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  1. Was there a counterfeit #2?
  2. Need help deciding which mini to get...
  3. vol 3
  4. Why is the Shell Shock TPB so rare?
  5. Do the Turtles ever call themselves, "mutants" in the series?
  6. Rank form worst to best tmnt series...
  7. What the hell is with people relisting books at astronomical prices?!
  8. BodyCount
  9. TMNT 25th Book - Softcover vs Hardcover
  10. So, uh, what the (s)hell are these?
  11. Peter Laird's work on "Scat"
  12. Assorted goody-scans
  13. Do the Palladium sourcebooks cover toy characters?
  14. Fav TMNT storyline
  15. How would you feel if Nick licenses a new comic that reboots the series?
  16. The Turtles second trip to D'hoonib?
  17. 1984 Bud Plant Catalog
  18. Why did Mirage make a TPB for Zulli's "Soul Winter" trilogy?
  19. Integrity vs. Completion: Mirage and creator-owned rights
  20. What did you do with the TMNT smash up comics?
  21. #1 sixth print cover
  22. Peter Laird and George Lucas
  23. The Forever War
  24. An Overview of the Palladium RPG Sourcebooks
  25. TMNT 1 Fullcolor Reprint Download?
  26. Quick Vol. 1 Question
  27. TMNT: Chronological read-through (Mirage/Image)
  28. Another Quick Question, Vol. 4
  29. So What Does Everyone Think Of April's Origin?
  30. Will Tupper's "Conflict Resolution" (Casey Jones/Raphael backup comic)
  31. Gnatrat Needs Our Help!
  32. Early TMNT article from 1986
  33. Do you ever wonder if early TMNT fans from the 80's kept with the comics?
  34. If more Fred Wolf characters appeared in Archie, who would you have liked to see?
  35. Pic Request
  36. Dreamwave comic is an adaption of the 4Kids cartoon, could Oroku saki been Ch'rell.?
  37. One's Shadow
  38. In what form does Mirage Studios still exist?
  39. What an Issue! Discuss Your Favorite Issues from V.1
  40. City at War Issue #51, printing error?
  41. What is your favourite Mirage Tmnt Comic
  42. Vol 3 for the first time
  43. Gobbledygook #1 and #2 sell for $15,883.75 on Heritage
  44. Why Lord Dregg from the Fred Wolf cartoon was not in in Archie comic.?
  45. Why did PL call it Volume 4 Instead of volume 3?
  46. How did you find out about The Comics
  47. Flaming Carrot Crossover
  48. Font Request
  49. TNM made it into Donny's TMNT prequel...sort of.
  50. Shellshock novel purchase
  51. Looking for old newspaper strips
  52. Vol. 2 #13 Misprint
  53. Karai questions
  54. Artists, Writers, and more
  55. MIke: 3rd Kind
  56. Michael Zulli's "Souls Winter" scans?
  57. Jim Lawson's Art
  58. Issue 1 Mirage Color 2009 Reprint Samples?
  59. Vol. 1 #1 Remix!
  60. Leo One shot and Stan Sakai
  61. Irate Gamer reviewed...Archie's TMNT comics?
  62. Idw have tmnt!
  63. IDW to publish TMNT
  64. Another set of Gobbledygooks on HA.com
  65. #1 Fifth Printing Error
  66. Is Mirage continuity over?
  67. Bring on Tristan Jones as lead writer for TMNT!!!
  68. Bishop in Mirage.?
  69. TMNT Threads You've Posted on the IDW Forums
  70. Update on vol 4 (of sorts)
  71. Vol. 4 need help
  72. TMNT Vs Usagi
  73. Diving Into the Comics
  74. Single Turtle Comics...question
  75. How would you like the comics to be collected by IDW?
  76. Hey guys, want to know something.
  77. Usagi Yojimbo poster
  78. The Dark Horse 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Comic That Never Was
