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  1. Can we get a Nick TMNT Tv Movie when the new movie comes out in August?
  2. Kevin Eastman voice acting in future episode.
  3. Official Episode Discussion S2 #12 "Of Rats and Men"
  4. Official Episode Discussion: "The Manhattan Project" (aka "Wormquake!")
  5. Please don't post spoilers from the "Wormquake" episodes outside its thread
  6. How will Tiger Claw return?
  7. Anyone else like how this show handles Shredder?
  8. Tiger Claw speculation thread
  9. Has Casey Jones in 2k12 gotten the "batman" treatment?
  10. When is Leatherhead going to get another episode?
  11. Is the show really doing that bad?
  12. grouping characters together
  13. Mighty Mutanimals
  14. How would you feel if....there were more turtles like a race of turtles
  15. Dogpound VS Rahzar
  16. Changing mutants back to normal
  17. I wonder how kids that are unfamiliar with the 87 cartoon are gonna react..
  18. Various plotlines from other TMNT universes you'd like to see happen
  19. McBurtles!!!
  20. 10 Things You Want To See In The Nick Show
  21. UK fans can't access the nick us tmnt episode
  22. Think Other Continuities Will Cross Over?
  23. splinters parenting (wormquake)
  24. What do you NOT want to see in the Nick show?
  25. Do you think Timothy will die?
  26. Should Donnie just move on from April?
  27. Does Viacom own the OT?
  28. Usagi Yojimbo, Bebop & Rocksteady will debut in Season 3. How excited are you?
  29. Your view on Rob Paulsen as Donatello
  30. Say something negative and positive
  31. So what do you think happened to all the human Foot Soldiers?
  32. Fugitoid and Triceratons
  33. If they killed off one of the characters, how'd you react?
  34. Possibilities For The Fungus?
  35. My idea for an alternate version for "Same As It Never Was" in this show.
  36. Who is the weakest member team?
  37. Any one know About this leonardo toy ??
  38. What do you think will happen after this show ends?
  39. Worst Moment Within The Show
  40. Most incompetent version of the Turtles?
  41. BluRay Release?
  42. TMNT Fans
  43. TMNT: The Good, The Bad And Casey Jones DVD
  44. Fifth DVD Announced!
  45. TMNT Theme Song (Japanese)
  46. Songs that fit the Nick Ninja Turtles Cast
  47. Name Origin
  48. In theory, couldn't April be cured by a Retro-Mutagen?
  49. Potential "Turtles Forever 2"? (*Possible Spoilers*)
  50. Nickelodeon's TMNT Character Comparisons/Remakes/Homage
  51. The Design Origin of Fungus Humongous?
  52. Venus and April: uncanny similarities
  53. Official Episode Discussion S2 #15 "Mazes and Mutants"
  54. Do human-turned-mutants see themselves as animals?
  55. Bebop and Rocksteady from the new Show
  56. Nick TMNT renewed for a fourth season
  57. Episode Discussion S2 #16 "The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman"
  58. When did they turn the Mutagen green?
  59. Who will the Shredder Mutate Next? (Contains Spoilers)
  60. Since Season 2 is about mutants, should Season 3 be about aliens?
  61. Which Characters Do You Believe Will Be Demutated?*Minor Spoilers*
  62. Karai. clarifications
  63. So umm.. about Ace Duck
  64. Official Episode Discussion S2 #17 "Newtralized!"
  65. Casey jones vs karai
  66. Official Episode Discussion S2 #18 "Pizza Face"
  67. Jason Biggs recast as Leonardo. Seth Green to replace him
  68. Will the 1980's Turtles be making anymore appearances?
  69. New Interview With Rob & Greg
  70. Newtralizer vs tiger claw
  71. Series Pass Problem
  72. Season 2 has had very little filler episodes, here is the proof
  73. 10 dimensions - throwaway line or important?
  74. Soundtrack?
  75. What should Karai mutate into?
  76. Your favourite Brotherly Moments
  77. Should Oroku Nagi appear in this series?
  78. Any one notice how Mikey only gets filler type episodes?
  79. karai figure update
  80. what do you all think of turtles in time
  81. Nick TMNT Switching to nicktoons?
  82. Kirby O'Neil
  83. Mona Lisa in 2012 TMNT
  84. How would you fix April O'Neil?
  85. Nick TMNT audio dub of other languages
  86. well at least we aren't stupid aliens....
