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  1. TMNT (1990) screening in San Jose, CA!
  2. James Rolfe's thoughts on a new movie.
  3. Any Chance Jim Henson's Creature Shop Coming Back For the Next Movie
  4. Custom Blu-Ray and DVD Cover Art Thread
  5. 1st movie blu ray transfer?
  6. 1990 music cues
  7. Ideas for new TMNT Movie
  8. When Shredder says "I am your father" in the first movie
  9. Did anyone else watch the first TMNT movie in elementary school?
  10. comicbookmovie article on TMNT 1990
  11. Do you think the movie will come out too "late" compared to the comics/cartoons?
  12. Turtles 1990 backlash and its effect on the sequels.
  13. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie...IN 3D!!!
  14. Anyone remember?
  15. Help with Picture please
  16. Rare Josh Pais Raphael Picture
  17. Original Costumes
  18. Do we have any HD or High Resolution Movie caps?
  19. Favorite Quote Thread
  20. The Movie 1 Michelangelo Thread
  21. Another Fan Plea for TMNT: SE.
  22. Fabric for masks
  23. The Movie 1 Splinter Thread
  24. Type of Knot used on Movie Bandana's???
  25. Johnathan Liebesman In Talks To Direct Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  26. Nagi mentioned in original script?
  27. TMNT Font
  28. IGN post on how to make a good TMNT movie
  29. The Movie 1 Raphael Thread
  30. ITT We Quibble About Meaningless Details
  31. Movie Splinter Bust
  32. Laird's vision for Secret of the Ooze
  33. Could SotO be salvaged?
  34. If Bishop was introduced in a tmnt film, What actor would you like to play him.
  35. TMNT Reboot Wishlist
  36. Tokka Movie Bust
  37. New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Set For Christmas 2013!
  38. Michal bays new movie might be Teenage Alien Ninja turtles
  39. What will the new TMNT look like?
  40. Bay-bash 2012!
  41. In Case of Emergency...
  42. Do you think Baxter Stockman should not have any connections with the Shredder?
  43. turtles movie new info?
  44. Save the Turtles. Keep them out of the Bay.
  45. Does anyone have a picture of the Underskull?
  46. Director FINALLY Comments On TMNT Aliens Issue
  47. How do you think the Fight Scenes will be handled in the New Movie?
  48. Chances of PG-13 "Ninja Turtles"?
  49. Michelangelo's voice
  50. Isn't it sad that TMNT the movie was Jim Henson's last film?
  51. New Movie will not be called teenage mutant ninja turtles
  52. greatest fight scene in all the tmnt movies?
  53. Did TMNT (4th film) lack the 'mystical' element?
  54. TMNT 3 - Robot Technology Demo
  55. Judith Hoag on The Middle.
  56. Who is your favorite character from the first live action Ninja Turtle movie?
  57. High Resolution First Movie promo pics?
  58. Why are people surprised by Aliens being in the Turtle movie?
  59. Kevin Eastman On The "Aliens" Issue....Briefly
  60. Movie 1: ITT We Notice the Little Things
  61. Storylines
  62. Behind the scenes thread
  63. I LOVE Tmnt 3!
  64. Tokka costume or behind the scenes pictures
  65. What movie is this image from for oil painting?
  66. My video review of the 1990's TMNT movie.
  67. Question about Ninja Turtles 1990 DVD movie
  68. TMNT edit
  69. New turtle movie: what do you want to see first
  70. am i alone in my ♥ of Secret Of the Ooze?
  71. Plot Description
  72. New review of TMNT1 by Outlaw Vern
  73. Official Screening Topic
  74. Movie costume question
  75. New Ninja Turtles Blu Ray Triple Pack.
  76. Short Steve Barron Interview.
  77. Filming Begins this summer/fall in Vancouver
  78. Casting Ideas For Shredder
  79. Marcus Theatres' Movie Madness to show original film
  80. Live-Action Hallmark Movie That Never Was?
  81. Possibility of Steve Barron Director's Cut?
  82. New Movie Postponed... Release date pushed to May 2014
  83. Kevin Eastman talks with the One Ring's Cliff Broadway on movie
  84. The ‘Ninja Turtles’ May Fight Like Characters in ‘The Raid’
  85. He gone
  86. El Mayimbe Of Latino Review Apparently Has The TMNT Script
  87. Where should the Platinum Dunes TMNT movie draw it's inspiration?
  88. What was the point you realized you disliked Movie 3?
  89. Total box office gross of the TMNT 2 and 3 films?
  90. We might get a TMNT movie 1 director's cut!
  91. who would you want to voice the new "Bay" turtles?
