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  1. [Want to Buy] Wanted: Retromutagen Ooze!
  2. [Want to Buy] Archon's Comic Want/Trade/Sell List!
  3. [For Sale] 2K3 Collection
  4. [Want to Buy] Coming out of their Shells (AGAIN sorry)
  5. [eBay] Japanese Saint Turtle action figure on eBay!
  6. [For Sale] For trade or Sale (mostly loose from the OT Line)
  7. [Want to Buy] Soul's Winter TPB...
  8. [Want to Buy] TMNT Vol. 4 #26
  9. [Want to Buy] I would like to buy TMNT: Mutant Melee
  10. [eBay] Wow Just When I Think Ebay Couldn't Suck Anymore!
  11. [Want to Buy] Need these Megaman figures
  12. [Want to Buy] Buzzrok and Multiflex
  13. [Want to Buy] Please help me getting an E-102 Gamma figure
  14. [For Sale] My moving sale
  15. [For Sale] Selling my entire TMNT comic collection
  16. [Want to Buy] Looking for Sonic figures
  17. [Want to Buy] REALLY NEED a Ventus Skyress
  18. [Want to Buy] Looking for vintage MOC MIB items
  19. [Want to Buy] tmnt comics
  20. [Want to Buy] Looking for Crash bandicoot figures
  21. [Want to Buy] Turtle Binder and Cards
  22. [Want to Buy] Super Mutants or Mutant Masters, loose or carded
  23. [Want to Buy] Original Movie Turtles
  24. [Want to Buy] WANTED: Fast Forward Toys
  25. [Want to Buy] Next Muation Figures
  26. [For Sale] 1989 SEALED CASE FRESH Retromutagen/Foot Ooze Toxies Waste Cans
  27. [For Sale] Technodrome and Copter for sale
  28. [eBay] Charity Auction- 100% To Be Donated!!
  29. [Want to Buy] Still Looking for Super Mutants carded OR loose
  30. [Want to Buy] Mutant Masters' Accessories
  31. [Want to Buy] Parts and accessories.
  32. [Want to Buy] buying or trading Yugioh cards
  33. [For Sale] Mini Mutants Mini Moto-Slider Michelangelo
  34. [Want to Buy] 2k3 toys
  35. [Want to Buy] Biker Mice figure Napolen Brie
  36. [Want to Buy] Desperately seeking MISB Technodrome Krang 11" and Shredder Mutations
  37. [eBay] Round 2 of TMNT Manga Now on eBay!
  38. [eBay] RARE Saint Turtle Figure Now on eBay!
  39. [For Sale] TMNT: Oldies but Goodies!
  40. [For Sale] Selling Mutated Don (2003) MOC
  42. [Want to Buy] Looking for Neca TMNT Accessories to buy!
  43. [Want to Buy] TMNT Locker Backpack
  44. [Want to Buy] role playing
  45. [Want to Buy] MISB Technodrome and 11" Large Krang Android
  46. [For Sale] Transformers Movie figures
  47. [For Sale] Ninja Action & Mutations *Complete Set*
  48. [eBay] HUGE TMNT and Video Game LOTS for Sale
  49. [Want to Buy] Looking for Beast wars figures
  50. [Want to Buy] Archon's Complete Playmates 1988-1997 Need List
  51. [For Sale] High End vintage TMNT figures MOC and Retro Mutagen Ooze case/display!
  52. [For Sale] Raph's TMNT crap for sale
  53. [Want to Buy] Coming out of their shells tour.
  54. [For Sale] TMNT Turtle Comm for sale
  55. [For Sale] Technodrome sewer + loads of figures for sale.
  56. [eBay] Personalized Michael Zulli TMNT Commission On Auction
  57. [For Sale] Old Toon Ninja Turtles Cels: Screwloose, Wingnut, Groundchuck, Mondo Gecko, Shredder
  58. [Want to Buy] Wanted Mutanimals #6
  59. [Want to Buy] Undercover turtles (cloth)
  60. [Want to Buy] Slash's shoulder pad.
