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  1. San Diego Comic Con Turtle Figures
  2. A sudden thought came to me when it comes to the classic line
  3. Pigeon Pete and Monkey Brains
  4. Dromer's Home/Collection On Imgur?
  5. Soft Heads?
  6. Classic turtles colours?????
  7. I searched and didn't see this listed yet. Retro Turtles for preorder on ToysRUs
  8. 2004 Laird Talbot Comic Con Print Raph
  9. any good toy shops in vegas?
  10. Cockroach Terminator arm?
  11. Should I AFA Grade My MISB Technodrome?
  12. TMNT + Powerpuff Girls shirt at RIPT Apparel on 8/6
  13. questions for the neca bootlegs
  14. In regards to NYCC
  15. Turtles Classics R&B
  16. Ooze w/ mini turtle
  17. Where to find bootleg NECA TMNT'S best deals
  18. Favorite figure of the new series?
  19. Hi I'm new here
  20. Nick Technodrome Playset?
  21. Is this worth anything?
  22. new turtle shell
  23. Lost/Damageg Molds?
  24. Value of error cards?
  25. Because Apparently It's Up To You, Not Me.
  26. Any Word On Shredder Supreme?
  27. Is there any Neca Bootlegs of Shredder and Foot Soldier circulating anywhere???
  28. Hover Drone Found!!
  29. RC Shellraiser available anywhere?
  30. Good Places in Australia to Buy From?
  31. Why no Casey Jones or Mutagen Man figures?
  32. What's your favorite nickelodeon teenage mutant ninja turtles figure
  33. Vintage figure weapons
  34. TMNT Classic Collection Action Figures
  35. Least Favorite Nick Figure?
  36. ID these parts! OH THE HUMANITY!
  37. Some kind of..... KUNG FU FROGS
  38. Need help on this Leo 1988
  39. McDonald's TMNT Plush Toys (In Hand!)
  40. Ooze store display in mint condition? possible?
  41. TMNT Panini Trading card game
  42. TMNT Funko Pop Exclusives
  43. Nick TMNT missed opportunities...
  44. IDW Red Label question
  45. Turtle trading site like Brickpicker.com?
  46. Made in Macao, made in China, Help.
  47. Turtles pinball
  48. Weird Foreign Donnie Target find
  49. TMNT Coin-Op Ride
  50. New Re-reissues at Toys R Us
  51. turtle blimp question.
  52. Difference between...?
  53. Does anyone remember the Hide N Sleep Bed Tent?
  54. Lost FedEx Packages?
  55. TMNT 2014 movie **OFFICIAL THREAD**
  56. Lego TMNT
  57. Is this a pic of Newtrailyzer (sp??)
  58. Should Playmates do a line of toys for the new movie?
  59. Are you a closet TMNT fan?
  60. What would a Dimension X playset look like?
  61. My collection continues to grow.
  62. Large 23" Plush - Raphael
  63. The Pizza Thrower Won't Work Properly, Help, Suggestions..
  64. BAND-AID Brand app...starring the TMNT.
  65. variants compared to mispackaging.
  66. black super shredder
  67. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Classic Collection Will Be Exclusive To TRU & Online
  68. What if Playmates Misheard the Karai nuts..
  69. 2012 TMNT adult-sized t-shirts?
  70. FS (DFW, TX): mouser 7 pack and Leo/donnie turtles in training RETAIL price
  71. bad smell, odor removal giant tmnt's
  72. First KRAANG PRIME Figure?
  73. Stealth Tech Leonardo
  74. TMNT Toy Diorama Build
  75. Unpunched April O'Neil Blue Stripe
  76. Nice ladies OT shirt on amazon UK
  77. Lego TMNT discontinuation date?
  78. About Karai, Kraang Prime, and other missing characters from the list
  79. Why does the Mouser 7-pack have 3 different colored mousers?
  80. PSA: Get a Secret Sewer Lair for $80 with free shipping
  81. Are there any Tmnt Comic T-shirts?
  82. TMNT Trading Card Games - how would you design one?
  83. 2k3 sewer lair parts list???
  84. spider bytes???
