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  1. Baby born with 3 arms!
  2. Mira Sorvino has boy
  3. The Mona Lisa speaks!
  4. Paul Gleason Dies
  5. Bad news for people who think the stupid shouldn't breed...
  6. Are the aliens finally here?
  7. Youngest Hanson is gettin married!
  8. Hell's Day
  9. Man envokes god, gets eaten
  10. Arctic Fox's killed to protect Geese
  11. Woody Harrelson's wife has girl
  12. Descendent of Genghis Khan found!
  13. New species of dwarf Dinosaur discovered
  14. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi announced dead, by Iraqi PM
  15. Of Superheroes and Pizza
  16. Cat chases bear up TWO trees
  17. Matt Damon's wife has girl!
  18. Gigantic comet-like object discovered!
  19. Jack Black's wife has boy
  20. Internet Neutrality may quite possibly be doomed
  21. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman to wed in Australia
  22. Deer Attacks Woman
  23. Baby Bear finally gets his porriage
  24. Just call them Catalonians!
  25. Pluto has 2 new moons!
  26. The hourglass turtle
  27. Harriet the Tortoise has died
  28. Aaron Spelling has died
  29. Anna Nicole's step-son has died
  30. Patsy Ramsey has died
  31. Frasier's Eddie has died
  32. New color changing snake species discovered in Borneo!
  33. Spain demands equal rights for Apes
  34. Inmate gets lightbulb stuck up his butt
  35. Amsterdam to have Chocolate Factory theme park
  36. Man Brings Lawsuit Against a Website
  37. One down...that's eight left...
  38. Just Bizarre
  39. Online gambling ban bill approved by House
  40. Betware the demon ducks of Doom!!!
  41. Greatest Sidekick of All Time
  42. Because I loved Pete's Dragon...
  43. Syd Barrett - The Crazy Diamond has been eclipsed by the moon...
  44. What lonely 40-somethings do for dates
  45. other random things people argue about
  46. Kitten Born With Two Faces
  47. Robert Brooks has died
  48. Pam makes Kid honest?
  49. His name is Mr. Silent.
  50. Shiloh Pitt waxes on
  51. Lance Bass comes out
  52. The Woman Formerly Known as Prince's Wife
  53. The Happiest Place on Earth
  54. Starbucks Firings
  55. In future we'll be like Invisible Woman - Scientist
  56. It's HOT
  57. Star Trek 40th Annaversary cons
  58. Fred Savage is now a dad!
  59. Bryce Dallas Howard is pregnant
  60. Red Alert!
  61. Just call it Elastic Loaves
  62. Unabomber stuff up for auction
  63. Aussie scientists want ugly Sheep!!
  64. Hybrid Mutant thing found dead in Maine
  65. Break in the Jon Benet Ramsey Case
  66. the 12 planets....or more?
  67. Pennsylvania Selling Confiscated airport items on Ebay
  68. The verdict is in!
  69. Angriest Place on Earth...er..well...the US
  70. Don Vito Arrested For Molestation
  71. HUGE Yellow Jacket nests found in the South
  72. Pregnant man??? (not for the weak of stomach)
  73. An inside er scoop on Suri Cruise
  74. S.S. Minnow up for Sale
  75. No reason to Scream anymore...
  76. Glenn "Jonathan Kent" Ford has died
  77. Save Pluto!
  78. U.S. waistlines continue to grow
  79. Would you like some cheese with your wine bot?
  80. Steve Irwin has died!!!
  81. Suri Cruise piccie up!
  82. Prisoners caught with cellphones and cell phone accessories up their butts
  83. Hope no one needs blood transfusions anytime soon....
  84. Brad Pitt: I'll marry Angelina when gays can marry!
  85. Ana Nicole Smith gives birth, her son found dead in Bahamas
  86. Xena no more
  87. Baby name news
  88. Hydrogen Cars on the Horizon
  89. 52 new aquatic species discovered off Indonesia
  90. Bad Dog
  91. Guy that played "Tequila" dead (It was in TMNT 1)
  92. Toddler buys pink Nissan on ebay
  93. Anna Nicole Paternity Announcement
  94. Material Adoption
  95. Teleportation Breakthrough
  96. Farewell YouTube
  97. New Finch species discovered
  98. more runaway bride craziness...
