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  1. comparing movies
  2. TMNT Direct to dvd movies
  3. Recast the TMNT with actual teenage actors
  4. What do you want the Turtles to look like in the next Reboot?
  5. WB may possibly be considering Batman/TMNT Animated film
  6. Cast a TMNT reboot film
  7. How would you like a modern anime remake of OT season 1 as a full movie?
  8. IDW-based TMNT anime film
  9. Usagi Yojimbo movie
  10. Homemade Trailer of the Original 1990 Film
  11. My Ideal Reboot
  12. 'We're Not Monsters'
  13. TMNT II Introduced by the Power Rangers
  14. PSA Leif Tilden Bo Staff
  15. George Denson (video assistant and stunt Foot on SotO) passed away
  16. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) Department Manager Folder
  17. Do you think the 1990 film will ever be equalled (or surprassed) in the future?
  18. Changes in the SOTO DVDs/BluRay
  19. I Want a Batman '66-Style Animated Movie Based On the 1990 Film
  20. A Shared Movie Universe?
  21. New R-rated TMNT movie in production!
  22. When was the last time you watched SB's TMNT Movie?
  23. TMNT III: Anything GOOD In It?
  24. When do you estimate the next TMNT movie will be?
  25. Original Movie Series Production Ephemera Thread
  26. "TMNT" 10 Year Anniversary
  27. tmnt surprise
  28. TMNT 1990 turns 27
  29. Can we do it!
  30. Possible Characters that could be introduced into the Films
  31. The Foot Walks Again script
  32. Unite behind a reboot-a change of heart
  33. 24 reasons the 1990 TMNT and Batman Returns are the same movie
  34. Can John Bishop carry a TMNT film?
  35. 1990s Movie Turtle Wax
  36. Revisiting Turtles Forever Film
  37. this would be the time...
  38. 'A Ghost Story' Director Would Make a Ninja Turtles Movie
  39. TMNT reboot and sequels to the 2014 tmnt films
  40. Eyewitness Books TMNT
  41. Turtles next cinematic appearance in 2018's READY PLAYER ONE, directed by Spielberg
  42. Bubblegum Girl
  43. TMNT II Secret of the Ooze Dedication Controversy
  44. Going forward will all TMNT movies be CGI? What are the options?
  45. Should the next film be another chapter in the Original trilogy or a new reboot?
  46. please delete
  47. Farmhouse Recent Photos TMNT 1990
  48. No reboot would have been better...
  49. 'Tales of the TMNT' anthology movie?
  50. If you could make a TMNT 1990 Special Edition
  51. Renet, Savante, and TMNT III
  52. Would a Battle Nexus Movie work?
  53. Old Or New Setting?
  54. The Lost Boys
  55. Collider top 50 Superhero Movies TMNT #45
  56. The original TMNT 2007 soundtrack
  57. Judith Hoag making an appearance at the Knoxville Comic con
  58. TMNT Cinematic Universe
  59. What was your favorite movie moment?
  60. tmnt movie
  61. Who would be a good cast for April and Casey?
  62. A pitch perfect Issue 1 adaptation on the big screen.
  63. My great TMNT movie vision
  64. What do you think is a good production budget for a new TMNT movie.
  65. Tmnt Secret of the Ooze: Overrated or Underated?
  66. Who's your favourite Movie-based character?
  67. Elias Koteas
  68. Would 4 Kids-inspired films work?
  69. 1990 TMNT actor Sam Rockwell wins Best Supporting Actor Oscar
  70. When does TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze take place?
  71. April in Secret of the Ooze
  72. TMNT 3 turns 25
  73. Phelous reviews Korean TMNT knockoff film Our Friend Power 5
  74. Anyone have pics of 1990 caped Shredder?
  75. How Likely Is It A New Film Is Already Being Developed?
  76. Kevin Eastman Brings up Director's Cut of 1990's TMNT
  77. Tamera's Never Seen: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
  78. Tatsu's Ineffectiveness
  79. Script Ideas For A New Movie
  80. Undercover Raphael 1990 movie cosplay
  81. Losing a Friend & Finding Nostalgia - Wilmington, NC
  82. WTRL 3 in Wilmington, NC
  83. Movie blurays
  84. Michael Bay Reboot
  85. How do you feel TMNT (07) has aged?
  86. Tom Spina Designs finished Raphael Head
  87. Is Paige Turco alright?
  88. How old was Corey Feldman when he voiced Donatello in TMNT 1990?
  89. Turtles Movie Props Collections