  85. General Traag with Foot Soldier 10 back card?
  86. Customized Party Wagon @ *Power-Con*
  87. Technodrome Screws
  88. Mutagen Man
  89. Nick 2013 TMNT Baxter stockman with loose joints
  90. Just a head's up, TMNT toy talk with Pat Linden...
  91. News bits from the PowerCon interview with Playmates Toys...
  92. Worth getting?
  93. Has anyone seen this?
  94. 2014 TMNT Figures
  95. My vintage Slash has a loose belt!
  96. Anyone looking to save some money on the TRU exclusive items, get them for 20-25% off
  97. After 25 years, I FINALLY have a Sewer Lair playset....
  98. Tmnt lego convention poster project
  99. Fast Forward Blind Bags?
  100. Party City Online Exclusive TMNT Costumes!
  101. Tmnt retro collection 4
  102. Nickelodeon Figures Checklists
  103. Rare Metalhead (2012) Misprint?
  104. Dull variant shogun raph?
  105. Matching the Toyline with the Seasons
  106. TMNT VHS Cassettes (1987 TV Series Only)
  107. A Graded Ooze Store Display
  108. Curious...
  109. bootleg classics?
  110. Need More info on the Leo's turle trike..
  111. One 'S'hell Of A Deal!!
  112. question on the all rubber 1988 10 back figure i saw on ebay
  113. set of 4 1991 storage shell worth?
  114. Someone have Info on this?
  115. Secret Santa Gift Idea
  116. Ninja Turtles Vintage Pack In Cards and Coins
  117. 1994 Undercover tmnt figure
  118. Vote TMNT for 2013 Toy Hall Of Fame!
  119. Best Nick line vehicle so far...?
  120. What are the chances of a new Technodrome being released?
  121. Non-TMNT Toys Action Scenes/Shots
  122. Has anybody spotted the Classics Bebop & Rocksteady in stores yet?
  123. tmnt duelin dudes
  124. Question about 25th anniversary toys with DVDs
  125. Is this particularly uncommon?
  126. Recent Pickups Thread!
  127. Possibility of "palette swap" in original Playmates line?
  128. Michelangelo shirt at Shirt Punch - 10/9 only
  129. scam seller
  130. Favorite Set of 4 Turtles?
  131. Anyone ever notice about 1st release Turtle Figures
  132. Birthday Loot!
  133. Shredder 2 question
  134. Did they ever release...
  135. Favorite Shredder Figure?
  136. ANOTHER Mystery TMNT Happy Meal (Un-produced?)
  137. It's a trap! The Crazy Ebay auction thread!
  138. Costco Selling the Shellraiser w/Leonardo Figure
  139. Where are the new Battle Shell figures?
  140. I need your help for THE LIST
  141. Toon Shredder's accessories question
  142. Turtle van bed...???
  143. Missed opportunities: Versions of the fab four that could've been made.
  144. TMNT 10back Set Complete
  145. Is anyone gonna try to customize the M.O.U.S.E.R.S.?
  146. Anyone pumped for Bay's 2014 Turtle movie figs?
  147. Where Can I Find This Costume??!!!
  148. Completed Basic Figure Set!!!
  149. Advice for Casey Jones mask
  150. Scamer in Mega Mega Mega denial!
  151. So angry over an eBay purchase
  152. Help with Metal Mutants
  153. Chrome Dome Error question
  154. Foreign Vehicle...Real? Looks official, never seen it.
  155. Buying something to sell it immediatelly on e-bay
  156. Taking Price Tags off of 1988 figures?
  157. Before You Say "Why Didn't/Don't They Make THAT Character?"...
  158. '91 Movie Star Turtle Figure question
  159. storing your original art/commission pieces
  160. If any of you have the Toys R' Us Big Toy Book....you need to take advantage...
  161. giant turtles weapons
  162. Proper stands or substitutes for the 88 figures
  163. Hey guys, what is this weird Malaysian release?
  164. Heeeere's Casey!
  165. Neca turtles-- how can you tel which are legit or bootlegs
  166. For Those That Order From TRU For TMNT Items......
  167. "Awesome Toy Collector Show" Fort Worth 12/8/13
  168. Request Karai figure from Playmates!
  169. tricerton tail on the figure is loose help!
