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  1. Who Should Acquire TMNT?
  2. More than likely we are going to get a reboot after this movie...
  3. ‘Ninja Turtles’ May Shell-Shock ‘Guardians’ at Box Office (The Wrap Article)
  4. It's not what they look like, it's about the plot...
  5. Disney XD To Air All 3 Movies!
  6. TMNT 2014 released question
  7. "Fans unhappy with changes" in the new movie
  8. ***SPOILERS**** for those who've seen it
  9. TMNT(2014) Technodrome Ratings
  10. How many tributes could you spot?
  11. Box Office Gross Domestic/Global
  12. Reading these threads is depressing me right now...
  13. movie poll
  14. *spoilers possibly* Casey references?
  15. TMNT 2014 Blu Ray Release
  16. If I made a TMNT movie
  17. So what will happen if the majority of you like the movie?
  18. Judith Hoag interview with Variety
  19. Pros/Cons of the new film
  20. If there is a sequel
  21. Which of these "Old" Franchises made the better movie this year?
  22. Opening Weekend Box Office Numbers
  23. n/a
  24. Movie Shredder is a Japanese warlord, not a ninja
  25. William the White Washed Shredder: Why We Should Learn Not to Assume
  26. Rank the movies best to worst
  27. Casey Jones
  28. If you could have improved upon this film...
  29. How much to get a sequel???
  30. Should we get a "Director's Cut" of the original version in the Bluray?
  31. Brad Fuller (TMNT Producer) On making movies.
  32. (2014) TMNT Movie Easter Eggs (SPOILERS)
  33. Let's flex our muscles for a new director for the sequel!
  34. Which is worse? TMNT 3 or TMNT 2014?
  35. Turtle shells are actually turtle shells in this movie!
  36. Secret of the Ooz timeline
  37. Is the international footage the same as domestic?
  38. thoughts for people whosaw it the second time around
  39. Anyone from New York watch the movie in Time Square?
  40. Should Megan Fox be nominated for Oscar award?
  41. Shredder's dumbass plan... *spoilers*
  42. Baxter Stockman?
  43. What if Casey Jones is black in the sequel?
  44. What incarnation of the TMNT would your dream movie be based on?
  45. Is Raph the main hero? ***Movie Spoilers obviously***
  46. If Shredder was played by Eric Sachs instead...
  47. Things that bug you about the 2014 movie...
  48. *sigh* why is everyone chanting 'reboot reboot reboot'?
  49. TMNT 2014 movie (mistakes)
  50. Things that you liked in the new movie
  51. Fan Art of the 2014 TMNT Designs
  52. I haven't seen the movie yet...
  53. TMNT 3 What happen?
  54. What are your pros and cons of the new movie?
  55. Your favorite characters in TMNT 2014
  56. The Splinter/Shredder Connection (some plothole clean-up for part two)
  57. sequel
  58. Was Eric Sachs originally meant to be The Shredder?
  59. So was it like "The Raid"?
  60. Un-needed movie character disposal
  61. Free TMNT Movie Coupons
  62. Did anyone else dislike Will Arnett and Whoopi Goldberg in this movie?
  63. Word of Mouth-Have you talked someone into seeing it/not seeing it?
  64. 5 Ways The New "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" Makes The 1990 Movie Look Like A Master
  65. Kevin Eastman's cameo is still in the movie
  66. Opinion Poll on TMNT2014
  67. Look at this old 2009 news confirmation of the movie when Laird was involved
  68. Instead of Casey in the movies, why not Nobody?
  69. 2003 not good enough to warrant Live Action Blockbuster?
  70. TMNT 2014 Deleted Scenes
  71. Elements from the leaked script that stayed (an analysis)
  72. Let's Write the Sequel to TMNT(2014)
  73. 2014 Splinter - Did he work?
  74. Screen Junkies Video How TO Fix Turtles 2
  75. Could Eric Sacks still be the Shredder in some international versions?
  76. Tohoru Masamune as Shredder: Thoughts?
  77. Did this movie remind anyone else of Next Mutation?
  78. New mutants in the sequel to replace Bebop & Rocksteady?
  79. Pete Ploszek
  80. Any plans for Turtles Forever on Blu Ray?
  81. I noticed alot of deleted scenes from the 2014 movie
  82. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) or The Last Airbender
  83. Turtle Power vs Ninja Rap
  84. Shredder
  85. Did the 1990 movie follow the basics of a kung fu movie?
  86. Which Turtle should have focus in the Sequel.
  87. TMNT Sequel Title
  88. Anyone have the German Bluray 1990 movie?
  89. Nostalgia Critic (TMNT 1990)
  90. would little details have helped the movie?