  79. Who do you want to draw the Turtles for IDW?
  80. Let's Have the Rat King in IDW's Title
  81. Just opened a tmnt comic and found a signature in it?
  82. TMNT Adventures by Archie - Print number location?
  83. Read volume 1, 1-17
  84. Do you consider the Shredder to be the turtles's archenemy in Mirage comic
  85. Turtles Strength Debate
  86. Our Valued Customers
  87. Do you consider the Rat King to be a villain in Mirage comic.
  88. Savage Dragon & the Image Universe
  89. Writing Wise, Eastman or Laird?
  90. One volume down...so many more to go
  91. Las Tortugas Ninja (Division Comics)
  92. Comic Conventions...and the Turtles
  93. Volume 2 - confusion
  94. Image TMNT #24
  95. Is "Turtles Forever" canon in the comics?
  96. Heroes Convention/Turtle Guests
  97. Predictions for vol.3 issue 25.
  98. Delete me
  99. The next project doesn't have time to bleed...
  100. Have a lot of money? Want awesome Krang art?
  101. TMNT #1 in CGC 9.8 sells for over $22,000!
  102. So it seems PL didn't quite approve of all Tales V. 2 issues
  103. Full preview of IDW's TMNT: Heroes in a Halfshell!!!
  104. Peter Laird reacts to IDW TMNT preview/press release
  105. TMNT Adventures (Archie) marathon run begins now...
  106. TMNT "First Books" Graphic Novels
  107. So um... Old Hob, huh?
  108. TMNT volume 1 question
  109. It'd be fun if we had an Eastman comic and a Laird comic at the same time
  110. I just order TMNT hard cover by idw
  111. The HardCover got pushed back
  112. TMNT Volume 4 Threads
  113. The pet store that the turtles were in
  114. TMNT The Ultimate Collection Vol. 1
  115. Animal mutants in the Mirage comics?
  116. So, you say you want new TMNT comics...
  117. Realistically speaking, how far do you see them getting with the trades?
  118. Which original 4Kids cartoon villains would you like to see IDW comic.?
  119. The Irony of Eastman and IDW
  120. Please help get the Panel to Panel book get off the ground
  121. TMNT Tribute Book
  122. TMNT Conservation Corps stuff
  123. would like some help with tales vol 1&2
  124. Today is Eastman's
  125. Anyone find it funny that TMNT is rebooted along with all of DC?
  126. Wow, TMNT Adventures offended a lot of Christians
  127. Archie comics, what could have been
  128. Q&A with Tristan Jones, re: the Mirage Universe Sourcebook
  129. June TMNT preview page
  130. Will the new show affect/influence the comic?
  131. Sam Kieth's Cover...
  132. A possible Origin of Raph's Anger
  133. The Shredder Worm Clones (a TMNTpedia disagreement)
  134. Would IDW continue to put out the trades if the regular series ends?
  135. Is Shadow's age ever specifically stated?
  136. What were the vampires in Vol. 4?
  137. Comic Shop News TMNT Article
  138. Most violent TMNT comic aside from Bodycount?
  139. Can we just agree...
  140. Tales of the TMNT #71 (TMNT Vol.1 #8 remake without Cerebus)
  141. Frank Fosco @ Wizard World Chicago
  142. Image TMNT TPB
  143. Ralston cereal mini comics
  144. Cover art for IDW Ultimate collection HC
  145. Are we sure the Turtles are red-earred sliders?
  146. New Lawson Post & Blog (Paleo News)
  147. Best and worst new characters introduced in the Archie series?
  148. Comic Con
  149. IDW TMNT #2 Covers
  150. Trade Identification Request
  151. Any Rick McCollum fans out there?
  152. Need reference pics - Hook me up!
  153. "Real" or "Fantasy?"
