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  1. 2nd Half of Season 2 Finally hits Australia!
  2. jesse ventura good fun!
  3. How You Rank Each Episode of Season 3
  4. Will Seth Green stay for the entire run of the show now?
  5. If you could only change one aspect of the Nick series, what would it be?
  6. Nick TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament: T.L.M.o.B.S. vs. Kraang Conspiracy
  7. Hun
  8. Who Should Voice Muckman & Joe Eyeball On The Show?
  9. Cheese stuffed crust? Jelly Filled? aka What's your favorite filler
  10. Nick TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament: Follow the Leader vs. Mazes & Mutants
  11. Discussion about Raphael
  12. Renet
  13. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep3: "Buried Secrets"
  14. The typical action cartoon franchise production formula
  15. What Other Movies You'd Like TMNT ton Reference?
  16. Punk Frogs? [Spoilers]
  17. Too little Shredder in this series?
  18. Nick TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament: Squirrelanoids vs. Fungus Humungous
  19. Answer to Rahzar Shrinking
  20. Clarification of Dark Leo and Dark Raph
  21. Can someone explain to me April and Kirby's backstory?
  22. Possible Way For Usagi to Appear
  23. Is Flaming Carrot going to appear
  24. Nick TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament: Legend of K. K. vs. Mutation Situation
  25. The 4 Element Turtles? [Spoiler]
  26. Why The Origin Of The Turtles from The Intro Song and The Intro Story is different?
  27. City Fall-esque Storyline
  28. Your fave Nick turtle?
  29. Nick TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament: Target: April O'Neil vs. Pizzaface
  30. New episode buried secrets
  31. Behind The Scenes Video
  32. Chances of Alopex appearing in the series?
  33. Nick TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament: Mutagen Man U. vs. Chinatown Ghost Story
  34. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: The Invasion vs. Mikey Gets Shellacne
  35. Height Of The Turtles
  36. Do you think Raph will get a love interest?
  37. Any theories as to what has been happening to the city.
  38. Why do people hate Casey Jones?
  39. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament: Of Rats & Men vs. The Good, Bad, & Casey Jones
  40. What would be the logical time frame for the North Hampton Story
  41. TMNT Nick Soundtrack
  42. Favorite Shellkicking episodes for each turtle
  43. Write an Episode Challenge (-Nick TMNT)
  44. IDW characters?
  45. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: The Mahattan Project vs. T.L.M.o.B.S.
  46. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep4 "The Croaking"
  47. Must Every Thing be Connect to Mutagen?
  48. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Into Dimension X vs. Follow the Leader
  49. How old are the turtles ?
  50. 2007 Movie Characters
  51. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Vengeance is Mine vs. Fungus Humungous
  52. Offical Discussion Ep: S3 Ep5: In Dreams
  53. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Metalhead Rewired vs. Kuro Kabuto
  54. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep5: "In Dreams"
  55. Is Nick TMNT getting too scary for children?
  56. The Eusociality of Mutant Animals
  57. Best voice of Leo
  58. Take a old character from TMNT and put a new spin on him/her
  59. Should the show parody other genre's besides horror?
  60. Bring back irma!
  61. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Slash & Destroy vs. Target: April
  62. If Rob would have voiced Raphael
  63. Leo and Tea Time Girl
  64. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Wrath of Tiger Claw vs. Mutagen Man U.
  65. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep6: "Race with the Demon"
  66. Fav random Nick TMNT quotes?
  67. Christmas episode?
  68. Did the CG improve in Season 3?
  69. We need a Nick Tmnt Art of Book!
  70. The Official Venting/Whining/Criticism Thread!
  71. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament Round 3: Invasion vs. Good, Bad, & Casey Jones
  72. Return To New York
  73. Green is not their color theory
  74. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament Round 3: Into Dimension X vs. Manhattan Project
  75. Should TMNT have a christmas show?
  76. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament Round 3: Vengeance is Mine v. Metalhead Rewired
