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  1. All-red masks in a new movie?
  2. Blu-Ray TMNT screen caps
  3. Possibly Live Action CGI Turtle mix :)
  4. If the next movie were an adaptation, what would you like to see.
  5. Ch"rell the utrom Shredder/the fake Oroku Saki
  6. Who Do You Think Would Make a Good April?
  7. who should be on board for the next turtles movie ?
  8. Got my Mako autograph
  9. Agent Bishop
  10. 2010 Movie: No New Movie Yet/ Playmates Get's Hopes Up.
  11. What would be your ideal TMNT movie? (style)
  12. They need to...
  13. How long has it been?
  14. Villains you want to see in TMNT 5
  15. WB Must Make a Spec. Ed. of the Original Movie!
  16. Imagi Mystery Art
  17. New autograph and presents!!
  18. Kevin Eastman on the TMNT sequel
  19. Eastman confirms meeting with Steve Barron for new film?!!
  20. reboot or sequel?
  21. Do you want Shredder in the next movie?
  22. Did anyone revisit the 1990 movie locations?
  23. What would you want the next TMNT movie to be rated?
  24. Peter Laird Movie Interview
  25. Bishop or Shredder
  26. What would you have the title of a TMNT movie be?
  27. TMNT(2007) Script
  28. TMNT DTV movies
  29. cancellation rumors and the new movie...
  30. I want your opinion
  31. Cast the Worst TMNT Movie in History!
  32. The OFFICIAL Turtle Power Documentary Thread
  33. 'TMNT' Studio Imagi unable to meet payroll, puts Summit's Astro Boy on hold
  34. Anything about TMNT 5 announced at Comic Con NY?
  35. Ok, I'm a Christian and this is just absurd...
  36. WH-WH-Wh-Wh-WHAAAAAT? BLu-Ray?
  37. TMNT go hi-def
  38. Today I found TMNT 1 on Laser disc
  39. Supernatural themes in the new movie?
  40. Characters from other canons?
  41. Holy **** I'm gonna get my DVD signed.
  42. Ninja Turtles back in (...live) action
  43. It's official! New movie in 2011!!!
  44. Official: Let Tristan Jones Write the Screenplay Thread!
  45. Why the New Film Needs to be PG-13
  46. New tmnt movie in 2011
  47. Are you disappointed or excited that Kevin Munroe is not working on the new movie?
  48. Who should direct?
  49. Is anyone else worried that the new movie might be a remake of the first?
  50. So we are not getting a TMNT 2. Your thoughts?
  51. What was wrong with the 4th movie?
  52. Name for the new movie.
  53. Small/random ideas
  54. Cast TMNT (2013)
  55. New Laird Interview: Pete wants Shredder; Stockman; TCRI
  56. Will they do the "Face Replacement" with CGI on all characters or just the 4 turtles?
  57. Fan Input: How Much Should They Listen?
  58. So who will they do Splinter?
  59. Would Mousers be all CG if they were in a movie?
  60. "Why are they doing a TMNT origin again?! It's been done already!!!"
  61. Anyone Else Actually Relieved There is No Cartoon to Influence the New Movie Back?
  62. What does the movie need to do to succeed at the box office?
  63. Does Mikey need a personlity make over?
  64. Scott Mednick (Producer) Interview**Lots of Information**
  65. Should the new movie have a muscial score or bands for Soundtrack?
  66. Which elements made for the 2k3 show should come over?
  67. dimension x
  68. Does anyone else feel as if the movie deal could fall through?
  69. Your Opinion
  70. The Turtles TMNT Theme (score)
  71. Another Mednick interview
  72. Foot Clan Open Casting Call For the 2011 Movie!
  73. Which turtle should be voiced by Seth Green?
  74. 2011 Movie Gets A Writer
  75. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Chris Evans reprising ?
