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  1. 1994 DonŽs Pizza-Powered Parachute
  2. 1994 CruisinŽLeo with Classic Sewer Cycle
  3. Theory About the New 2k12 mutants
  4. TMNT Figure collecting, where to start? HELP!!
  5. Prototypes never produced from the original toy line: 1988 Technorover
  6. 1992 Muta-Ski
  7. TMNT + Power Rangers T-shirt @ ript
  8. Turtle fest june 21-23 2013
  9. 1992 Muta-Bike
  10. 1988 Toy Questions
  11. 1994 Surfer Leo with Mondo Mutant Surfer Tube
  12. Prototypes never produced from the original toy line: 1994 Macho Mutant Module
  13. 1993 Farmer Mike and his Turtle Tractor
  14. TMNT Nick toon Trading Card Game.
  15. I just picked up Snakeweed, Baxter, and Leatherhead...
  16. Dash...Spawn vs TMNT...Spawn Wins.
  17. Next Toys after BS, SW, LH
  18. After youŽve gone
  19. 1994 Farmer Donatello and his Modern Mutant Tractor
  20. Mirage Comic Cover Shirt @ Hot Topic!
  21. Nickelodeon April variants
  22. What is your favorite 1995 Playmates figure? (part 1 of 2)
  23. TMNT Funko POP Vinyl Figures
  24. My collection for sale!!!
  25. Turtle Classics
  26. 1994 Road RacinŽ Mike with Kowabunga Bike
  27. Prototypes never produced from the original toyline: Turtle Movie Sewer Subway Car
  28. April O'Neil 2012 Figure Ebay
  29. My wife found this online...
  30. My Solution to the Ooze Problem
  31. TMNT Mashems Raphael and Shredder?
  32. Collection Moving
  33. The Core Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures...
  34. Local Shop with MOC Early Playmates TMNT and I Need Advice
  35. Karai Toy
  36. Let's convince amazon to stock TMNT figures!
  37. Krang!
  38. Do you guys think buying from Ebay and Amazon is like cheating.
  39. What are you guys looking forward to in 2014?
  40. Does anybody know the codes for the blind bags?
  41. Turtle Shell Backpack!
  42. Has anyone ever used these to hang their figures?
  43. 1994 Scuba DivinŽRaph with Psych Out Spin Out Scuba Tube
  44. 1994 Pizza SkimminŽJetboat
  45. Protective cases for the 2003 figures ?
  46. Usagi Yojimbo iOS Code?
  47. Is the Nickelodeon April being re-released?
  48. TMNT Fast Forward Trading Cards
  49. Classics still shipping to stores
  50. Filespit's Lego TMNT Project
  51. Old Toon/Archie/Re-drawn stock art shirt at Hot Topic
  52. Toys R Us Exclusive Chairs - Anyone have them?
  53. When is Wave 3 coming to Canada?
  54. "New" Designation on Vintage Figures from 1990?
