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  1. Ever Beat the original NES TMNT game?
  2. TMNT Games Dropping(In Price)
  3. Parody comic on Smash-Up roster
  4. April in Mutant Melee
  5. Arcade game art scans?
  6. Art for TMNT II (NES)?
  7. Genesis TF Bosses Playable after 17 years
  8. tmnt not saving?
  9. Mutant Melee (PC) Help
  10. Karai in games
  11. Does anyone have Pics of Shogun? [from NES game]
  12. Special Resource Request (GC)
  13. How do you play multiplayer on TMNT 2 battlenexus for PC?
  14. SNES Tournament Fighters Enemy Discussion
  15. tmnt Doom
  16. Anybody seen this!?
  17. Ninja Turtles Mod
  18. Fall of The Foot Clan animated bestiary + instruction manual artwork
  19. Ubisoft goes green! (not a Smash Up sequel)
  20. TMNT3: The Mantten Project for the NES Deathless with Raphael!
  21. TMNT2: The Arcade Game Deatless
  22. Idea for a videogame "TMNT: The Action Figure Video Game"
  23. Order a Pizza! Let's Play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time
  24. Found Something Promoting Turtles in Time
  25. TMNT: Tournament Fighter Archie Heavy?
  26. They really need to make another tournament fighters
  27. Where can I watch the ending for the first TMNT 2k3 game?
  28. Tournament Fighter Sprites
  29. What's your favorite TMNT game based on the '87 series?
  30. Question concerning the Konami 2K3 games
  31. Missing scene in XBLA TMNT arcade game
  32. Michelangelo vs. Mousers
  33. Favorite Turtles in Time (SNES) music
  34. Help with konamis gba game
  35. Can We Beat: TMNT IV: Turtles in Time
  36. TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan Bonus Games
  37. are these Games still acccessible?
