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  1. What does the future hold for the "Pulverizer" character?
  2. Shellraiser
  3. Something I've noticed about the quotes in this show...
  4. Mikey & Raph - Stronger brotherhood bond than with the others?
  5. Possible TMNT and Kung Fu Panda cross-over?
  6. Feminist Analyses
  7. Accurate fan-made map of the Sewer Lair [LARGE image]
  8. Blue kraangs?
  9. Official Ep Discussion # 17 "TCRI"
  10. The future for Baxter Stockman
  11. Shredder seems a bit TOO obsessed with destroying Splinter.
  12. Sound mixing
  13. TMNT Air Date Thread
  14. Nick UK skipping episodes
  15. Rat King episode missing from Nick.com
  16. Shredder's Next Clip
  17. Does cgi allow the show to do more?
  18. Speculation about Baxter building robot Foot Soldiers
  19. Nickelodeon renews TMNT for 3rd season
  20. Turtle/human hybrid
  21. New Traag pic
  22. Episdoe 17 TCRI Preview
  23. Nick's tmnt shows
  24. Spike's Origin
  25. What animal do you think Nick's Splinter resembles most?
  26. Does anyone feel Mikey's goofy attitude is abit....too much?
  27. Favourite/Least Favourite
  28. Official Ep Discussion # 18 "Cockroach Terminator"
  29. The Jason Biggs Incident 2: It's happened again.
  30. Potential Turtle tots episode?
  31. Changing The Tone
  32. Finally, a non-pizza food on TMNT! (bonus: it's asian!)
  33. Who's the most interesting character going forward?
  34. Are the Nick writers having trouble with Raphael episodes?
  35. What species is Fishface?
  36. Introducing Casey Jones
  37. The Reoccurrence of Villains
  38. Nick Turtles shirts coming soon
  39. KCA: TMNT Content?
  40. Funny idea for the Krang leader
  41. This Master Splinter is the best so far.
  42. Nickelodeon's TMNT Featured in New Online Game
  43. Create and train your own mutants in the Mutation Station (New Game)
  44. Karai in the Nicktoon TMNT: why not Pimiko?
  45. Girls that could show up in Nick TMNT
  46. What will Kraang Prime look like?
  47. If we want TMNT to stick around... we need to do our part.
  48. The technodrome
  49. Directions to avoid in the future
  50. Season 2 will feature Mutagen Man, Eighties Turtles
  51. Baxter's Gambit Clip
  52. TMNT Mutation of a Scene on itunes
  53. Casey Jones?
  54. Official Episode Discussion #19: "Baxter's Gambit"
  55. Individual bandana colors superfluous to identify Nick Turtles?
  56. Levels of power
  57. Hi-res promo art?
  58. Enemy of my enemy preview
  59. Official Episode Discussion #20: "Enemy of my Enemy"
  60. TMNT Screencap Gallery(Coming Soon)
  61. Ciro and Kevin in Spain!
  62. What if: Nightwatcher
  63. I hope we get to see the turtles without their gear.
  64. The only really annoying thing that bothers me about this show
  65. Cartoon movie the turtles were watching?
  66. New writers?
  67. TMNT Enter Shredder DVD
  68. Need Help With a TMNT Header Image
  69. Which songs would suit the characters?
  70. Spike?
  71. Did you know?
  72. Mikey's kusarigama
  73. Karai's Vendetta Promo
  74. How has your view on the Nick cartoon changed since September 2012?
  75. Official Episode Discussion #21: "Karai's Vendetta"
  76. Karai's Vendetta Clip
  77. Mikey: Do you like how this show is treating him?
  78. why no primetime
  79. Booyakasha and Cowabunga
  80. Scale of 1-10: How Dark is this series?
  81. The pizza delivery boy, possible recurring character?
  82. Are you hoping AprilxCasey happens again this series?
  83. Today First Nicksīs TMNT episode in Spain.
  84. 2K12 Shredder, insane or not?
