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  1. Pokemon: I Choose You [Indigo Era Reboot,July 15th]
  2. New Pixar film - 'Untitled Suburban Fantasy World'
  3. Do you prefer serialised dramas or procedurals?
  4. Steve Whitmire [Kermit The Frog] Fired For ''Unacceptable Buisness Conduct''
  5. Ike Perlmutter no longer Marvel CEO (maybe?)
  6. Fun fact: Batman 1989 is now as old to the modern generation as 60's Batman was to us
  7. Catfish Directors to Write and Direct Mega Man Movie
  8. Doctor Doom Film in the Works
  9. Stargate: Origins
  10. New Ghostbusters movie is coming, 2019
  11. Joker & Harley DCCEU movie announced
  12. New Spawn movie in the works
  13. Rockoís Modern Life: Static Cling
  14. Franklin Richards movie
  15. 3 new DC Animated Movies Announced
  16. Live-Action "One Piece" TV Series in Development
  17. Confirmed DCEU Film Slate from SDCC 2017
  18. DC/WB Confirm ''The Flash: Flashpoint'' Movie
  19. Rate every DC live-action movie you've ever seen
  20. FOX Resume Distribution of The Simpsons On DVD
  21. A thread for Documentaries
  22. Ready Player One
  23. Matt Groening's ''Disenchantment'' Coming To Netflix
  24. Zack Snyder Is Expected To Take A Backseat In DCEU Development
  25. John Wick spinoff: Ballerina
  26. Reboots/Remakes That (Don't) Suck
  27. If you had a one episode appearance on a TV show what show would it be and what role?
  28. New Khan TV series coming
  29. Stretch Armstrong Animated Series
  30. Voice over director Andrea Romano retires this week
  31. Could a M*A*S*H television show remake be successful?
  32. In a Heartbeat (Animated Short Film)
  33. Rob Paulsen Plots His Comeback After Cancer in 2016
  34. Ok k.o.
  35. Teen Titans Live-Action tv show!
  36. Karate Kid sequel TV series... with Macchio! "Cobra Kai"
  37. Watch the Bruce Willis 'Death Wish' trailer
  38. NBC World of Dance
  39. New Transformers Animated Movie in the works
  40. Netflix Acquires Millarworld
  41. Do you care about "seeing yourself" on screen?
  42. FOX Considering ''King of the Hill'' Revival
  43. Disney ending Netflix Deal going to start own streaming service
  44. Terrifying death scenes in movies
  45. Xavier Renegade Angel
  46. 'The Munsters' potentially coming back
  47. ''Development Hell' Performs James Cameron's Spider-Man
  48. Jessica Jones Season 2
  49. Bond 25-Daniel Craig Steps Down As Bond
  50. Standalone Obi-Wan Movie is in the works
  51. Obi-Wan Kenobi movie in development
  52. Marvel Studios week at Cinemark
  53. Boba Fett Yoda and Jabba The Hutt movies being considered
  54. "Son of Shaft"
  55. Captain Planet Gets Complete Series Release In Austrlaia
  56. "The Joker" DCEU movie NOT starring Jared Leto
  57. Favourite Pokemon Game?
  58. Marvel Developing New Female-Led Show For ABC
  59. Your childhood shows
  60. Ash Reunites With Old Friends In Pokemon TV Special
  61. Huluís Locke & Key
  62. Favorite Batman Cartoon?
  63. All Female Lord Of The Flies reboot is coming
  64. ''Simpsons'' Composer Alf Clausen Let Go
  65. The Smurfs Return To TV
  66. Disney VHS openings
  67. Batman The Animated Series 25th Anniversary
  68. Suicide Squad 2: Gavin O'Connor in talks to write & direct film
  69. VEEP Coming To An End
  70. Marvel To Launch Pre-School "Marvel Adventures" Animated Series
  71. Drew Goddard To Helm FOX's X-Force Movie (Feat. Deadpool)
  72. Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary
  73. Liam Neeson Retiring From The Action Movie Genre
  74. Stan Lee Optimistic About Marvel Getting X-Men And Fantastic Four Rights Back Eventua
  75. Any one remember that Mickey Mouse cartoon Run away brain?
  76. ScreenRant
  77. Universal to relaunch Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis
  78. FOX Greenlight True Lives TV Series
  79. The Classic Movie Appreciation Thread
  80. Tomb Raider
  81. 3-Hour Extended Cut of Superman: The Movie Coming to Blu-Ray and DVD
  82. Saturday Night Live finally goes live nationally next season
  83. "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" Coming to the CW
  84. French Cartoon Lastman
  85. Pet Semetary remake?
  86. Sony's Peter Rabbit (2018
  87. Boring villains that don't deserve to be in the stories they inhabit
  88. My Hero Academia
  89. HBO Order Pilot For New Sci-Fi Comedy
  90. Annihilation - new movie from Alex Garland
  91. Star Trek The Next Generation turns 30
  92. Flight of the Navigator Reboot Coming From Henson Co and Lionsgate
  93. Atlanta (TV series)
  94. Female lead Kung Fu reboot...
  95. Female lead The Nice Guys reboot...
  96. Warner Bros. Confirms Standalone DC Movies Outside of DCEU Continuity
  97. Alien: Covenant sequel (Prometheus 3?)
  98. Men In Black "Spin-Off" Coming In 2019
  99. FOX's The Gifted (X-Men TV Spin Off)
  100. Milo Murphy's Law very underrated
  101. Sonic The Hedgehog Movie from Paramount
  102. Jared Leto will play Hugh Hefner in upcoming biopic
  103. FOX Schedule Bob's Burgers Movie For 2020
  104. Why the hell did it take me so long to check out Archer?
  105. Batman Ninja Anime
  106. Rush hour 4?
  107. Fast & Furious 9
  108. Batman The Animated Series coming to Blu Ray
  109. What's with cliffhangers and on going plots in Animated shows these days?
  110. Beetlejuice 2 is happening from WB
  111. The Addams Family Animated Movie
  112. CW's Roswell Revival
  113. Is the Skywalker bloodline overated?
  114. Favourite Non-Tmnt Superheroes
  115. Getting into Korra/Avatar for the first time
  116. 17,232 Movies! World's Largest Collection