  87. Quick question re nick show vs figures...
  88. Official Episode Discussion S2 #19 "The Wrath of Tiger Claw""
  89. What would you like to see in Season #3?
  90. Top 10 strongest characters
  91. Why does Casey dislike Irma?
  92. Red String of Fate
  93. Now that Retromutagen has been discovered...
  94. Raphael vs karai
  95. Karai's design inspiration
  96. Official Episode Discussion S2 #20 "The Legend of Kuro Kabuto"
  97. Anyone else worried about the possibility of more Love Interests?
  98. New episode Kuro Kabuto
  99. Is the Nick cartoon covering every mainstream villain in TMNT history?
  100. Possible new villain for TMNT
  101. Simply question....do you think that Splinter was part of the foot clan?
  102. Renae Jacobs to guest star on the show! Plus other casting news.
  103. Turtles Renewed for Season 4!
  104. Do you like the way Donnie acts around April this series?
  105. How well is the Nick TMNT doing in Japan?
  106. Do you think the show is fat-shaming some of the characters?
  107. Official Episode Discussion S2 #21 "Plan 10"
  108. Pulverizer (Mutated) Concept Art
  109. About the thing from Plan 10
  110. Cantonese dub finally on the air in Hong Kong!
  111. Next UK New Episode
  112. Show like the NEW NICK TMNT SERIES
  113. Official Episode Discussion S2 #22 "Vengeance is Mine"
  114. The IDEA of Karai mutating into Venus
  115. Karai as Alopex or Ninjara?
  116. Question About the Karai Toy *Spoilers*
  117. Idea for a season 3 villain
  118. Should Hun be Casey's father in this show?
  119. Raph jumping in first in fights.
  120. Zodiac Mutants
  121. Mona Lisa from Dimension X?
  122. Triple-Mutations?
  123. Purple Dragons Mutating?
  124. How memorable will the villains be?
  125. Villians from the 80s show that you would like to see in this show
  126. Season 2 Volume 3 Speculation thread
  127. TMNT Season 3 Official Info Thread
  128. No mutant allies for the Turtles?
  129. Your Theorys/Predictions on the last 4 episodes
  130. Sweet Deal on Nickelodeon T-Shirts
  131. Is anyone else getting tired of the show?
  132. Do you think April is a Mary-Sue?
  133. Region 2 season one set from Amazon UK
  134. New Executive Producer
  135. TMNT first season 4 disc set is coming out in october
  136. Nick TMNT panel at SDCC 2014
  137. Do you think we'll see the Fugitoid?
  138. The Manhatten Project recieved an Emmy Nomination
  139. Is anyone happy with the Kraang?
  140. Body Types of The Characters
  141. Mikey and Don series
  142. What are the chances of a Fugitoid story-arc?
  143. do you guys miss the OT traditional glitch?
