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  1. The tattoo thread!
  2. The room of PLANTS
  3. What other forums do you post on?
  4. The power of God seen in a retail store (video)
  5. What's your favorite tea?
  6. Introverted, extroverted or somewhere in-between?
  7. Political Chit-Chat
  8. My Samsung tablet
  9. What is/are your favourite colour(s)?
  10. Traditions/Rituals you follow
  11. Pet turtle help
  12. Stuff you didn't like/have any interest in but ended up enjoying later in life
  13. Do you like chocolate or fudge?
  14. The Craig Ferguson Show and Scottish history
  15. Weird Dreams of the night
  16. Favorite youtubers
  17. What is your diet like?
  18. General Discussion
  19. Do women really secretly hate all other women?
  20. Hair Texture
  21. I'm learning French in 1 year
  22. Comic Con
  23. The Best (and worst) Parts about Summer
  24. So we're already halfway through 2017
  25. People saying "my partner"
  26. What's your opinion on the "Millennial generation"?
  27. How common is your birthday?
  28. There are now 7.5 BILLION people who inhabit Earth.
  29. Would you ever get cosmetic-plastic surgery?
  30. What Type of D&D Character Should You Play?
  31. time travel preference?
  32. What is the population of your town/city?
  33. "Feeling some type of way"
  34. What other fandoms are you part of?
  35. Bingo?
  36. Favorite Forum Quotes
  37. How many championships has your city won (in all sports)?
  38. If you opened a business, what kind of business would it be?
  39. Do you believe in reincarnation?
  40. What would you do with an entire week with no internet, tv, radio, phone or devices?
  41. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be born/raised in another country?
  42. The Random thought Thread
  43. How many hours of episodes, books, comics, etc. can you handle a day?
  44. Favorite season
  45. Resigned from my current Job today
  46. Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza Vs. New York-Style Pizza
  47. What is your favorite kind of ice cream?
  48. Let's Discuss: What if we're living in a simulation?
  49. Which things do you miss from youtube?
  50. Wedding Etiquette Advice?
  51. Describe Yourself In a Sentence
  52. Incorporating Science with The Grapes of Wrath
  53. What would you place in a time capsule?
  54. Cilantro: Soapy or Delicious?
  55. August 21st Eclipse!
  56. Do you think all countries will cease to exist?
  57. Food most people like that you don't
  58. Which do you prefer in Sci Fi, Kinetic Weapons or Laser Weapons
  59. What's the longest you've waited in line and what were you waiting for?
  60. How many hours of restful sleep do you get each night?
  61. Turtles merch Museum
  62. Anyone on here live in Vicenza, Italy?
  63. Better Fast-Food Fries: McDonald's or Burger King
  64. What's it like being twenty years old?
  65. And 9/11 was already 16 years ago
  66. Have you ever been on a road trip? How many miles/kilometers? Good or bad experience?
  67. What's on Your Bucket List?
  68. Water
  69. If you could ask something to your future self...
  70. What type of online discussion platform do you prefer?
  71. Do you have any personal objects that you can'y just get rid of no matter what?
  72. What types of footwear do you like to wear?
  73. What is your blood type?
  74. If you could be someone famous for a week...
  75. Anyone else suffering from this Facebook problem?
  76. Halloween Time: Do you like haunted houses?
  77. If You Could Snap Your Fingers and Eliminate Any Species on Earth, What Would It Be?
  78. Is there a limit to what humans can create through technology and science?
  79. List the foods that you would like to eat someday.
  80. A 100-hour work week
  81. Would you rather end human conflict or have millions of dollars?
  82. Have you ever been mistaken for another nationality?
  83. How were you punished as a kid?
  84. How did you come across the Technodrome Forums?
  85. AIM will shut down after 20 years
  86. What is the thing you've been a fan of or doing for the longest?
  87. What do you think of Western society/culture at this point in time?
  88. Did Nikita Khrushchev bang his shoe into the desk?
  89. Cake or Pie?
  90. Have you discovered disturbing/disgusting things in your food? X(
  91. How has the modern internet changed you?
  92. The Ghost Story Thread
  93. Best Second-Hand Finds?
  94. Collecting stuff
  95. Stupid things you did when you were a teenager
  96. Does anybody remember/like the Crazy frog?
  97. Weddings
  98. Do you ever wish you could restart your life from scratch?
  99. Whats your lightsaber?
  100. Are you happy with your life how it is?
  101. Do you believe society overrates relationships and sex in general?
  102. How often do you guys eat fruits/vegetables?
  103. What would you do if....
  104. So, 2018 is only about slightly over a month away now...
  105. Happy Thanksgiving!
  106. Favorite Thanksgiving Dish
  107. Things that people think will stay in style but won't?
  108. Forgiveness
  109. The Flat Earth Movement
  110. What's your favorite type of sandwich?
  111. [Kickstarter] Claims of Gold
  112. Is bullying always a bad thing?
  113. Actions vs Intentions
  114. Scenario: You're forced to live either in the 80s or the 90s
  115. Strange and annoying assumptions people make about you
  116. Hollow Earth
  117. Where does social security go if you never use it?
  118. Canada decides the F-word is not taboo for radio listeners' ears
  119. Favorite thing you ever got for Christmas
  120. Is Disney on the verge of becoming a monopoly?
  121. Does fast food deserve its bad reputation?
  122. Baby Boy #2
  123. Merry Christmas everyone
  124. The worst teams in NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL history
  125. year in a nutshell..so, how was yours?
  126. Happy New Year! What are your New Year's resolutions?
  127. Do you have kids?
  128. Do you think gyms are worth it?
  129. Crazy things that have happened in your life.
  130. Car Talk
  131. The Worlds is doomed ;o)
  132. Where Do You Eat Dinner?
  133. Young Adults And Fatal Heart Attacks
  134. Guinness World Records
  135. Is there no such thing as "choice"? If there is, how is there?
  136. If you knew exactly how much time you have left, what would you do?
  137. Who is the first Black Supervillain?
  138. Star Wars - Expanded Universe
  139. Trying to post pictures.
  140. Favorite Girl Scout Cookie?
  141. How "in touch" would you say you are with modern pop culture?
  142. Favourite historical figures?
  143. State of Star Wars and Disney
  144. What's the last thing you ate?
  145. Have you developed any new interests lately and/or dropped previous ones?
  146. Durr April Fools
  147. April Fools Jokes that you have fallen for.
  148. unplayable blu-rays?
  149. Blue Collar Work vs White Collar Work
  150. Survey for Dissertation!
  151. What are you afraid of?
  152. Does anyone else post on way too many message boards, or online in general?
  153. Does the "Paradox of Choice" bother anybody else?
  154. Globalisation
  155. Do you believe in concepts such as luck/chance or karma?
  156. Cat or Dog person?
  157. instagram users and who they suggest
  158. What stereotypes fit you?
  159. Technodrome Discord Channel
  160. Day Shift vs Night Shift Work
  161. Do you get along with your neighbours?
  162. Internet people
  163. Walking
  164. the voice chaser thread...
  165. Favourite hair colour?
  166. Strange/odd things you do?
  167. Do you believe in aliens?
  168. Have hipsters become too mainstream?
  169. The Dark Web... real or FAKE?
  170. Do you consider yourself attractive?
  171. Tourists
  172. People who keep wild animals as pets
  173. What is the highest level of education you've reached?
  174. I Did a Karate Thing
  175. Are there any sort of personal rituals and traditions you follow?
  176. LeBron to Lakers
  177. Insomnia/Sleeping Advice
  178. Julie Strain seriously ill