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  1. Christmas Carols
  2. My bands latest show.
  3. New Dark Tranquillity - We Are The Void
  4. Michael Jackson & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - What Have We Done
  5. Alicia Keys Fans?
  6. Cult of Luna - Eviga riket
  7. Songs for Haiti
  8. Listen/Rate/Share
  9. Iron Maiden
  10. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony feat Thin C - Rebirth
  11. Phantom of the Opera sequel
  12. Gorillaz- Plastic Beach *New album*
  13. Favorite Drummer/Percussionist
  14. Bands/Artists That You Like/Love
  15. The Lyrics Thread.
  16. CDs...will they become extinct?
  17. Googoo for Gaga
  18. The 80's are Coming!
  19. Slaughterhouse Working on New Record!!!
  20. Last.fm Thread
  21. Backtrack music?
  22. DJ Quik
  23. Gorillaz- The Fall
  24. Rap / Hip - Hop
  25. Top ten albums
  26. Down with Webster
  27. Powder- Weight Of The World
  28. Cancelled Concerts
  29. Metallica Discussion
  30. My band Rabbits in Raincoats
  31. Lil G- The Premiere
  32. Cam Clarke's Inside Out
  33. Favorite Generes and Most Hated genres
  34. The Official "Yeah, I Like It, F**king Sue Me" Thread
  35. 6 favorite Movie Scores
  36. Metal Whip It Cover (Devo)
  37. Why Not?
  38. My Metal band "Dark Minstrel Project"
  39. My Band Featured at Radio Station
  40. Lady Gaga - Born This Way
  41. Japanese punk/metal
  42. Amazing Virtual Choir created from youtube vids
  43. what the name of this song?
  44. R.I.P Amy Winehouse
  45. Rebecca Black...
  46. 24/7 The Grinder
  47. Fresh Prince and Guile Theme mix
  48. Donatello's (Barry Gordon) golden oldies!
  49. Dear God Shatner's released yet another "music" album.
  50. April O'Neil, the album "Yellow Jumpsuit"- Dubai electropunk rock
  51. Rocky: The Musical!
  52. My band featured in indie music blog!
  53. Don't know what to call this, but it deals with music. =)
  54. Fire Inc.
  55. Jason Mraz - Love is a Four Letter Word
  56. Check out my band - Sons of Paterson
  57. Here is a link to mine and my friends music
  58. Rock and Roll parts 1 & 2 by Gary Glitter
  59. Your favorite music for driving
  60. start a do u kno the name of the song?/anyone happens to kno the name of this song?
  61. My music is now available on ITunes and a ton of other retailers!
  62. Pictures from my music video shoot today
  63. karaoke- what's your favorite song to perform?