  92. Full Moon Reviews tmnt 1990
  93. Keno the home intruder
  94. Another So-Called "Synopsis"
  95. Casting Ideas For Casey Jones
  96. 1990 Movie Discussion
  97. TMNT movie 4 - plot problems from a film theory analysis
  98. Filming locations for the 1990 film?
  99. Utrom spotted in TMNT II!!!
  100. ‘Ninja Turtles’ Villains and Synopsis Revealed? *possible rumors*
  101. In the 1st movie, were the Turtles out on a mission to fight in the intro?
  102. New Kevin Eastmen Interview - Talks About Delay
  103. Secret of the Ooze Ending
  104. Ninja Turtles Reboot ‘Easily’ Best Turtles Movie Yet, Co-Creator Says
  105. Foot Clan Symbol
  106. What would make you not see the new movie?
  107. The TMNT monsters
  108. Are the Mousers enough of a threat for a movie?
  109. Five years later, how do we feel about TMNT (2007)?
  110. TMNT movie german dvd relaese
  111. You are making a tmnt live action short what do you put in and what would you leave?
  112. Jessica Biel
  113. How the 1st Film was ALMOST like Dark Knight Rises
  114. The look of the film...
  115. Movie trillogy Ost thread.
  116. If Krang is the villain should Agent Bishop be in the Film?
  117. TMNT (2007) Patrick Stewart
  118. Supposedly Someone Who Has Read The Script Had This To Say About It
  119. [Spoilers] Which revelation from the proposed Ninja Turtles script is the best/worst?
  120. Can the Turtles even work as protagonists in their movie?
  121. Why else would they fight crime?
  122. Screenplay breakdown
  123. How old were you when you saw Ninja Turtles the movie?
  124. Rate the Script!
  125. latin review movie
  126. Good photos of Mikey from TMNT 1 or 2?
  127. Call Platinum Dunes
  128. Casey Jones Movie Mask
  129. Do you think the John Fusco draft was worse than the "Bay" movie?
  130. I need help, looking for images to make texture for 3d raphael movie model
  131. "Yoshi!!! YOSHI!!!"
