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  1. Why wasn't the "April and Casey in custody" plot cut?
  2. Ways the new "film" could have been moderately acceptable
  3. Did you specifically like the movie?
  4. Costumed TMNT Theory
  5. What Was Cut? (Spoilers)
  6. Cameo in the Technodrome
  7. Does anyone agree that Out of the Shadows was even worse than the first one?
  8. Screenrant: Bebop & Rocksteady Are a Perfect Pair – On & Off Screen
  9. Vent about the pd movies
  10. What Would YOU Do?
  11. Uh...Did I miss something? (Spoiler)
  12. The boys not having a last name
  13. Tmnt 2 is making less than half what the original made
  14. Blu Ray set TMNT Out of the Shadows announced
  15. Pic of Krang?
  16. Pros & cons about TMNT: OotS' failure at the box office
  17. So was Out of the Shadows essentially a remake of Secret of the Ooze?
  18. Tmnt 3???
  19. Unpopular Opinion
  20. So the technodrome is on this?
  21. Forbes: OOTS is the best TMNT movie in 26 years
  22. How is the movie REALLY doing?
  23. TMNT: Out Of The Shadows Concept Art
  24. To fellow OT fans; where did it go wrong?
  25. Next reboot
  26. Do you like "TMNT: Out of the Shadows"?
  27. TMNT OOTS Limited Prints/Posters
  28. TMNT OOTS BD/DVD Release Dates & Exclusives
  29. What were the plotholes in the movie?
  30. What do you think of the recasting of Shredder and Karai?
  31. Why get all the anger at Michael Bay, though?
  32. OOTS Soundtrack.
  33. Cinemassacre reviews TMNT OOTS
  34. An Orange Sky Golden Harvest TMNT reboot?
  35. Tmnt 3?
  36. Bum Reviews - TMNT: Out of the Shadows
  37. What other OT characters should they include in TMNT 3?
  38. Wait wait.... so NOW the first one sucked?
  39. Pro and con of the new film (very minor spoilers)
  40. Just a question for the defenders of this movie.
  41. With OotS a failure, what's next for TMNT films?
  42. What are your favorite scenes or aspects of the film?
  43. Is it time for a new Bebop and Rocksteady?
  44. It's official - Shredder is Oroku Saki in PD universe
  45. What do you want in TMNT3?
  46. Raphael in the shower (commercial)
  47. Too far gone?
  48. Krang/Shredder in the Cyro Chamber?
  49. The Krang body in the previews was a sham?
  50. Third film or reboot?
  51. John Giang - TMNT 2014 concept art
  52. China - July 2nd.
  53. Weta
  54. How Shredder could've been used.
  55. Teenage Mutant Wuxia Turtles!
  56. Turtle film designs?
  57. TMNT Origin/Reboot; what people want?
  58. Peter Laird reacts to OotS' failure
  59. Max Landis's pitch for TMNT 2
  60. Did Sheamus the wrestler act well in this as Rocksteady?
  61. Do you think Shredder escaped?
  62. Filming at the Statue of Liberty
  63. Turtle Power by CD9
  64. 2014 vs OotS
  65. Is it time for a new Krang?
  66. The 'Plot Leak'
  67. Should Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson be in TMNT Part III?
  68. New Kevin Eastman interview, mentions the PD films
  69. Should Jackie Chan be in TMNT 3?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!!!
  70. Does anyone think that Hulk Hogan should be in TMNT Part 3?
  71. Should Raphael be in TMNT 3?
  72. Should Melissa Benoist be in TMNT 3?
  73. Should Uwe Boll direct TMNT 3?
  74. Female Turtles movie?
  75. Should Usher be in TMNT 3?
  76. Should the nWo be in TMNT 3?
  77. Shouuld’ Taco™ Bell Chihuahua in’ TMN%T/â™3 beĄ?//
  78. Is it time for Whoopi Goldberg to return in TMNT: The Movie Part 3?
  79. Should threads from the forum be read word for word in TMNT 3?!?!?!?!
  80. Should Donald Trump fund TMNT 3?
  81. should Nick Cage be Shredder in TMNT 3
  82. The reason all of these actors and celebrities should be in TMNT Part 3...
  83. If Platinum Dunes rebooted Batman
  84. Should Pacman chomp TMNT 3?
  85. Should Adam Sandler direct TMNT3 & 4?
  86. Should the Battletoads be in TMNT 3?
  87. Is it time for the rights to Platinum Dunes to revert back to Marvel?
  88. References?
  89. Should there be a Pokemon GO version of OotS?
  90. Who would be a better fit for TMNT to own? DC or Marvel?
  91. should matt damon be in tmnt 3?