  55. Krang Hoodie giveaway winner
  56. 1994 Pizza Powered Turtle Prop
  57. Garbage Pail Kids TMNT
  58. I hope to see more turtles for the Classic Collection
  59. TMNT Nesting Cups
  60. What is your favorite 1995 Playmates figure? (Jim Lee, Metal Mutants, Ninja Shooters)
  61. What if NECA had kept their license for TMNT action figures?
  62. Wasp!
  63. Why some TMNT Lego has no figures? and some does
  64. Sealed Purple Foot Ooze VS Scratch
  65. What scale are playmates TMNT anyway?
  66. 'Hero' turtles party wagon
  67. Fault with UK release of Metalhead.
  68. New TMNT Shirt At Hot Topic: A Must Have For Any OT Fan
  69. Worth getting the TMNT Lego AFA graded?
  70. Should they include April's fan?
  71. The TeeFury thread
  72. Has anyone played the TMNT Clash Alley Board Game
  73. Where's Karai?
  74. AFA Question
  75. Is Figure Packaging Worth Keeping?
  76. The Newtralizer by Ryan Brown
  77. Night Shadow Leonardo at Toys R Us Australia.
  78. 1988 Gags, Jokes and Crazy Weapons #1
  79. TMNT Tees
  80. LEGO Shellraiser question
  81. 1988 Gags, Jokes and Crazy Weapons #2
  82. Neca B&W Leonardo's Katana Variant?
  83. Has anyone seen any of the TMNT CLASSICS?
  84. Does anyone have this TMNT skateboard?
  85. TMNT 2014 Wishlist
  86. Are these figures rare?
  87. Are these books really worth this much?
  88. Cases for carded TMNT 2003?
  89. Undercover Turtles Variants??
  90. 1988 Gags, Jokes and Crazy Weapons #3
  91. Chair and Table Set
  92. Would you pay to have your MISB items X-Rayed?
  93. [Kickstarter] MakeMe. Customizable Toy for ppl
  94. Super Poseable TMNTs 2003/plush
  95. Favourite packaging?
  96. A good idea for human figs.
  97. Nick Turtles with Vintage Villain Figures?
  98. Krang parts.....
  99. Met a retired Mirage Distributor today...Rare Gold Plated Watch
  100. ShirtPunch - Leo Shirt for Tuesday 5/21
  101. Turtle Battle Fun Set: Tokka? Or Slash?
  102. Are the 2012 + figures worth keeping MOC
  103. Ace Duck.... Ugh.
  104. Question about Signatures on Commissioned art work
  105. Things you wish the 2012 TMNT line had in it that the vintage did...
  106. Worst toy you've ever seen?
  107. Comic-Con 2013 Exclusive Guesses?
  108. Can someone tell me what this is from?
  109. Toy Price Guide
  110. Giant Rocksteady Gun
  111. That guilty feeling
  112. 1995 Supermutant Cyclone Cycle
  113. 1995 Metal Mutant Cycle
  114. Dont make the wife mad. R.I.P. Snakeweed
  115. Something that has always bothered me..
  116. so... who painted this thing anyway? seeking poster artist info...
  117. Anybody here collect prototyes? Share your pics here!
  118. The 12" Turtle Trolls
  119. Rarest toys in the new Nickolodeon toy line
  120. New turtle on the block
  121. Hardest figure to get besides scratch
  122. Are there bootleg Classic TMNT figures?
  123. I have a question about the original playmates turtles.
  124. Any info on this?
  125. Options for patching the Turtle Blimp? Any success stories?
  126. To open or not to open....that is the question.
  127. Card or Bubble, whats more important?
  128. TMNT Print by Florey "Turtle's Quest"
  129. Not enough room, too many toys. Help!!
  130. so when are the new TMNT figures coming out?
  131. tmnt funko vinyl figures
  132. What are the acceptable going rates for the original figures?
  133. Bebop & Rocksteady: Old vs. New?
  134. Does anyone else just collect figures?
  135. How many own a Scratch outside the US/Canada?
  136. Anyway for vintage figs besides ebay?
  137. Having a hard time with zolo cases
  138. Got a 11" kraang for $35
  139. Weird And Wonderful Merchandise
  140. i want to be a toy dealer...explain to me something...
  141. A new appreciation for Next Mutation Figures
  142. New TMNT Figures Coming in July + Video
  143. Question about the Snakeweed action figure
  144. Stupid question from I, sejhwae mc dumb a himer
  145. TMNT Plush Toys
  146. Cleaning Up Vintage Figures
  147. Afa graded tmnt figures & tmnt #1 cgc 9.6 for sale
  148. Italian radiocontrolled Channel 6 news van: semiofficial or KO?
  149. 1993 Movie III Turtlepult with Whit action figure
  150. Vintage tmnt boxes
  151. soft head raph
  152. Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles Actionfigures | The Art of Posing