  99. Plane crash in NYC
  100. Stingrays plot the overthrow of the human race....more attacks reported...
  101. Star Trek actress Jane "Amanda" Wyatt has died
  102. Air for Sale
  103. Smashing Pumpkins--well Pumpkin records
  104. Nicole Richie wants to gain weight....
  105. Red Auerbach has died
  106. Free hugs will get you arrested
  107. Squirrel Goes Postal On Postal Worker
  108. Airport security...
  109. First Sea Life, now the weather...
  110. Britney to divorce K-Fed
  111. War Protestor Burns Himself Alive...
  112. 60 Min Reporter Ed Bradley has died :(
  113. Jack Palance has died!!
  114. So it's come to this, has it?
  115. O J Simpson: "If I did it, Here's how it happened"
  116. Scientology weddings
  117. Robert Altman has died
  118. It's another boy for Heidi Klum and Seal!
  119. Fan restores "A Christmas Story" House
  120. Ferenc Puskás has died.
  121. U.S Scientist create bomb sniffing bees....
  122. Sophia Coppola has a girl
  123. New for Kids! Fatal drugs!
  124. Shirley Walker has died.
  125. Uh...spray-on condoms?
  126. who say all thieves are bad
  127. The weirds of ebay..
  128. Shot to death by cops......over a playstation 3
  129. more Christmas cheer
  130. Raymond's Peter Boyle has died
  131. Joe Barbara of Hannah-Barbara fame has died
  132. Trial for father in killing of tot who broke video game
  133. Blizzard shuts down the nation's 6th busiest airport
  134. Unusual Asian Christmas Traditions
  135. The Jefferson's Mike Evans has died
  136. James Brown is dead
  137. Former Pres. Gerald Ford has died
  138. Green Eggs and Ham....
  139. Gays destroying themselves – Pope
  140. Saddam Executed
  141. TomKat has been banned! HAHAHA!
  142. UFO at O'Hare?
  143. It's a boy for Will Farrell and wife.
  144. Mystery Rock
  145. Individual opposes Oprah Winfrey
  146. Lift, Separate, and Stop Bullets?
  147. A Ban on Standing Urination?
  148. Angelina Jolie is blessed in Wal-Mart
  149. Nasa admits to killing Martians...
  150. Animator Iwao Takamoto has died
  151. Smells like Joisey....
  152. Alan "Nightcrawler" Cumming marries BF of 2 years!
  153. The Munsters Yvonne De Carlo has died
  154. Peter Jackson Blacklisted..
  155. Word of the year 2006.
  156. Iphone lawsuit
  157. A real Da Vinci mystery!
  158. Girl found in jungle after 18 year dissapearance
  159. What is the world coming to...
  160. real life horror movie
  161. Hilary Clinton - us president?
  162. It's Beer... for dogs
  163. Rip Van Winkle Car
  164. Deer saved by Helicoptor
  165. Rare shark captured on film A.K.A Gawddang thats a ugly shark
  166. US military unveils heat ray weapon
  167. 2 teens guilty for cooking puppy
  168. Micheal Jackson back in the US going to Japan
  169. Barbaro put to sleep this morning
  170. Woman fights off Mountian Lion that is Attacking her Husband.
  171. Angelina Jolie's Mother has died
  172. um...Leo....might wanna read this one!
  173. Oldest Person Dies
  174. Jermain Jackson: "Michael should be a Muslim!"
  175. Ancient Village Unearthed Near Stonehenge
  176. Cartoon Campaign Causes Concern!
  177. Harry Potter does the full Monty...with a horse!
  178. It's a boy and a boy for McDreamy!
  179. Superman witnesses Chewbacca attack a man
  180. Man sends kitten head to ex-GF
  181. Astronaut arrested over odd love triangle
  182. Shall we call him sensei?
  183. Keith Urban sues Keith Urban over domain name
  184. Child Porn Ring Uncovered in Austria
  185. Super Bowl Commercial Pulled
  186. Anna Nicole Smith has died
  187. Goofy arrested on child porn charges
  188. Wounded Marine Returns Home to Wed
  189. Editor gives opinion on rape, gets fired.
  190. Damn Peanut Butter!!!
  191. Genetics reveal new bird species
  192. Britney's Meltdown
  193. dead 2 years....no one noticed
  194. Welcome, Year of the Pig
  195. Man buys farm, finds treasure trove of cars
  196. Asteroid won't hit earth in 29 years!! YAY!!
  197. It's twin girls for Marcia Cross!!
  198. Man Breaks Up a "Rape" with his Sword
  199. Active Duty for Prince Harry
  200. Rats invade NYC Taco Bell-KFC
  201. Angelina adopts....again....
  202. Extreme Weather
  203. Swiss Invasion of Liechtenstein
  204. One of those Strange Stories...
  205. New dinosaur species identified
  206. Britney Spears "I am the Anti-Christ!"
  207. Prisoner caught with grenade up his butt
  208. Save the Arctic Spiders, save the world?
  209. Eat Mor Chikin
  210. Moose vs. Helicopter
  211. Skynet Is Online!
  212. Dracula's Castle for sale!
  213. Finnish politician gets the Klingon vote
  214. It's a boy for Tori Spelling!
  215. New cat species identified
  216. Viacom suing google and youtube
  217. Massive pet food recall---ANIMALS HAVE DIED
  218. Reptiles stolen from an Irwin Education Facility
  219. Drat, Another Rat!
  220. New Mexico: Pluto's a planet darnit!!
  221. Girls Gone Wild: The Restauraunt Chain!
  222. It's snakes on a Google!!
  223. I thought this was hilarious
  224. B.C. Comic creator Johnny Hart has died
  225. And the father of Anna Nicole's daughter is....
  226. Water seen on Jupiter sized planet?
  227. Bloggers code of conduct proposed
  228. Kurt Vonnegut is dead!
  229. Roscoe Lee Browne has died
  230. Bite (off) the hand that feeds
  231. Don Ho has died
  232. 33 Confirmed Killed in Shooting at VA Tech
  233. Wizard of Id co-creator Brant Parker has died
  234. World's Most Eligible Bachelor?
  235. Kryptonite is real! Er uh sorta...
  236. Astronomers discover earth like planet
  237. Robot Rights
  238. Teenage Mutant Ninja Wieners
  239. Toys read brainwaves now
  240. Goat Head at Sony God of War 2 event in Europe
  241. Comedian Tom Poston has died
  242. Paris sentenced to 23 days in celebrity prison
  243. MySpace might acquire Photobucket!
  244. The Encyclopedia Of Life
  245. one of 2 WWI vet dies at age 106
  246. James Doohan: Lost in New Mexico
  247. Tony Blair To Step Down In June
  248. Because it made me giggle
  249. Man found dead in apartment after SEVEN years!
  250. Sheryl Crow adopts!