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  1. Is Minae Noji playing Karai?
  2. Which characters do you hope/want/expect to see for the new movie?
  3. Who the heck is Rosa?
  4. TMNT 2007: Leo vs Raph: Who's Really better?
  5. TMNT 2014 New poster art.
  6. Meagan Fox going bald from Ninja Turtles movie
  7. Do you want a Leo vs Raph fight in this film?
  8. TMNT IV, The Next Mutation (the movie)
  9. Judith Hoag
  10. New NINJA TURTLES Promo Poster at Licensing Expo
  11. Turtle Movie Essentials
  12. TMNT in The Lego Movie (2014)
  13. William Fichtner interview. Names Shredder.
  14. Brian Tyler Doing the Score for TMNT (2014)
  15. Your Cameo Roles
  16. New Set Reactions Seem Pretty Good!
  17. TMNT 2007 Behind The Scenes with Peter Laird
  18. The Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Set Photo Thread!
  19. TMNT Modern Movie Elements
  20. Needed Picture of Raphael from first movie please.
  21. So why was April a reporter in the first movie when it was so Mirage influenced?
  22. Could the new TMNT designs be the Fred Wolf Turtles
  23. TMNT Movie (2014) Questions about The Shredder
  24. Master Shredder Clips (1990)
  25. Why Did Donatello Always Have The Weird Shaped Head?
  26. Should the Turtles swear in the new movie?
  27. First Movie Pun (Yes I Finally Caught It)
  28. Alamo DrafthouseTMNT II: THE SECRET OF THE OOZE Pizza Party w/ Ernie Reyes, Jr.
  29. Film Runtime
  30. Kevin Eastman will be at SDCC 2013
  31. What if this movie is like Man of Steel?
  32. Cast the best TMNT film!
  33. Anyone want to read a real TMNT trilogy?
  34. Bebop and Rocksteady to be in reboot?
  35. The Turtle Van is in the movie
  36. kickstarter
  37. Fake Ra's al Ghul is to Erich Sachs as Real "Ducard" Ra's al Ghul is to Oroku Saki?
  38. if we didnt have steve barron's vision and jim hensons shop.....
  39. Will Arnett talks tone
  40. So, when do you think the 1st Trailer will come out?
  41. Why is Raph pretty much the main character in all the films?
  42. What is your current level of feelings towards the movie at this point in time?
  43. Will Arnett talks about his role as Vernon Fenwick
  44. TMNT at NYCC 2013?
  45. will movie theaters release tmnt 1?
  46. Check out this guys Kickstarter video for a practical effects TMNT fanfilm!
  47. Is the Yoshi kid in TMNT3 related to Hamato Yoshi?
  48. shredder a wuss in tmnt 2?
  49. Do the UK Alternate Cuts Exist?
  50. Kevin Eastman Cameo
  51. I found the movie 3 scroll!
  52. Original 1990 Movie Airing On The Hub
  53. What would make the perfect TMNT film?
  54. Am I The Only One Who Feels Bad for Megan Fox?
  55. Is there any hint at all that Krang and the Technodrome are still in this?
  56. 1990 Director's Commentary
  57. TMNT Part 5 moved to August 8th, 2014
  58. Paramount Moves ‘TMNT’ To August 8, 2014
  59. What's Your Message to Michael Bay and Crew
  60. TMNT movie will have flashbacks?
  61. OT watchers, how shocked were you at how different Raph was in the movie?
  62. What if Raphael was voiced by Christian Bale
  63. Homemade version of the TMNT 1990 Trailer
  64. Roles for the Foot Ninja Clan
  65. Kevin Eastman talks about TMNT on State of the Multiverse
  66. Secret Of The Ooze Opening Song
  67. So I finally got the 3 TMNT films on Blu Ray
  68. Potential for AWESOME "fan made" short
  69. Perfect TMNT movie storyline ideas
  70. UK Re-Release of the original 3 movies on Blu & DVD
  71. K. Todd Freeman possibly playing Baxter Stockman?
  72. I dont how to to feel about this?!
  73. classic shredder movie costume
  74. I'm new here...question about new movie?
  75. The time line in the first Live Action TMNT film
  76. Has Burne Thompson been..."affirmative actionized?"
  77. UK release date for TMNT reboot has been pushed pack
  78. Whats going on with the new movie?
  79. ninja turtles german edition
  80. Should they have casted a hispanic or black April for the film?
  81. Original TMNT Movie Prop Restoration Projects?
  82. The one thing I want in a tmnt movie...
  83. 90s trilogy question: Who were your preferred voices for Raph and Don?