  61. [For Sale] Last Batch of TMNT Manga For Sale
  62. [Want to Buy] Older TMNT Figures
  63. [Want to Buy] WTB: MOC 88' Leo & Don Rubber Head
  64. [For Sale] 1994 Undercover Don Cloth Coat MONMC Case Fresh $46.00 + Ship
  65. [For Sale] 1990 Retromutagen Ooze Counter Display Box Case Fresh $23.00 + Ship
  66. [Want to Buy] Needed: Spare TMNT Collected book 1 OR...
  67. [For Sale] Archie TMNT Collection
  68. [For Sale] For Sale and or Trade.(mostly old school)
  69. [For Sale] TMNT #29 w/ PETER LAIRD SKETCH Ltd. 225 on eBay (ends tomorrow!)
  70. [For Sale] Selling a few things
  71. [eBay] Jonny Quest - but for turtles
  72. [Want to Buy] Mighty Mutanimals #9 & TMNT Adv. #72
  73. [Want to Trade] Buy or Trade, lots of stuff...
  74. [Want to Buy] The S's "Must Have" List
  75. [Want to Buy] Plushies, large turtles, and masks
  76. [Want to Buy] Loose figures and stuff I need
  77. [For Sale] T-Shirt
  78. [eBay] Original Power Rangers Auctions
  79. [Want to Trade] TMNT Vol 1 No. 48 -- Hook a brotha up!
  80. [For Sale] Collected Tales of the TMNT Book 4
  81. [For Sale] Tales of the TMNT (v2) #37
  82. [Want to Buy] TMNT WTB Figures
  83. [eBay] Misc. TMNT Linens & Things on eBay
  84. [Want to Buy] Archon's Strictly Figures List
  85. [Want to Buy] Another must have!
  86. [Want to Buy] New York Comic Con NYCC TMNT Set Signed for sale?
  87. [For Sale] my small random TMNT lot
  88. [Want to Buy] (or Trade for) Old Archie Comics
  89. [Want to Buy] Donatello Statue
  90. [eBay] great prototype on Ebay
  91. [eBay] Lot of 29 TMNT Comics (Mostly Archie)
  92. [eBay] Lot of 47 TMNT Ninja Turtles! Super Rares! Turtleflage!
  93. [For Sale] TMNT Sewer Sports Balls
  94. [For Sale] Anyone want any of this stuff?
  95. [Want to Buy] vol 1 mirage comics
  96. [Want to Buy] Multiflex x 2...
  97. [For Sale] Large loose 2k3 Lot.
  98. [For Sale] Hey all, I'm getting rid of some 2000 Era TMNT figures!
  99. [For Sale] 2 MIB sealed 1988-1989 TMNT Party Wagons for sale!
  100. [eBay] Paleo Patrol Leo vs. Raptor now on e-bay from Darth_CJJ
  101. [Want to Buy] Loose Movie Donatello
  102. [Want to Buy] non-turtle post: wanted: custom fodder secret wars and dc super powers
  103. [Want to Buy] A TMNT Binder
  104. [Want to Buy] WTB: Neca Leonardo statue
  105. [eBay] Custom Rabid-Mutated-Into-A-Bat Splinter on e-bay...
  106. [Want to Buy] Casey Jones mask
  107. [Want to Buy] TMNT Movie Sloth
  108. [Want to Trade] Street Sharks for Trade/Sale
  109. [Want to Buy] WTB Toon Shredder and maybe toon turtles
  110. [Want to Buy] WTB Movie Star Foot Soldier Secret of the Ooze
  111. [Want to Buy] TMNT Beanie w/Eyeholes (Raph or Mike)
  112. [For Sale] Various Items- Tales, Archie, Challenges, Book II, Year of the Turtle
  113. [eBay] Pizza Thrower vehicle for sale
  114. [Want to Buy] Fridge Magnets
  115. [Want to Trade] 90's mini tmnt michelangelo
  116. [Want to Buy] Undercover Turtles w/ Cloth MOC
  117. [For Sale] FS: Casey Jones Mask Mold
  118. [Want to Buy] Miniature Glow in the Dark Turtle from Ooze
  119. [For Sale] Large Lot of Old Turtles, Mixed
  120. [Want to Trade] Neca tmnt
  121. [eBay] TMNT & Brett Favre!?!?
