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  1. Japan To New York
  2. Fugatoid and Mona's farewells in the end
  3. Wondercon 2016 Q&A
  4. Will we get Super Shredder in season 4 or season 5?
  5. Apritello VS Capril
  6. Wondercon 2016 News
  7. Shredder and the Foot Clan / Humans VS Mutants on Season 4
  8. What would kind of TMNT show would you like to see after this one ends?
  9. Official Ep Discussion S4 Ep 10: Trans-Dimensional Turtles
  10. Tokka in the 2012 series????????
  11. What do you think the plot will be for the second 80's crossover?
  12. Nick show has been confirmed for both Season 6 and 7!!
  13. Soooo Venus de Milo...
  14. A coindence regarding Splinter being a parent?
  15. Official Ep Discussion S4 Ep 11: Revenge of the Triceratons
  16. TMNT Kickin' It Old School
  17. Sinking ratings, is nostalgia not working?
  18. The triceratons
  19. April's Forgotten Martial Arts Skills
  20. Official Ep Discussion S4 Ep 12: Evil of Lord Dregg
  21. Anyone else been ROYALLY disappointed with Season 4 thus far?
  22. Triceraton Levels
  23. Voice Actors You Want On The Show
  24. References to older TMNT characters that didn't show up
  25. After the Space Saga ends ........
  26. Official Episode Description: S4 EP 13: The Ever-Burning Fire
  27. Does anyone else still feel like Season 1 is the best?
  28. Ten Turtle Dimensions
  29. The Space Arc Being a Stable Time Loop?
  30. Turtles Become Ambassadors For New York
  31. Official Ep Discussion S4 Ep 14: Earth's Last Stand
  32. Cuddly the Cowlick Appearance
  33. new episode names
  34. Is Kraang Prime dead?
  35. Was the Writing Ever Good to Begin With?
  36. Where exactly does the Half Shell Heroes special take place in the timeline?
  37. Best Parody Show so far.
  38. This is how I think Irma is useful.
  39. Why is Leo the only turtle who sacrifices himself for the greater good?
  40. Character Predictions for Season 4's Second Half and Season 5
  41. Fun With Time Travel
  42. Is the Nick show going too far by having a second 80's crossover?
  43. Rat King Returning Again???
  44. EPF Becoming Paranoid Theory
  45. The upcoming City at War episode
  46. Is Mutagen Man gone for good?
  47. How will you feel if Nobody appears in the Nick cartoon?
  48. Problems with merchandise sales?
  49. Sdcc 2016 q&a
  50. Why did the Kraang hide?
  51. Theories About The April O'Neil Files
  52. Chompy vs. Spike
  53. Speaking of crossovers...
  54. Potential Cold Openings
  55. A Spinoff is Becoming Increasingly Neccessary
  56. Does the Nick series need more original characters?
  57. The 2012 series brought us what the 1987 series couldn't
  58. New episodes?
  59. Jack Kurtzman = The Question
  60. Speed Demon - Type of car?
  61. MY Predictions for Season 4 2nd Half
  62. Official Theory, Prediction, and Speculation thread
  63. The kids who watched the first season of this show are already teenagers
  64. Half-Shell Heroes: Merry Mutants TV special?
  65. Why did the Kraang need to perfect the mutagen?
  66. Repetition and Continuity Errors in TMNT
  67. Mutants based on martial artists
  68. Kevin Clash should make an appearance
  69. Chances for season 6 renewal?
  70. SDCC 2016 Thread
  71. Why were some people so sure about *Spoilers* death?
  72. Wasted Potential
  73. April Could've Been Black
  74. Anyone Heard Anything On The Next DVD release?
  75. Do you think they would try to kill off another character?
  76. Turtles evaluated by a Martial Artist
  77. Any plans for 2560x1440+ versions of eps?
  78. Literal TMNT Theme Song!
  79. Keep getting redirected to YTV
  80. Is Bishop actually on the side of the Kraang?
  81. How likely is it that one of the shorts will be the basis for a reboot?
