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  1. Do you want to see a Turtle Tots episode?
  2. Slow motion blows
  3. Did it start back in season 1?
  4. About the Kraang Species
  5. Casey's gear
  6. You know what really sucks about Hun looking like Bruce Lee?
  7. SDCC 2015 Thread
  8. I have figured out what the Mega Shredder will be!
  9. I Think I Would've Preferred Nick's Series Be Just A Comedy.
  10. Hoon Lee to join 'The King and I' on Broadway.
  11. The Hiatus Rant Thread
  12. Something I really want to see happen for some reason.
  13. Could Casey's father be Bishop?
  14. How many wish Xever to get a second mutation?
  15. Double Retro-Mutation?
  16. Mona Lisa to appear? (sources inside)
  17. DVD Contents for Catching Up?
  18. Splinter's staff
  19. Most visually inventive shots/moments/characters
  20. Do you think we're going to get Bishop on the show?
  21. When the turtles FINALLY defeat Shredder...
  22. What is the deal with the kraang ?
  23. TMNT renewed for Season 5
  24. What old notable 90's characters have yet to debut in Nick
  25. TMNT 2012 Music
  26. 'The Complete 1st and 2nd Seasons' of Nick's TMNT 2012 Series
  27. How would you feel about a crossover with the 2003 Toon?
  28. Anyone else not okay with the turtles able to pull their heads into their shells ?
  29. A question for people who don't like Hun's design
  30. What are some of the most character-driven episodes for Casey Jones?
  31. Rumor.....
  32. Are the Kraang male or female?
  33. How many human characters are left on the show?
  34. Pizza Gyoza Recipe
  35. Season 2: What was the Problem
  36. Do you think shredder will become a mutant ? And how would you react if he mutates ?
  37. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep19: "Turtles in Time"
  38. Half-Shell Heroes 2D special to air on Nick in November
  39. New members of the Mutanimals?
  40. Do you think Mikey is getting as dumb as Patrick Star?
  41. Do you think Nick will do a "City at War" arc?
  42. Could Nick do Same As It Never Was?
  43. So what's the point of showing the monsters still being alive at the end?
  44. What was the point of putting Mutagen Man in Suspended Animation?
  45. So, is Donnie's crush on April gone?
  46. So, What is the point of spoiler tags?
  47. Will the Foot Elite/Shredder Elite make an appearance?
  48. Things going on in the Background
  49. Will Hun become the new Tokka?
  50. Dinosaurs Seen in Sewers! preview discussion thread (SPOILER ALERT)
  51. Who do you think should be the next villain ?
  52. Should Null be included in the series?
  53. Villains (and Heroes) the Nick series will NEVER use?
  54. Dimensions or Planets?
  55. Raph's bad knees?
  56. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep20: "Tale of the Yokai"
  57. Emotional scenes that made you sad
  58. Will Ciro and Brandon use this shot?
  59. So, how much time has passed in the show?
  60. Missed Opportunities
  61. Spoilers for the Turtles in Space arc
  62. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep21: "Attack of the MegaShredder!"
  63. Half Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past (November)
  64. Does this cartoon actually feel like the Fred Wolf cartoon?
  65. Shredder's costume
  66. A Version of Nobody?
  67. Best Voice Actor Performances
  68. Great minds think alike
  69. The 2k12 series in other languages.
  70. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep22: "The Creeping Doom"