  154. Does IDW have the rights to re-print all the Vol. 1 guest material?
  155. Was the Mutanimals dying considered shocking at the time?
  156. Heavy Metal 25th ann reissue
  157. Slowly losing a friend....
  158. Leonardo by Ethan Van Sciver
  159. Artist Gene Colan passes away at 84
  160. Usagi/TMNT comic crossovers
  161. TMNT Volume 4
  162. The IDW Collection Topic
  163. Soul's Winter Question
  164. Adding Info to DrSpengler's TMNT Timeline
  165. Kevin Eastman interview with MTV Geek
  166. Where will you purchase your IDW TMNT comics?
  167. No TPB For TMNT?
  168. Do you keep old TPB's if you get new releases?
  169. New to TMNT Comic Collecting :D
  170. Characters and concepts made for the 4Kids cartoon in Mirage comics.
  171. The Turtles that never were
  172. Vol. 1 #1 Art
  173. Is City At War after Return to NY? Why are they at the farm again?
  174. San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Ashcan cover
  175. TMNT in Cereal:Geek
  176. Someone refresh my memory...
  177. Casey Jones Question
  178. IDW Musings
  179. The new home for Kevin Eastman's art!
  180. IDW: Possibility of no oversized hardcovers after Eastman/Laird run
  181. Tell me about Vol. 3? (The Image Years)
  182. Chances of Eastman and Laird working on TMNT?
  183. "Year of the Turtle" was a great Archie mini-series
  184. Archie overseas printing question
  185. IDW TMNT #3 Cover Art + Synopsis
  186. TMNT theme at mycomicshop
  187. A thread dedicated to the great TMNT Entity
  188. TMNT All-Star Creative Team
  189. Short Kevin Eastman Clip from SDCC 11 Shows Off Sketchbook
  190. David Petersen's IDW Raphael Cover
  191. Frank Miller's TMNT?
  192. TMNT: Infestation?
  193. what is in this comic?
  194. Gnatrat Lives!
  195. Push for Forever War on IDW boards
  196. April's Race
  197. The first mention of TMNT EVER online (April 1984)
  198. IDW #1 Hastings Variant
  199. Ask your LCS worker, I was surprised.
  200. Who made this TMNT cover ?
  201. Did anyone not like Leatherhead's origin in Archie?
  202. Frank Fosco's new project
  203. Frank and Andrew take Chicago... (Chicago Wizard World 2011 Con)
  204. Raphael #1
  205. Preview for my next comic project!
  206. Kevin Eastman AICN interview
  207. The Mirage Store- Freebies?
  208. Archie... Miragized?
  209. New Tom Waltz interview on AICN
  210. Why isn't Kevin as opposed to Fred Wolf characters like Peter is?
  211. 4 days left.... A moment to reflect....
  212. Raphael #1 synopsis
  213. IDW TMNT #4 Cover + Synopsis
  214. Semi-Large Vol. 1 Cover Scans?
  215. To what species of turtles belong the TMNT? (TMNT in real life :-)
  216. Questions about TMTN Adv #71 and 72
  217. when does the idw turtles comic get released?
  218. Kevin Eastman @ Golden Apple Comics 8/24
  219. IDW series variant covers from Mirage guys?
  220. IDW TMNT Preoorder best prices
  221. (Possible Spoilers) The IDW TMNT New Issue Discussion Thread
  222. IDW Sketch Variant Cover Question
  223. Duncan's Food Fight Piece
  224. The IDW Rampant Speculation Thread
  225. So is the IDW series like Marvel's "Ultimate" line?
  226. Cost of producing a comic book?
  227. Thank you, TMNT fans!
  228. Fandom Directory No. 8
  229. No IDW TMNT in the UK?!?
  230. IDW's Michelangelo
  231. I got to say this is kind of cool...
  232. Character Creators List
  233. TMNT #1 -- sold out and second printing news
  234. The IDW Shredder
  235. IDW # 2 Jetpack Edition
  236. Soul's Winter TPB Introduction by Steve Bissette
  237. Melting Pot TPB
  238. Hey Variant Buyers, How Much Can You Take?
  239. Question about mirage comics volume one
  240. Any news on issue five?
  241. This may be a stupid question, but...
  242. So, Infes2ation...
  243. TMNT in BR comic Captain Ninja
  244. French ninja turtles hard cover archie comics
  245. You too can own Eric Talbot original art...
  246. How do you store your oversized issues?
  247. Donatello: Dark Energy
  248. Why is the Ultimate Collection dated so weird on Amazon?
  249. TMNT #2 Preview/Discussion
  250. TMNT Ultimate Collection Vol. 1 Wrap-Around Cover