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  1. touch and go!
  2. Why haven't we seen anything of the Mousers?
  3. What character Do you want to See return from a previous incarnation the most?
  4. will there be a technodrome?? thought i seen in trailer?
  5. New-ish TMNT Teaser
  6. Whose point of view do you think the first episode will open with?
  7. Exclusive Interview with the 2012 Voice Cast
  8. Do you hope the show has normal human enemies and gangsters for the Turtles to fight?
  9. Do you Think They will Make Casey Jones a teenager in the new show?
  10. WHere are meet Mike and Raph trailers
  11. Mona Lisa needs to be on this show
  12. Favorite Voice Actor for the TMNT
  13. Want to Work On The New Show?
  14. Do you think the Nick show will go through a major revamp in its final seasons?
  15. Do you think that the Nick show will be remembered on Judgement Day?
  16. Raphael Winning the training trailer
  17. New Episode Discussion: Day One, Parts One and Two (S1 E1-2)
  18. gap between dons teeth.
  19. Belt Initials
  20. Come Out On Blu-Ray??
  21. Turtles vs. Foot Game
  22. Will anyone be recording the show on videotape?
  23. Do you think Nick will put the episodes online?
  24. Seems like Nick is canceling their other high profile shows, expecting TMNT to be big
  25. Jason Bigg's Controversy
  26. Nick TMNT toys showed on "Collection Intervention"
  27. TMNT Behind the Scenes video
  28. IGN article on Nick TMNT
  29. Nick TMNT eye colors
  30. Team Turtle
  31. Nickelodeon stars' favourite turtles promo
  32. YTV airing new tmnt series
  33. Nickelodeon TMNT Turtle Pattern
  34. Special prime-time Friday premier?
  35. Nick TMNT a tokusatsu show? *spoilers*
  36. Digital Downloads
  37. Nick's Turtle Motion Comics
  38. Den of Geek reviews episodes 1 & 2 (Rise Of The Turtles)
  39. Nick TMNT Show Now Available On iTunes
  40. Nick TMNT designs, or, is Leo the vanilla turtle?
  41. Michelangelo Will Have A Cat In The New Series
  42. Official Episode Discussion: #3 "Turtle Temper"
  43. Why was April originally planned to be a blonde in Nick's show?
  44. Nick TMNT books on iTunes/iBooks
  45. Could we be seeing the return of the Purple Dragons?
  46. Nick Universe (Mall of America) and Nick Hotel to hold special premiere events
  47. A new clip!
  48. Two new clips!
  49. New Clips From Rise Of The Turtles
  50. The shape of the Turtles' heads
  51. You guessed it - ANOTHER new clip!
  52. Is anyone else surprised how good the humor is?
  53. Nick TMNT "Rise Of The Turtles" Part 1 Premieres A Day Early!
  54. Archie Fans, Rejoice... Nick Loves You!
  55. splinter now likes pizza?
  56. anyone else getting pizza for prime time friday?
  57. Ciro Nieli on Rob Paulsen's "Talkin' Toons"
  58. Official episode discussion: Rise of the Turtles, Part 1 and 2
  59. IGN rates Nick's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  60. Does anyone think we should see the main cast age with each passing season?