  122. [Want to Buy] Mini Mutant Shell Copter
  123. [eBay] l.designs customs....
  124. [eBay] Rare Items For Sale On Ebay
  125. [eBay] Custom TMNT Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers...
  126. [Want to Buy] Mutant Ooze & Sewer Cover cards
  127. [eBay] Bigfoot's Auctions
  128. [For Sale] Massive pile of old TMNT figs, great for customs.
  129. [Want to Buy] My New Really WANT item
  130. [For Sale] tmnt items for sale
  131. [eBay] Shogun Don and Splinter with collector's card
  132. [Want to Buy] Non-TMNT item WTB's
  133. [Want to Buy] Shell Shock TPB
  134. [Want to Buy] Buying TMNT graphic novels
  135. [eBay] TMNT Mini Mutants SHELL COPTER
  136. [Want to Trade] GI Joes For Trade Over 60 pictures
  137. [For Sale] TMNT signed print and custom art (more to come...)
  138. [Want to Buy] We Wish You a Turtle Christmas (VHS)
  139. [Want to Buy] Playmates Cold Casts..
  140. [For Sale] Huge lot of comics
  141. [Want to Buy] 1985 tmnt buttons
  142. [Want to Buy] Looking for a few good Vintage Turtles
  143. [Want to Buy] tmnt 1988 fan club kit.
  144. [eBay] Ebay auctions- mrpliggins
  145. [For Sale] Customs for sale
  146. [Want to Buy] Lookin for Lair Playset
  147. [Want to Buy] Giant Ninja Turtles
  148. [For Sale] Selling entire turtle collection.
  149. [Want to Buy] My 2002 Want List
  150. [For Sale] figures for sale, some rare
  151. [For Sale] Anyone want a Quarry or a Nobody?
  152. [For Sale] Classic TMNT Pack Including One Unopen Foot Soldier
  153. [For Sale] My TMNT List For Sale
  154. [Want to Buy] GIANT 2k3 turtle figures
  155. [eBay] 2K3 Quarry and Nobody on eBay!
  156. [For Sale] TMNT Comics for sale
  157. [For Sale] IBN's TMNT custom figs. FOR SALE!
  158. [Want to Buy] Looking for: Dark Horse, News van, and suff
  159. [For Sale] Dozens of Vintage Playmates MIB/MOC
  160. [For Sale] four different vehicles
  161. [Want to Buy] Does anyone have?
  162. [Want to Buy] Image Collected Book
  163. [Want to Buy] Muckman,Triceraton, Scumbag, and GroundChuck
  164. [For Sale] NECA Turtles set of 4
  165. [Want to Buy] Secondary Characters Loose
  166. [Want to Buy] TMNT Adventures Special #11
  167. [eBay] Custom Foot Soldier Army on E-bay
  168. [Want to Buy] Any props for sale?
  169. [Want to Trade] TRADING TMNT figures & weapons
  170. [For Sale] Set of Star Trek Turtles, MOC
  171. [Want to Buy] Loose Accessories for Movie Star Turtles
  172. [For Sale] Loose figures, costumes, and playsets (Technodrome, blimp included!)
  173. [For Sale] Blimp (Series II) with Squishy Head Raph
  174. [Want to Buy] He-Man and Skeletor MOTU Classics
  175. [eBay] Secret Agent Don, lot w/Hot Spot
  176. [Want to Buy] Looking to buy classic OOZE toy slime
  177. [Want to Buy] Karate Turtles
  178. [eBay] Lots w/ Scratch, Green April
  179. [For Sale] Power Ranger Super Legends (any fans)
  180. [eBay] Lots including rare & custom figures
  181. [For Sale] Channel 6 News Van
  182. [Want to Buy] TMNT Archie Adventures 68, 69 and 70
  183. [eBay] Buzzrock
  184. [Want to Buy] Cold Cast Don
  185. [For Sale] Everything
  186. [Want to Buy] Loose Super Shredder... really cheap
  187. [For Sale] Many 2k3ish loose lots.
