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  1. Anyone remember the kids Australian tv shows from the 90s such as Spellbinder?
  2. Muppet Babies reboot
  3. Di Caprio Capt Planet movie
  4. Honest Trailers ghostbusters 2016
  5. Warner Bros. Developing Willy Wonka Prequel
  6. Avengers of Justice: Farce Wars
  7. Reuters: AT&T agrees to buy Time Warner (HBO, CNN, DC Comics) for $85 billion
  8. Jessica Jones season 2 all episodes directed by women
  9. Knight Rider Reboot Coming to Machinima in 2017
  10. God Particle is the 3rd Cloverfield Movie
  11. Sidekicks short film
  12. That's So Raven spin-off
  13. Rambo Reboot no Stallone
  14. Second Simpsons Movie May Begin "Active Exploration" Soon
  15. Captain Planet
  16. 'Going places' (the big lebowski spin-off)
  17. Your Most Watched Network
  18. Trainspotting 2 (January 27th 2017)
  19. If CW Did a Fifth Comic Book TV Series...
  20. The Simpsons Will Make It To Season 30
  21. Thoughts on Studio Ghibli films like Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away?
  22. Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline
  23. Voltron live action movie in the works with Universal Pictures
  24. Dragon Ball Super Episode Discussion Topic
  25. Big Trouble in Little China
  26. would you like to see Taylor Belle in tmnt 2012 darkest plight episode?
  27. Thoughts on the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic"?
  28. Young Justice Returning for Season 3
  29. Warner Bros. CEO Confident In Geoff Johns' Vision For The DCEU
  30. FOX X-Movie Franchise Hits "Reset Button"
  31. Marvel TLD;R web series
  32. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
  33. New Sesame Street Movie Coming From Shawn Levy
  34. Sailor Moon R to theatres
  35. Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had an affair during the origina filming of Star Wars
  36. Jeff Smith's "Bone" : The Movie
  37. Warner Bros. Aqquire Full Control of Machinima
  38. Beaches remake
  39. Disney's Christopher Robin
  40. Mortal Kombat reboot in the works
  41. Legendary has acquired the Film and TV rights for Dune
  42. Kevin Feige Says A Partnership With Fox For X-MEN Or FANTASTIC 4 Is Impossible
  43. Lost in Space reboot
  44. Emerald City
  45. The Mummy Remake
  46. Saved By The Bell's Zack and Kelly Are Divorced Now
  47. Amy Schumer Is BARBIE
  48. Live Action Woody Woodpecker
  49. War for the Planet of the Apes
  50. Pigs in Space
  51. Marvel's Slingshot
  52. Complaints Lead To WONDER WOMAN Losing UN Ambassador Title
  53. David Ayer and Margot Robbie helming all female villian DC movie
  54. "Deadshot" solo movie starring Will Smith
  55. Cylons' Thoughts on the DCEU
  56. NBC's "Powerless" TV show, starring Selena Hudgens
  57. Despicable Me 3
  58. The Walt Disney Studios First Ever to Hit $7 Billion in One Year
  59. If you starred in a tv show...
  60. Should I watch all the Die Hard movies?
  61. Either/Or
  62. Rey's relation to Luke accidentally revealed by new toy (spoilers)
  63. 2016 - rate the movies you saw this year
  64. Nickelodeon Rumored To Be Working On Cartoon Based On ‘World Famous’ Video Game
  65. Could you see Netflix making animated adaption of Image books
  66. Are all your favorite franchises from when you were a kid still going?
  67. How did Natalie Portman escape the "Star wars prequels" curse?
  68. Will and Grace Return To NBC
  69. Sony to remake Good Times & The Jeffersons
  70. Collider understanding Marvel Licensing who owns what?
  71. Father Ted
  72. So many reboots!
  73. Michael Keaton reveals why he turned down returning in Batman Forever, "It sucked"
  74. Magic School Bus coming back to netflix
  75. What are the manliest movies ever?
  76. Reboot/Remake/Sequel/Prequel Predictions
  77. Most Anticipated Movies of 2017
  78. Rank the Fast and Furious movies
  79. Constantine Animated Series
  80. Freedom Fighters: The Ray tv series
  81. Death of traditional radio, TV and video
  82. This Year's Razzie Shortlist
  83. Modern action movies that aren't superhero or sci-fi
  84. The Jetsons and WWE Robo-Wrestlemania
  85. The Makers of ‘Tales From the Hood’ Reunited for ‘Tales From the Crib’!
  86. Next X-Men Movie Potentially Called "X-Men: Supernova"
  87. CHIPs
  88. Lucasfilm will NOT digital recreate Leia for future movies
  89. Tremors 6 is HAPPENING!
  90. Goosebumps 2 gets release date
  91. Favorite "Paranormal" TV Show
  92. Boycott a dogs purpose
  93. Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper Movie..