  153. Classics Wave 2 release delayed?
  154. Heading to New Jersey next week....
  155. Things you find most often broken on TMNT toys...
  156. Alert: Snakeweed and Leatherhead online
  157. Kraang Prime Scale?
  158. NECA Foot Soldier coloring
  159. neca raph, leo, angelo, (legit) from craigslist
  160. TMNT Want List-They have to be Sealed
  161. Posing and Storing Figures without wearing out springs
  162. Where can I buy non-bootleg NECA TMNT figures for good price
  163. Do 1998 re-releases of the original figures still say 1988 as year made on backs?
  164. Turtle Saint toy hunt
  165. What toys do you collect besides TMNT?
  166. Inquiry: 1'' Baby Retromutagen Ooze Turtle
  167. 1988 – 1995 Original Toyline Vehicles, Accesories and Playset Guide
  168. At what point did the ooze canisters become so expensive?
  169. 2013 Ooze
  170. 1993 Movie III Samurai Evil War Horse with Castle Guard Action Figure
  171. What is the hardest new tmnt for you to find?
  172. Information on TMNT ebay item. Updated POST!
  173. Which should I go for? Hard or Soft Head
  174. Anchovy Alley dimensions
  175. 1993 Movie III Samurai Rebel War Horse with Rebel Soldier Action Figure
  176. What is this thing? Prototype? Bootleg?
  177. 1992 movie star TMNT Price guide new post
  178. Are The New Figures Poorly Made?
  179. TMNT NECA Variants
  180. Road Raider and Leonardo listed in UK
  181. Pictures from Ninja Turtle Fest.
  182. Preserving the 1988 Turtle Blimp
  183. What was your most depressing toy experience?
  184. NECA TMNT, is this new? or a knockoff?
  185. Toon Cycle Raph from Ideal
  186. Thoughts on value/selling a collection
  187. Value of the 2012 figures
  188. 1985 Mail Away Button Project
  189. Price: This is nonsense
  190. TMNT Pizza Hut Button
  191. Soft Head Help
  192. SDCC Exclusive Shredder
  193. 2012 TMNT figure line and a Misprint splinter???!!!
  194. Best TMNT toy line?
  195. TMNT toy pricing
  196. Funko Pop Turtles Go Metallic! SDCC 2013 Exclusives!
  197. Weird plastic on my Classic Collection Mikey?
  198. TMNT Blind Bag Theory
  199. Any way to tell if it's a loose 25th Anniversary re-release?
  200. Which were your sources to learn about the original toyline before internet expanded?
  201. Classics Release date
  202. New Figures Mispackage
  203. Can't sleep. Raph will eat me...
  204. should there be a 2k3 playmates classics line?
  205. Best online sites to buy the vintage TMNT line?
  206. Pizza Points
  207. The official TMNT toy review thread!!
  208. Definitive figure list with vehicles?
  209. are the NECA Bootlegs worth getting
  210. What is your favorite 1997 figure (non-Next mutation)
  211. Toy Exclusive characters from the 88-96 line.
  212. Last of the 2k12 original head sculpt?
  213. Found a bunch of tmnt figures from my youth
  214. Sunburst???
  215. What are you paying at retail for your TMNT?
  216. Bootleg scratches on ebay... Same seller.
  217. Chinese neca bootlegs
  218. Casey at Bat t-shirt RIPT Apparel 7/12
  219. Gray 1989 Luch Box
  220. fast forward turtles
  221. Ebay Global Shipping Program
  222. Anyone grabbing the newer set?
  223. Ace Duck hat off with pop-up
  224. TMNT Toys pictured in article
  225. Is Nickelodeon April Really THAT Skinny?
  226. Heelp, technodrome sticker sheet
  227. Who's your favorite Playmates figure 89-92?
  228. Amazon.com's new TMNT hub
  229. SDCC 2013 Playmates Panel (July 18th)
  230. What's going on with the Classic line
  231. rat king and cockroach terminator in MI
  232. Put things in perspective
  233. Let's discuss labels (A Playmates request to the fans)
  234. Ventura County Fair- TMNT Collection
  235. vintage 88 shredder / splinter cape
  236. Previews mag cover scan
  237. Missing 1990 Technodrome Parts
  238. giant mutations raphael
  239. Playmates TMNT 2013 coming out
  240. Jim leee's Tmnt Raph Battle Damaged Dragon and Officer Dragon
  241. Sewer Tubes
  242. The How Much Is This Worth Thread!
  243. Classics Series 2 Case packout
  244. A question that puzzles me to no end
  245. Help a New Collector Out
  246. so i found classics don at my TRU!!!
  247. Black Shredder (2013) variant?
  248. TMNT #1 1St print. Anyone own one?
  249. The turtles smash em things
  250. Something I noticed about the Leo movie figure