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  1. Were Slash and Metalhead in TMNT 1 on the NES?
  2. TMNT at E3
  3. Format of new TMNT game
  4. TMNT Info/Screenshots in New PSM.
  5. New Video Game.
  6. For All the Naysayers, TMNT is going to be on XBOX...
  7. New screens of TMNT on GBA (courtasy of IGN)
  8. Alot of screens for PS2. GC. XBOX, and GBA at Gamespot!!
  9. In-game footage..
  10. TMNT GBA and console/pc reviews
  11. Videos of the New TMNT Game at GameSpot.com
  12. TMNT 4 - Turtles In Time Sprites
  13. box pics
  14. E3's TMNT Booth PHOTOS
  15. TMNT Side Scrollers
  16. Multiplayer online game
  17. Is the new TMNT game only 2 Players or 4-5 Players?
  18. Konami
  19. Should Konami re-release the old nes games on GBA?
  20. Was Ultra a division of Konami?
  21. TMNT Game Producer Interview
  22. Who's dying for another Tournament Fighters?
  23. TMNT NES Music
  24. IGN's mistake.
  25. TMNT: Turtles In Time
  26. Videogame tie in movies/specials
  27. new interview
  28. what do you want in the new tmnt game
  29. TMNT 4: Turtles In Time: Best Game Ever
  30. Score! Another TMNT game is added to my collection.
  31. Now I have them ALL!!!
  32. New footage???
  33. TMNT Video Game on G4
  34. TMNT Video Games
  35. Looking for Rocksteady Sprite
  36. Why Is It That...?
  38. Video game in Canada..
  39. Codes for New game on new figs
  40. Yo Adrian, I DID IT!!!!!
  41. Who do you like to be?
  42. Another TMNT (p)review. Possible spoilers.
  43. So Donatello IS the best...
  44. In the New Game...
  45. Game Forums
  46. Sig Arcade
  47. Official Boxart
  48. Bosses
  49. PS2 and GBA owners, your in luck
  50. Kinda cool idea
  51. TMNT Arcade Online
  52. new game news, GBA-GCN connection
  53. couple new screenies
  54. TMNT Game To Appear At Playstation Experience
  55. New Game........PS2 or GameCube?
  56. New movies at cube IGN
  57. New game box art
  58. Which past TMNT had the best graphics???
  59. He must be wrong
  60. Unlock the Original TMNT Arcade Game on Gamecube?
  61. I noticed something
  62. 3 times the fun.
  63. I REALLY REALLY need this info...
  64. Gamespot Preview
  65. EGM Reviews TMNT for GBA
  66. New IGN clips
  67. New TMNT Game On Gamecube, It Will Link Up With The GBA
  68. What I found on ebay...
  69. Game Pro Magazene Scan TMNT
  70. so whats the deal with the Tmnt pc game
  71. So what day is it coming out?
  72. Nintendo Power Poster
  73. New TMNT Game Comment and Poll Question
  74. Looks like the Return to NY level is in the game!!! Yes!!!!!
  75. Turtles in Time Picture
  76. tmnt game!
  77. TMNT centered Game magazine
  78. 2 Page Preview!
  79. Semi-Bad news for PC fans
  80. 27 'Cube Screenshots
  81. TMNT 2003 PC demo is out!!!!!!!
  82. http://www.konami.com/tmnt/ UPDATED!!!
  83. The new Turtles DVD's have the PC Demo on them.
  84. wishing for an RPG
  85. TMNT Screenshot Archive
  86. TMNT deals at Target!
  87. Update at www.ninjaturtles.tk
  88. Which System Will You Be Playing the New Game On?
  89. OUCH! Bad news for non-GameCube owners.
  90. Is the new game going to be to easy?
  91. PC requirements?
  92. Official Release Date?
  93. Hi I am new, but i came with something!
  94. Turtle Game Hints
  95. PS2 Turtles Demo out!
  96. TMNT ships 1,000,000 on first day
  97. Gamespot Review
  98. If you happen to live in Canada and find this game...
  99. Well How is it?
  100. TMNT NGC review at IGN
  102. Combos
  103. Is the GBA version the same as the others?
  104. Poor reviews
  105. Turtle Characteristics In The New Game
  106. UK release date?
  107. TMNT GBA Rom "Come Get It"
  108. New Game Spoilers,Cheats, Hints, Codes and Brag Room
  109. My idea for a TMNT game
  110. Where can i get the PC DEMO
  111. Which boss is the hardest to you so far?
  112. GBA connectivity?
  113. Gamspy interview
  114. Turtlebot...
  115. TMNT Prima Guide
  116. GBA Version....what the hell??
  117. new tmnt follow up game?