  82. season 2-parters
  83. Strange dream about a TMNT multiverse
  84. Bradford's strange quote
  85. Seems April will have a other outfit.
  86. Have you dropped the show? do you miss it?
  87. Nickelodeon's TMNT 2012 3D Models
  88. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 15: City At War
  89. Who delivers Shredder his deathblow?
  90. Epf
  91. What do you consider to be the best and worst episodes of each season.
  92. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 16: Broken Foot
  93. Would you want to see Man-Ray in the show?
  94. Shinigami Appreciation Thread
  95. Please don't mess it up (Shinigami)
  96. Should the Hamato clan be more proactive against The Foot
  97. Channel 6 (2012)
  98. Super Shredder Speculation Thread
  99. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 17: The Insecta Trifecta
  100. Do you feel like the writers are going through a 90's Playmates toy checklist?
  101. Could Don Vizioso become Titanus?
  102. Splinter teaching each turtle different mantras
  103. Splinter teaching each turtle different mantras
  104. You guys think Shinigami will betray Karai
  105. Nycc 2016
  106. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 18: Mutant Gangland
  107. Who is Doc Feral?
  108. The most gross and disturbing moments
  109. Dark April Thread
  110. Have you accepted the show probably won't continue after season 5?
  111. Will the aliens visit Earth?
  112. Casey Jones the worst character?
  113. Will the whole public learn of the turtles?
  114. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 19: Bat in the Belfry
  115. Shredder???
  116. Theory on What led to Transdimensional-Turtles
  117. Kirby Conspiracy
  118. Stan Sakai Confirms Usagi Will Be In TMNT
  119. Do you think the CG animation of the show will age well 10 years from now?
  120. Which Character Dies
  121. Raph full circle with Apritello
  122. Time Travel can be so confusing...
  123. Does Shredder have too many lieutenants
  124. Catching up with the series
  125. Take a guess at when the next hiatus will start and how long it will last
  126. TMNT season 4-volume 2 DVD: Earth's Last Stand
  127. NYCC 2016 Nick TMNT Panel
  128. What if This Series got the LEGO Game Treatment?
  129. Baxter would've been a great Arcade esque villian
  130. Is Brittany Ishibashi confirmed for a role in the show?
  131. Halloween Monster Turtles
  132. Do you think a made for TV movie for the series is a good idea?
  133. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 20: Super Shredder
  134. Celebrating #NickAnimation25 (Wesley Louis)
  135. Should Eric Sacks appear in the Nick cartoon and future tmnt versions?
  136. Is Splinter irresponsible
  137. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 21: Darkest Plight
  138. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 22: The Power Inside Her *Episode 100*
  139. The few stories that need to be wrapped up before the show ends
  140. Season 5 Discussion Thread
  141. Whats up with Dregg being a robot?!
  142. Interview With the Composer!
  143. Best and most serious moments of the series. (100!)
  144. What's gonna happen to the Foot Clan in Season 5?
  145. Is Za-Naron really defeated
  146. Season 5- I TOLD YOU SO- Thread (RULER OF THE DROME)
  147. Tiger Claw's metal hand in Season 5
  148. This is the only TMNT Series in history where the Turtles never defeated Shredder.
  149. Where is Shinigami?
  150. Do you think this series will allow Karai X Leo to become canon?
  151. Finally nominated for Best Animated Television by The Annie awards!
  152. Shredder in Season 4 or Season 5
  153. Who Kills Super Shredder (Contains Spoilers)
  154. Earth's Last Stand DVD
  155. 2012 - Anyone else reliving it?