  71. What is it about April?
  72. Mutants still at large in the wild
  73. Playmates Influence on the Show
  74. What happened to the Kraang blending in with the population?
  75. Stale Season Finales
  76. Would you like to see more standalone Casey episodes?
  77. What kind of 'Dere' fits each of the turtles?
  78. Would you like to see human Foot Soldiers return?
  79. How much filler do you think should be in each season?
  80. Tim Hill Writing "The April O'Neil Files" Pilot For Nickelodeon
  81. Theory on Subprime's Cybernetics
  82. The Real Mrs. O'Neil's Wherabous
  83. Don Vizioso's Future Role?
  84. The Fourfold Trap's Unknown Enemy
  85. TMNT on NYCC'15
  86. Which 2k3 voice actor do you think should be in the show?
  87. So will they ever explain what happened to the human Foot Ninjas
  88. Is it a bad sign that we keep assuming human characters will mutate?
  89. Could/Should Timothy(Pulverizer) and Mutagen Man be considered the same person?
  90. Which turtle has had the best feats so far in the new show?
  91. How would you balance between the serial and episodic nature of the show?
  92. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Get 'Revenge!' DVD
  93. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep23: "The Fourfold Trap"
  94. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Ep24: Dinosaur Seen In The Sewer
  95. April could potentially become a new Karai.
  96. What will the new show in season four be?
  97. "The good guys win, and the bad guys lose"
  98. From an in-universe perspective, why did Crognard end the way it did?
  99. All of the series
  100. Turtles to be in space for 13 episodes
  101. What episode of the show had your favorite soundtrack?
  102. Official Ep Discussion: S3 Finale: "Annihilation: Earth"
  103. Season 4 Discussion Thread
  104. Season 3: Main Issues
  105. My take on Casey Jones's mask
  106. J.R. Ventimilia is now Jennifer Ventimilia
  107. Did we ever find out Tiger Claw's backstory?
  108. Nycc 2015 q&a
  109. TMNT Season 4 Official Info Thread
  110. So... um... Bishop...
  111. When do you think we'll see the Turtles battle in some intergalactic tournament?
  112. Happy 3 year birthday to Nick Turtles
  113. Where is mutagen man?
  114. Does anybody else hate Casey from the Nick TMNT cartoon?
  115. Loose 2003 adaptation
  116. Has Anyone Started to Regret that Karai is Miwa?
  117. Nick's TMNT Season 3: Best Episode Tournament - Rank Your Top 12 (4 Hours Remaining)
  118. Cosplaying Help (shredder's gauntlets)
  119. Any news on the next two dvds
  120. Mona Lisa & characters bios in Season 4
  121. Tmnt on uk netflix
  122. The only universe where Shredder succesfully kills Splinter
  123. Need info on season 1 & 2 dvd box set
  124. 2k12 April in yellow jumpsuit and camera
  125. Why not mutate Hun, but in a different way?
  126. Do you think Splinter should be revived?
  127. Ot/ modern toon crossover
  128. Where does Nickelodeon fail where IDW succeed?
  129. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament: Clash of the Mutanimals vs. Within the Woods
  130. "Kuno-each"
  131. Wyrm's episode is recycled from Super Robot Monkey Team
  132. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament: The Fourfold Trap vs. A Foot Too Big
  133. Season 5 Starts recording Monday
  134. How many boys have fallen in love with(or have a crush on) April?
  135. Any hulu watchers?
  136. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament: Mega Shredder! vs. Eyes of the Chimera
  137. From Karai, to Miwa, to Nobody
  138. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament: Buried Secrets vs. The Creeping Doom
  139. Official Ep Discussion S4 Ep 1: Beyond the Known Universe
  140. Female characters you want to see in future episodes?
  141. Where would you like them to travel in Season 5 outside of NYC??
  142. Potential Young April
  143. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament: In Dreams vs. The Deadly Venom
  144. Could you see 2012 meeting 2003?
  145. Fugitoid speculation
  146. On Netflix?
  147. Neutrinos
  148. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Official Nickelodeon/Paramount Press Release for 'R
  149. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament: Match 6 + Tiebreaker
  150. Discussion: Half-Shelled Heroes: Blast to the Past
  151. Ep Discussion: S4 Ep 2: "The Moons of Thalos 3"
  152. The Turtle's Love interests
  153. The Salamandarians lost the war
  154. Is this how it works or they set a bad example?
  155. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament: "C.J. vs. T.U." vs. Race with the Demon
  156. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament: Meet Mondo Gecko vs. The Croaking
  157. Have you watched every episode so far?
  158. Raph's plastron scar...
  159. Official Ep Discussion S4 Ep 3: The Weird World of Wyrm
  160. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Annihilation vs. Clash o.t. Mutanimals
  161. Raph's Treatment on the show
  162. Official Ep Discussion S4 Ep 4: Outlaw Armaggon
  163. Can you believe the Nick series is going to hit its 100th episode this season?
  164. Storyboard artists for Nick TMNT
  165. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: The Pig & The Rhino vs. Fourfold Trap