  85. What do you hope happens to the characters over the series?
  86. NEW tonight?
  87. Waiting
  88. Promo for 'Pulverizer returns'
  89. Do any of you read the TVtropes webpage for this show? (It Has Extreme Speculations)
  90. do you guy's think nickelodeon should do a archie story arc in season 2 or 3
  91. Official Episode Discussion #22: "Parasitica"
  92. Official Episode Discussion #23: "Pulverizer Returns" - NOW with clips!
  93. Will there be a new episode this weekend?
  94. don't you guy's seem a bit peeved when people complain about the new turtles design?
  95. What is your opinion on The Pulverizer?
  96. Will they have Irma?
  97. Which Mutagen Man had the worst origin? Spoilers
  98. What Will Newtralizer Mutate From?
  99. The Chris Bradford dojo training Foot recruits
  100. Pulverizer's Mutation theory
  101. Pizza Soup
  102. Foreshadowing in the Show
  103. Possible leaked Mutagen Man concept art
  104. Design Changes
  105. Making new characters into old characters
  106. Can someone get a screen shot for me?
  107. Should season 2 be more foot-focused?
  108. The snakeweed appreciation thread!
  109. New character ideas?
  110. Parasitica; Predictions?
  111. Splinter is Kind of a Jerk (and an idiot)
  112. Who is the eldest among the brothers?
  113. Who do you want to appear the most in the new show?
  114. Origin Conspiracy Theory
  115. Episode Airdates
  116. How would you end the season?
  117. Wild theory about Karai
  118. God - even their names are horrible.
  119. Don't be the Pulveriser, kids!
  120. How tall are the Turtles
  121. I just realized something:
  122. Amazon snaps up Viacom shows after Netflix deal expires
  123. How does the Mutagen work, exactly?
  124. When will they release a blu ray of this series?
  125. Soundtrack?
  126. I really really want this guy play Casey Jones
  127. Why No Venus?
  128. If the 2012 tmnt met the 2003 turtles
  129. Opinions on 2012 Leo
  130. Australian itunes release??
  131. Technodrome on the 2012 series
  132. episode question
  133. POLL #2 with more character choices... Who do YOU want in NickTurtles?
  134. Do you prefer Xever or Bradford and why
  135. Kraang Prime: Loved, Hated, or what?
  136. Help Me Fact Check
  137. Shellraiser (turtles worst enemy)
  138. Is it possible that April from Alternate Universe?
  139. 2k3 Karai meets 2k12 Karai
  140. Secondary Mutation Arc?
  141. info for New TMNT Episodes here :)
  142. The Episode Idea Thread!!
  143. Robots that can fight, please
  144. False Alarm: Parasitica to air June 29th
  145. Lego Movie with Lego Michelangelo!!
  146. Will Metalhead ever be used again?
  147. What types of martiial art do you want to see in TMNT
  148. Big 5?!
  149. So... no topic on Kraang Prime?
  150. Best/ worst episodes of 2012 show?
  151. 2k3 Splinter meets 2k12 Splinter
  152. Do you think nick does the turtles justice when it comes to trailers
  153. What do you think are the characters favorite genres of television
  154. Casey Jones revealed!
  155. I made Pizza Gyoza!!
  156. Casey Jones official!
  157. Story Arc idea for Season 2
  158. Do you think there are more purple dragons
  159. Nickelodeon UK takes lifesize Shellraiser on tour
  160. What do you think of the fight scenes
  161. was mutagen mans original costume shown in show?
