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  1. Megan Fox to be a Guest on the Ellen Show
  2. children's reaction to the TMNT TRAILER
  3. My review of TMNT (2007)
  4. Could we be getting Tengu Shredder?
  5. TMNT's plot (IDW)?
  6. Alan Ritchson Defend MOVIE
  7. Cinemablend predicts the new TMNT Movie to Bomb at the Box Office
  8. TMNT Movie Theme Song
  9. Script transcript
  10. Shredder's Suit (not to be confused with Shredders Suite)
  11. Eastman & Laird portrait at Nickelodeon Animation Studios
  12. New Leaked Book Images
  13. What allies would you all see in the live action movies?
  14. TMNT upgrades in later films
  15. Karai
  16. Slash
  17. Movie Opinion Opposite Thread
  18. Why cast actual actors for roles in the live action films ?
  19. Trailer Report: Godzilla, TMNT, and DOFP dominate the week
  20. To everyone against the clothing/gear
  21. Pick a song for the TMNT movie soundtrack
  22. Alan Ritchson says new movie "honors the origin story"
  23. What would you like to see in Splinter's fighting style?
  24. What if Splinter were to die at the hands of The Shredder?
  25. Shredder's mutant minions
  26. TMNT 2014: Cast and Crew Interviews
  27. Amateur B-Roll, TMNT 2014
  28. Eric Sachs/Shredder - reincarnation or descendant
  29. If the film leaked early...would you watch it?
  30. New Issue of Entertainment Weekly to feature TMNT...amongst other things
  31. Hypothetically Would you want TMNT pushed back to Oct/Nov?
  32. Tmnt imax
  33. Expectations not reached
  34. Anyone else kind of hoping this?
  35. How would you write a TMNT movie?
  36. Turtle symbolism for new film
  37. Whats the song at the begining of secret of the ooze?
  38. TMNT Movie Novelization
  39. Lucy Moved To July 25th, No Longer Releasing Against TMNT
  40. New Kevin Eastman Interview
  41. Is an appearance from Bebop & Rocksteady in the new film being kept a secret?
  42. Will You Watch The New Movie?
  43. TMNT1990 Discussion
  44. Ninja Turtles 2 Thoughts ??
  45. Pic of Splinter/Shredder
  46. TMNT Movie Plot (IDW or 2003 style)
  47. Swatch Watch - Paint some turtle on your wall...?
  48. About the 4chan trailer description?
  49. Donatello with glasses inspiration from Parody comic?
  50. Please, dont make this movie too cheesy!
  51. What is the song in the trailer for the original movie?
  52. I Just saw a TV SPOT for the new movie.
  53. Insight Of Turtles Origin
  54. Go ninja Go from the soundtrack on youtube?
  55. NEUROMORPH - music from the TMNT trailer
  56. IF...Shredder turns out to be an Utrom...
  57. Alberta Film Ratings has classified Trailer 3
  58. Movie spoilers
  59. It appears they may not be teenagers after all.
  60. Official Movie Interviews
  61. Is anyone considering seeing the new movie in 3D?
  62. Movie Web Article: Michael Bay's 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Are Actually Adults
  63. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (trailer #4)
  64. The contents of the EW article...
  65. WIN a Private Screening of NINJA TURTLES!
  66. Hara-kiri soldier
  67. Will Kids be Confused by the Characters in the New Movie
  68. donny Just flipped a car...Im treating this movie as a cartoon from now on.
  69. 1990 Shredder is one of the lamest villain costumes?