  118. Technical problems with the game?
  119. Anyone know what the hell this is?
  120. Turtles in Time (Arcade version) - Intro music
  121. Konami Ed
  122. Fighting someone as Donatello *Spoilers*
  123. Codes!!!
  124. Did you get your free t-shirt from TRU?
  125. What Gives The New TMNT Alot Of Replay Value?
  126. Hallowe'en TMNT (Spoliers)
  127. Levels, Enemies And Bosses
  128. Interesting TMNT on XBOX bug/blooper whatever
  129. What do you think of the new game?
  130. Casey and Splinter
  131. The Games Music
  132. A tad bit of confusion...
  133. To any PS2 player who has gotten Casey in Story Mode....
  134. hey
  135. A funny find on Ebay
  136. Fighting Locations
  137. TMNT Walkthrough
  138. Favorite Quotes from the Game??
  139. Download TMNT_2003
  140. Any further news on the PC game yet?
  141. New Game sprites
  142. Casey Jones mode in GameCube...
  143. TMNT GBA Is In The UK!
  144. A Decent EGM Article bout the TMNT
  145. Everything or Nothing copies The Turtles
  146. Whats up with the new game?
  147. Question about the new game/
  148. what is your fav TMNT game
  149. Status:Game Completed
  150. azure=raph!! XD
  151. Errors
  152. is there casy jones mode in PS2?
  153. Remember the gb turtles games??
  154. hate to ask.
  155. ur thoughts???
  156. Casey Jones mode in PC version?
  157. The new tmnt game rocks! Questions..
  158. old school tmnt video games
  159. the next tmnt video game
  161. Saving in Gamecube
  163. Why?!
  164. TMNT homage in True Crime: Streets of LA.
  165. TMNT GBA
  166. TMNT 2 review
  167. Alternate Costumes
  168. The one liners
  169. Stupid question: Snes Turtles IV
  170. Tournament Fighters 2003 (er 2004)
  171. Video clips and Pictures
  172. NO WAY!
  173. TMNT Walkthrough
  174. Tournament Fighters characters
  175. Casey Jones?
  176. lyrics to the TMNT Turtles in Time Arcade
  177. I am the MASTER.
  178. pics of the Mechaturtle in TMNT1 NES?
  179. How in the world do you beat Hun in challenge mode?
  180. TMNT vs X-men vs Street Fighter?
  181. toy fare votes turtles!!
  182. tmnt the new 2003 version for ps2
  183. just a quick question?
  184. Help with the evil turtlebot
  185. TMNT Turtle in Time Arcade
  186. Turtles in Time for GBA
  187. raphael teaches weapon saftey.
  188. I can't beat challinge mode!
  189. Old Tmnt Video Games
  190. BEHOLD! how to get casey mode in PS2!!!!
  191. 2 player with caey and splinter
  192. How many?
  193. Only $20.99 left to go.
  194. Well I got the TMNT Video Game 4 Gamecube!
  195. TMNT on Dreamcast (Beats of Rage TC/mod)
  196. UK GameCube release?
  197. An idea for anyone willing...
  198. A Funky game idea.
  199. Who wants a list of ANY PASSWORD?!
  200. TMNT 2 Game - Boss Question
  201. Huzzah!
  202. Multiplayer ROMs?
  203. hope this topic isnt against rules. i need sprites
  204. What do you think would be the turtle's favorite videogames?
  205. need a small TMNT review (the original arcade game)
  206. Meeks game making madness
  207. Shredder in MK6?
  208. who do you think will win this match
  209. Evil Turtlebot
  210. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) - The Ultimate Enigma...
  211. The TMNT games need to breach different genres!
  212. The way they were meant to be heard...
  213. wow!
  214. A question about the new TMNT game
  215. TMNT GBA- Somebody tell me where I can find all the crystals
  216. Question
  217. The worst news of the centery!
  218. when will the newest tmnt game come to scandinavia?
  219. Oroku Saki
  220. Your Favourite TMNT Game Ever?
  221. tmnt 1 question
  222. Mikeys in tha hizouse?
  223. The Disappointment
  224. TMNT 1 (NES) Official Records Thread
  225. Anyone have GBA Screenshots?
  226. The new game
  227. has a second game been announced yet?
  228. I finally Got it after years of waiting (NES)
  229. SNES TMNT Tournament Fighters Question
  230. Check out this rare turtles game!
  231. Stockman on VS mode?
  232. whats your idea?
  233. tmnt pinball
  234. Is emulation Illegal?
  235. TMNT Demo In X-box Official Magazene + My Report
  236. What game is this?
  237. Evil Turtlebot Apperance
  238. We need another Turtles fighter game
  239. Yay! I pwned TMNT Arcade Game for NES
  240. How many bosses are in challenge mode.
  241. Post RARE Screenshots
  242. New game finally out in UK
  243. done
  244. First TMNT Coin-Op
  245. TMNT 2?
  246. Ninja Turtles Out In The UK (Apart from....) READ!
  247. Arcade TMNT 2 Turtles In Time intro song
  248. My Latest Video Game Snag
  249. Ninja Turtles (GC,PC.PS2.Xbox) Survey
  250. Sprites/animated GIFs, please?