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  1. Official T-Drome "Suggestions for Nickelodeon Cartoon" Thread
  2. Alex Deligiannis On Board New TMNT Series
  3. Nick promising new TMNT in 2011?
  4. Rob Paulsen is Donatello for the New Nick Toons TMNT
  5. First look at Nick's TMNT???
  6. Should they used 2k3 characters in the nickelodeon cartoon.?
  7. Was it confirmed the new series was 2D or CG?
  8. New show concept art?
  9. Do you think the Nick cartoon will last at least 150 episodes?
  10. First Official Nick TMNT Preview Art!
  11. If Michelangelo does not use nunchucks in the new show, will you be angry?
  12. OT and Archie characters in the new show
  13. How would you want Shredder to look?
  14. Nickelodeon will premiere TMNT in 2012 and Leonardo Voice Actor Revealed
  15. Sneak Peek Video of Nickelodeon TMNT
  16. "Accurate" Preview Art
  17. The Nick version of the origin story
  18. The Turtles all having bladed weapons...a sign the Foot Soldiers may be robots again?
  19. How do you feel about 26 episodes confirmed for Season 1?
  20. So we're not really getting an, "original 80's series" vibe from Nick's TMNT it seems
  21. What storylines would you like to see adapted?
  22. Does Nick own the rights to the original theme song?
  23. How would you like Splinter to be?
  24. What's Up With The Pizza Boxes?
  25. Wait, so Mike's chuks have scythe blades in them and Don's staff is now bladed?
  26. Does dated CG animation turn you off from watching shows?
  27. Stand Alones, Fillers, 2-3-Parters and Story Arcs
  28. What should the cartoon take most of it's influence from?
  29. There is no way TMNT Unlimited is not going to be a hit
  30. Nick 1st Season Episode List!?!?
  31. Animator Demo Reel Shows Five Seconds of the New Show!
  32. Do you think the nick cartoon is going to be as dark as the 4kids cartoon.
  33. Kids Choice Awards Tonight Odds of any TMNT?
  34. Will we get a theme song that doesn't suck?
  35. Who do you think Shredder's right hand man will be?
  36. Should Krang be an utrom in the nick cartoon or look like in the Fred Wolf cartoon.
  37. TMNT's IMDB
  38. Race and the New Toon
  39. Factions of the Foot
  40. Vehicles?
  41. Let's speculate as to what the deal breaker was with a list
  42. Official Info on the Nick TMNT Series
  43. Attention: everyone who went on the NickTour...
  44. ATTN: Nick, we want real fights, not slapstick
  45. Less Than One Second of Footage from The New Show
  46. Okay, I need a BIT of help here.......
  47. The 2012 April
  48. The 2012 Splinter
  49. Thoughts on the animation so far?
  50. What are the chances of an Usagi Yojimbo appearance?
  51. Thoughts on the music so far?
  52. Why no Casey Jones till season 2?
  53. Nick is hiring artists for their TMNT series.
  54. Raphael's personality in Nick's version
  55. Which TMNT story they MUST tell?
  56. Splinter's daughter
  57. Saki's relationship to Yoshi or Foot Hierarchy in the Nick TMNT show
  58. Why is Baxter's motivation so poor?
  59. donatello sketch
  60. Do the new turtles come with pupils?
  61. Dave Rapoza offered work on Nick's TMNT
  62. Expectations on the turtles
  63. Rob Paulsen said this guy should voice Raph...could he be?
  64. I hope for neutrinos
  65. My choice for RAPH voice!
  66. New characters - what would you want?
  67. Mikey voice actor.
  68. Do you think Old Hob, the new mutant cat, will appear in the Nick cartoon?
  69. The 2012 Voice Cast
  70. No Usagi for this series?
  71. Should Stockman work for Shredder?
  72. Do you think the tone would be right for 2012?
  73. Cast begins regular recording sessions for TMNT.
  74. This has been going through my mind right now...
  75. Nicktoons Calendar - Turtles in October
  76. Raph, Mikey, and Splinter are cast!!!
  77. Licensing Show TMNT pic
  78. The "third toe" debate.
  79. Official Nick TMNT storyboards!
  80. Paramount Launches Theatrical Animation Label
  81. Is anyone else getting the vibe?
  82. SDCC Special TMNT Preview Event by Nickelodeon!
