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  1. worst reunion episode ever
  2. Favorite Channel Networks/ Whatever they're called
  3. Super Mario on ABC's Dancing with the Stars
  4. Fox officially Green Lights the Independence Day sequel
  5. Bond 24-Spectre (2015)
  6. Would you buy DVDs/BRs of TV show if the entire series was available for streaming?
  7. The Tick Returns
  8. Preacher
  9. Roberto Orci no longer directing Star Trek 3
  10. Holiday Specials
  11. New Godzilla Toho Film
  12. Suicide Squad Movie
  13. Rainbow Factory Movie
  14. The Disney Classics
  15. MIB Jump Street crossover?!
  16. Pixar's Inside Out
  17. New Disney show: Star Vs. The Forces of Evil
  18. New Super Mario Bros. possibly being made by sony
  19. Sega Developing More Movies/Series
  20. Ryan Gosling is being considered for Sinster Six or Ghostbusters reboot
  21. Marvel/Sony in negotiations over Spider-Man Rights
  22. "One Woman Is Responsible For Starting Nickelodeon's Golden Age Of Cartoons"
  23. 1990 Mortal Kombat TV series (22 episodes) coming to DVD
  24. I'm offended
  25. Krampus
  26. An American Tail
  27. Re-live the Thrills of The Dark Knight With Action Figures!
  28. WTF is with all the new world order movies?
  29. Is Lawrence Kasdan worse than George Lucas?
  30. Why do people spend so much time purposely hating on characters from TV shows?
  31. Sony Pictures releases The Interview as a VOD
  32. Most Anticipated Movies in 2015
  33. New Masters of The Universe script finshed
  34. Black Mirror
  35. Favorite TV Show!
  36. Any "Avengers Assemble" TV show fans out there?
  37. Pete's Dragon remake
  38. DC Comics' Vixen: The Animated Series
  39. CW Eyeing DC's Atom
  40. Star Trek Audio Drama
  41. Yes! Woody Allen TV Series!
  42. Academy Award Nominations
  43. Be Cool Scooby Doo
  44. Oobi!
  45. Brodcast Partners' New Saturday Morning Block
  46. Disney's "influence" on Marvel movies
  47. Remember Transformers Prime?
  48. Dreamworks Animation doing some Restructuring
  49. New 2 part bigscreen adaptation of IT coming 2016/2017
  50. How come romance is use as short cut to humanize characters?
  51. Toonami
  52. Would You Rather Be Emperor Palpatine or John Hammond ?
  53. Live Action Beauty and the Beast film
  54. Ghostbuster Cast revealed for Reboot
  55. Warner/New Line to do new Critters TV show.
  56. Ted II
  57. New Female GhostBusters Reboot?!
  58. The Inspector Gadget Thread!
  59. Legion of Superheroes movie in the works at Warner Bros
  60. Boycotting Fox (mostly because of Animation Domination's YouTube page)
  61. Astro Boy Live Action Movie In The Works
  62. Poltergeist Remake
  63. Gundam Wing
  64. From Cartoon Network to Nickelodeon
  65. Cast a Fake Andy Griffith Show Reboot Movie
  66. Netflix developing live action Legend of Zelda series
  67. Tv shows that haven't aged well
  68. Your favourite Marvel cartoon
  69. Sony Pictures Entertainment Brings Marvel Studios Into The Amazing World Of Spider-Ma
  70. Hitman: Agent 47 Trailer
  71. The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Trailer
  72. Scary moments in movies and tv
  73. Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2015
  74. SNL 40th Anniversary Special
  75. Favorite Villain?
  76. Dragon Ball Thread!
  77. Dreadstar tv series
  78. The Babadook - Good or Bad?
  79. Movies people think are scary but you don't
  80. Alien 5 to be directed by Neill Blomkamp
  81. Powerpuff Girls reboot?!
  82. Tatsunoko North American Cartoons
  83. Jason Biggs kicked off from Orange is the New Black S3
  84. Friday the 13th parts 2-4
  85. Ducktales 2017 series
  86. Power/Rangers gritty 14-min short-film from Adi Shankar
  87. DreamWorks' movie: Home
  88. OG Powerpuff Girls voices not returning for reboot
  89. Legends of Tomorrow (The CW)
  90. Adventure Time: The Movie
  91. Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.