  64. A song for waffle lovers. ( asking for feedback )
  65. Feedback on my new music.
  66. Check out my band, With Teeth.
  67. Noren Music
  68. Happy 50 Years To Beatles,Beach Boys, and Rolling Stones!
  69. Check It Out !
  70. Any other musical fans?
  71. Wagner's Ring Cycle: Der Ring des Nibelungen
  72. The Fraggles and Ben Folds Five
  73. What Song Was #1 The Day You Were Born?
  74. Songs about Getting Married
  75. Music production
  76. Were The 1980s, the most dramatic changing decade for Top 40/pop music?
  77. Please check out my facebook music page :)
  78. Oasis
  79. ZREO is closing it's doors...
  80. Most Disturbing Music Videos
  81. Beatles and hippie fest 1964
  82. Literal Thread
  83. The Voice Actors Song (Original Song)
  84. Which Musical Performance Was More Shocking?
  85. Your misheard lyrics
  86. Katy Perry bigger than Britney/Christina in their prime?
  87. Review the song
  88. Most Overrated Songs
  89. Favorite Decade of Music
  90. What is your absolute favorite song?
  91. Most Played Song on your iTunes
  92. What are you currently listening to?
  93. Underrated Songs
  94. Movie Scores (soundtracks) that you like
  95. What's your favorite guitar player?
  96. Top 10 favorite Albums?
  97. Favorite Music genre
  98. Most hated Song
  99. The evolution of your music taste
  100. Nerdcore!
  101. Do you like the full versions of songs or the edited (cut) versions better?
  102. Any 311 fans in the Drome?
  103. Anyone Else Listen To Vocaloid Type Music?
  104. What song/s get you happy/pumped/psyched
  105. New Pink Floyd Album Coming!
  106. Artists you hate
  107. Unpopular music opinions
  108. Last.FM
  109. Does Anybody Actually Like Justin Beiber?
  110. Your first song?
  111. K-Pop
  112. What song(s) get you emotional?
  113. Guilty pleasures
  114. Anyone else play an instrument?
  115. Do guys listen to female singers?
  116. Songs that hold personal Memories
  117. Recommend a song/band
  118. Good male solo singers
  119. Has popular music got worse?
  120. Calling Paramore fans :)
  121. Post your favorite song lyrics
  122. Are you good at remembering and understanding lyrics?
  123. Your favourite cheesy songs?
  124. Do you buy physical or digital albums?
  125. The Electronic Music Corner
  126. Why is there so much hate toward Iggy Azalea?
  127. Name a song
  128. How do you discover new music?
  129. Your underrated bands/artists?
  130. Katy Perry at Superbowl half-time show
  131. Music for running?
  132. Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction
  133. Why do some people stick with one genre of music?
  134. Last Concert You Attended
  135. Why does NuMetal get such a bad rep?
  136. Are lyrics important to you?
  137. MTV in the early '90s
  138. History of popular music
  139. The Metal Music Thread
  140. Favorite 80s' Songs
  141. Favorite Straight Song & its Parody
  142. Orphaned Deejay Selek 2006-08
  143. So, I Rap
  144. Metalachi Got Robbed!
  145. Celtic Recommendations?
  146. Nine Inch Nails
  147. Vanilla Ice
  148. A 80's synthesizer compilation from Hungary...
  149. What would have happened to Nirvana?
  150. Do you listen to music in languages you don't speak?
  151. My Music
  152. Nwh
  153. Guns Ní Roses Reunion Confirmed
  154. Marilyn Mansonís Former Keyboardist Wants Him To Die
  155. Foo Fighters Deny Break-Up Rumors With New Video
  156. Ultra Music Festival 2016 Miami
  157. My First Rap Song
  158. Deftones new album "Gore"
  159. RIP Prince
  160. MTV Leaning Back into Music-Based Programming
  161. Do you mind if singers don't write their own songs?
  162. What was your Music journey?
  163. Beyonce - Lemonade - "Hold Up"
  164. Do you listen to the same album over and over again?
  165. The 60's, 70's, and 80's were the best decades for music
  166. Is 90s music considered "oldies" now?
  167. People Claiming To Be Related To Prince Object To DNA Tests
  168. My first Rap song in Super Mario Cartoon Musical
  169. Bobby Brown Claims He Had Sex With a Ghost
  170. The Beastie Boys?
  171. Led Zeppelin
  172. Rhapsody To Rebrand Itself As Napster
  173. Steven Tyler Says Aerosmith Is Breaking Up
  174. In the 90's, who listened to NSync, Backstreet Boys, or the Spice Girls?
  175. Spice Girls Reunite (Sort of) As "GEM"
  176. Favorite Movie Soundtracks (Not Scores)
  177. Superhero Soundtracks Overload At Comic-Con
  178. Do you prefer bands or solo artists?
  179. How do you store/format music electronically?
  180. How many genres of music do you listen to?
  181. Classic music from olden times
  182. The Classical Music Thread
  183. Gorillaz
  184. Would, "Walk like an Egyptian" be considered offensive if it came out today?
  185. Why don't pop and rock musicians trash hotel rooms today?
  186. Is it harder to know which artists and groups are popular today?
  187. A small rant on todays music...
  188. Rap/Hip-Hop
  189. Prozzak
  190. Gorillaz
  191. Gathering of the Juggalos
  192. Latest concert you went to?
  193. Fyre Festival, a Luxury Music Weekend, Crumbles in the Bahamas
  194. Death Grips
  195. Great dance music
  196. Searching for the name of a specific song or artist
  197. Pet Sounds vs Sgt. Pepper
  198. Favorite Wrestling Themes
  199. Skyrockets in Flight! Afternoon Delight!
  200. Davey Havok / Michelangelo Sound Alike!
  201. Father John Misty Writes Eulogy For Animatronic Chuck E. Cheese Band
  202. Songs that were played all the time on the radio/tv/movies when you were a kid/teen
  203. Is it normal to just like a few bands/artists?
  204. Cover Songs that you think are just as good/better than original, plus horrible ones
  205. Martin Shkreli Selling $2 Million Wu-Tang Clan Album on eBay
  206. Delete please
  207. Can any American explain to me..
  208. Leonard Nimoy - The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
  209. Your first music single purchase
  210. Does other peoples loud music annoy you?
  211. Holiday Music
  212. How/where do you listen to/get your music these days?
  213. Your guilty pleasures
  214. Favorite songs relating to Love (breakup music counts too)
  215. Slayer Calling It Quits, Announces Farewell Tour
  216. Mike Shinoda Confirms Linkin Park Will Continue & Releases New EP
  217. Huey Lewis and The News To Be A Musical
  218. Who else doesn't really go to concerts/festivals?
  219. What are the first 20 songs that come up while your music player is on shuffle
  220. Thoughts on Vaporwave?
  221. Does anyone care about Heavy Metal music anymore? Is it relevant?
  222. Eminem vs. MGK