  166. Should Casey be mutated?
  167. Mind Control: Good, Bad, or Disappointing?
  168. Does anyone else think Casey resembles Zach?
  169. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Dinosaur in Sewers! vs. Mega Shredder
  170. Gwendoline Yeo's Character: The Speculation
  171. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Vision Quest vs. Buried Secrets
  172. Do you want Irma back?
  173. Do you think that the show has gotten less serious?
  174. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Tale of the Yokai vs. In Dreams
  175. Things you want to see in the Nickverse
  176. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Serpent Hunt vs. Turtles in Time
  177. Complete Fred Wolf cartoon on Amazon $54
  178. If Season 5 has a 90s/80s show parody, what do you think it'll be?
  179. Mark Hammil Voicing new Villain
  180. Anyone collecting Nick Minimates?
  181. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Battle For New York vs. C.J. vs. T.U.
  182. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament Round 2: Match 8 + Tiebreaker
  183. Leo's Katana's have a hidden blade
  184. Ideas for Season 4 and beyond (Episodes 5-26)
  185. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Half-Shell Heroes DVD
  186. Who's your favourite Nicks-Exclusive character?
  187. Who's your favourite Nicks-Exclusive character?
  188. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament Round 3: Match 1 + "Last Chance Tiebreaker"
  189. Could the Fugatoid be the new Metalhead
  190. So since it was so funny dub over Fred Wolf Shredder with Uncle Phil...
  191. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 5: Riddle of the Ancient Aeons
  192. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament Round 3: Vision Quest vs. Dinosaur Seen Sewers!
  193. Mikey's naming habit
  194. Sub-Subprime's Reason for Rejoining The Kraang
  195. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 6: Journey to the Center of Mikey's Brain
  196. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament Round 3: Tale of the Yokai vs. Serpent Hunt
  197. Two Kraang Themed Headcanons
  198. Do you think this show is going downhill?
  199. April and her powers....
  200. Black Hole Generator Pieces!
  201. S5's Mystical Theme
  202. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 7: Arena Of Carnage
  203. How You Rank Each Episode of Season 4
  204. Is Chris Bradford Declared Missing or Dead?
  205. 1987 and 2012 crossover!
  206. Karai's whereabouts in Season 4
  207. Do you think it was a good idea turning Dogpound into Rahzar?
  208. How do you rank the Foot Clan? And who do you think will be Shredder's next mutants?
  209. What is going on in NY as of now?
  210. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament Round 3: "Return" New York vs "Battle" New York
  211. How do you rank the Mighty Mutanimals?
  212. Nickelodeon's TMNT Series Is The Franchise's Version of "The Batman"
  213. After the space arc...
  214. Kraangdroid Bodysuits
  215. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 8:The War for Dimension X
  216. So where is Newtralizer?
  217. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament: SEMI-FINAL Match #1
  218. What if Tang Shen is somehow alive?
  219. Are the Fugatoid and the Utroms truly good?
  220. The Mrs. O'Neil Issue Being Resolved
  221. so... the 80s crossover...
  222. Don and Mike micros?
  223. Do You Miss The Kraang?
  224. Something in 6 months in the past...
  225. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament: SEMI-FINAL Match #2
  226. Who is (are) the best mutant henchman in Shredder's forces?
  227. Who is one of the best Mighty Mutanimals?
  228. Will Bebop and Rocksteady become more idiotic like in the 1987 series?
  229. Nick's TMNT panel at WonderCon 2016
  230. Who is (are) the best mutant henchman in Shredder's forces? (restart poll)
  231. Casey's bike
  232. Voice for 80's Shredder?
  233. TMNT Season 3 Best Episode Tournament: FINAL MATCH
  234. Shredder's Motivations
  235. Why is Casey Jones even IN this version of TMNT?!
  236. Favorite and least favorite character redesigns
  237. Season sets on DVD
  238. Coincidence...?
  239. Episodes you watch again and again
  240. Will they do anything with this fat mob boss?
  241. Top 10 Standout Moments of the Show So Far (obvious spoilers)
  242. Why didn't any of the season 1 writers return?
  243. What is the ONE aspect you would like to change in the Nick series?
  244. "Beyond the Known Universe" DVD release
  245. Is anyone else disappointed the crossover isn't a 2-parter?
  246. Subprime's Near Death Experiences
  247. Half Shell Heroes Blast To The Past DVD
  248. Matte Paintings
  249. How can the future both be set in stone and possible to change?
  250. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 9:The Cosmic Ocean