  92. Game of Thrones
  93. When do you know when to stop watching a show?
  94. Hugh Jackman wants Wolverine in Avengers 3
  95. Tracey Ullman Is Back
  96. Chappie
  97. Mrs. Frisby & The Rats Of Nimh’ Live Action/CGI Film in the works
  98. The 1st Transformers Live Action Movie for free on Google Play
  99. Captain America: Civil War
  100. Evil Dead tv series
  101. An all Male Ghosbusters movie is also in the works at Sony
  102. Yuki Yuna is a Hero
  103. Live Action Dumbo Movie
  104. Tron 3 to film this Fall
  105. Frozen 2
  106. Why do people not watch Nickelodeon nowadays?
  107. Cyberpunk recommendations?
  108. New live-action adaptation of The Last Unicorn in the works
  109. The Crystal Lake Cronicles
  110. Liberty's Kids
  111. Pixels
  112. Iron Man 3 Graded Review
  113. iZombie
  114. Leaked trailer for live-action Attack On Titan movie
  115. Better Call Saul
  116. Thundarr the Barbarian
  117. Do Any Of You Watch Bates Motel?
  118. Galactic: Kids Next Door? new series?
  119. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation
  120. Undergrads
  121. Let's Watch: Jackie Chan Adventures
  122. Ready Player One to be directed by Steven Spielberg
  123. Fox planning a remake of Alien Nation
  124. Wolverine/ Hugh Jackman Future......
  125. Animated Batman '66 Film (2016)
  126. Live Action Mulan Remake
  127. Jetsons/WWE Movie In The Works
  128. Live action Winnie the Pooh Movie in the Work
  129. Live action Winnie The Pooh
  130. The term "reboot" needs to be retired
  131. New Muppet Show
  132. Super Sentai
  133. For The Love of Spock
  134. Five Nights at Freddy's movie in the works at Warner Bros
  135. What Anime are you currently watching? :)
  136. Need for Speed sequel in the works
  137. Simpsons DVDs Discontinued
  138. Disney Planning Live-Action Pinocchio
  139. Daredevil the Series on Netflix
  140. The Odd Couple (2015 TV version)
  141. Sym-Bionic Titan DVD
  142. What are your favorites of Disney? (villain, film, etc.)
  143. LEGO Movie sequel confirmed (Release Date announced)
  144. The Death of "Superman Lives"
  145. Galaxy Quest: The Series
  146. Guardians of the Galaxy Animated series
  147. Furious 8 gets April 14 2017 release date
  148. Legacy Characters and the Actors Who Play Them
  149. Lake Placid vs Anaconda TONIGHT on Syfy
  150. Kung Fury
  151. Aqua Teen Hunger Force final season set for June 21st
  152. Ted 2 June 26th
  153. Dinosaucers Offical Discussion Thread
  154. Anyone thinks Marvel Studios is the best thing to happen to Marvel in a long time?
  155. Is Hulk getting screwed by Marvel?
  156. Sony Commissions 21 jump street/Men in Black crossover
  157. Weird Fandoms... :O
  158. Roots remake
  159. Red Dwarf XI/XII (2016/2017)
  160. What's everyone's top movies of 1985?
  161. What do you think of Seth MacFarlane cartoons?
  162. Boba Fett standalone movie confirmed
  163. To Noone's Surprise...The Simpsons Renewed
  164. The Last Man on Earth
  165. Opinions on the Star Wars prequels
  166. 2015 Fall Schedule
  167. Jem and the Holograms movie
  168. Minority Report TV Series
  169. Lucifer TV Series
  170. The New Mutants
  171. Harry Shearer Has Left The Simpsons
  172. Simpsons -Rick & morty corssover THIS SUNDAY
  173. Legends of Tomorrow
  174. Disney Discussing Marvel TV Channel
  175. Bad Santa 2 finally in the works
  176. What is the current childhood fad for cartoons these days?
  177. Robert Kirkman to write one of the Transformers movies
  178. Coloring Black and White film/TV
  179. Captain Planet & the Planeteers
  180. If you like TMNT, you might enjoy this series as well
  181. What you learn from watching 1980's cartoons.
  182. Jaws returning to thearters June 21
  183. Mach GoGoGo/Speed Racer - New Series
  184. Indepedence Day 2
  185. "Say Uncle" Steven Universe episode
  186. Big Trouble In Little China remake
  187. Tenchi Muyo Discussion
  188. Pixar - The Good Dinosaur
  189. Cop Car
  190. Mega Man (2017)
  191. Live action Night On Bald Mountain film
  192. Jason Alexander murders "seinfeld" co-star
  193. What's everyone's top movies of 1980?
  194. Why are recent cartoons either science fiction, surreal, and/or fantasy?
  195. Movies without racially diverse casts
  196. Ben 10 Reboot (2016/2017)
  197. The Martian - new Ridley Scott film
  198. Reboot... um, reboot?!
  199. The Crystal Maze To Be Revived
  200. Younger renewed for season 2
  201. New Three Stooges cartoon
  202. Seinfeld
  203. Pitch Perfect 3 is already happening, apparently.
  204. Kung Fu Panda 3
  205. Zootopia Trailer
  206. Dragon Ball Super
  207. Maleficent 2
  208. Top Gear's New Presenter Is...
  209. The Princess Diaries 3 in development
  210. Coach revival series
  211. The Crown
  212. A Series of Unfortunate Events to Netflix
  213. Turbo Kid
  214. Do you prefer plot or character-driven TV shows?
  215. Hawkgirl (The CW)
  216. Imagine Agents movie
  217. Nelvana's Lost "Batman and New Robin" Pitch
  218. Micro
  219. Das Boot remake
  220. Boomerang gets original programming 450 half hour shows, including bug bunny, scooby
  221. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  222. Beetlejuice 2 Filming this year
  223. He-Man: Masters of the Universe & She-Ra
  224. 24/7 MGM Channel!
  225. Miraculous Ladybug coming to Nickelodeon
  226. London Has Fallen
  227. Favourite Villains?
  228. Fist of the North Star aka Hokuto No Ken, any fans?
  229. Once Upon A Time
  230. Dark Horse comics tv shows
  231. Mighty No. 9: The Movie
  232. Star Wars Anthology film about Han Solo in the works
  233. Ash Vs Evil Dead
  234. Gakkou Gurashi - School-Live Discussion
  235. Riverdale
  236. Gravity Falls season two part B: Any one excited?
  237. power rangers turbo movie fun?
  238. Batman: The Killing Joke
  239. Green Lantern Corps
  240. Goonies 2 happening Original Cast returning
  241. Sony Reboot "The Smurfs" With "Get Smurfy"
  242. A dark Transformers cartoon series for the adult fan is on its way
  243. Wreck-It Ralph 2
  244. The Last Starfighter to be rebooted as a TV Show
  245. Live action Aladdin prequel coming
  246. Big Brother!
  247. New "Ultraman for Adults" movie coming soon
  248. Hasbro Reviving MicroNauts, MASK, And Action Man
  249. Sword in the Stone
  250. How do you feel about the Harley/Poison Ivy lesbian relationship being canon?