Sewer, Blimp and more!
  183. My huge sealed vintage TMNT toy collection
  184. Huge Vintage TMNT lot F/S...
  185. Vintage TMNT FS/FT
  186. intrested in buying old tmnt stuff
  187. Interest Check: 38 old figs, 31 new figs
  188. TMNT Statues
  189. Tmnt Avatar Give Away ("cousin Sid" Gag Turtle Drawing)
  190. Tmnt Avatar Give Away ("Grudge Match" Kluh's Mikey Training Board)
  191. Tmnt Avatar Give Away ("The King" Donny And Kirby Drawings)
  192. Loose Vintage Lot Free...
  193. Selling: Tales of the TMNT (Mirage) Trade Paperback
  194. Seeking Shell Shock
  195. Personalized Tmnt Cell Phone. Nokia 3220
  196. hard to find lot
  197. brand new gen for...
  198. Looking for Target sets - T-Rex and/or Yeti
  199. TMNT Comics
  200. Coming out of Shells Tour and making of TMNT behind the shells
  201. My Vintage Collection For Sale! Take A Look!
  202. 34 Loose Complete Vintage TMNT 4 Sale
  203. Needing Michelangelo...
  204. soo yea I'm selling my entire tmnt collection *rare things*
  205. Need Episode "Still Nobody"
  206. Next Mutation Figure Raph and Leo
  207. Need Raphael Statue
  208. Desperately Need New Series TMNT Deep Divin Leonardo MOSC
  209. Rare Ninja turtle wall clock 2002
  210. RJ's Store!
  211. Tmnt Avatar Give Away ("Bad Day" Green Menace Depiction)
  212. Buying Animation Cells (TMNT)
  213. Next Mutation Raph and Don figure wanted!
  214. Mutations & Vintage Figures F/s
  215. WTB: TMNT Statues!!!
  216. TMNT Comics on eBay!
  217. New TMNT Figure lot (MOC) 4 Sale!!!!
  218. TMNT Comics for Sale!
  219. Used figurines from original toon series...
  220. Looking for...
  221. Buying TMNT COMICS!!! Mirage, Image...
  222. Tmnt Avatar Give Away ("Mickey Expressions" Lesean Thomas Dreamwave Sketches)
  223. Huge FS/FT list. Video games/DVDs/VHS/etc
  224. Can anyone get me an Armorized Shredder?
  225. 39 TMNT Figures for sale
  226. TMNT for trade for Ghostbusters, Rambo, Chuck Norris & more
  227. Looking for Robo Hunter Don and Leo..others..
  228. TMNT Autographed Michelangelo Cels for Sale!
  229. Selling Current TMNT Series' DVDs
  230. Tmnt Ccg Unleashed. Super And Ultra Rares Avaliable.
  231. Anybody need a king lionheart sword?
  232. Need to buy TMNT video game, or arcade, or something!
  233. I am selling some of my stuff
  234. "Cowabunga Shredhead" VHS for Sale!
  235. Original TMNT Production Drawings for sale!
  236. elite commandos
  237. Mini Mutant Series
  238. My B/S/T list - over 40 figures for sale, lots of wants
  239. Need Copy Of "Return of Savanti" Part 1, My Tape Cut Off :(
  240. want to trade or buy comics
  241. Bunch of the new figures for sale
  242. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3:Mutant Nightmare (Xbox)
  243. mikey pulsie
  244. A old tmnt video want!
  245. Universal Studios Monster TMNT
  246. My whole collection...
  247. My TMNT TCG and other Rare Ebay Items 4sale
  248. Loose Vintage TMNT For Sale
  249. Looking to Buy More...
  250. Let's Trade Comics