  76. If this is "The One", what do you guys expect?
  77. Nick Palma Sneaks Into The Foot Clan Auditions
  78. the fighting
  79. Comic-Con TMNT Panel Recap
  80. Should the new Turtles
  81. New movie has Plot????
  82. 10 tmnt characters we want on film
  83. Filming in New York
  84. What aspect would you like to see in the new movie ?
  85. The storyline
  86. TMNT Lookalikes (and Casting)
  87. April's reaction?
  88. Retro Review: All 4 Movies
  89. Will the 2011 movie still be produced?
  90. What type of TMNT movie, We are going to get.?
  91. Quick 2007 movie question...
  92. Will the movie be the "pilot" for the series? Will they share a universe?
  93. TMNT prequel peititon!
  94. Voice actors question
  95. Twitter: Viacom's purchase of the TMNT hasn't changed the recently announced movie.
  96. Should be done like Bewolf.
  97. Raph could never beat up Leo
  98. One quarter of Imagi Studio laid off
  99. 2012: TMNT 5 (or whatever they call it) and the new Spider-Man movie! WOW!
  100. awesome ain't it?
  101. i hope raph drinks beer in new movie
  102. 1990 Movie to be released with alternate Ending and Deleted Scenes...
  103. Imagi Closes Its Doors
  104. Lost Production Art
  105. If the new movie was the OT in live action?
  106. Seein Red
  107. Original movies props/costumes whereabouts?
  108. First movie promo still leaked (not really)
  109. Screencap help!
  110. What did you think of the Kappa mythology in the 3rd movie?
  111. OMG, if it's such a BIG F*CKING DEAL...
  112. the REAL reason nunchucks are illegal...
  113. what kind of nunchucks does Mikey use in the first 2 live action films?
  114. (False alarm)POTENTIAL first look at the new live-action TMNT film.
  115. Poll about the "potencial" look.
  116. Any foot here?
  117. How long/many stories could the new movie series have?
  118. Evil Shredder pimping the style...
  119. Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes to produce new Turtles movie
  120. How Krang could work in a TMNT reboot movie series (IMHO)
  121. David Wise Wants In!
  122. 'Tartarughe Ninja II - Il segreto di Ooze' curiosity...
  123. TMNT extras
  124. Ninja Rap Part 2? Oh Lord...
  125. Am I the only one...
  126. What should the sequel to the 2012 movie be?
  127. Execs perusing fan sites - a thought
  128. What should the movie take most of it's influence from?
  129. TMNT: 4 Film Favorites 2 Disc DVD set
  130. Would you love a special guest star/cameo ...?
  131. Identical Bodies??
  132. What haven't we seen yet in the movies?
  133. What would you say to..
  134. The New Movie Soundtrack?
  135. Who would you want to direct the new movie?
  136. Rare Ninja Turtles 2 Picture of Lief Tilden(Donatello) and Michelan Sisti(Mikey)
  137. RARE TMNT 3 Animatronics Demonstration
  138. VOTE, What is your favorite Head from all the Suits?
  139. Rare Interview Video with some Behind the scenes Secret of the Ooze footage.
  140. Any chance of any news at Comic-Con?
  141. Let's talk about the original three movies.
  142. Can someone please post some crisp screen caps of raphael from the first movie?
  143. Deleted Scene from the 1990 Ninja Turtles film
  144. TMNT Film Based on 1988 Comics?
  145. Least favorite TMNT movie.
  146. I Want A "Bollywood" Ninja Turtles Movie!
  147. TMNT movie 1 extras
  148. Simultaneous premiere...
  149. Fusco Draft For New Movie is "Not good..." According to Paramount
  150. Why are they making a big deal of CG Turtles with live-action actors?
  151. Hebrew TMNT(1990) cast
  152. I found a cool "Turtles:1" movie location in NYC.
  153. Rare behind the scenes pics from 1990 Turtles film.
  154. Post-9/11 Culture
  155. What's this scene on the 25th Anniv. Box Set?
  156. Sally Menke - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Editor Found Dead
  157. Tatsu Origin
  158. sooo...the eyes...
  159. Crew TMNT (2012)
  160. tmnt cast support
  161. tmnt movie??
