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  1. This is the end, my friend...
  2. Mutant Apocalypse Speculation and wishlisting thread
  3. Crossover ("Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady") Arc Discussion Thread (WARNING SPOILERS!)
  4. In what order should I watch the final ten episodes?
  5. Two loose ends: Mutagen Man & April's Mother
  6. It's pretty funny how Chris Bradford/Rahzar had the worst fate of Shredder's henchmen
  7. Plot lines we wish they expanded on
  8. Characters we wish they expanded on.
  9. Wal Mart currently selling 2nd 1987 Crossover on DVD
  10. Official Mutant Apocalypse Arc Discussion (SERIES FINALE)
  11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 'Tales of the Turtles V3: The Final Chapters'
  12. How The Future Came To Be (FINALE SPOILERS)
  13. Post here when you feel discussion in this section has been brought to crawl.
  14. Nycc 2017 q&a
  15. Theories about the Green Oasis
  16. Which was your favourite season?
  17. The Writer Report Card
  18. Things from 2012 that will likely appear in future incarnations of TMNT
  19. All the major characters that were wrapped up in complete list
  20. iToonz releases ???
  21. What is YOUR level of enthusiasm for the upcoming show?
  22. Official The Curse of Savanti Romero & The Crypt of Dracula Discussion
  23. Nickelodeon's TMNT Five Year Anniversary
  24. Top 10 episodes!
  25. Do you think "Rise of the TMNT" will bring back the PLANTS?
  26. Nick show on Blu-ray?
  27. Worst Nick Designs
  28. Splinter's death question
  29. Why are people disappointed with the series finale?
  30. Worst episodes of the whole series?
  31. Return of the Tmnt Summer Shorts
  32. Baxter's giant mutagen container in Season 2
  33. Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Final Chapters DVD
  34. Greg Cipes Talking Being Mikey on ‘Ninja Turtles’ & The Love For “Ice Cream Kitty”
  35. FREE SCREENING: TMNT Monster Arc!
  36. Best/Worst Portrayals
  37. Watching through Nick 2k12 completely for the first time
  38. Are we just phoning it in?
  39. What did you think of the fight choreography during the later seasons.
  40. A few things I never really understood...
  41. Characters in Nick tmnt that are Underrated
  42. Characters that never appeared in the show that you would have liked to see
  43. Nickelodeon Tmnt Appreciation Thread
  44. Mutant Apocalypse: Alternate timeline?
  45. Tales of the TMNT episode list
  46. Request for End of Series Recap
  47. April O'Neil. First Look
  48. Donnie's missing tooth
  49. Time for Rise of the TMNT subforum
  50. 2012–2017 series international adventures
  51. Official Rise Of The Turtles Info
  52. Spin off ideas for the 2012 series
  53. Would the Splinter/Shredder rivalry be improved if Yoshi did wronged Saki
  54. Ice Cream Kitty vs Stray Cat
  55. PETA wants Vegan Ninja Turtles
  56. Should there be a strong LGBTQ+ presence on "Rise of the TMNT"?
  57. Ciro's art book
  58. Season 5 DVD UK Release
  59. LTTP: Trans-dimensional Turtles
  60. The problem people seem to have with RotTMNT
  61. 2012–2017 series continuity timeline
  62. What is Splinter in the Upcoming 2018 Series?
  63. Foot Soldiers confirmed (design in toy revealed)
  64. How long do you think ROTTMNT will last?
  65. "Be patient. It’s going to be okay. We’re being respectful of the franchise.”
  66. How do you think Leonardo's and Michelangelo's sibling relationship will go?
  67. Will Rise get a new Mutant Duo or just re-use old ones?
  68. Confusion about DVD releases
  69. Who's your favourite Nicks-Exclusive character? UPDATED
  70. Greg Cipes been diagnosed with Skin Cancer
  71. How excited are you for Rise of the TMNT
  72. Rise of the TMNT speculation thread
  73. [Rise of the TMNT] Who has your favorite (or least favorite) character design?
  74. Your excitement level after seeing the trailer?
  75. Corey Feldman in recent news
  76. Did the Mirage adaptations seem more like remakes of their 4Kids counterparts?
  77. The Nickelodeon show making a brief comeback as a special.
  78. RISE and FALL - The countdown to cancellation.
  79. Why were there so many hallucination episodes?
  80. Did the dialogue get worse over time?
  81. Did the show go out of it's way to ignore Casey and April's families?
  82. Should Rise have been TTG?
  83. TMNT 'rise' is inspired by Mirage issue #9?
  84. Did the 2012 series live up to the hype/hatred?
  85. Why did they repair the first Technodrome when there plenty of them?
  86. Origami Foot Ninja, better or worse than Robotic Foot Ninja?
  87. Quite a deal!
  88. Leo and Donnie’s bed rooms
  89. Rise TMNT Season 1 discussion Thread