  70. The New Trailer Is In Theaters Now In Front Of The Signal
  71. The Cartoons, and subsequent Cinematic Legacies
  72. Can Shredder perform martial arts with his Armor?
  73. Emergency Update - Channel 6 News
  74. Just to lighten the mood...
  75. Shredder question possible spoilers
  76. Embarassing TMNT moments...
  77. TMNT Movie bios
  78. Summer of Turtles
  79. What will the new movie be rated?
  80. Orignal movies being played on TV
  81. "Ultimate" TMNT
  82. How does the lack of Marketing make you feel?
  83. Help Unlock TRAILER 4!
  84. It looks like TMNT 2014 will be hitting IMAX 3D theaters in America after all!
  85. Robot Chicken - TMNT Parody
  86. Did the new trailer change your mind?
  87. Release dates worldwide?
  88. Sequel thoughts based on new trailer
  89. Oroku Saki
  90. New movie questions, about tattoo?
  91. TMNT (2007) to be showing July 25-August 1 in participating Goodrich Quality theater
  92. Could a DVD release "salvage" this movie with alterations and changes?
  93. Secret of the Ooze
  94. 'Everything Wrong with...' TMNT (1990)
  95. Would You Accept The Turtles Size If Shredder Was Smaller Than Them?
  96. Uk original movie steel book
  97. Could Into The Storm and/or Step It Up: All In beat this movie?
  98. How big of a role will Karai have?
  99. pizza hutt promo on site sorta
  100. New TMNT game based on new movie!
  101. Which turtle are you?
  102. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fans (Birmingham, UK)
  103. expect a post credit scene?
  104. What 'classic' lines would you to hear...
  105. Splinter's MOVIE Origins...(Lego.com)
  106. Something I really want for this movie: Foot Ship
  107. Please Read - About Posting Movie Spoilers
  108. TMNT TV Spots
  109. Lets get the new Trailer Released
  110. Do Kids Know there is a new TMNT movie in August?
  111. Tmnt motion posters - new footage!
  112. Movie shredder design= Chrome Dome?
  113. Paramount Pictures @ Comic Con. 'TMNT' to be included?
  114. TMNT Marketing Skewed?
  115. Are Pringles sponsoring this movie?
  116. Turtles Redesign
  117. TMNT 2014 Manip Thread
  118. Oroku Saki/Hamato Yoshi's prescence in the movie?
  119. Third Film Thoughts
  120. Will the opening Paramount logo have ninja star sound fx?
  121. Will the opening Paramount logo have 'ninja stars' sound fx?
  122. If an Utrom is operating the suit
  123. Why the Turtles are Ugly: A Theory
  124. BTS on the new TMNT movie
  125. Overseas Marketing
  126. Can you someone help find some images of the new designs
  127. kid turtles!!!
  128. New TV Spot #6 Turtle Van!
  129. TMNT: Special Edition Movie Novelization!
  130. Original Trilogy Re-Releases?
  131. Behind the scenes featurette on Nickelodien for new TMNT movie
  132. IGN saw two scenes.
  133. Turtle your self
  134. Ninja Turtles movie display at theaters
  135. the soda experience
  136. William Fichtner Not Playing Shredder
  137. Anyone going to comic-con?
  138. Release dates and websites
  139. The VFX Supervisor speaks...
  140. ninja turtles the movie cartoon edition and sneak peak
  141. Raph's underwear...
  142. Tour the Turtle's Lair
  143. The Tonight Show Whoopi TMNT Interview
  144. Anyone else loving the visual style of this movie?
  145. Nick to air: TMNT Inside the Action tonight
  146. Did we have an effect?
  147. Actor playing Shredder/Oroku Saki? (Ken Watanabe?)
  148. William Fichtner isnít Shredder (Confirmed)
  149. I think this will be a surprise hit
  150. did they really have to say this will be the best tmnt movie of all time
  151. Did the backlash cause them to backtrack on aliens Turtles and white Shredder?
  152. are stores getting mad at you looking at crush cans
  153. TMNT 1990 meets TMNT 2014
  154. Let's go back to 1990's TMNT Movie in Sept
  155. Kids React To TMNT.... (1987 and 2014)
  156. If Venus show up in this movie or the sequel, how you will react?
  157. CD release for new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie soundtrack?
  158. Legend Of The Yokai Promo Clip
  159. What do you like/dislike the most about this movie
  160. Official Track from the new TMNT Movie
  161. 5th turtle for later films?