  77. New Ciro interview from Toonzone.net
  78. Which character would you like to be made recurring/regular?
  79. Turtles with or without masks?
  80. Nick Turtles Season 3 Part 1 coming on dvd March 2015
  81. Which episode would you recommend to a first-time viewer?
  82. Korra, Young Justice and even f'ing Thundercats get blu rays, but none for TMNT??
  83. Do you think Rob Paulsen is a good choice to voice Donatello?
  84. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament Round 3: Wrath of Tiger Claw vs Slash & Destroy
  85. Kraang Prisoners
  86. How do ninja clans work in modern day?
  87. How would christmas be celebrated at the farm house?
  88. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament: SEMI FINAL MATCH 1
  89. Throwback Turtles Week!
  90. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament: SEMI FINAL MATCH 2
  91. New season 3 episodes?
  92. Archie characters in the Nick series, is it possible and how would you feel about it?
  93. Season 1 DVD set $9.99 at Target 12/21 - 12/24
  94. season 3 disc one available march 10
  95. Things that didn't make sense
  96. Nick Gave Us An Early Christmas Present
  97. Official list of characters yet to appear?
  98. Dvd s2, v3? (uk)
  99. TMNT Season 2 Best Episode Tournament: FINAL MATCH (Under 1 hour remaining to vote)
  100. Why does April have powers despite Ciro claims it's tricky?
  101. how will shredder be defeated
  102. The episode idea thread (Turtle Torture Edition)
  103. Major new twist based on casting?
  104. Best/Favorite Female Character
  105. Nick TMNT Time Slot Change
  106. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep7: "Eyes of the Chimera"
  107. April becoming like Venus
  108. Favorite Brotherly pairings?
  109. Trying to Scientifically define Mutagen's effects
  110. April: New Definition of Neutrino
  111. My Robot Irma Idea
  112. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep8: "Vision Quest"
  113. So the Northampton arc was 8 episodes
  114. Plotlines you've forgotten about because of the long rerun breaks
  115. "Return to New York" - Thoughts & Predictions Thread
  116. Wait, What?
  117. Reactions/Comments to the Nick "TMNT Season 3 Official Info Thread"
  118. i finally got around to watching The Invasion (S2 finale episodes)
  119. Are the Kraang a hivemind?
  120. Where are bebop and rocksteady?
  121. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep9: "Return to New York"
  122. Opinions on TMNT Vision Quest Hoods
  123. TMNT new lair speculation
  124. If Shredder had new mutant minions....?
  125. How will the love triangle be resolved?
  126. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep10: "Serpent Hunt"
  127. Does Fishface feel redundant now?
  128. Comet???
  129. How many callbacks to the 80s show
  130. Shredder's blind eye
  131. Splinter/Shredder backstory discrepancies
  132. Why are most of the female characters love interests?
  133. Does this show need more female characters?
  134. So whatever happened to Mutagen Man.
  135. Renet
  136. Oh poor Kirby O'Neil... Why do the writers hate you?
  137. Super Shredder in the new series?
  138. Foreshadowing In The Show
  139. Cleaning Out the Character Roster
  140. Has Seth Green improved as Leonardo?
  141. Should I get the DVDs?
  142. Are the Foot-Bots kind of pointless?
  143. 2012 Agent John Bishop
  144. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep11: "The Pig and the Rhino"
