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  1. Future Turtles/Dark Turtles
  2. Is "fast forward" a totally new series?
  3. I know what I'm buying pretty soon
  4. Important:New Toys in New Show
  5. OMG!!! What's the story behind this 1991 Ninja News Cycle?
  6. My Raph figures broke, bad day for me
  7. My email to PlayMates Toys for better figures
  8. do you guys think....
  9. It's really early but what do you expect from the 2007 movie figures?
  10. Do you play with your TMNT action figures?
  11. Toy Fair pics up!
  12. extra weapons packs..
  13. Best Ebay Auction. Ever.
  14. Toys that were never made
  15. Movie action turtle w/ dvd
  16. Mine collection of MOC old figures
  17. 100th episode packaging
  18. I Really Can Not Believe No One's Talking About These Figures!?
  19. Ebay Toy Lot
  20. Rat King/Bishop/Nobody card back pics
  21. Info and pics of my Rat King and Nobody figures.
  22. Paleo Patrol in cartoon
  23. UNIVERSAL MONSTERS TMNT Anyone remember?
  24. Awesome pics of my Agent Bishop action figure!
  25. Variants in New Toyline
  26. Paleo Patrol review and photos
  27. Toys R Us liquidating the vehicles and playsets!
  28. 100 Greatest Toys
  29. Question
  30. Series accuracy
  31. Baxter Stockman
  32. The whacked out Japanese TMNT line.
  33. What do you use to protect your MOC figures?
  34. What new figures am I missing
  35. Repairing MOC TMNT toys?
  36. The Minnetonka Mutant
  37. 2007 Movie Toys
  38. Top 5 Figures from the 2k3 Era?
  39. Worst figures from the 2k3 era?
  40. (April Fool's joke)Hasbro to takeover TMNT figure production
  41. Are they still re-releasing Paleo Patrol figures w/ DVD?
  42. Red-Utrom Shredder action figure
  43. New figure Photos at TNI
  44. Okay, let me be the first to say...
  45. Dino Runner and Rpah/Yeti reviews and photos
  46. Look Inside For A Vintage Suprize
  47. Warriors of the forgotten sewer
  48. I need a figure identified...
  49. Does anyone else think..
  50. new figures etc
  51. Paleo Patrol vehicle reviews/photos
  52. ..Don v. DARKNESS .. !! **
  53. QUARRY's on SHELVES!
  54. Quarry, Rat King, Nobody and Agent Bishop review
  55. TMNT Checklist
  56. Shellastic Photos and review
  57. Visual reference guide
  58. Besides TMNT what other figure lines do you collect?
  59. Questions about Storage Shell TMNT figures
  60. Does anyone buy the deluxe figures?
  61. Quarry MOC pics and Canadian TMNT toy news
  62. Greatest deal in the entire existance of toy collecting ever
  63. Has anyone else had a proble with Dark Assassin.
  64. Shell Kickers Review
  65. Metal Miniatures (by Dark Horse)
  66. Help please
  67. I'm so happy and so pissed off !
  68. Gennosuke
  69. Are the tmnt Paleo Patrol small dinosaurs worth gettin?
  70. Just an idea
  71. The Official Bootleg thread
  72. Ripped Up and Fun Bounce Friends
  73. Old figures still on shelves
  74. Does anyone have their own pics of TMNT Statues?
  75. So while I was cleaning out my fridge...
  76. King of rats
  77. Anyone know of any Display Cases for vintage or new MOC's?
  78. This figure has cracks in his shoulders
  79. Huge Savings from TRU.com
  80. The April O'neil thing again
  81. Has Anyone in Southern California seen Quarry Yet?
  82. Some super mini TMNT need identification,help~!
  83. Deep Divin' Leonardo and Michelangelo 2-Pack
  84. M.E.S.S. and Paleo Patrol MOC pics on official site
  85. Gold Ninja Knights
  86. Toon Shredder
  87. Know of a site who has the TMNT classic toy commercials?
  88. Question about first set of figures
  89. Which Krang figure do you prefer?
  90. I give you...The Power-5 Robot (LOTS of pictures)
  91. New TMNT Figures With Comic Books?
  92. Random TMNT Merchandise
  93. TMNT collector
  94. 49$ for 19 figures on ebay... ... Did I get burned?
  95. Cool customs
  96. Did you ever mix the TMNT figs with the Toxic Crusaders?
  97. Jokebook archive
  98. S.W.A.T. Battle pack... I can't find one for the life of me.
  99. Which is your favorite evil mutant for the classic toy line?
  100. I won this off of ebay but I have a question for you TMNT collectors
  101. Ninja Turtles Original vs Storage Shell
  102. So, did I get ripped off?
  103. Fast Forward photos
  104. Is there a site that has all the...
  105. You all know how I like the weird crap
  106. Question about 1993 Series II Mutations
  107. Giant Mutations
  108. Raph as the Mummy discussion-- Aramconbrat and TMNTGal will appreciate this
  109. Heads up, new 2 packs
  110. Mousers box set ?
  111. My tmnt mini playsets collection!!
  112. Ninja Tribunal/Lost Season Toys
  113. Does anyone else just love these? (FFTMNT)
  114. New figures New movie?
  115. Good place to find them?
  116. can someone please take pics of the new figures?