  38. Where did the idea of alternate color Foot Soldiers come from?
  39. TMNT IV Survival Mode
  40. Need Help With Codes For TMNT and TMNT 2 NES Games
  41. Does anybody know when/if Turtles in Time SNES is being ported to the Wii's VC?
  42. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled Review
  43. tmnt games
  44. Turtles In Time On Xbox
  45. Time Traveling Levels for Turtles in Time
  46. Retro City Rampage: TMNT1 NES references
  47. Replacement cover art?
  48. TMNT vs Power Rangers
  49. Turtles in Time had an awesome boss roster
  50. What is (PC) TMNT "Ninja Adventures"?
  51. TMNT (NES) - Enter the Turtle by Big Lion Music
  52. TMNT 3: Mutant Nightmare - No Elite Ninjas
  53. Nintendo Power Celebrates 25 Years of NES... Look who made the front cover!
  54. Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Games
  55. Future Nickelodeon Tmnt Games
  56. TMNT Kart
  57. Turtle Game Roster
  58. Krang Lives!
  59. Awfully familiar
  60. Your personal ultimate roster for a TMNT fighting game
  61. Value of a 1989 TMNT Arcade Machine
  62. Arcades with working TMNT machines
  63. Holy crap, there's actually a Usagi Yojimbo video game!!!
  64. TMNT Mini Game for Mugen (HELP WANTED)
  65. Roger Ebert Was Addicted to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  66. multiplayer for tmnt4??
  67. TMNT Arcade Chreat Codes
  68. Ultimate NES Run
  69. Archon's Turtles In Time Conversaion Project
  70. LA Noire
  71. TMNT beatem-up WIP
  72. How do you make video games
  73. TMNT VS Sunset Riders Mash-up MP3
  74. TMNT Games Discounted this week on Xbox! (March 1st - March 4th)
  75. GBA 2k3 tmnt game alternate costumes
  76. Ever Wanted A Game Room With Arcades, Pinball Machines?
  77. What kind of sadistic freak did this?!
  78. How come we never got a game based off the old movies?
  79. TMNT (NES): Max Sub-Weapon Carry?
  80. TMNT Red Sky Battle for OpenBOR
  81. Krang mod for street fighter 4!!
  82. Turtles in Time - SNES play w/ Arcade grfx?
  83. Turtles in Time Reshelled makes ScrewAttack's Top 10 Worst Reboots/Remakes
  84. TMNT: Arcade Game for Xbox 360
  85. Making 3D TMNT Characters on Champions Online
  86. Requesting TMNT Re-Shelled Sound rips (voices and FX)
  87. Question regarding NES "Turtles II: The Arcade Game"
  88. Which version of the movie game?
  89. lets play re-shelled ps3 ers
  90. One reason I loved playing the classic games is the boss roster
  91. TMNT Turtles In Time Re-Shelled
  92. Turtles in Nickelodeon Crossover Games
  93. Battle Nexus Tournament
  94. Tournament Fighters Booklet Scans?
  95. Hyperstone Heist on GameBoy
  96. TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan Video Game Vault
  97. Pizza argument
  98. Hail Mary "Turtles in Time" Question
  99. Article Material Help: Scans needed!
  100. The Return of the Skateboarder!
  101. TMNT Hacks?
  102. How to find Konami's TMNT artist
  103. 2K3 series games.
  104. quick PS3 TMNT question
  105. New TMNT game done like Infamous
  106. TMNT: The Cutting Room Floor Wiki Entries
  107. TMNT Instruction Manual Scans
  108. What foot soldiers in the various games are the toughest/trickiest?
  109. Games for the iphone?
  110. TMNT in minecraft, skins and mod brainstorming
  111. "Theme song" for the first NES game.
  112. Shredder for street fighter x teken.
  113. TMNT stuff in Saints Row The Third character creator
  114. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game Maps
  115. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I- NES Maps
  116. I just thought this was funny
  117. Hardcore Gaming 101 article on TMNT
  118. Blast from the PAST on Retrocore 3 vol 1
  119. Best Fighting Game
  120. Found this ninja turtles pinball advertisement
  121. Did anyone else never know War was from Archie?
  122. Your top 5 fave TMNT games of all time
  123. Were Triceratons Originally Supposed to be in The Manhattan Project?
  124. ReShelled & Arcade Game not available on XBLA anymore?
  125. Reshelled Character Sheets?
  126. "TMNT Manhattan (arkham) City" dreams
  127. Just give me a good $15 brawler.
  128. Turtles the arcade game special in Retro Gamer magazine!
  129. Shredder Gets Shelled! LCD Wrist Game
  130. TMNT 1989 NES game no longer available for Wii Virtual Console
  131. Sorry Dudes, no TMNT game from Rocksteady.
  132. Snes black and white problem!!!!
  133. DS & Game Boy Advanced Recommendations
  134. Found this advertisement
  135. Why was the Konami games based on the 4Kids cartoon were adaptations.?
  136. How many Dromers have Fall of the foot clan (Japanese Edition)
  137. TMNT: Tournament Fighters High Scores
  138. Tmnt ii, iii & iv hack games
  139. OMG! OMG! YES YES!!! I finally beat TMNT 1 for the NES!!!!
  140. I Beat A TMNT Game Thread
  141. Lesser Known (READ: Non-Console) TMNT Games
  142. Who was/is your favorite Turtle to use in videogames?
  143. Why was there never a game based on Fast Forward?
  144. Question Re: XBLA TMNT games
  145. Don't you wish there were games for the live-action movies?
  146. When will we get more news about the new Activision TMNT game?
  147. 'Ultimate' Ninja turtles nes run
  148. shredder and michelangelo in Soul Calibur 5!!
  149. Hardest Boss
  150. New Usagi game
  151. Black Ops Emblem
  152. A quick reference to TMNT in "The Amazing Spider-Man" game
  153. Tmnt 3ds Virtual console games?
  154. Turtles in Time or Hyperstone Heist?
  155. What's your favorite modern-generation Turtles game?
  156. Does anyone have the 1989 arcade game for the Xbox?
  157. Did the NES Tournament Fighters ever have an ad?
  158. Hyperstone Heist red foot soldiers
  159. Your dream Ninja Turtle game
  160. Why isnt there a TMNT RPG
  161. Turtles in Time Arcade or SNES?
  162. Favorite TMNT Game?
  163. My personal little TMNT game
  164. tMNT arcade game
  165. Got bored, made the OT lair in Minecraft. Including the turtles.
  166. Favorite Turtles In Time Level
  167. Sifteo secures game partnership with Nickelodeon
  168. What is your favorite TMNT: The Arcade Game level?
  169. Found this "Ninja Turtles Hyperstone Heist" advertisement
  170. TMNT Xbox Live Avatar costumes now available!
  171. Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes video game?