  83. CC Interview with Greg Cipes & Ciro Nieli
  84. So does "The Kraang" prevent the "real" Krang from showing up?
  85. Three Toes
  86. Who would still prefer a 2D animated show?
  87. The 2012 SHREDDER THREAD
  88. Cipes,Biggs,Astin big TMNT fans?
  89. How far/popular will this series have to go to make it a success?
  90. How much should the IDW series influence the new series?
  91. What do you think they'll do with Baxter Stockman in this series?
  92. Clancy Brown in TMNT?
  93. Only 4 months left in 2011, will Nick update NinjaTurtles.com?
  94. Interview with Gregory Cipes
  95. Who else hopes the origin story is not altered like IDW's Turtles?
  96. Storyboard postion available from Nick
  97. the going to school rumor
  98. the rat king one shot or muti-episode villian?
  99. Leatherhead - villain or friend?
  100. basing episodes off archie comic?
  101. Who'd wanna see Null in the Nick series?
  102. How should Slash return?
  103. Nick Standards and Practices
  104. What type of "car" should the Turtles drive in this version?
  105. Are you OK with the idea of Splinter being Hamato Yoshi again?
  106. Design Preferance: TMNT's or Nick's?
  107. New TMNT Facebook Photos
  108. Stealthiness VS Out in the Open
  109. The theme song/type of background music you would like to hear
  110. Would you like to see the Turtles have mutant allies?
  111. Why do people act like Turtles having a crush on April has never been done before?
  112. nick tmnt on tumbler
  113. Use of "chi" in this show
  114. Multi version characters
  115. Who wants David Wise to come back?
  116. Splinter's acquaintances
  117. What Kind of Season Finale Would You Prefer?
  118. New Teaser Trailer Released...Origins Alterred Again?
  119. TMNT 2012 Leonardo and Raphael plus New photo
  120. What Elements from the OT and 2k3 would you like to see in this series
  121. Nick's Casey
  122. What Non-Shredder/Kraang Villains Do you Want To Appear?
  123. Shredder's Lair
  124. First Official 2K12 Product
  125. TMNT Theme Ride
  126. So since Nick approves the IDW story plots
  127. Do we know when?
  128. Leonardo's comedic voice actors over the years
  129. Older TMNT on Nicktoons
  130. 2012 Splinter
  131. Sean Astin answering Twitter questions
  132. 2012 Turtle looks
  133. 2012 Shredder
  134. Got a Tweet from Nick!
  135. Found new offical news (and new images!)
  136. Nick's TMNT toys coming this fall! Also mentions Sneek peek of the show!
  137. Foot Ninja
  138. Will Nick use Bebop and Rocksteady?
  139. viacom teaser clip
  140. So if the Nick show is going to have lots of mutants
  141. Crashing at April's
  142. Hopes for the new theme song?
  143. Do you think they will do a dreaded clip-show?
  144. Daily or weekly?
  145. 6 screenncaps from Nick's Show
  146. Will we see different factions of the Foot?
  147. Nolan North returning to TMNT
  148. Expect a new website soon!
  149. The origin?
  150. Will Nick Refer to Mutagen as "Slime" instead of "Ooze?"
  151. Do you think Nick might air the 80's or 2003 cartoons before the new one is relesed
  152. Is any one else getting tired of all these people complaining about the new show?
  153. Who would you like to see from the classic toon?
  154. Tom Waltz thoughts on the new show
  155. Nicktoon TMNT Shirt
  156. Peter Laird's Input
  157. Three Writers Confirmed
  158. Which of these characters would you like to see if you had to pick one?
  159. Over/Under on Mousers Debut
  160. Donatello's Gap
  161. Over/under on Shredder debut
  162. New show to be as popular as the 80's cartoon?
  163. Casey Jones in Season 2
  164. How do we all feel about this
  165. Theme Song?!?!?
  166. Should Nick's TMNT series adapt Archie comics stories?
  167. The Greg Cipes Appreciation Thread
  168. Phil LaMarr is Baxter Stockman
  169. How Dumb Do You Like Your Casey Jones?
  170. Turtle Copter?
  171. CG Nunchuks?
  172. How should the Nick show be released to DVD?
  173. no Casey in the 1st season?