  162. Steve Barron releasing book documenting '90 film
  163. Does A Ninja Turtles Film Need The Shredder?
  164. Regarding the new film, UK release date
  165. How do you think the events of the movie will go down?
  166. Is Casey Jones even needed?
  167. New TV Spot Justice
  168. Star-Lord calls out the Ninja Turtles...(sort of, not really)
  169. How do you feel about the voices?
  170. Life Sized Pizza Thrower
  171. Nick's TMNT 2014 Inside the Action
  172. Kanji all around the turtles
  173. Karai's Lineage Confirmed (by member of the Foot) Warning: Spoilers!
  174. Will the TMNT actors have Cameos in the Movie?
  175. If the 90s movie trailer was new today...
  176. What do you like/dislike about TMNT 1990?
  177. A theater near me says it's showing TMNT 2014 on Monday at 10 AM?
  178. Will 2014 movie Splinter be an american born rat?
  179. Why The Turtles Look The Way They Do
  180. TMNT Movie Official Mobile Game on IOS
  181. legend of the yokai
  182. Everything Wrong With TMNT movies by CinemaSins!
  183. Sneak Peek At Turtlesí Hyper-Realistic CGI Genitals
  184. Collider SDCC TMNT Panel Recap
  185. What characters would you like to appear in the Sequel
  186. Splinter: "It's been a long time" to April
  187. TMNT pre-sale movie tickets
  188. Jeremy Howard (Donatello) on new Ninja Turtles design
  189. Bebop, Rocksteady and Casey Jones TMNT II?
  190. I..... want to see this movie...
  191. tmnt leo berry punch for sale trade
  192. Xbox TMNT Training Lair
  193. Ideas for Slash in later films
  194. Premier Hang outs
  195. Movie Premiere in Mexico July 29
  196. Shell Shocked Official Music Video Premiering Tomorrow at 12pm EST at WWE.com
  197. ninja turtles screener chicago link
  198. movie cups?
  199. Advance Screening Passes
  200. What if Michael Bay Directed TMNT
  201. So a Pre-Screening of the film happening today
  202. tmnt movie reviews
  203. Guess the Rotten Tomatoes score for the new movie
  204. Get your wallets ready...
  205. Fun fact
  206. Paramount Deletes "9/11" Ninja Turtles Poster
  207. So.....I saw the movie
  208. I've had several drinks and now in queue for the screening. Ask me anything.
  209. Footage from new movie with the classic cartoon theme!
  210. New movie shocking fans by how good it is :-)
  211. Movie and 'Legend of the Yokai' scenario *MAJOR SPOILERS*
  212. YouTube Video Review of the Movie.
  213. new movie ranks up there
  214. New Movie Poster Released
  215. B-Roll footage.
  216. The MANY mutations of the NINJA TURTLES...from '83 - 2014
  217. Anyone else nervous about kids in the theater?
  218. Megan Fox Has A Message To The Haters
  219. Megan Fox talks about her passion of TMNT
  220. I think we are all gonna like the movie because it is TMNT on the big screen
  221. William Fichtner (Shredder)
  222. Red Carpet Premiere for TMNT Movie in LA this Sunday
  223. Megan Fox...
  224. Question about Free Ticket deals
  225. When do you plan to see the new movie?
  226. IGN Score- 6.0/10
  227. Pentatonix - We Are Ninjas Music Video
  228. Tohoru Masamune plays the Shredder in the new TMNT film
  229. How are you guys all feeling?
  230. Your predicted rating of New TMNT movie!
  231. If Jonathan Liebesman fails?
  232. References of Turtles' Past in New Movie...
  233. Eric Sachs should be Kraang
  234. Will Hamato Yoshi and Oroku Saki's origin be revealed in the sequel?
  235. TMNT, Splinter vs the Shredder
  236. Soooo I might not see the movie
  237. Honest Trailers: TMNT II:The secret of the ooze
  238. About the TMNT review thread
  239. Thoughts on reviews for the TMNT 2014 movie
  240. XBOX TMNT Movie Collection
  241. Trying to know as little as possible about the film before going
  242. TMNT 1990 Deleted Scenes
  243. New TMNT movie box office prediction ranked #2 by Screen Rant
  244. TMNT (2007) discussion
  245. tmnt easter egg!!
  246. boston, ma TMNT advanced screening tonight
  247. Any Orlando, FL member want to see TMNT tonight?
  248. Schmoes Knows Review of the new Ninja Turtle movie
  249. When do you think the next reboot will be?
  250. If Disney Buys TMNT from Viacom?