  92. Should Rihanna sing the TMNT 3 theme song?
  93. Should Stevie Wonder be in TMNT 3?
  94. Should Ben Affleck be in TMNT 3
  95. Should TMNT3 be inside ['.'] ?
  96. This forum needs to be locked
  97. Should this forum be locked?
  98. Is it time for a new Vernon?
  99. Should TMNT Part 4 be made?
  100. Once we're all on ignore, will CylonsKlingonsDaleks have time enough for his books?
  101. If the turtles were to have their designs changed then how would you explain it?
  102. Should TMNT 3 be a crossover with Transformers? What about GI Joe?
  103. Is it time for a new April O'Neil?
  104. Should Dungeons & Diapers and Dr. Junior be in TMNT 3?
  105. Brian Tyler vs Steve Jablonsky - which composer did you like more?
  106. Who should direct TMNT Part 3?
  107. Should Bill Goldberg show up in TMNT Part 3?
  108. Should Queen Latifah make an appearance in TMNT part 3?
  109. Realistically speaking, what will Paramount do with TMNT now?
  110. Looking for movie posters
  111. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  112. Wasn't some classic actors supposed to appear in TMNT 2?
  113. Why can't we have nice things?
  114. So its been over a month, I guess no TMNT 3 has been greenlit?
  115. Does The Movie Site Still Exist?
  116. When The Turtles Have A Really Bad Day
  117. Stand alone films
  118. Fan-Edits
  119. Future of TMNT Movie Franchise Questionable
  120. Deleted Scenes
  121. Do you think most dromers secretly adore the PD films?
  122. TMNT 4 concept art
  123. HISHE Out of the Shadows
  124. Out of The Shadows renaissance posters
  125. TMNT: Out Of The Shadows Retold as an 8-Bit Video Game
  126. Shredder meets Kraang (in TMNT: OotS Novelization)
  127. Honest Trailer TMNT OOTS
  128. The Judith Hoag scene
  129. Is the ending theme in Ooots really CD9?
  130. Shredder Recast: Any In-Universe Explanation?
  131. CBM sits down with Pete Ploszek (Leonardo)
  132. Platinum Dunes TMNT; timeline of events
  133. Well now....
  134. Everything Great About TMNT 2014
  135. Favourite action sequence in the films
  136. How would the franchise be today if the PD "films" never existed?
  137. 2 weeks we get Nostalgia Critic review of OOTS
  138. Would a TrickOrTreater BayTurtle brutally Traumatize you for life?
  139. Don’t Expect a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3, Says Producer
  140. What if we got sequels to the 2007 film instead of PD films?
  141. CinemaSins: Everything Wrong With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
  142. TMNT: Out Of The Shadows Nominated for the People's Choice Award
  143. How would you reboot the movie franchise?
  144. Nostalgia Critic OOTS
  145. Did OotS murder Stephen Amell's film career?
  146. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Secret Of No More Sequels
  147. Would you like to see the PD turtles christmas album?
  148. David Leitch (John Wick,Deadpool 2 director) was assistant director on the first film
  149. New Interview with Tohoru Masamune, Who played Shredder in the 2014 movie
  150. Tmnt Out of the Shadows Beauty Make up tutorial
  151. Would Evan Peters have been a good Michelangelo?
  152. Screencaps online
  153. What if the first film was made like oots?
  154. Everything GREAT About Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows
  155. No military involvement in OotS?
  156. 2017 Kids' Choice Awards
  157. Is it time for a new sidekick for Shredder?
  158. Paramount planning more Nick-branded films in the future
  159. How would you have made tmnt 3?
  160. Nick airing the first film on tv!
  161. Re-Editing Out of the Shadows
  162. TMNT 2014's big premiere on Nickelodeon
  163. Did anybody not watch OOTS? at all
  164. How much slack would you cut Bayturtles if...
  165. 2016 Lair still standing or no? Thoughts?
  166. Which Shredder armor did you like more?
  167. TMNT: Out of the Shadows - first anniversary
  168. 30 Reasons why 'MMPR the Movie' & 'TMNT: Out of the Shadows' are the same movie.
  169. Josh Appelbaum & Andre Nemec Interview
  170. Animal Ancestor theory
  171. What is honestly better about OotS than the first?
  172. "Learning it from a book"
  173. Leo and the Mutagen
  174. Novantanove Formaggio - the 99 Cheese Pizza
  175. Would Fichtner as Shredder have worked better?
  176. Another movie from Platinum Dunes in the works - new writer hired
  177. What about, you know, profit? How is a third movie profitable?
  178. What do you want to see in the third film?
  179. The lack of experience