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  1. TMNT video arcade cabinet on ebay...
  2. Just got the Turtles 2pack GBA games
  3. need some help with nightmare
  4. TMNT video game panel at NYC Comic Con
  5. TMNT2: Battle Nexus...need help
  6. TMNT to Wii's Virtual Console
  7. TMNT: The Video Game "Demo" - Now Available
  8. Would Anyone Like Tmnt Mutant Nightmare For The Psp?!!
  9. TMNT on XBOX Live Arcade.
  10. TMNT #1 Promo Comic
  11. TMNT Arcade artwork
  12. Question for anyone who has Battle Nexus???
  13. How close are the new Konami games to the story of the cartoons?
  14. Preorder and get the first ever COMIC FREE!!!
  15. trailer of the new game in the rain?
  16. Fans of the comics, check this out:
  17. Post your Xbox Live Gamertags
  18. TMNT on XBLA, CONFIRMED, this month, and only $5!!!
  19. Which system will you play TMNT on?
  20. TMNT for XBLA played Live on "On The Spot"
  21. People alreadh=y have the game!
  22. Tmnt + Xbla = 3/14
  23. Ubisoft TMNT game site finally updated!
  24. 360 Achievement Points for BOTH TMNT games
  25. TMNT "Street Fighter" Game
  26. where is a working demo???
  27. TMNT Video Game Commericial
  28. TMNT impression videos on ign
  29. TMNT 4 turtles in time
  30. Vids at IGN of Wii version of movie game
  31. Nintendo Power Review - 5.0
  32. Will the game be better then the Movie
  33. Screenshot from Turtles in Time
  34. wii or xbox 360?
  35. Ninja turtles rpg
  36. so i've played the DS version of "TMNT"
  37. TMNT Screenshots for PSP
  38. PSP version garbage!
  39. T-shirt plus game
  40. port?
  41. TMNT: Arcade review by----me.
  42. Best Game Boy TMNT title.
  43. Picked up TMNT on 360 and GBA today.
  44. XBLA Game-Anyone wanna help me out RIGHT NOW!?!?!?
  45. First Review!
  46. TMNT Xbox360 Theme(for Dashboard)
  47. Ninja Turtle City Ransom! "BARF!" "Mamaaaaa!!!!"
  48. Limited Collector's Edition
  49. Bosses in the new TMNT game
  50. Boss strategy thread for new TMNT
  51. I have both the DS + GBA version of TMNT
  52. Who voices the characters in the videogames?
  53. TMNT Manhattan Missions????
  54. Glitch time.
  55. quick question bout the game
  56. Poll : Which tmnt game version you like?
  57. Wii TMNT Movie Game Help
  58. Battle Nexus on PC -- SLOW!
  59. Comic Book Game
  60. How many times did you die in the new game?
  61. Best last gen TMNT vid game ?
  62. Biased Opinion
  63. TMNT IV turtles in time
  64. Fast Forward Game?
  65. My fiance played TMNT on 360 today
  66. So How is the TMNT movie game on GBA??
  67. TMNT (NES) - Up on Virtual Console
  68. All you need to know about recent TMNT console games
  69. ps3....
  70. TMNT wii vs. ps2
  71. Orig Sims TMNT Skins
  72. Disappointed with the flashback in TMNT game
  73. arcade question!
  74. TMNT Arcade Remake - Would it work?
  75. For Ubisoft TMNT-GBA players- A Question...
  76. TMNT Tournament Fighters
  77. Screwattack videogame vault : Tmnt Hyperstone Heist
  78. Psp Tmnt
  79. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles World Tour
  80. Turtles 2,Ninja Gaiden
  81. TMNT I & II: MS-DOS PC versions
  82. Ninja Turtles III
  83. Next Ninja Turtles Game ?
  84. Poll: Favorite SNES TMNT Tournament Fighters Enemy to Fight
  85. TMNT Battle Nexus GBA Comparison
  86. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collection
  87. What would you like to play out?
  88. Tmnt Rpg?
  89. TMNT Mods for other Games
  90. Technodrome Map for UT2004
  91. Tournament Fighters Tag Team
  92. To anyone who has $2,250 lying around
  93. Favorite TMNT game and why
  94. Original arcade game for PS2?
  95. TMNT Return Of The Shredder game
  96. Anything bout tmnt game for psp...
  97. Dream TMNT Game
  98. TMNT Cowabunga community Virtual Turtle
  99. Sprite Custom/Edits
  100. LCD Handhelds
  101. Recommend me the best TMNT video games?
  102. TMNT Game For The Wii
  103. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game
  104. Question about Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Melee
  105. Free-Roam Turtles Game from Ubisoft
  106. New TMNT game by Ubisoft on the way!
  107. I've got bad news...
  108. TMNT MMO Video Game
  109. What happened to Konami?
  110. Wouldn't This be Cool?
  111. PS2 TMNT movie game question
  112. Question about Ninja Turtles II Back to the Sewers(Gameboy)
  113. GH2 -- TMNT Arcade
  114. TMNT GameBoy Advance
  115. TMNT Wii
  116. TMNT in Ragnarok Online ^^
  117. any news on the next turtles game ?
  118. TMNT on Virtual Console
  119. question bout cheat code
  120. God blesses my TMNT fandom.
  121. What TMNT 2007 game we could've get...
  122. ideas for a comic book based turtles game
  123. Request for TMNT2: Battle Nexus screen cap
  124. Poll: Favorite TMNT 3 sub-boss/boss
  125. So um...
  126. What other gaming studio could handle the turtle liscense ?
  127. Idea for new TMNT game from Activision.
  128. Screencaps of the TMNT movie GBA game request
  129. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1989 Classic Arcade Game Wins Two Awards
  130. What are perfect elements to a tmnt game ?
  131. best idea...