  156. Is Mondo Gecko unnecessary?
  157. Who dislikes what they've done to April's character?
  158. Casey and Metalhead posters from Ciro given to Mondo
  159. Favorite Episode of Powers Unleashed Arc
  160. Do you want to see Razhar turn back into Dogpound?
  161. TMNT special : Pizza Friday
  162. New Episodes In Korean (Warning Spoilers)
  163. No guest cast from the TMNT 2003 show?
  164. Could Alopex be worse than Tiger Claw? (contains spoilers)
  165. Pigeon Pete and Timothy vs Mondo and Napoleon
  166. Battle Nexus arc in TMNT 2012
  167. Does this bother anyone? (Spoiler)
  168. Would you have been satisfied if the show ended at season 4? (Contains Spoilers)
  169. So why did Korea get the jump on airing the episodes first? (Potential Spoilers)
  170. About Broken Foot... (S4 Spoilers)
  171. Anthony Petrie Shredder Designs.
  172. Possible third DVD volume for the fourth season
  173. So what did we take away from this series?
  174. Were there other Shredders before Oroku Saki?
  175. Jokes about Nickelodeon and the breaks?
  176. Kids' Choice Awards nomination
  177. A "Bebop and Rocksteady Destroy Everything!" adaptation?
  178. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 23: Tokka vs The World
  179. Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past sequel
  180. TMNT Season 5 Official Info Thread
  181. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 24: Tale of Tigerclaw
  182. What I Think the Final Season 5 Arc Will be Like
  183. New look at Usagi
  184. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 25: Requiem
  185. Mikey & Mikey facebook show
  186. Official Episode Discussion S4 Ep 26: Owari
  187. Alright, how are they going bring him back this time?
  188. Northampton Arc vs Space Arc
  189. when did you give up on the show?
  190. Future of Stockman
  191. New Show coming in 2018
  192. Is another turtles forever sequel gonna happen?
  193. Predictions on what the "Rise" turtles will look like?
  194. New opening titles for final season
  195. Who thinks Rise will last longer than 2012
  196. Could the new show be the Nick turtles in space?
  197. What do you think will be the season 5 finale?
  198. Splinter's last training lesson with the Turtles
  199. Will a living sacrifice be needed to bring back the Shredder?
  200. Missed opportunities for Nick's TMNT
  201. Rob Paulsen Interview on Nick Animation Podcast
  202. So this Kavaxas character...
  203. Official Episode Discussion S5 Ep 01: Scroll of the Demodragon
  204. Discussion On The 3 New Episodes From The DVD (Warning Spoilers)
  205. I want my donatello zipper pull
  206. Official Episode Discussion S5 Ep 02: The Forgotten Swordsman
  207. The elephant in the room regarding Apritello
  208. Would you have liked it better if Capril happened in this show?
  209. Official Episode Discussion S5 Ep 03: Heart of Evil
  210. Baxter Stockman's treatment in the series
  211. First look at Rise
  212. Season 5 info: 2k3 turtles confirmed for second crossover, with original Voice Actors
  213. The Expendables in TMNT 2012
  214. Dvd Order question
  215. Official Episode Discussion S5 Ep 04: End Times
  216. Ranking the Season 5 episodes
  217. What happened to double mutation?
  218. What would fans rather?
  219. Thoughts on Tiger Claw
  220. Nickelodeon hiring for Character Designer for Rise of the TMNT
  221. Did you like the Nick show using old characters?
  222. DVR, D'oh!
  223. Did anyone else feel Super Shredder was a little unnecessary
  224. Nick 2012s scheduling
  225. If it was a sitcom?
  226. Best SDCC shorts voice talents for Rise?
  227. Favorite casting gags?
  228. Was Shinigami originally a member of the foot?
  229. New TMNT Summer Shorts Series
  230. Could Mortu be the King of the Utroms?
  231. Official Episode Discussion S5 Ep 05 & 6: When Worlds Collide
  232. So it seems like the Nick cartoon is wrapping up most of it's characters, list inside
  233. SD Comic Con 2017 TMNT Panel
  234. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - More 'Tales' on DVD...'Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady'!
  235. Best April outfit
  236. UK DVD Release Episode Listing (request)
  237. Would the show even look good on Blu-Ray?
  238. Ranking the tmnt summer shorts
  239. Character Discussion: Pigeon Pete
  240. Official Episode Discussion S5 Ep 07: Yojimbo
  241. Colour Scripts from the new episodes (Warning Spoilers)
  242. Official Episode Discussion S5 Ep 08: Osoroshi no Tabi
  243. [S5 SPOILERS] "Monster Mayhem!" Book Pictures
  244. Which Season 5 episode arcs comes first?
  245. Official Episode Discussion S5 Ep 09: Kagayake! Kintaro
  246. Rank These Character by Fighting Skill
  247. What Do You Think Caused an Apocalyptic Future
  248. Official Discussion Topic: S5 E10 - Lone Rat and Cubs
  249. Not counting the episodes released on the previous seasons dvd
  250. Monster Arc DVD Discussion Thread (Warning Spoilers)