  145. TMNT Confessions
  146. Nick TMNT Question & Answer Thread
  147. The cartoon parodies
  148. Theories and predictions
  149. Turtle Com phone cases?
  150. Who would you like to see next in the future?
  151. Tonal roller coaster
  152. Season 2 Vol 3 and 4
  153. Future Mirage Influence + New Characters!
  154. Pizza Topping Ideas for Michaelangelo
  155. How did she know about the spirit gear?
  156. Things you do not want to see return but everyone else is yearning/hype for
  157. Will April ever show interest in journalism?
  158. Possible Spin-Off Series on the Horizon?
  159. Sick Of All These Useless Mutants/Characters
  160. What are your favorite episodes thus far?
  161. Battle for New York episode 1 & 2 & other stuff
  162. I would like to see an episode of the Turtles turning Human
  163. Leo's sword theory
  164. You know what the Kraang remind me of?
  165. An adaptation of Turtles in Time as an episode
  166. Which Series Do You Like More: Nick's TMNT or Star Wars Rebels?
  167. Does Nicks TMNT cartoon feel like like the last leg of hope for comic book tv
  168. Cause this is Filler!!!
  169. The Mutanimals to appear on the Show
  170. On the subject on "Nostalgia pandering".
  171. Crazy theories
  172. Has a new dvd set been released recently?
  173. Bebop and Rocksteady
  174. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep12-13: "Battle for New York"
  175. Rogue villains who don't work for Shredder or The Kraang
  176. Are the Kraang gone for good now?
  177. Characters you expect to get demutated at some point, and those you don't
  178. Speculation on the next Turtle Lair
  179. Season 4: Returning to Dimension-X
  180. The sexual pursuit of Jack Kurtzman
  181. When will they bring gangsters/mobsters into the Nick cartoon?
  182. References/parodies in the Nick cartoon
  183. Naughty things Nick has gotten away with
  184. What will happen to April's Dad next?
  185. Crwbanod Ninja
  186. Ultimate Mutant Champion!
  187. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep14: "Casey Jones vs the Underworld"
  188. Anyone else feel Baxter is being neglected in this show?
  189. Voice of Bishop
  190. Notable TMNT characters who have yet to get a Nick debut
  191. Who would you like to see next in the future? 2.0
  192. Mikey's ADHD/ADD
  193. Season 1 Soundtrack
  194. Mega Mutant Recap!
  195. Blu-ray already!
  196. Wonder if there will be a Mona Lisa?
  197. Wouldn't it be twisted?
  198. Should the series end at season 5?
  199. 2012 Shredder vs 2003 Utrom Shredder.
  200. Are the mystic turtles ever coming back?
  201. Kill off Fishface, Rahzar and Tiger Claw
  202. The Karai Situation
  203. What plot threads have still to be resolved?
  204. What will Muckman and Joe Eyeball be like?
  205. What are the odds of a Dark Turtle story line?
  206. Character Height Chart
  207. Do you think Raph is getting enough character/central focus?
  208. New Nick TMNT season 3 DVDs in June?
  209. Lord Dregg
  210. Does Mikey already have a love interest?
  211. RUMOR: Nick Planning Crossover Event For 2018?
  212. next Nick Turtles DVD in July
  213. Raph & Casey relationship..
  214. Anyone else hate the new Hun?
  215. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep15: "The Noxious Avenger"
  216. Will the Mutanimals expand with new members?
  217. Old episode/topic, but Speed Demon Donatello
  218. What makes Bebop and Rocksteady so perfect...
  219. How happy is everyone now that the romance seems to be gone
  220. Which 2012 turtle are you most like?
  221. So, why only male mutants?
  222. Do You Think April and Raph Might Show Interest in Each Other Soon?
  223. If/when the show is retooled to be more like the movies.
  224. Nick Turtles wins a daytime Emmy
  225. Voice of Lord Dregg
  226. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep16: "Clash of the Mutanimals"
  227. Shredder 2012 vs. Shredder 2003 vs. Shredder 1987
  228. 4kids mike and raph VS 2012 raph and mike
  229. Irony in the nick Turtles show
  230. If you could make a season for the Nick show...
  231. Is anyone else losing interest with this show?
  232. So who was really leader in the Northampton arc
  233. Maybe this has been discussed so far but if not (potential spoiler in link)
  234. Sliding Dojo Doors
  235. How to improve the Northampton arc...
  236. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep17: "Meet Mondo Gecko"
  237. Which Season is the Best?
  238. Were you expecting some cute girl?
  239. Is the cerebus rollercoaster ruining the flow of the series
  240. If one of the Turtle's is poisoned in Deadly Venom...
  241. Will they ever address 2nd Mutations again?
  242. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep18: "The Deadly Venom"
  243. What happened to Mutagen Man playing a bigger role in season two?
  244. What would a more adult aimed show look like?
  245. Did Splinter mutate the turtles?
  246. Speculations based off the Nick "TMNT Season 3 Official Info Thread"
  247. Is Donnie a different type of warrior then the rest of his bros?
  248. Do you think Leo is turning into a Marty Stu?
  249. Was Vision Quest episode a waste?
  250. Nick comparisons to 2k3 series