  162. Mikey head from TMNT 2? and Doni suit from 3rd film
  163. Bluray Set For Less than $20 Barnes and Noble
  164. Credit where credit is due
  165. tell me this isnt true
  166. Which Version Would You Like the New Movie to Be Based On?
  167. Who would be your choice(s) to play Renet
  168. spill.com tmnt review
  169. What NYC street/intersection is this from the 1st movie?
  170. Except the Shredder, Which other villains do you feel can carry a movie.?
  171. Hey everybody! It's playing TMNT Movie2 now on Captian Comando!
  172. TMNT 1990 Showing @ Inwood Theatre in Dallas, TX 2/4 and 2/5
  173. Judith Hoag: original script "more mystical"?
  174. New movie in works - link
  175. Favorite April
  176. Shredder And Lord Norinaga
  177. What changes would piss you off
  178. Professor Parry as an Utrom?
  179. Lord Dregg
  180. Kevin Munroe totally ripped off the classic cartoons!
  181. Why exactly did the Shredder become, "Super Shredder?"
  182. "It's time to go back."
  183. Cultural references in the 1st 3 movies ?
  184. Paramount's TMNT reboot movie currently aiming for 2013 release
  185. The 4th live-action movie that almost was...
  186. Mikeys Podcast
  187. Did anyone catch the original movie in theaters as a kid?
  188. Israel's TMNT first movie
  189. Which draft is this movie 2 script form on Ebay?
  190. Motion to retroactively retitle TMNT 4
  191. Huge piece of gold in TMNT the movie?
  192. Steve Barron (TMNT 1 director) interview right now!
  193. TMNT Movie What If: New World Pictures
  194. Turtle Designs?
  195. 4Kids cartoon or the Fred Wolf cartoon,original characters would you want to see.
  196. Movie Novelizations
  197. maybe im going crazy
  198. Original Movie Shown in High School!
  199. Original 1990 movie soundtrack
  200. A Running Commentary on the Running Commentary
  201. 9.95!
  202. Alternate score?
  203. anyone identify Mikey's skateboard from the 1st film?
  204. Concept drawings from TMNT 1 including Mike & Raph concept sketches
  205. no movie??
  206. Tmnt
  207. Yoshi in TMNT 3
  208. Donny The Drunk
  209. The TMNT Discussion Thread
  210. The Secret of the Ooze Discussion Thread
  211. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie Discussion Thread
  212. The TMNT III Discussion Thread
  213. Don had Mike's lines in the 1st movie
  214. Help with photos from the first movie?
  215. Paramount Taps 'M:I4' Scribes Appelbaum & Nemec For 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'
  216. Why no Baxter Stockman in the movies?
  217. TMNT Interview: Sara Seidman Vance
  218. Why the hate?
  219. The new movie should be made like X-men: First Class
  220. Possible Look for the new Movie?
  221. What happened to Josh Pais?
  222. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) Score
  223. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) Question.
  224. What would the series have been like had they continued like the 1st film?
  225. Movie 3 would be better without the turtles. It's not a turtles movie
  226. Interview with Michael Norris - Foot Soldier!
  227. How is Casey not in prison for vigilantism?
  228. imdb says ninja turtle movie 2014?
  229. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) Blu Ray.
  230. Looking for a song from the movie
  231. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) at the Capitol Theatre in Cleveland, OH
  232. Each film in its own universe?
  233. Do you think the Nick toon will influence the new movie?
  234. Movie prop Splinter ebay!! Wow!
  235. Ninja Turtles German DVD.
  236. Did anyone buy the 4th movie on HD DVD?
  237. Why did the Hamatos come to New York? (Nevermind)
  238. First movie showing this Friday at Rio Theatre, Vancouver
  239. Ninja Turtles 25th Blu Ray set $23 at Amazon.com
  240. Tatsu
  241. Lost Ninja Turtles Network interviews- Robbie Rist, Francis Chou, Rick Lyon
  242. Do you think they will rerelease the 1st movie back into theatres?
  243. Movie April week!
  244. Thing that always bugged me about the movies.
  245. Something which should...nay MUST happen in the new movie.
  246. Interview with TMNT Movie Actors on CC
  247. Thoughtful Article On TMNT The Movie 20+ Years Hence
  248. Creative director choices for the turtles.
  249. Mikey or Raph?
  250. Leo and Don's voices in the first movie