  61. Ratings Discussion Thread
  62. Happy Mutation Day
  63. Nick tweaking the show up to last minute!
  64. Anyone read TMNT nick website comic?
  65. Nick.com officially uploaded both episodes online
  66. The Kraang
  67. My one fear for this show = Mutant of the week
  68. Anyone else a little concerned about Mikey?
  69. The Mutagen
  70. Is Nick's Raphael the most similar to past incarnations so far?
  71. Any plans for Casey or the 4 frogs?
  72. Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles crossover
  73. Jason Biggs getting targted by parents ?
  74. Karai Theory
  75. Is the Nick series a parody...
  76. Now that Season 2 is confirmed, the show will have 52 episodes minimum
  77. Isn't Life That Much Better?
  78. Do you want Leatherhead to be hero or villain?
  79. So how did the Turtles get the human things in their lair?
  80. Gangnam Style ft. TMNT and Vanilla Ice
  81. TurtlesvsFoot is continuing!
  82. Space Heroes
  83. Praise Rob Paulsen for Donatello
  84. Ninja Turtles(2012) Episode Guide
  85. lewis black in tmnt
  86. Mutated Kraang
  87. Why are the Kraang getting more focus than the Foot Clan?
  88. Usagi Yojimbo Will NOT Be Appearing In The New Series
  89. Will the one, true Krang please stand up?
  90. Anyone find it interesting all the mutants so far have been human ----> animal?
  91. Do you think Stockman will have a connection to April?
  92. Do you think Casey Jones will be shown but not pointed out in Season 1?
  93. Splinter's clan symbol
  94. will there be news at NYCC this week?
  95. Will the turtles lose their lair?
  96. Official Ep Discussion: #4 "New Friend, Old Enemy"
  97. OFFICIAL LEGO Ninja Turtles Sets Coming!
  98. Any chance we'll see Rocksteady & Bebop in the new series?
  99. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 Ep. 0 Tales from the turtle lair
  100. TMNT Numbers?
  101. Did Snake Know the Kraang were Aliens?
  102. NYCC panel from comicvine
  103. Fighting Baxter clip
  104. How tall are the Turtles?
  105. Continuity stuff the Nick show seems to have skipped over
  106. Leatherhead clip from NYCC
  107. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Archie Comics Inspired Storyboard Test for CGI 2012
  108. How many episodes do you think they'll air in one streak before reruns?
  109. Official Nick TMNT Voice Actor listing
  110. Nick TMNT float at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade!
  111. Was Chris Bradford named for the Young Samurai author?
  112. Official Episode Discussion #5 "I Think His Name Is Baxter Stockman"
  113. Nickelodeon TMNT Gifs
  114. When will we get a Donatello themed episode?
  115. internet's prejudice against Nick TMNT fading
  116. Let's Talk About Splinter's Creepy People Hands
  117. TMNT (2012 cartoon) Talkback Thread Collection
  118. The use of modern technology to appeal to today's kids in the show
  119. Tired of Waiting for Nick to Upload Eps. (A Rant)
  120. Season 2 Details ?
  121. Official Episode Discussion: #6 "Metalhead"
  122. Art of Ciro Nieli
  123. TMNT 2012 soundtracks
  124. Mikey Naming Things
  125. what do you think of the new villains / supporting characters?
  126. Shredder's voice
  127. Nick Shows Out of Order?
  128. Feedback from the show's core demographic
  129. YOU Can help the Show...
  130. April in the nick toon series
  131. Official Episode Discussion #7 "Monkey Brains""
  132. I wonder how they split up pizzas.
  133. Official Ep Discussion: #8 "Never say Xever"
  134. ambidexterity (turtles + other characters)
  135. Rate Your Favorite Turtles/Episodes/Villains
  136. Bradford and Xever's chemistry compared to Bebop and Rocksteady
  137. TMNT is the best thing to happen to Nickelodeon since 90's SNICK
  138. Nick series is bringing in a whole new set of fans w/ this Donnie-April thing (links)
  139. Are you looking forward toward Bradford and Xever...
  140. Confusing Airing Times for the Episodes
  141. Official Ep Discussion: #9 "The Gauntlet" aka "Enter Shredder"
  142. So how do you feel about the anime expressions in the show so far?
  143. Will Baxter Stockman be mutated?
  144. Who would you like to hear on the show?
  145. Season Pass
  146. anyone else loving how realistic this Donnie interacts with technology?