  94. Other action-cartoons you liked as a child?
  95. Witchblade-In Development From NBC Universal/Sony
  96. Films or TV-series
  97. Sony considering selling its movie and TV operations
  98. James Cameron working on a new Terminator movie
  99. TV-commercials
  100. Will we ever get a proper Bane in a live-action Batman movie?
  101. Tom and Jerry
  102. "Unbreakable 2"? *spoilers*
  103. Would you?
  104. CW's Riverdale
  105. Ballerina/Leap
  106. FOX Order Behind Enemy Lines Reboot Pilot
  107. Tangled Series and TV Movie
  108. Chrome Cast
  109. It amazes me how many now classic and great movies came out in the 80's and 90's
  110. Sherlock North
  111. Anyone a fan of the show Kappa Mikey?
  112. The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017)
  113. Guests... log in
  114. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot
  115. So apparently on average there are 600+ movies released a year
  116. Powerless
  117. The Amazing World of Gumball
  118. What Shows Are You Currently Watching?
  119. Harrison Ford accidentally pilots over plane with 110 passengers, FAA to investigate
  120. WB wants Mel Gibson to Direct Suicide Squad Sequel?
  121. Ten-Minute "Love Actually" Sequel Coming To Television
  122. Rabbids Invasion
  123. Favorite 'SNL' skits that would work as a show spinoff?
  124. STAR WARS: The New In Canon Fate Of Jar Jar Binks Has Been Revealed And It's Serious
  125. Have you ever watched The Fugitive tv series?
  126. Hellboy 3 is not going to Happen
  127. Live Action X-Men series on FOX
  128. Martin Scorsese's "The Irishman" headed to Netflix because of TMNT OotS
  129. The LEGO Batman Movie’s Chris McKay to Direct Nightwing Movie
  130. Classic Planet of the Apes movies and it's impact on society
  131. Fox Won't Make Another FANTASTIC FOUR Movie Until They Get it right
  132. DCAU: Superman Would Have Been Raped
  133. Looking for the name of futuristic toon
  134. What did you think of the 40 Year Old Virgin?
  135. Travis Knight to direct the Transformers Bumblebee Spinoff Movie
  136. Disney to reboot 'Tron' Franchise
  137. Alien/Predator Franchises
  138. How much TV do you watch nowadays?
  139. How do you discover new good movies to watch that came out decades ago?
  140. Just Cause movie in the works with Jason Momoa
  141. DC Films willing to make a Rated R superhero movie
  142. Geostorm
  143. Who are the popular movie stars today that aren't aging actors from decades ago?
  144. What's your tolerance for crude, obscene or gross-out humor in movies?
  145. Life Movie
  146. Non Disney Little Mermaid live action
  147. Godzilla Anime
  148. The Matrix reboot in the works
  149. VENOM Movie Coming From Sony - Not A Joke!
  150. David Goyer might direct Green Lantern corps?
  151. Iphigenia 1977 on Blu-Ray
  152. Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
  153. More Ghostbusters movies coming
  154. Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)
  155. Death Note (US 2017)
  156. The Future of Star Wars: Disney Makes Post-Saga Plans
  157. What role do you mostly associate each high profile action star with?
  158. How often do you rewatch old movies you've seen before?
  159. Actual net profit of movies
  160. Escape from New York Remake coming
  161. Paramount Announce Spongebob 3, Sherlock Gnomes, and Loud House Movies
  162. Josh Whedon Batgirl Solo Film ?
  163. The Pirates of Dark Water
  164. Cartoon Network's 2017-2018 Line-Up
  165. What's the one film you hope they don't make a reboot of?
  166. Are cartoons for kids?
  167. Rick and Morty Season 3
  168. invader Zim Returns With New TV Movie
  169. Shia LaBeouf’s New Film Sells Just One Ticket in UK Debut
  170. Live Action Anime: the good and the bad (mainly bad)
  171. New Dave Chappelle Netflix specials
  172. Call Of Duty Movie Universe To Draw From Black Ops, Modern Warfare
  173. My Little Pony: The Movie
  174. Crashing (HBO Series)
  175. Another Writer's Strike Imminent?
  176. Star Wars: Episode IX
  177. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  178. GI Joe Reboot for Millenials!
