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  1. Who wants Xever and Bradford to be humans again
  2. Why do Xever and Bradford work for Shredder?
  3. Rise of the turtles is bad......Really bad
  4. TMNT are Coming to Life at Walmart! (Canada only)
  5. Do you think Bebop and Rocksteady will show up in the new show?
  6. What Should They Do with Raphael in Season 2?
  7. Should the Neutrino be used?
  8. Why is everybody so sensitive with Raphael treatment of his brothers
  9. Ninja Weapons that haven't been used in the series
  10. Do you think that because it's CGI that animation itself will have limitations
  11. So who is looking forward to tmnt more than korra
  12. Nick TMNT Season 1 Best Episode Tournament: Metalhead vs. The Pulverizer Returns!
  13. Will the Turtles ever walk around the street in disguises?
  14. "Reflection" Episode on 2012 Series!
  15. Nick TMNT Season 1 Best Episode Tournament: New Girl in Town vs. The Pulverizer
  16. TMNT.com posted a review on Season 1
  17. I don't like that Karai it's Miwa
  18. Nick TMNT Season 1 Best Episode Tournament: Karai's Vendetta vs New Friend, Old Enemy
  19. Favorite Quotes
  20. Tiger Claw speculation
  21. What motive does Shredder have that we DON'T know about yet?
  22. Nick TMNT Season 1 Best Episode Tournament: Baxter's Gambit vs. I.T.H.N.I.B.S.
  23. A Theory on Master Splinter's fear of the surface
  24. Nick TMNT Season 1 Best Episode Tournament: Mousers Attack! vs. Turtle Temper
  25. Nick TMNT Season 1 Best Episode Tournament: Operation: Breakout vs Panic I. T. Sewers
  26. Nick TMNT Season 1 Best Episode Tournament: Parasitica vs. Cockroach Terminator
  27. What is Nick going to do with Mutagen Man?
  28. Nick TMNT Season 1 Best Episode Tournament: TCRI vs. Monkey Brains
  29. Mutant minions for Shredder
  30. Favortie re design and least favorite redesign of Nick Series
  31. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Round 2: The Gauntlet vs. Metalhead
  32. Am I the only one who thinks Karai looks vary on the frame on each episode
  33. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Round 2: The Alien Agenda vs. New Girl in Town
  34. First time watching the series. Aware me on how the turtles are portrayed?
  35. Villains not connected to Shredder or the Kraang?
  36. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Never Say Xever vs. New Friend Old Enemy
  37. Is Karai redeemable?
  38. Stupid Question
  39. Season 2
  40. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Rise of the Turtles vs. Baxter's Gambit
  41. What's going to happen when Karai finds out that Shredder was lying?
  42. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Showdown vs. Mousers Attack!
  43. Rahzar and Tokka possible appearance?
  44. The Utroms vs The Krang
  45. Kirby mutating into a bat
  46. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Round 2: I, Monster vs. Operation: Breakout
  47. September 29th
  48. Toy list- season 2 speculation
  49. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Enemy of My Enemy vs. TCRI
  50. I'm loving this more and more.
  51. Oroku Nagi
  52. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Round 2: It Came From the Depths vs. Parasitica
  53. Anybody here attending the Nick TMNT panel at PowerCon this weekend?
  54. Casey's design
  55. Should the Triceratons appear?
  56. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Round 3: The Gauntlet vs. The Alien Agenda
  57. Jealousy for the turtles...or April?
  58. Probability of Donatello being from a different clutch of eggs.
  59. April for Casey or Donnie
  60. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Round 3: Never Say Xever vs. Rise of the Turtles
  61. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Round 3: Showdown vs. Operation: Breakout
  62. Confirmed: Casey has a crush on April!
  63. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tourney Round 3: It Came From the Depths vs. Enemy of My Enemy
  64. Will we ever get any episodes taking place outside of NYC where the Turtles travel?
  65. Nick TMNT panel at New York Comic Con 2013
  66. Sticker Album
  67. 2014 TMNT Figures
  68. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Semi-Finals: The Gauntlet vs. Never Say Xever
  69. Here's how season 2 is going to play out
  70. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Semi-Finals: Showdown vs. It Came From the Depths