  117. TMNT 4 Toy pix !!
  118. Oroku Saki
  119. Does anyone want a closed mouth turtle?
  120. The great unboxing!
  121. My messed up Serling figure
  122. to anyone who has the karai toy
  123. Mutated Don error packaging?
  124. discoloured toy?
  125. my latest purchase... (plus more!)
  126. I just stumbled about this ad
  127. So I went to Target today...
  128. Inuwashi Gunjin & Viral figure pics!!
  129. cool customs
  130. A Look of Whats To come In The Fast Forward Line pluss more!
  131. Mutated Donatello!
  132. The worst week ever. (toy related)
  134. reduce reuse recycle, a funny goof
  135. Mirage's Classic Rocker Leo on e-bay
  136. New Figures
  137. found this while searching the net
  138. Lost Season Figures ?
  139. finding old figures at a cheap price?
  140. Dont got to Walmart!
  141. Kaybee Toys and biglots
  142. Collecting Questions...
  143. Quick question on finding 'Fast Forward' Figures
  144. !! Rocksa WOKS ..
  145. Next Mutation Figs.
  146. Moto-Psycho
  147. Can someone tell me where these are from?
  148. Scale Problems
  149. Turtle Articulation Information!!!!!
  150. AHHHH!!!! Where are the Fast Forward Figures?!
  151. Hard to find figures....
  152. Vintage Toy Checklist
  153. major screw up
  154. Vintage Toy Weapons... losing my mind!!!
  155. Which Fast Forward Turtle Is Your Fave?
  156. If You could Choose 20 Characters.
  157. We seriously need a Vintage only TMNT Site
  158. wallmart cancells tmnt fig.
  159. Bootleg Turtle Figures
  160. Figures that come packed with Vehicles Question
  161. TMNT two packs
  162. New Pictures Of The Tmnt Movie Figures For 2007!!!!
  163. Discussion on Completeness
  164. Jammerhead & Viral now out!!
  165. Bootleg Splinter on e-bay
  166. vintage vs newer stuff
  167. Vintage Future
  168. Toy's R Us Deal
  169. Good news on Turtle figures in the UK and Ireland
  170. Massive Toy Haul
  171. Havent seen these before....
  172. Vintage Question about 88 april
  173. Giant Figures w/ movie question...
  174. Pics and details of my TMNT FF Enemies action figures
  175. Error Shell-astics Leo Card...
  176. fedual Shredder figure
  177. Quarry
  178. Weird thing about FF Figures/Mutated Don
  179. Does anyone else become obsessed with...
  180. Dark TMNT figs on the west side
  181. TMNT figure breaks and problems
  182. pre orders 4 new movie toys
  183. Dark Turtles
  184. New TMNT Fast Forward Figures! Agent Bishop!
  185. ..tOkKa knows that Gamera is real..
  186. Are these figures still pretty easy to find?
  187. Does anyone else think Paleo Patrol killed the line?
  188. FF figure do yo have so far
  189. Even More Tmnt Toy Pics!
  190. Fast Forward Figure Variations on weapons and Packaging
  191. What is this vintage Japanese item?!?!
  192. no turtles for christmas!?!?
  193. gold battlenexus guys
  194. Weaponless, defenseless Raphael
  195. *So* pissed...
  196. FF Dark turtle series out!! WOO HOHO!
  197. Interesting boot-leg on e-bay
  198. I found a Baxter-Robot!!!
  199. mike and raph ( shellastics )
  200. Which toy vehicle is the best???
  201. Where to Begin
  202. Toy R Us.com has FF figures (and villains) instock
  203. No More Minis?
  204. TMNT07 News
  205. no christmas specials?
  206. Are the movie figures really being released in December?
  207. '07 movie toys now for sale!
  208. Movie Minis Out Now!!
  209. Movie Merch - Non-Toys
  210. New Movie figures are OUT
  211. Has anyone noticed that all the new FF toys........
  212. Hover HQ, is it worth buying?
  213. Just found a BOAT LOAD of 07 movie toys!!!
  214. question on vintage figures
  215. Got NEW Movie figures @ $1 each!!
  216. ..flying saucer food delight !!
  217. New 2-pack movie toys (turtle vs. baddie) questions
  218. fast forward question
  219. Gen
  220. inuwashi gunjin and purple dragon
  221. TMNT Trailer
  222. TMNT movie figures images
  223. Just wondering....why are the 07 movie toys coming so early?
  224. ..god save the snapper ..~~**
  225. 2003 raphael figure ?
  226. TMNT Unofficial Movie Products List (from figures to fabric)
  227. next mutation question
  228. Theatrical Posters Now Available
  229. Where can I find Krang's body?
  230. shredder & maxwinter figures heads
  231. Quarry, Bishop, Baxter Stockman, anyplace online for cheap?
  232. Bought the new 07 movie Turtle van,and guess what happened.
  233. vintage rare toys
  234. Weird pricing
  235. TMNTers of Great Britain Unite and Take Over...
  236. Dr. El
  237. Mutated Don and Baxter Robot at Target
  238. New movie toy commercial
  239. Radio Boy, who is he?
  240. Falling figures.
  241. Just Wondering
  242. Please help...
  243. I'm done witht he last series!
  244. 2 Virals...
  245. Remember the dino and turtle figures...
  246. Where are the new Fast Forward figures?
  247. New Movie figs repackaged with Game demos?
  248. Karai, Max Winters and Monsters Found!
  249. comander mozars tail?
  250. who here hates the new Movie toys!