  147. cam clarke nick show
  148. New Clip: Episode 10 'Panic in the Sewers'
  149. What is it that this new series has...
  150. What Mutant Forms Would You Perfer Chris And Xever Become?
  151. Easter Egg Hunt
  152. Official Ep discussion #10 "Panic in the Sewers"
  153. Nick TMNT marathon
  154. Nick Schedules the New 2012 Show for DVD with 'Rise of the Turtles'
  155. Adult sized Nick Turtles shirts
  156. IDW Makes Second comic based on the new show
  157. Official Ep Discussion #11 "Mousers Attack!"
  158. Shredder's voice in the new show
  159. reruns already
  160. Nickelodeon TMNT Episode Confusion
  161. TMNT receives some Annie nominations
  162. Voice Reviews from a long-time fan
  163. Dante Basoc as Casey Jones and a question about General Traag
  164. Vote Turtles for IGN's best animated series of 2012
  165. TMNT cast on Talkin Toons live! 12-14
  166. Corey Feldman to voice a character opposite of Sean Astin in TMNT
  167. TMNT communicator phone ringtone?
  168. Question about Dogpound and fishface
  169. Various things about the villains you wish were expanded upon
  170. screwed by comcast
  171. "It Came from the Depths" Episode Promo
  172. Leonardo's Leadership
  173. Official Ep Discussion: #12 "It Came from the Depths"
  174. Is Dogpound the new Hun?
  175. Mae Whitman on MTV House of Style
  176. Sid
  177. Nick cartoon mid-season review
  178. Nickelodeon TMNT Train Contest
  179. The Nickelodeon TMNT Easter Egg Thread
  180. Chris Bradford's career? (Spoilers!)
  181. Next Episode?
  182. The Leatherhead (2012) Thread
  183. Weapons
  184. The fighting of the turtles
  185. Is anyone else happy Nick brought back all the core villains right in Season 1?
  186. Official Ep Discussion #13 "I, Monster"
  187. Mutant of the week show?
  188. YTV (Canada) Marathon Today
  189. Any news on Nick TMNT dvds?
  190. The Nick TMNT Chronology Thread
  191. End credits music
  192. I almost quite literally hate him(warning wall of text)
  193. Patrick Starr vs. Michelangelo
  194. How many times have you watched each episode?
  195. Wouldn't Wolf get them for using the 1987 theme music
  196. Is April human?
  197. Should Spiderbitez become an ally?
  198. TMNT and Spongebob marathon tomorrow?
  199. Should Irma actually show up?
  200. Nickeloden Mutants
  201. when will the next show air
  202. Karai's Design
  203. Welcome Back to TMNT, Corey Feldman!
  204. Information on new characters! (SPOILERS)
  205. How Shredder got his face scarred?
  206. Roseann Barr to be in finale, new eps start 1/25
  207. What These Cartoons Did To Turtles
  208. Should Snakeweed and spider-bytes return?
  209. Was there any official explanation why Nick added an extra "a" in "Kraang?"
  210. New Ratking Clip
  211. Mae Whitman and Pat Musick on Talkin' Toons
  212. The TMNT 2012 Wiki
  213. promo for "New Girl in Town"
  214. April and her interactions with the Turtles
  215. New Game on Website
  216. Dimension X possibilities
  217. Deleted Scenes From The Nick Show?
  218. References to OT (and other mediums)
  219. Is TMNT thriving because all other action cartoons are being canceled?
  220. Alien Agenda
  221. New Girl In Town Clip New
  222. Official Ep Discussion #14 "New Girl in Town"
  223. Nick TMNT font?
  224. Nickelodeon TMNT Prime Time Premieres
  225. Threes a crowd
  226. The Pulverizer
  227. Official Episode Discussion #14: "New Girl In Town"
  228. Does anyone else really like Captain Ryan?
  229. Episodes best to worst
  230. Traags design
  231. Official Ep Discussion #15 "The Alien Agenda"
  232. Shredders design
  233. Casey Jones
  234. Karai=Miwa?
  235. Splinters name
  236. A look at new TMNT toy releaeses!
  237. What do it dooze
  238. Food inspired by the show.
  239. Shellraiser Kraang powered?
  240. First look at Newtralizer!
  241. Why is this show so despised?
  242. Mutants of another kind?
  243. Karai "replacing" April?
  244. finale speculuation: the return of...
  245. The Show's Use of Japanese Terms
  246. Official Ep Discussion #16 "The Pulverizer"
  247. Have the Nick TMNT actually accomplished anything?
  248. Say something Negative about each Main Character..
  249. First UK DVD
  250. Best Moments of the Turtles: Appreciation thread