  188. [Want to Buy] Planet of the Turtleoids
  189. [eBay] Comics + More
  190. [eBay] Lots, Mini Mutants, Triceratons
  191. [For Sale] Shoguns, Giant Figures & other vintage MIB
  192. [Want to Trade] T.M.N.T Have & Want List
  193. [eBay] Battle Shell for sale
  194. [Want to Trade] need- neca sidewalk base
  195. [For Sale] my entire loose collection
  196. [Want to Buy] Where is a good place to buy Comics?
  197. [For Sale] V.A. TMNT (Toys, Plush, Art)
  198. [eBay] Lots with rare figures
  199. [Want to Buy] reprints
  200. [eBay] Secret Agent Donatello
  201. [For Sale] Neca Box Set
  202. [eBay] Shogun Triceraton for $220 or Best Offer
  203. [Want to Trade] Wes's Buy/Sell/Trade List
  204. [Want to Trade] Underwater World exclusive TMNT comic
  205. [For Sale] TMNT Leonardo Marvel Legends custom
  206. [eBay] Bunch of new ebay stuff
  207. [eBay] Channel 6 News Van *.99 on eBay!*
  208. [eBay] motorcycle, bumper car, & cannon
  209. [For Sale] Looking for Blimp bombs
  210. [Want to Buy] Collect TMNT Volume 1
  211. [eBay] New lots on e-bay
  212. [Want to Buy] Wanted: Retromutagen Ooze
  213. [Want to Buy] Wtb technodrome
  214. [Want to Buy] WANTED 2007 MOVIE TMNT Turtles! help!
  215. [eBay] Complete MOVIE STAR Series (with most accessories)
  216. [eBay] Technodrome with seven Series 1 figures
  217. [eBay] Blimp II with 14 Series 2 figures (Wacky Action w/ some accessories)
  218. [Want to Trade] Seeking Retromutagen Ooze, Other vintage items; Have lots!
  219. [Want to Buy] Wanted: a Raphael NECA figure
  220. [eBay] Toon + Troll Turtle Lot
  221. [For Sale] everything in these pics is for sale (tmnt& non-tmnt)
  222. [Want to Trade] Wanted: TMNT 25th Splinter MOC
  223. [For Sale] PLAYMATES Employee 7 Custom Figure Lot FOR SALE!
  224. [For Sale] a few carded items for sale.
  225. [Want to Buy] NEED Toon Turtle Shredder
  226. [Want to Buy] Neca TMNT
  227. [Want to Trade] MOC Unpunched Rat King for trade
  228. [eBay] Archie Comics, Cassettes, Toys + More
  229. [For Sale] Figures, Parts & Accessories
  230. [eBay] Hot Spot, Next Mutation, Winged Warrior etc lots
  231. [Want to Trade] Please help complete my collection.....
  232. [eBay] Lot of 3 different April O'Neil figures
  233. [Want to Buy] Retromutagen ooze glow in the dark figures!
  234. [Want to Buy] LOOKin for DINO Turtle series 1997
  235. [For Sale] Vintage GIANT Turtles w/ Box
  236. [Want to Buy] TMNT Neca BASE
  237. [eBay] Lots of 2003 TMNT series rarities!!
  238. [For Sale] Bootleg Splinter and Giant Mutatin' Leo
  239. [Want to Trade] Neca TMNT (Loose)
  240. [Want to Buy] Looking for Collected Book 7
  241. [Want to Trade] Comics Wanted and Rare Comics to Trade
  242. [Want to Buy] S.W.A.T. Battle Pack
  243. [Want to Buy] parts for customs
  244. [Want to Buy] Looking for these items
  245. [Want to Buy] Turtle Communicator
  246. [Want to Trade] Loose Alien Hunters, Huge Hulk, He-Man, More
  247. [eBay] Vintage Donatello cereal bowl + cups
  248. [For Sale] HUGE Vintage Comic lot TMNT
  249. [eBay] complete sets for universal monsters & star trek tmnt, mutations april moc
  250. [For Sale] Japanese TMNT Figures For Sale