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  1. Just curious, where do you think Shredder's helmet came from?
  2. Awesome article on TMNT animation!
  3. The 13 Monsters
  4. Hong Kong's DJ Sammy talks about TMNT and Imagi
  5. No Kevin?
  6. Diversity
  7. Meet the Robinsons- The True Test
  8. What did you think was the funniest part of the movie?
  9. My story pitch for how they SHOULD have done the monster prologue: (SPOILERS!!)
  10. 2nd best film overall, TMNT 2007 or Turtles 2(1991)?
  11. Casey Competes with TMNT
  12. TMNT voice actors meet the TMNT!
  13. Violence in the PG
  14. Do we need Shredder for "TMNT2" if it comes out?
  15. I hate Denmark!
  16. A Sequel?
  17. Despite it being called a "lose sequel"....
  18. Jersey Devil question
  19. A plot hole that bugged me...SPOILERS!!!
  20. April wins against Karai?
  21. Opening Weekends: TMNT 2007 vs. TMNT 1990
  22. Mikey's funny lines?
  23. How involved was 4Kids with this film?
  24. Favorite Movie Moments
  25. Someone posted the whole movie on Youtube?!?
  26. TMNT 2007 is better than TMNT 1990
  27. Can't Stop rockin' MV
  28. Nightwatcher Prequel Movie
  29. Remind you of anybody? (Shortpacked comic on new movie)
  30. It's happened again...the movie youtube full length ...20 or so clips...yes yet again
  31. Did the little kids enjoy the film ?
  32. Corniest/Most Painful Part of the Movie
  33. Mikey Kelley and McDonalds
  34. Who drew the shredder pic in the intro?
  35. Rate the new movie to the other TMNT movies
  36. Stone General names/ID?
  37. The more you watch... the more you like
  38. There was a TMNT orchestral theme?
  39. #1 Movie in America Commercials?
  40. TMNT on Wikipedia
  41. "2 Thumbs Down"...:(
  42. What us the name of the song of Jersey Devil vs Nightwatcher?
  43. Preview trailers.. Did you like?
  44. Boycott TMNT
  45. TMNT Image Gallery of the Turtles
  46. TMNT achieved quite a feat imo...
  47. Best voice to suit character in movie?
  48. In Recognition of James, Mikey, Mitchell, and Nolan - TMNT Voice Actors
  49. Mikeys look
  50. What if TMNT never existed before this movie?
  51. Something that really makes me mad in this movie
  52. Movie Images and Gifs
  53. My New Wallpapers (Post Yours!)
  54. Would you have liked to see more turtle team-ups during the fight scenes
  55. Pointless question
  56. Gym Class heroes was on the tonight show?
  57. Full Tmnt Movie On Youtube... - 3/29/07
  58. Official TMNT Piracy "Alert" Thread
  59. Best Line of the Movie...?
  60. Was anyone else scared....?
  61. How much is it actually making?
  62. Make TMNT #1 this Weekend!!!
  63. Name origins
  64. "I'm gonna see the movie again this weekend to support the franchise" thread
  65. Ok enough raph and leo
  66. This Movie Is Lost Potential....
  67. DVD Wishlist
  68. Another pointless question
  69. This drives me nuts!!!
  70. Odd Request...
  71. music videos.