  132. The movie should be based on TMNT series?
  133. never watch tmnt 1 and 2 back to back
  134. Can the Nick show save the new movie?
  135. Clip Request
  136. Ninja Turtles 2014 Movie Logo Revealed... Sorta...
  137. Teaser of 2014 TMNT CGI revealed to private audience! (No video inside)
  138. Do you think Yoshi and Teng Shen's murder was the reason so many parents were upset?
  139. Baby Splinter Premutation (Prop-Screen Used)
  140. Rumored 4th Live-Action Movie That Never Was (during mid 90s)
  141. So which pizza is it?
  142. Question about Shredder's weapon from the first film.
  143. Do you prefer the VHS or DVD copy of Secret of the Ooze?
  144. Corey Feldman To Possibly Return To TMNT Films
  145. Screen Caps
  146. Laird and Eastman with Leonardo press photo
  147. Something interesting
  148. Even more scrapped TMNT 4 90's art!
  149. Original TMNT Movie pics set.
  150. Vanilla Ice talks TMNT 2 (1991)
  151. Vote What are your top 2 favorite Tmnt movies?
  152. Filming Of New Movie To Begin In April In New York!
  153. Are there any TMNT documentaries?
  154. Could Ninja Turtles ruin Transformers 4's box office performance.
  155. What do you want to see in the new movie?
  156. Fight sequences for the new 2014 movie!
  157. Please vote for the TMNT Movies!
  158. SotO: Failure to Connect
  159. Eastman/Laird Concept Art
  160. "Ninja Turtles" starts filming in NYC in April
  161. Elizabeth Olsen may be cast as April O'Neil
  162. Are the Turtles still aliens?
  163. Any Shooting/unproduced scripts online?
  164. Early script for TMNT secret of the ooze
  165. Does anyone know the song... (TMNT 1)
  166. Any chance Peter Laird could release his movie drafts from his computer?
  167. The Other April O'Neil (Yeah, that one)
  168. TMNT 1990 cast. Then & now.
  169. Question: Cast member of TMNT II: SOTO
  170. TMNT placement
  171. Any news on the new TMNT movie coming in the near future
  172. TMNT style guide/character renders
  173. Regarding Eastman's attitude towards the upcoming movie
  174. Oh, man. Secret of the Ooze is horrible.
  175. Ninja Turtles: 10 Reasons It’s Going To Suck
  176. Help with a pic?
  177. New Movie Release pushed to June 6, 2014
  178. What plot for the movie would satisfy TMNT fans? (And my ideas for 'Ninja Turtles')
  179. Who can play Hun?
  180. So who's making the next movie, huh?
  181. TMNT '90-- Cereal Ad?
  182. What kind of mutant is Super Shredder?
  183. Some Interesting News On New Movie
  184. How would you feel if the Turtles in the movie look like the Activision game?
  185. "Film 90" - Ninja Turtles Animatronics
  186. Kevin Eastman Talks Michael Bay Film
  187. TMNT 1990 comic comparison/coincidences
  188. Deleted Casey Jones introduction in movie 1?
  189. Image Entertainment should do a special edition of the first movie
  190. Happy 20th Birthday TMNT III!
  191. Alan Ritchson To Play Raphael In ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’
  192. Looking for this photo of Leo
  193. Should Shredder have returned in the 2007 movie.
  194. Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo cast
  195. Which is worse: TMNT III or Batman and Robin
  196. TMNT on cinema marquees
  197. Movie poster - is this real?
  198. Will Arnett Joins Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  199. 1990 Promotional Photos?
  200. Is 2007 canon?
  201. Did anyone else here get the 2 disc TMNT 2007 DVD?
  202. Then and Now ...Movie cast.
  203. How would you like to see her play April in a TMNT movie?
  204. Open Casting Call For NINJA TURTLES today in NY @ Steiner Studios
  205. Defense of Ninja Turtles 2014
  206. Splinter Has Been Cast
  207. Alan Ritchson (Raphael) Talks NINJA TURTLES
  208. Ninja Turtles renamed to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  209. Bay talks some TMNT
  210. Michael Bay Says "We're Not" Making The Turtles Aliens & That Its "The Ooze"
  211. A crazy Idea I had for the casting of the Shredder...
  212. It wont be as bad as Dragon ball/Avatar the last airbender.
  213. Doubling up on turtles?
  214. yall think this new poster might be legit?
  215. Should Karai be in this film?
  216. How Raph will Raph be in this film?
  217. If I were in charge of the new movie(thread)
  218. First look at Fox as April
  219. tmnt movie you tube
  220. Raph will be the turtle they focus on more!
  221. Rare pic of Leonardo from first movie with Kid.
  222. Anyone else think Casey Jones has been scraped from the movie?
  223. Fox lookin sexy filming TMNT!!!
  224. New movie logo!
  225. The Foot as a military organization
  226. Vernon is that you?
  227. Turtles (actors) on set!
  228. Shredder Cast? Sounds like Col. Schrader
  229. Krang Cast? Sounds like Krang
  230. Casey Jones Cast? Could be....
  231. Cosby Show Cast? Sounds like Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Sabrina LeBeauf and Tempestt Bleds
  232. Abby Elliott Officially Joins TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES
  233. Save Casey for the sequel
  234. Filming in New York
  235. What should the new movie be rated?
  236. Original Movie 1 TCRI Canister on Ebay
  237. Are there any designs released for the new movie?
  238. Channel six news van
  239. Should comics continue the storyline after the movie?
  240. Help with Dimensions of Movie Animatronic Heads please?
  241. TMNT (2014) boost likelihood for TMNT (1990) Director's Cut?
  242. TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze, missed opportunity with Casey Jones
  243. Does anyone have any versions of the 1990 movie, or the SOTO scripts\'screenplays?
  244. Kevin Eastman talks about the new TMNT movie
  245. Whoopi Goldberg is April Boss???
  246. any good quality pictures of movie shredder?
  247. TCRI & TGRI Ooze Canister Original Movie Props (Picture Heavy!)
  248. Why aren't there any Japanese actors cast for this movie?
  249. Are the Foot even the Foot? 2014 movie.
  250. Who is the hottest Live Action April?