  84. The continuity of the TMNT (2007) movie
  85. The Lair
  86. First Look of the Turtles???
  87. How the movie will influence the comic book and the cartoon?
  88. What kind of music would you like to hear on the new movie's soundtrack?
  89. The irony of the Shredder's fate in the 90s trilogy (spoilers)
  90. Aggressive discussion about the new movie on imdb
  91. Which Splinter origin will they use in the new movie?
  92. Conventions
  93. Erich Sachs' Shredder origin
  94. Will it bother you if they have nostrils?
  95. Is this the new movie poster?
  96. Tokka & Rahzar as babies?
  97. Vote TMNT as your most anticipated movie of 2014
  98. Nycc tmnt
  99. Vernon has fight scenes
  100. Vanilla Ice Wants Role in Michael Bay's 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Movie
  101. Sneak Peek of the Turtles?
  102. Would you like a Shredder centered movie?
  103. What track is used in this fanmade trailer?
  104. So now that comic con is over any news on the Turlle movie?
  105. Michael Bay Attacked in Hong Kong
  106. Funny (to me) TMNT Movie re-dub/spoof
  107. John Fusco script???
  108. Why are people getting mad at Michael Bay?
  109. Original TMNT movie on ABC Family
  110. Why we need a TMNT's movie with real actors?
  111. Turtle voices
  112. Would prefer another live action film or animated?
  113. Let's List All the Mirage Elements in Barron's TMNT.
  114. No Karai ever in live action films?
  115. Apparently there is a TMNT panel going on at Comikaze
  116. Could the TMNT 2014 movie trailer hit NEXT MONTH?!!!?
  117. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -a surprise hit
  118. The influence of TMNT II on the franchise
  119. Whoopi Goldberg talks about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  120. No Casey Jones in movie, Vernon Fenwicke part beefed up instead
  121. Editing-out your movies
  122. Trailer set for Feb release.
  123. Alan Ritchson talks about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  124. Evan Daugherty talks about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot
  125. Shredder vs The Turtles 2014
  126. Am i the only one?
  127. Minae Noji has secret role: possible Karai in 2014 movie?!
  128. Which scene was more emotional?
  129. TMNT film score arrangement
  130. William Fichtner: New TMNT Movie Will Look Awesome
  131. Tatsu's Foot = Purple Dragons
  132. List of TMNT Movie Characters
  133. 47 Ronin reminds me of TMNT 3 and IDW comics
  134. Possible TMNT trailer during the Super bowl?
  135. ? on the new 2014 tmnt movie
  136. Had the 4th Live Action Ninja Turtles Movie gone ahead how would you feel about it?
  137. Movie (2014) - toys first description!
  138. Anyone else think Jason Bigg's and James Arnold Taylor Leo voices sound alike?
  139. Does Eastman's view of the new movie help change your viewpoint?
  140. Favorite Shredder moment?
  141. Unconfirmed Ninja Turtles Movie Raph
  142. Can the TMNT brand survive a "bad" Turtles movie?
  143. Your opinion on Megan Fox being cast as April?
  144. What would be your ideal cast for the TMNT reboot?
  145. If the new movie does well do you see a sequel?
  146. Alien ooze confirmed. Utroms?
  147. The Guardians of The Galaxy Effect on Ninja Turtles Success?
  148. What other villains would you like to see?
  149. Plot details revealed and Karai confirmed through LEGO set description?
  150. Which would have hurt the franchise more?
  151. TMNT Movie news from London Toyfair
  152. 2014 "officially licensed" movie turtles costume for this Halloween :(
  153. "Why my Turtlez has lips?" - An Explainer
  154. New Movie Turtle Origins?
  155. Isn't cool how each turtle has a best friend?
  156. TMNT 2014 Official Website
  157. TMNT in the new LEGO Movie
  158. What would your version of TMNT II (1991) be like?
  159. How would you feel if they went for an accurate turtle look?
  160. TMNT 2014 final designs (?)
  161. Official Movie Poster
  162. The designs of the Turtles is proof to never trust Kevin Eastman
  163. Setting the record straight: The director is Jonathan Liebesman, NOT Michael Bay.
  164. Podcast with Kevin Munroe, writer/director of "TMNT" (2007) movie
  165. Are the 2014 designs good or bad?
  166. Why are the new movie designs good in peoples' eyes when Next Mutation's weren't?
  167. WHY?! Explanations of why you defend or are repulsed by the designs
  168. Old Instagram photo reveals info about The Foot
  169. Soundtrack
  170. 1990 movie shredder's size
  171. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 gifs.