  72. Easter Eggs?
  73. TMNT Piracy Alert
  74. Huge Change Of Heart
  75. Nitpicking the editing...
  76. Why didn't TMNT resonate with the "general " audience?
  77. Aprils housing
  78. Klaus Badelt for sequel: Yay or nay
  79. I Love Being A Turtle - MP3 - Bootleg Edition
  80. Your feelings about the end sequence?
  81. This sucks - REAL Dan B Movie update
  82. General Serpiente
  83. Cheap movie theatre add sales?
  84. This weekends earnings?
  85. Was Mikey's weapon 'cut-out' from the movie?
  86. It's the little things...
  87. The Nintendo Nerd LIKED the movie
  88. Wall Screenshot
  89. A new trailer?
  90. Trophy Room Scene
  91. Splinter and Casey's potrayal in the film
  92. Forgive me if posted before...
  93. The other voices in the movie?
  94. TMNT Goofs/Continuity Error
  95. Asian box office results?
  96. The Movie Quote Thread
  97. Ideas for a sequel...
  98. TMNT YouTube Finds
  99. Movie Prequel comics
  100. Funny Caption Thread
  101. McDonald's Censored TMNT
  102. TMNT: shortest theatrical run ever?
  103. I feel like the only person on earth who hasn't seen the new movie.
  104. Rated G in Canada?
  105. Leonardo prequel comic: Featuring the Ancient One & Ninja Tribunal!!!!
  106. One of the TMNT dead in a sequel
  107. Any big fans of the Nightwatcher out there?
  108. New interview with Kevin Munroe
  109. Shredder's voice for sequel?
  110. Holland sucks!!
  111. Donatello - awesome in the new film
  112. The New Movie And Marketing
  113. TMNT Concept/Character Art
  114. Widescreen or fullscreen?
  115. Splinter with Don & Mikey
  116. Thoughts on Michelangelo
  117. Plot Holes in the movie?
  118. Mikey listening in...
  119. "How many times?" or "Time to weigh in"
  120. Best Buy Advertises TMNT
  121. A Leo rant: "Maybe you should talk to Raphael"
  122. Acting Without Actors: Kevin Munroe Envisions R-Rated CGI
  123. First TV report of the new movie
  124. Donny and Mikey
  125. Movie brings people to the Drome
  126. Going or Gone?
  127. TMNT Movie Trading Card Game?
  128. 13 Monsters List
  129. Has anyone read the novelization??
  130. When will the DVD will be released?
  131. The TMNT's Ages
  132. Which scene is this pic from?
  133. Imagi: Making of TMNT
  134. Whos ur favorite turtle???
  135. What's the deal with the Generals, anyway?
  136. Will playing the video game ruin the movie?
  137. New Imagi: Making of TMNT article
  138. The want ads
  139. "NJ News" Performed by Argonaut Seven
  140. Leo's Theatrical Trailer VA
  141. A nagging question.
  142. The New Movie On DVD - Exclusive Clips on Page 25
  143. Reviews by the fans?
  144. Korean music video
  145. Bit pricy but cool poster nonetheless
  146. If the Turtle Craze had happened today instead of 20 years ago...
  147. TMNT Sequel - Confirmation of a sequel still pending
  148. Am I the only one who...
  149. "Digitized" voice (Anyone else notice this?)
  150. IGN picks TMNT in it's top 10 Computer-Animated Films!
  151. Has this been mentioned yet?
  152. Promotion is the key
  153. Vote for best CGI Movie
  154. Sequel title?
  155. Future Character Designs
  156. What if a different Turtle had been chosen?
  157. Who hates TMNT CG?
  158. Where does the Nightwatcher keep his chain?
  159. Shredder Sequel
  160. New Interview with Galen Walker at Newsrama
  161. bootlegs
  162. toy new international
  163. My interview with Kevin Munroe
  164. Just found the coolest easter egg ever
  165. Who's willing to bet...
  166. Eye Color...
  167. The other anthro creatures, comic-verse(s)?
  168. Nolan North stuff
  169. Cheeco's Pizza
  170. I got TMNT on DVD first!
  171. Theatrical run is over?
  172. Turtles in space PLEASE
  173. Money that came from us
  174. Preordering the DVD question
  175. TMNT Movie: Links to the cartoon?!
  176. TMNT and Transformers
  177. From freestyle to Shell Shock
  178. Highly Irritating Review
  179. Still trying to schedule an interview with producer Thomas Gray
  180. Reflection: Through Rose Colored Glasses?
  181. Posters On Sale
  182. Seen and TMNT school supplies?
  183. Harry Potter Compared to TMNT (?!!)
  184. TMNT art book
  185. New Movie and Season 5 Cartoon DVD Release Bonus Thread
  186. Am I the only one worried....
  187. Raph's character development
  188. Pics from the movie
  189. Target 2-disc Edition
  190. TMNT on Blue-Ray
  191. Wait...did i miss something?
  192. Deleted/Unused Scenes - Spoilers Inside
  193. Comcast gave TMNT * but TMNT:lll ** ?
  194. DVD sales
  195. Free TMNT DVD Cover (non-crappy version!)
  196. EW's idea of a purist...
  197. Ign Tmnt Dvd
  198. Good news for TMNT fans
  199. TMNT onto Ipod?
  200. Thoughts on the Cantonese dub of "TMNT"
  201. Download Help Please
  202. The Region 3 DVD seems to have much more content than the Region 1.
  203. Billy West in TMNT 4
  204. Don and Mike in a TMNT Sequel
  205. TMNT CGI Movie Lines
  206. Trivia, Tidbits, and Goofs
  207. TMNT nominated for a Scream Award(SpikeTV)
  208. ezydvd.com.au
  209. Edited Scens W/O Comentary
  210. splinter screens
  211. I don't think we need to worry about movie sales anymore
  212. Oh, for God's sake..
  213. Question about TMNT artbook
  214. TMNT Makes Oscar Shortlist
  215. Sequel Talk: Shredder & Karai
  216. Ultimate fan tribute
  217. Mike's blue eyes...what gives?
  218. TMNT nominated for Annie Awards
  219. TMNT Not Nominated For Golden Globe
  220. 13 Monsters
  221. Pros and Cons of the new and old models
  222. Dream TMNT movie
  223. turtle pair-ups you want to see more of?
  224. Everyone Must Read!!! New Tmnt Movie In 2010!!!!!
  225. Theme of the sequel
  226. Mako Passed Away?
  227. tmnt code green contest....
  228. Oscar Noms. 1/22
  229. Special Edition DVD?
  230. TMNT on HBO
  231. TMNT review on cineFlick
  232. The Adventures of Milo & Otis vs. TMNT (Part 4)
  233. Who else has kinda given up hope for a sequal at this point?
  234. TNT Gets TMNT broadcasting rights
  235. who can find this pic
  236. The cgi movie that was turned down
  237. No love for Mikey and Don?
  238. Happy 1st Birthday TMNT!
  239. Poll: Charater(s) for sequels
  240. Japanese version of the 2007 film
  241. TMNT Sequels
  242. Actor Soon-Tek Oh as Splinter
  243. TMNT to air on Cinemax
  244. What part of the Movie that made you Cry
  245. Pop Culture References
  246. 5th Movie Idea...
  247. When does 4th movie take place?
  248. TMNT Part 5 dead?
  249. April's stance on Casey's vigilante life style
  250. Still hope for a Sequel