  162. Whats up with Mikey?
  163. Your favorite change in the new series
  164. Mikey is impulsive not stupid
  165. Since Peck is confirmed as Casey, who do you think Feldman will voice?
  166. How skilled of a fighter will Casey be?
  167. TMNT Vol. 3: Ultimate Showdown DVD
  168. TMNT Volume 3 DVD Set "Ultimate Showdown" To Be Released October 1st
  169. Plot holes, unanswered questions and other random nitpickings
  170. Has anyone noticed...
  171. Mike's kusarigama: let's put this to bed.
  172. Slash: Corey Feldman/Spike
  173. Shredder action figure
  174. Interesting Turtle Find!
  175. Mutated Miwa/Karai
  176. What are you looking forward to in season 2?
  177. Nick in top 10 most watched TMNT YT vids (embedded vids)
  178. I like the Nick toon so far, but...
  179. Love Interests for Michelangelo and Raphael
  180. S1 Finale "SHOWDOWN" to air August 8th at 8 PM
  181. SDCC 2013 Nick TMNT Panel (July 19th)
  182. Casey Jones Trailer
  183. Irma will show up!!!!
  184. The future of Timothy...
  185. The Ice Cream Kitty!
  186. Season 1 finale trailer, official posting
  187. Baxter will mutate into a fly! Excited?
  188. Fate of Dogpound/Fishface in Season 2?
  189. Leo season 2 speculation thread
  190. Character Size Comparison Charts?
  191. Would You Call BS If Someone Made a Cure For Mutants?
  192. Clip for Operation Breakout episode
  193. Scratch or Old Hob
  194. "Booyakasha"
  195. How do people feel about Donnie being the doormat of the family?
  196. April and her development
  197. Socially Awkward Turtle
  198. Turkey head
  199. DVD for season 1
  200. Official Episode Discussion: #24 "Operation Breakout"
  201. What if it turns out Karai's NOT Miwa?
  202. Had to share...
  203. The Ones Who Are Called the Kraang Sure Die a Lot
  204. "Fan site"
  205. Punk frogs
  206. Season 1 Finale Spoilers
  207. Official Episode Discussion: #25 "Booyakasha Showdown"
  208. Is the Nickelodeon TV Guide only messed up in SA?
  209. Do we only enjoy the show because we're already TMNT fans?
  210. Writer's Report Card
  211. If the Roach Returns...
  212. Karai/Lotus Blossom?
  213. 2012 Turtle body references!
  214. Should Donnie use a metal staff instead of wood?
  215. Is there a comprehensive list of TMNT2012 merchandise?
  216. What food are you going to eat while watching the finale?
  217. First Look of Krang Prime via Clip from Season Final
  218. What happened to Wingnut & Screwloose?
  219. Slip Cover for Rise of the Turtles?
  220. Season 2 trailer released!!
  221. Leo / Karai arc speculation thread for season 2
  222. When do you think the Turtles will finally be able to take down Shredder in a fight?
  223. What do you think will happen with all the mutants on the loose now in NYC?
  224. How has everyone's opinion changed after 1 Season?
  225. How do you feel about the 2012 Splinter/Shredder rivalry?
  226. What do you hope happens for Mikey next season?
  227. What kind of speculations do people have for Donnie's character in season 2?
  228. Nick TMNT Season 1 vs TMNT 4kids Season 1
  229. Is anyone else amazed at the way the water looks?
  230. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Training
  231. Sound clips!
  232. Story Editor?
  233. Change of writers?
  234. Did the Nick series REALLY have a choice besides choosing a tonal "middle ground"?
  235. Best "Filler" Mutant?
  236. Dark Leo. Could it happen?
  237. Casey Jones
  238. UK DVDs
  239. Nick's TMNT Season 1: Best Episode Tournament
  240. Will the turtles lose their lair in season 2?
  241. Teenage Turtles
  242. Donatello as Leader
  243. IGN reviews Season 1 as a whole
  244. Could Kraang Water be a ingredient in mutagen?
  245. Mondo Gecko
  246. Would you like to see the Russian general return?
  247. What's wrong with the Nick Technodrome™?
  248. If a SAINW situation was to play out in the TMNT 2012 universe, how should it go?
  249. Baxter Stockman
  250. Now that season 1 is over how do you feel about Dogpound and Fishface?i