  71. Season 2 Speculations
  72. Season 2 Speculation
  73. Official Episode Discussion: S2 #1 "The Mutation Situation"
  74. Nick TMNT Best Episode Tournament Final: The Gauntlet vs. Showdown
  75. Emoticons
  76. Season 2 starts Oct 12th
  77. Poll...Why do you think they cast Rob Paulsen as Don instead of Raph.
  78. Poll...Why do you think the creators of the new show cast Rob Paulsen as Don, and not
  79. How will the Donatello/Timothy story play out in Season 2?
  80. Where's Klunk?
  81. TMNT Season 2 Official Info Thread
  82. New online game: TMNT: Trick or Treat Tussle
  83. Howdo you feel about the Casey / April / Donnie love triangle this season?
  84. Season 1 Box set Coming to UK In November!
  85. Should Angel be introduced in this show as a love interest for Casey?
  86. Does anyone see any 4Kids influence at all in this show?
  87. Leo & Donnie-Should they butt heads?
  88. Dojo?!
  89. TMNT FanClub Now Live!
  90. Does anyone know when the S1 finale airs in the UK?
  91. What everyone else is not seeing about the season 2 trailer
  92. Season 2 Premiere excitement level compared to Season 1 Premiere
  93. Was Miwa in other versions?
  94. Donatello's eyes changing? (Mods - Delete Topic)
  95. New Viewer to the Nick Turtles
  96. Season 1 Finale currently free on iTunes
  97. Season 2 update (PIZZA FACE etc)
  98. Comparision: Who would be worse to work with? 2012 Shredder or Prime Megatron?
  99. Will mutated Baxter be able to talk?
  100. Did the 2012 succeed more than the 2K3 cause it gave fans 'what they wanted?'
  101. Loud humor as opposed to subtle humor?
  102. Casey Jones Thread
  103. Does Splinter seem a bit... incompetent?
  104. Mysticism in the Nick show
  105. Leo / Karai story arc : 2003 series or 2012?
  106. Master Splinter's singing voice
  107. Sneak peek for Invasion of the Squirrelanoids
  108. when is the reunion episode
  109. Official Episode Discussion: S2 #2: "Invasion of the Squirrelanoids"
  110. Mutagen Man Theory
  111. Retro-mutagen: What will come of it?
  112. Nickelodeon's Acquisiton of TMNT pays off: $475M sales in its first year
  113. Is anyone else getting an Outbreak Arc vibe?
  114. Rabbids instead of TMNT???
  115. will there be a new epi this weekend?
  116. Karai on the Kraang's side
  117. Episode Opinion: Follow the Leader
  118. Official Episode Discussion S2 #3 "Follow The Leader"
  119. Whose Idea
  120. Do you think Karai will listen to Leo later on?
  121. MY CHILDHOOD!!!!11one11?1
  122. Casey Jones Makes His Debut
  123. Official Episode Discussion: S2 #4 "Mutagen Man Unleashed"
  124. Potential spoilers?
  125. Is Donatello playing the role of Shredder?
  126. Timothy/Pulverizer/Mutagen Man- a lost cause?
  127. With new additions coming to the show, any particular meetings you are hoping for?
  128. Irma's involvement
  129. Raphael the most caring brother?
  130. Dogpound/Fishface = not much role in Season 2?
  131. Casey Jones
  132. Old Hob origin?
  133. Official Episode Discussion: S2 #5 "Mikey gets Shellacne"
  134. Will a Turtle have to get hurt before April comes back?
  135. Least favorite new characters in Nick TMNT so far?
  136. Clip for Mikey's got Shellacne
  137. When will The Flaming Carrot appear ?
  138. Bebop and Rocksteady
  139. Should Fishface mutate into Armaggon? (spoilers from acne episode)
  140. The Official "Mikey Gets Shellacne" "Eat Your Crow" Thread
  141. New Ciro Nieli podcast... the future of Nick TMNT & more!
  142. Mikey Gets Shellacne New episode, Thoughts???
  143. Worst redesign of a major TMNT character from a past incarnation?
  144. Why do long-time fans still have mixed reactions to Nick's TMNT?
  145. Is the mutagen a bit too "magical" in this show?
  146. April to temporaily Mutate/Transform?
  147. Is a Good Gene's Arc like event going to happen in series?
  148. An Animated Movie
  149. Official Episode Discussion: S2 #6 "Target: April O'Neil"
  150. Official Episode Discussion: S2 #6 "Target: April O'Neil"
  151. Do you think the human Foot Soldiers will return?
  152. Other places where the Nick TMNT cartoon is discussed?
  153. Characters from the past that have shown up on Nick's TMNT
  154. Enjoying the Splinter/Karai story
  155. Theory: Why aren't there any mutant allies in this show yet?
  156. Official Episode Discussion: S2 #7 "Slash and Destroy"
  157. Is the Pulverizor dead?
  158. So where exactly are all these mutants on the loose hiding in NYC?
  159. Will Shredder and the Kra'ang raise the Technodrome?
  160. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go Easter Eggs
  161. TMNT Future Theories
  162. Anyone get the feeling the Cockroach mutant will become Scumbug?
  163. Roseanne To Leave TV...maybe...
  164. When will we see the "real" Wingnut show up?
  165. What's Up With the Mutagen in TMNT 2K13?
  166. "Cast" a Nick Turtles Christmas Carol.