  91. Paramount Goes Above And Beyond To Help A Sick Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fan
  92. About seeing TMNT 2
  93. Rank the new movie by how 'TMNT' it was
  94. What 'serious' alternate title would suit TMNT?
  95. am I the only 1...?
  96. Ninja Turtles Origin was kinda like IDW.
  97. The Problem With Turtle's Size
  98. New Partners In Kryme TMNT Song/Video
  99. Challenge: what would you do for TMNT 2?
  100. Shredder fights The Foot 1990 *deleted scene*
  101. 5 Turtle-Themed Things You Can Do Instead of Seeing the New ‘Ninja Turtles’ Movie
  102. should they replace megan fox for the sequel?
  103. Pinup girl from TMNTII
  104. Post facts about the TMNT suit actors
  105. TMNT moives - german relases
  106. Did Baxter have a bigger role?
  107. So do the Turtles actually use their weapons in this movie?
  108. TMNT 1990: Garbage truck compactor (Shredder)
  109. Do you consider the movie canon?
  110. Rare footage of animatronic SOTO Michaelangelo
  111. Limitations of Motion Capture CGI with live-action
  112. Sachs role in sequels
  113. TMNT Movie Alternate Origin via Storyboards
  114. If TMNT 1990 Was a True Trilogy
  115. Coming to IMAX 3D Theaters This Friday
  116. April's Rooftop Encounter with the TMNT via a Storyboard
  117. Hollywood Recycling concept art
  118. Movie featured in Galaxy Note 4 'Then and Now' Commercial
  119. If you told people back in 2009 what the new TMNT movie would be like
  120. Teenage Mutant NInja turtles III
  121. Favorite TMNT Movie
  122. 5 reasons tmnt 3 will always be better than tmnt 2
  123. Kawasaki Ninja 30th TMNT movie bike
  124. Where does Donatello get his personality from the 90s films?
  125. Steve Barron Reddit AMA
  126. Confusion Marketing Original Film at Tesco
  127. Anyone want to see The Shredder destroy the Channel 6 building?
  128. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) on Netflix
  129. Leo Drawing
  130. If we had gotten a sequel to the 2k7 movie...
  131. Why would sending Leo into a jungle would make him a better leader?
  132. "The original trilogy seems to be forgotten about" What?!