  174. Nickelodeon TMNT website is back up!!
  175. Compared to the other series this show will be.......
  176. TMNT 2012 New Storyboards Animation!
  177. Morning, evening, or night?
  178. With the voice over pedigree of this show, do you think we're in for greatness?
  179. Kelly Hu will voice Karai
  180. Confirmed villains returning list
  181. Recreating the Turtles
  182. TMNT at the MCM EXPO
  183. New books
  184. NickTurtles iPad Accessories
  185. 2012 Technodrome Awards - calling all New Members and old Turtle Heads!!!!!
  186. Slash...with a twist...
  187. Donatello makes Meatalhead?
  188. Mikey's new catchphrase
  189. New TMNT nickelodeon pictures
  190. The Dogpound, Fishface, and Snakeweed thread
  191. Lots of new TMNT 2012 merchandise, with new pictures of the turtles!
  192. Behold, the First Trailer!
  193. Trailer
  194. Leatherhead's role
  195. Are they using a remixed version of the original theme song?
  196. Which catch-phrase do you prefer, Cowabunga or Booyakasha
  197. How much authority does Playmates have?
  198. Now I know why they made April a teenager in this show
  199. New Trailer, new thoughts?
  200. 128 page books? Interesting.
  201. TMNT at Nickelodeon Suites Resort
  202. New playmate collectible!
  203. Do you think there will be any deaths allowed in this show?
  204. New TMNT cartoon release date!
  205. Speculation: Superheroes in Nick's TMNT?
  206. Why Metalhead?
  207. New TMNT cartoon premiering Sept 29th
  208. New Leo Trailer is up on Nick's website!
  209. New tmnt 2012 video from nickelodeon with animation and voices!!!!!!
  210. Nick TMNT @ Comic-Con
  211. Don sounds way too much like Raph
  212. Official Nickelodeon TMNT Screencaps Thread
  213. 2k12 turtles
  214. Raph's Pet Turtle "Spike"
  215. New game on Nick TMNT website "throw back"
  216. Target's TMNT Shell Raising Showdown Contest
  217. Viacom may drop Nickelodeon on DirecTV
  218. Nick's TMNT contest.
  219. is there any particular reason when choosing the guys eye colors?
  220. Thinks you would want returning in the show
  221. New TMNT bios for all characters with new pictures of splinter, shredder and kraang
  222. Turtle Reunion
  223. I found a new trailer!
  224. New theme song
  225. new Nickelodeon TMNT too "cute"
  226. why "Kraang" and not "Krang"
  227. These Images Make Great TMNT Wallpapers
  228. How do you feel about Dimension X returning?
  229. General Traag is now 17 ft tall and spits out lava?
  230. Splinter's 'Crystal' Cane
  231. Rat King's new design
  232. With all the OT influence, is it safe to say Baxter will be mutated into a fly?
  233. Is Tang Shen in this show?
  234. Things change (and how the TMNT property is sort of like Batman)
  235. Could someone confirm this
  236. Who will be the first 4kids character to appear in the Nick show?
  237. Call up Shredder at 1-866-421-4262
  238. Will the Nick show overshadow IDW's Turtles?
  239. TMNT writers at Comic-Con
  240. Does anyone think the animation looks better in some trailers than others?
  241. What about Chrome Dome?
  242. New Trailer (AGAIN!) The villains of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
  243. So what so the potential short coming that would make us hate this show?
  244. review on training showdown and still having trouble w/ ot raph voicing don
  245. Will the random mutants have "character" this time, or just be treated like monsters?
  246. A comic to go along with the show
  247. Which is the better Cartoon of TMNT
  248. Robyn O' Neil
  249. mephos...
  250. The Turtles' expanded ninja gear