  172. TMNT on Monkey Quest
  173. How come the cover of the 1st turtle NES game the bands are red but not the game?
  174. No Love for Turtles 3 the Manhattan Project?
  175. Ninturtle Van! Custome Game Console!!
  176. TMNT Arcade game?
  177. TMNT Tenchu-esque W.iP
  178. Anybody use MUGEN and play the TMNT chracters?
  179. Turtles In Time side art and CPO
  180. First memories of playing TMNT Arcade?
  181. Chances of Nicekelodeon TMNT Game
  182. TMNT Arcade restorations
  183. Imagine if you will a TMNT version of Puzzle Game "SwordQuest"
  184. Gameboy cartirage art scan
  185. Turtles in Time loading screens.
  186. You are in given the chance to make Lego TMNT game, what would you do?
  187. Bizarre TMNT Game Bugs You've Witnessed ?
  188. What Makes a Beat em Up "Good" or "Bad?"
  189. Turtle Differences in each game
  190. Battle Nexus
  191. TMNT game collection pics
  192. Another video game related problem...
  193. New TMNT Video Games are on the horizon!
  194. Turtles Game(s?) on iPad
  195. TMNT video games are so cool!!...
  196. What month can we expect the new games?
  197. TMNT: Out of the Shadows - Coming This Summer
  198. Activision Aims To Harness Turtle Power In A New Downloadable Game
  199. Add/Change a Level in Ninja Turtles III (NES)
  200. 9-30-13
  201. TMNT: Out of the Shadows brings back grittiness and sophisticated fighting
  202. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows Preview
  203. Which is the best (RELEASED) TMNT game to date
  204. Looking for side art! Help!
  205. What could be better than Turtles and GI Joe?
  206. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows TMNT meets UFC
  207. The Anatomy of a Ninja Turtle
  208. Rooftop Run coming to iOS
  209. TMNT Skyrim armor mod.
  210. Rooftop Run; Dog Pound, gear upgrades, etc...
  211. New 8 Bit Online Game: Donnie Saves A Princess
  212. Borderlands 2 and Far Cry 3 TMNT easter eggs
  213. Usagi Yojimbo: Way of the Ronin
  214. Turtles in Time SNES Version Online
  215. What if TMNT 3 (Manhattan Project) for NES got the SNES/Arcade treatment?
  216. Battle Nexus (GBA) & Mutant Nightmare (DS) Soundtracks
  217. TMNT '89 Vs. Turtles In Time
  218. TMNT 2 Back to the Sewer is hard as heck!!!
  219. TMNT Konami XBOX 2003 Question
  220. does anyone here still play the tmnt arcade game for xbox 360?
  221. Found an interesting advertisement
  222. NICK app updated -- better game support
  223. Free TMNT PS3 Theme (until 6/25)
  224. TMNT '89: The Lost levels
  225. Tmnt II arcade april o neil sprites
  226. Check out this custom painted TMNT NES set
  227. Unreleased Game? "TMNT- Return of the Legend" for SNES and Genesis
  228. TMNT Easter Egg found in the Deadpool game
  229. Thoughts on TMNT 2: Battle Nexus
  230. My custom TMNT nes/First ever post
  231. New XB360/Wii/3DS TMNT game (not OotS?)
  232. How will you play TMNT out of the Shadows?
  233. TMNT: Out of the Shadows Gameplay from SDCC 2013
  234. Tmnt 2012 game coming october!
  235. New TMNT iOS/Android game: "Mutant Rumble"
  236. Does anyone remember a 'child' arcade cabinet for TMNT?
  237. Was there any reason why rereleases of Arcade TMNT games..
  238. I fought Spinter online and i beat him!
  239. Konami TMNT games on the virtual console
  240. Shocking Realization About 2K3 Game
  241. Shocking Realization About Turtles Games
  242. Diddy Kong Racing For the Nintendo 64
  243. What is the minimum score you want tmnt oot to earn
  244. Why Only Two Pages on this Forum?
  245. TMNT: Out of the Shadows Review
  246. Red bandanna code for OOTS.
  247. Nick.com's TMNT-related games
  248. Would anyone like to see a TMNT RPG someday?
  249. Out of the Shadows: how would you fix it?
  250. Out Of The Shadows help thread [spoilers!]