  144. Black Nerd Comedy TMNT Videos
  145. You Know What I Notice in this Era, That I Didn't in Last?
  146. Can you think of any design changes that will improve the characters?
  147. Will Nick change the TMNT appearance?
  148. Leatherhead's Owner
  149. Is the Rat King Gone?
  150. The possible dimension X arc
  151. Nick choosing Season 5 characters of the original cartoon to revive?
  152. Do you think the Nick series is using too many Fred Wolf elements?
  153. Mutants
  154. Will Dark Leo appear?
  155. Who the hell wanted Mondo Gecko back?
  156. Next episode
  157. A Doctor to voice The Fugitoid
  158. Season 1 DVD set
  159. How tall are the Villains?
  160. Season 2, Volume 2, Region 2
  161. Turtles Forever Too
  162. Wal-Mart Exclusive DVD; Pulverizer Power
  163. Stump Arena
  164. You know what would be hilarious?
  165. First time watching this... (also my first post)
  166. Channel change?
  167. Worst Timothy Episode
  168. Season 2 Finale
  169. What is the mutagen for?
  170. Do The Cast/Crew Know We're Getting Sick of Apriltello?
  171. New appreciation for Splinter being Hamato Yoshi.
  172. Space heroes or Super robo mecha force?
  173. Is anyone else afraid to hear what Seth Green sounds like as Leonardo in Season 3?
  174. A Chinatown Ghost Story speculation thread
  175. Are you happy with how much focus the Kraang's have been getting?
  176. Do you think we'll get a Raphael/Mona Lisa/Ninjara Triangle?
  177. What Voice Actors Would You Like To See On The Show?
  178. Usagi Yojimbo - How Would You Make It Happen?
  179. Why I think Apritello will happen
  180. Favorite Karai Lines from the Show?
  181. With 8 weeks since the last episode and 3 weeks 'til the next one, the question is...
  182. Do you think Casey knows April "isn't human"?
  183. Are Leo and Donnie essentially the same person?
  184. First Impressions
  185. Do we think The Shredder's demise is near?
  186. TMNT Season 3 and Season 2 Finale dates
  187. tea time girl
  188. What do you hope for the characters in season three?
  189. The Turtles/April and Karai Sparring under Splinter guidance?
  190. double mutations
  191. The Turtle's (who is eldest/youngest)
  192. Poor Michelangelo
  193. UK Season 1 re-release?
  194. Sixth DVD 'Showdown in Dimension X' to finish season 2
  195. Last few episodes of Season 2 airing on Friday's
  196. Official Episode Discussion S2 #23 "A Chinatown Ghost Story"
  197. Get Over The Conceit
  198. Was 3D Worth It?
  199. So Glad I Gave This a Fair Chance
  200. Official Episode Discussion S2 #24 "Into Dimension X!"
  201. Volume 4 Release in Australia
  202. To everyone who didn't get the references in Chinatown Ghost Story
  203. Forgive me if the answer is somewhere else.
  204. Will the Triceratons be from normal outer space instead of Dimension X?
  205. What VAs from 2003 Cartoon Would You Like To Return?
  206. Will Shredder remain human?
  207. Vision Quests
  208. Just Wondering
  209. Official Episode Discussion S2 Finale: The Invasion
  210. If Bishop appears in the nick show, how should he be featured?
  211. Is there a reason why other mutants are evil?
  212. Do think Donnie has some sort of mutant almanac?
  213. Would this show be better if it was binge watch?
  214. Are most character left handed?
  215. Season 1 DVD runtime
  216. April Wasn't Originally a Human but a Kraang
  217. Old Toon Dimension X vs. Nick Cartoon Dimension X
  218. Season 3 premiere on Nick.com (?)
  219. Nick's TMNT Season 2: Best Episode Tournament
  220. Is anyone else tired of the Kraang
  221. Top 5 Season Two Episodes?
  222. Splinter (season ending spoilers, you've been warned!
  223. Official Episode Discussion Season 3 Episode 1: "Within the Woods"
  224. Will We Get A Human Girl Crushing on one of the Turtles?
  225. Do you like Irma's identity reveal (WARNING: MAJOR SPOILER from The Invasion)
  226. Live reporting from Walmart!
  227. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep1: "Within the Woods"
  228. Fu Rin Ka Zan TMNT reference
  229. Nick's Casey or Nick's April: Which do you prefer the way the guy's wrote these chara
  230. Similarities between the Invasion and TMNT Book IV
  231. Do you guys think the turtles will age progress?
  232. Finally HeHe
  233. Season 2 Thoughts
  234. Happy 2 year Birthday to Nick Turtles
  235. You think Shredder might come after Donnie?
  236. NYCC 2014 TMNT panel
  237. So if the Fred Wolf TMNT co-exist with the Nick universe...
  238. Are Leo and Donnie more in tune to their human side than Mikey and Raph?
  239. how cool is tmnt on friday for us older folk
  240. Crognard The Barbarian
  241. The timeline.
  242. Bishop and the Mighty Mutantanimals
  243. Why Northampton has so much potential
  244. Nick TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament: Newtralized! vs. Mikey Gets Shellacne
  245. Renae Jacobs and Minae Noji
  246. Does anyone see any of the Turtle's having a Heroic BSoD moment?
  247. Would You Consider Kraang Prime Female?
  248. After two seasons, how do you feel about the Nickelodeon series?
  249. Nick TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament: The Good, Bad, & Casey Jones vs. Plan 10
  250. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep2: "A Foot too Big"