  179. 13 Reasons Why (Most Popular Show in Netflix History)
  180. Star Wars Celebration 2017
  181. Star Wars: Forces of Destiny
  182. Apple might buy Disney for 200 Billion?
  183. Watchmen: The Animated Movie
  184. Tom and Jerry meets Willy Wonka
  185. Will the slasher genre ever have another revival?
  186. It's The Simpsons 30th Anniversary
  187. Classic Cartoon Discussion & Youtube Finds (1928-1999)
  188. X-Files returning again...
  189. Marvel May Organize Their Films By Something Other Than "Phases" After AVENGERS 4
  190. DC Streaming Service Live Action Titans and Young Justice
  191. DuckTales 2017
  192. Please Delete Thread
  193. Pandemonium: A Biopic Of Vincent Kennedy McMahon
  194. R.I.P. Jonathan Demme
  195. A Foul American (A Political Parody Improv Cartoon) series on Kickstarter
  196. More evidence that Marvel Studios has won back the F4 and Galactus, Surfer
  197. Rosesanne Making A Comeback
  198. Hacker Holds Orange Is The New Black and Other Shows Ransom
  199. Superman vs The KKK movie in the works
  200. 15th Anniversary of Spider-Man (2002)
  201. Hellboy Reboot
  202. ABC revives American Idol
  203. CW cancels "No Tomorrow" and "Frequency"
  204. Marvel's The Gifted
  205. Deadpool Animated Series
  206. Judge Dredd: Mega City One
  207. Unikitty tv series
  208. X-Men New Mutants movie
  209. 2017 Fall Schedule TV
  210. Conan O'Brien Accused of Stealing Jokes
  211. Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood Marathon On Twitch
  212. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance coming to Netflix
  213. Supernatural/Scooby doo crossover announced
  214. Rambo Reboot From India Coming 2018
  215. Universal Dark Universe
  216. DC Superhero Girls Animated Series In 2018
  217. Star Wars a new hope turns 40 today
  218. Sony Announce Silver Sable/Black Cat Movie: Silver and Black
  219. Villainous Discussion
  220. Animaniacs Reboot
  221. Godzilla vs. Kong
  222. Murder on the Orient Express Remake
  223. Dan Akyord Critizes Paul Feig blames him for the failure of the Ghostbuster reboot
  224. Live-Action Cowboy Bebop T.V. Series In The Works
  225. Sony To Release Sanitized Versions of Movies
  226. Does anyone here remember the Mighty Max cartoon?
  227. King Arthur "flops" With $14.7M Weekend
  228. Watching movies theatrically vs. at home
  229. Tom Holland confirms an MCU Spider-Man 3
  230. A Rumination on the DCEU
  231. Urasawa's "Pluto" Manga to Receive Anime Adaptation
  232. Batman Mask of The Phantasm heading to blu ray
  233. The Day The Crayons Quit
  234. my little pony 1980's cartoon.
  235. Adult Behavior: U.S Edition of Russel T Davies Drama ''Cucumber''
  236. I'm not a fan of cinematic universes
  237. Superman: Red Son Movie [Live Action, Not Animated] Being Discussed
  238. The Batman Director Matt Reeves Promises 'Noir-Driven' Detective Movie
  239. Do you still call them, "DVDs" even if they're not?
  240. Axed ''Sense8'' Revived For Two-Hour Series Finale
  241. Jetsons Live-Action TV Series Coming
  242. Villains that you like
  243. 'Assassin's Creed' Anime Coming
  244. What movies or shows terrified you the most as a child?
  245. Popular movies that got surprisingly bad reviews when they first came out
  246. Want to get into Transformers, where to start?
  247. ghost hunters on destination america?
  248. Warner Bros. Officially Announces 'Gotham By Gaslight' Animated Film.
  249. Batgirl movie
  250. Once Upon A Time