  132. Manhattan Missions Question
  133. TMNT Collection - Would you buy it?
  134. memories revisited
  135. Ninja Turtles Manhattan Missions
  136. Next TMNT Game
  137. Stupid question (4 player mode)
  138. What info do you hope will excite for the next TMNT game ?
  139. What will the next TMNT game be based of ?
  140. TMNT GBA Version
  141. Ninja Turtles: Back from the Sewers Gameboy
  142. TMNT takes a hit from ScrewAttack's Hard News.
  143. Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters Genesis
  144. The Readers Have Spoken!
  145. Pool's Closed? (TMNT Battle Nexus)
  146. Cement Man LIVES????
  147. Best music from video games
  148. will the next ninja turtles game be announced at E3 ?
  149. Ninja Turtles Turtles in Time Arcade
  150. what if they made...
  151. TMNT: Hyperstone Heist in SA's Top 20 Genesis Titles count down!
  152. tmnt battlenexs 2 problem
  153. When will information start for the next tmnt game ?
  154. TMNT Jakks Plug & Play Game?
  155. New Konami TMNT beat-em-up article at Hardcore Gaming 101
  156. Hyperstone Heist Sprites
  157. Engine
  158. TMNT - NES music live !
  159. Classic games on virtual console for nintendo wii?
  160. TMNT: Smash-Up
  161. Original Gameboy TMNT trilogy bosses
  162. New TMNT Cellphone Games
  163. marquee Michaelangelo
  164. Tmnt sprites?
  165. My Goal for 2009
  166. TMNT "Smash Up" Character/Roster Predictions Thread
  167. i cant believe this
  168. Best TMNT game of Last Gen
  169. your favorite boss from Turtles in time
  170. Pre-Orders now available For Smash-Up
  171. Quick TMNT 2003 game Question
  172. Gary Smash Up Video
  173. xbox live
  174. Mutant Nightmare Question
  175. TMNT for MUGEN, what's all available?
  176. Top 25 Worst Comic Book Video Games
  177. Why is Tournament Fighters so rare?
  178. Turtles in Time SNES
  179. TMNT 1 Hack for Nes
  180. TMNT games for virtual console
  181. Ninja Turtles 2: Arcade Game: 3rd Boss
  182. Virtual Console ARCADE GAMES!
  183. Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist Game Images
  184. Look at What I Found
  185. Retro Resource Request
  186. Turtles in Time BoxArt
  187. Classic TMNT games
  188. I need some assistance
  189. Turtles in Time Re-Shelled
  190. Mutant Nightmare
  191. A Question about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (GCN)
  192. Fun with Game Sprites/Backgrounds
  193. Teach me about GCN/Wii TMNT Games
  194. Sony Gets The Shaft
  195. Shredder in TMNT for PSP?
  196. Will there be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collection?
  197. Nintento Power - TMNT Pics
  198. Did Anyone else like the CG from TMNT 2 battlenexus and tmnt 3 mutant nightmare?
  199. Turtles in Time Re-Shelled
  200. halo ce
  201. Ninja Turtles: Back from the Sewers Favor
  202. NES Tournament Fighters: Casey Jones Sprites
  203. Turtles in Time follow-up
  204. The Official TMNT Game Idea Thread
  205. TMNT Tournament Fighters- how did you react back in the day?
  206. Turtles in Time Re-Shelled; personal review
  207. Turtles In Time Original Arcade Game
  208. Gamespot TMNT Franchise Article
  209. Count-Down Retrospective of TMNT Video Games
  210. TMNT cameos
  211. What else should be Re-Shelled
  212. TMNT: The Shredder Reborn
  213. Help get NES/SNES Turtles games on Wii Virtual Console
  214. TMNT: Arcade Attack
  215. Tony hawk pro skater special charaters
  216. Ubi-Soft Game Chat
  217. Reviews for "TMNT Smash Up"
  218. Picture request. Tmnt : reshelled
  219. TMNT: Smash UP Friend Code Exchanging Emporium!!!!!
  220. Dos Ninja Turtles Manhatten levels game worth getting?
  221. TMNT: Double Damage
  222. IF a Sequel to TMNT: Smashup was made...
  223. TMNT Smash-Up Petition
  224. "Beatles Come Together" in first TMNT game
  225. Tmnt cheats?
  226. Image promoting Ninja Turtles for NES
  227. Help with online mode and codes
  228. Original Arcade Profiles
  229. Re-Shelled makes "Top 10 biggest busts of gaming"
  230. Top 10 TMNT video games
  231. TMNT Places Two Times in IGN 100 Greatest NES Games List
  232. DLC for smash up?
  233. What's with those weird commands in Smash-Up?
  234. Which character in smash up do you think is best and why?
  235. Best TMNT Game for GBA
  236. Best System for TMNT Games?
  237. Please Help me.
  238. Ubisoft's TMNT License Agreement?
  239. Your Fave TMNT Game of all time
  240. Fave all-time TMNT Videogame
  241. Best TMNT game for original XBOX?? Opinions please!
  242. Why was TMNT 2 Battlenexus rated T?
  243. TMNT Playstation 3
  244. How much did TMNT: Smash Up sell?
  245. Which Tournament Fighters do you prefer?
  246. TMNT for ps2
  247. I found out where Utrominator from Smash Up came from.
  248. TMNT featured in Nintendo Power's 250th issue
  249. 16-bit Showdown
  250. TMNT comics/tv episodes that would make a great game.