  167. Donnie's pacifism
  168. Fourth Nick TMNT DVD coming in March 2014
  169. How will the show portray Kurtzman?
  170. HY/TS/OS mirrored by Don/Apr/Case
  171. What would be proper closure for the Nick series?
  172. Deviant art find
  173. Would you rather the series end early or...
  174. How would a Christmas Episode work in the Nick TMNT universe?
  175. The enemy of season 2
  176. Allies in season 2?
  177. As A Child, As An Adult
  178. TMNT and its ridiculous hiatus
  179. Have You Seen This?
  180. Do you want April's empath sensing powers to be explored in this season?
  181. Within the show : Chekhov's Gun
  182. Villans Return?
  183. Favourite 2012 Supporting Character/Villain
  184. What actors/voice actors do you hope to see in future episodes of the series?
  185. What sort of time continuum do the Turtles exist?
  186. Emotional issues for the turtles
  187. UK Premiere of Season 2 - This Weekend
  188. Would you like to see a city at war storyline for this show?
  189. Why to insert so?
  190. TMNT nick complete season 1 update?
  191. How would you feel if Bebop and Rocksteady returned....
  192. More second stage mutations?
  193. Question about April's Apartment
  194. Shredder's Eye
  195. Kurtzman reminds me of bishop
  196. Turtles exposed New York Populous
  197. Casey and Raph
  198. February 2nd @11
  199. Opinions on April and Karai?
  200. Interview with Christian Lanz
  201. I can't be the only one who has noticed this...
  202. Questions on 2012 turtles?
  203. Season 2 and the reoccurring cat
  204. Any chance of Agent Bishop?
  205. What's going to happen with.....
  206. New Casey/Raph clip!
  207. the move to sundays good or bad
  208. Repercussions for Donatello?
  209. Blu-Ray Releases?
  210. Irma makes her debut this Sunday!
  211. Interesting fact about Episode 34
  212. Official Episode Discussion: S2 #8 "The Good, The Bad, and Casey Jones"
  213. If you were the actual target audience for this show
  214. Question about Kirby Bat
  215. Slash & Karai
  216. Team pair names
  217. the Turtles' worst fears
  218. iTunes Queries (TMNT specific)
  219. Should a weapons origin be used in the Nick Show?
  220. Irma to be mutanted into Mona Lisa?
  221. How would you rank the episodes we've seen so far of season 2?
  222. Casey: "Not bad for an AMPHIBIAN"
  223. should there be a reason on why some mutants can talk?
  224. The Writers/Creative Staff of Nick's TMNT Are Unperdictable
  225. What would the biggest swerve be in this series?
  226. Official Episode Discussion: S2 #9 "The Kraang Conspiracy"
  227. Wingnut/Kirby bat
  228. Kraang episodes getting too repetitive?
  229. Nick Series on DVD/Blu-Ray?
  230. The lack of normal human characters in the show, how do you feel?
  231. What is your interpretation of how the Turtles and family relate
  232. Unpredictable mutagen or improper way of being mutated?
  233. Apritello pairing confirmed? Storyboard pics!!
  234. (Spoiler) The truth revealed to Karai by Tiger Claw and Shredder? Storyboard pics!!
  235. Nick TMNT will start airing in Japan, this April
  236. Official Episode Discussion S2 #10 "Fungus Humungous"
  237. A Commercial Starring Vanilla Ice is Probably Coming...
  238. Old and New Fans Should View Nickelodeon's TMNT Series as an another world/diminsion
  239. Top five favourite and least characters from the 2012 series
  240. Should Shredder become Super Shredder towards the end of the Nick show?
  241. Mikey And Splinter
  242. After a year and five months, how do you feel about the Nickelodeon series?
  243. Tiger Claw or Katmundu? Who is the better Tiger creature?
  244. Look what I scanned!
  245. Official Episode Discussion S2 #11 "Metalhead Rewired"
  246. Is there any hope of Usagi Yojimbo appearing in this show at all?
  247. Screen Capture of Bradford in Foot Elite Gear
  248. Will the CG in this show stand the test of time and look good 10 years from now?
  249. Any Shredder theories?
  250. Vote TMNT as favorite toon (Nick's Kids Choice Award 2014)!