  133. Raphael Movie Head Mask finished by Monte Ward.
  134. 1990 TMNT movie Casey Jones mask
  135. What is this from?
  136. Will interview Michael Pressman soon!
  137. If they made a Next Mutation movie would you go see it?
  138. Dark Knight or Planet of the Apes styled movie
  139. Would people have been happy with an OT movie?
  140. TMNT 1990: Fave little moments
  141. A villain other than the Shredder
  142. Ninja Turtles Feature Fan Film
  143. 1990 trailer music
  144. Jon Du Prez "bootleg" Score on Grooveshark.com to Stream
  145. Leo in "Bernard and the Genie"
  146. Interview with Michael Pressman is up!
  147. Movie 3
  148. Screen Cap help please?
  149. Secret of the Ooze!
  150. What the Shell?
  151. The 1st TMNT movie from 1990 will turn 25 Years Old
  152. TMNT 2 starts filming in April!
  153. BayTurtles/Transformers Crossover!?
  154. Raphael Movie 3d model opinions and help please?
  155. It looks like a new rewrite is needed for future TMNT movies!
  156. Barron's TMNT: The Best TMNT Movie We Can Hope For?
  157. 2007 Gifs
  158. Mutant minions for Shredder
  159. Kevin Nash talks about his role as Super Shredder on TMNT :)
  160. Ernie Reyes Jr Interview about TMNT 1990 and TMNT 2: The Secret of the Ooze
  161. Old concepts, 1995~2001
  162. Vote for "TMNT" in Toonzone poll!
  163. What will it take for another comic book styled movie to happen?
  164. March: The Month of TMNT Movies.
  165. TMNT 2007 Appreciation Thread
  166. How to make an original TMNT movie
  167. Which villains should be put in a Ninja Turtles film in the future?
  168. What type of knot was used in the first two movies?
  169. TMNT 1990 25th anniversary thread
  170. The Untold Story of The Movie "Every Holywood Studio Rejected"
  171. The original 1990 film
  172. Which Allies would you like to see in future movies?
  173. Tokka looks like a Skecksis from The Dark Crystal
  174. TMNT (2007) VA Dee Bradley Baker
  175. Will Krang ever show up?
  176. Was Tatsu just a male version of Karai?
  177. Original Characters (90's)
  178. Movie 3 Rewrite Contest
  179. No magic and aliens in the first two movies
  180. Trevor Zammit Raphael Statue
  181. Ernie Reyes Jnr admitted to ICU with kidney failure
  182. Ideal casting
  183. 10 things regarding first film- rizzo the rat shoudl have had a cameo
  184. the movie behind the shells vhs tape
  185. Producers and Director of the TMNT 1990 film suing for Breach of Contract
  186. Lawsuit Over Finacial Stake In First Three Films
  187. Secret of the Ooze Set Photographs Featuring Vanilla Ice
  188. Movies are being shown on NickToons next week
  189. Aprils Flea Market gifts
  190. Original Movies - New Blu-rays in Australia
  191. Doug and Rob Walker's real thoughts on all the turtle movies
  192. If Lord Dregg appeared in the movies.
  193. 2014 Movie Japanese Symbols
  194. TMNT 2007 - Karai's odd statement
  195. Movie Decisions Someone Should've Been Fired For
  196. TMNT's connection to The Walking Dead
  197. TMNT 1990 Questions
  198. The TMNT 2014 movie opinions
  199. Nicktoons is airing the 1990 movie
  200. was Live Action the right way to go for a TMNT movie?
  201. Where is the TMNT 2016 movie official info thread?
  202. Did Tatsu snapped a kid's neck in the 1990 film?
  203. Why were certain characters dropped from the first film and not in later films?
  204. casey jones, charles pennington, and danny
  205. Questions about the Movie 1 Foot Headquarters
  206. Leif Tilden's bo staff
  207. Hellenistic Period 1990 Raphael Sculpture
  208. who needed that wallet so bad?
  209. #TurtlehuntUK Movie 2 Promotion.
  210. What are the best Home Releases for the TMNT Movies?
  211. Interview with the 90s Cantonese dub TMNT voice actors
  212. TMNT 2: The Secret of the Ooze is 25 Years Old Today
  213. John Du Prez
  214. TeeFury selling fan made 1990 movie poster
  215. Turtle Power II: The Documentary
  216. Masterpiece's Analysis of the Original TMNT Movie
  217. Who are your top 5-10 characters, that you want to see in a live action movie...
  218. First two movies DVD re-release in the UK
  219. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II Score
  220. TMNT III (1993) Is officially on netflix!
  221. Do you think the turtles in the new films look like Rob Liefled's comics?
  222. Kevin Eastman posts some pics from the first movie
  223. 2014 or 1993
  224. Kanji question
  225. Cast the TMNT re-reboot Universe
  226. Unreleased movie from early 2000's
  227. Tmnt 3 back in time fighting
  228. Where is the thread for the new movie?
  229. The better TMNT 2
  230. Kevin Eastman to do Live Commentary on the original TMNT film
  231. Do you consider TMNT 2007 apart of the 90s live action movie universe?
  232. Were TMNT II and III really never released overseas?
  233. SOTO Mikey Pose
  234. Raphael sais
  235. Leaving New York in a film
  236. How would you have done TMNT III?
  237. Gilligan and Mary Ann or Professor and Mary Ann?
  238. A serious question about TMNT III
  239. What do you want for the next Movie Animated or Live action?
  240. Would the 1990 film work for today's kids?
  241. What periods of Eastman & Lairds life would you highlight in a biopic?
  242. Rat King should be in a TMNT movie
  243. The next movie should be a soft reboot
  244. Garbage truck compactor?
  245. Retrospective TMNT Movie Production Article Series
  246. Oliver Harper's TMNT Retrospective vids
  247. If you made your own TMNT movie series than Michael Bay...?
  248. Why do you all want the same movie over and over?
  249. NT:TNM: the re-edit (you can help!)
  250. Deleted Scene Photo's for the 1990 movie