  170. retro tmnt trading cards
  171. Buying and Selling Best Practices and Policies
  172. Casey Jones figure preview giveaway!
  173. Playmates Toys Site Updates
  174. WTT or WTB
  175. Toy Fair 2012 michelangelo
  176. Karai Figure 2014
  177. What are you collecting at the moment?
  178. New TMNT Happy Meal coming next month!
  179. Vintage MISB Vehicles - Checking Contents
  180. Casey Jones Contest
  181. Starting a collection!!
  182. Japan exclusive expensive nickelodeon jackets
  183. replacement decals for vintage sewer lair?
  184. Nick Casey Jones limited 25 release contest
  185. Classic Bebop and Rocksteady Figures
  186. Hello Kitty Turtles?
  187. Newbie help with April
  188. Chinese Neca Bootlegs....Legit?
  189. 1991 Hose 'Em Down Don
  190. What NICK Figures Do You Not Want to See?
  191. Coin Operated Vehicles
  192. Technodrome accessories
  193. How rare is this 1989 Mirror???
  194. Got a message today that I won a figure from the NYCC Twitter giveaway!
  195. My TMNT Collection as of 11-25-2013
  196. 2007 TMNT Figures
  197. 1989 1992 The Vintage Artwork Figure Carboard Characters Cameos
  198. Who Won??
  199. Sankeweed with gold "nickelodeon" and blue "teenage mutant ninja"
  200. Question about the Undercover Turtles figures??!!
  201. Adults buying toys for themselves is not okay.
  202. Papercraft Sets
  203. AFA graded All rubber limbs TMNT figure. Pics inside...
  204. Playmates Nickelodeon TMNT Variants & Running Changes.
  205. 1995 Adventures Turtles Figure Series: Safari Mike, Arctic Don and Deep Sea Diver Leo
  206. Tmnt mutagen ooze Walmart ad
  207. SDCC 2013 POP Figures Amazon Lightning Deal today 12/8/13
  208. Hot Toys TMNT?
  209. P. Laird's Fugitoid ornament (among other items)
  210. When does the McDonalds happy meal promotion start?
  211. nickelodeon tmnt contest
  212. Christmas Time!
  213. playmates factory
  214. Ninja Turtles Busy Builders set by Colorforms
  215. Why Don't You Collect Art?
  216. 1992 Wacky Wild West Turtles Figures.
  217. Opportunity to buy turtles toys? Fake or Real? Help please
  218. Target 10% off all items 12/21 and 12/22
  219. Afa question thread
  220. Nickelodeon TMNT different toy versions
  221. Help Identify Misc TMNT Pieces
  222. sewer lair question
  223. customs
  224. Bootleg or foreign?
  225. 1988 Classic figure re-releases .... confused
  226. nick sealed figure case question
  227. nice tmnt toy checklist? anyone have them for trade
  228. 100 piece Launch item any different value?
  229. Customizing questions about the Talkin' Turtles
  230. 2007 karai
  231. Is there anything that you won't collect?
  232. What other brands/lines do you also collect?
  233. Rare Turtles Comic?
  234. Original playmates toyline
  235. If you could choose one TMNT figure to be redone/re-sculpted, which would it be?
  236. Has the line jumped the shark? And when?
  237. Signs that your collection may be out of hand
  238. Why did Playmates create their own mutants for the original toyline?
  239. 2 amazing tees on RIPT today!
  240. 1993 Universal Studios Monsters Turtles Series 1
  241. can this be fixed?
  242. Help with IDing a negative/animation cell type artwork (take a peek and help please)
  243. TMNT inspired shirt at Shirt Punch - Jan 10th only
  244. Trading card game question
  245. Nick turtles - stands?
  246. any ideas on how to make the sewer lair sturdy
  247. Cold Cast vs Sideshow statues
  248. TMNT Classics Collection Wave 3
  249. 2003 series 1 TMNT, Splinter and Shredder
  250. XLARGE X TMNT Collab