  172. What will it take
  173. In the movie's story, what do you think if....
  174. Cast list
  175. Teaser poster found on Legacy Effects website
  176. Should this movie just go direct-to-DVD instead of being a threatrical release?
  177. So it looked like the title was "Ninja Turtles"... what would you think?
  178. New Film Details From The LEGO Sets
  179. Clearer look at 3 of the Toys from TMNT 2014
  180. So what's the point of the multi-colored bandanas?
  181. Levels of TMNT movie fans
  182. TMNT II SOTO + Barbara Walters
  183. Blue Door
  184. Did you see any of the original movies in theaters?
  185. Live Action Turtle Designs: Barron's '90 Turtles v.s. '91 SOTO Turtles
  186. When you were a kid did you even know who Vanilla Ice was?
  187. What will TMNT 2014 be rated?
  188. does anyone remember these
  189. What exactly does Shredder say to Danny?
  190. What is your favorite TMNT movie?
  191. Should Splinter (and the Turtles) Wear Clothing and Armor?
  192. a fact that needs 2 be stated
  193. TMNT 1990 Special Edition Blu Ray Oct. 13th?
  194. New Ninja Turtles movie busts and masks in the works over at Devil's Latex. :-)
  195. What's your honest opinion on Megan Fox?
  196. 4 Choices for April: Who Would You Have Cast?
  197. '90 Martial Arts Action v.s. 2014 Expectations
  198. First picture
  199. Megan Fox the main character, Turtles secondary according to new info?
  200. Biggest Aspect of Re-Invention of the 2014 Turtles?
  201. Batman Begins script treatment for TMNT?
  202. Teaser NO LONGER private - but only available in select countries
  203. Interview w/ one of the writers. Talks about Saki/origin/future etc.
  204. TMNT 2014 Gif Thread
  205. Could the Turtles actually start out as humans?
  206. Favorite Turtle Designs
  207. anyone watching old trailers to feel better
  208. Screenwriter calming down the fan's bul***ing his way out of the questions
  209. Could Splinter turn out to be April's father?
  210. Selling TMNT to transfromers crowd
  211. Still think this movie is going to flop?
  212. Where's Oroku Saki?
  213. Whoopi Goldberg is gonna steal Baxter's spotlight
  214. Is The New Movie gonna be 3D???
  215. New video of Kevin Eastman talking about the Teaser - Read First Post
  216. What can we expect from the FOOT CLAN? Are they NINJAS?
  217. TMNT 1990 Soundtrack/Score
  218. So, which Turtle will be killed off?
  219. Utroms??? - Read first post
  220. Delayed..AGAIN?
  221. Will Leonardo stab somebody? Will Raph?
  222. Karai safely confirmed
  223. Could the CG faces of the Turtles be changed before release?
  224. New Will Arnett Interview on IGN
  225. So, want to take some "first" Bets?
  226. Screen time for the turtles
  227. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adds Johnny Knoxville and Tony Shaloub.
  228. Feral Turtles
  229. TMNT III what went wrong?
  230. so no tmnt trailer at captain america as promised? what
  231. Martial Arts Club Who were foot
  232. Interview with Peter Laird on the new movie/trailer - read first post
  233. Posters finally released.
  234. Did Brian Froud worked on the first movie?
  235. Have any of the PD movies actually been good?
  236. What other villains would you like to see in the live action movies?
  237. Other mutants for future live TMNT films?
  238. The scroll on Eric Sachs' wall...
  239. About the Channel 6 News Van
  240. The NEW Official Trailer Discussion
  241. Tech of the new TMNT movie
  242. Limited edition 3D glasses for the film!
  243. Mr. Chang's translator
  244. What director would you pick for a Sequel
  245. Someone please put these guys in motion capture turtle suits
  247. Rolling Stone names new TMNT movie as 1 of the 5 Summer Films with "Bad Vibes"
  248. why did WHOAAA GEEEE and HEY LEOOOOOOOO get cut in tmnt 2 blu ray?
  249. Raph
  250. Why was the 1st Movie different from the cartoon, what if the 2nd film was the first