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  1. What do you think the turtles will look like?
  2. TMNT 17th Oct UK release date a smart move?
  3. The Official TMNT 2014 Images/Clips Thread - Read first post
  4. Box Office Predictions for the new TMNT movie
  5. Now You Face ... Marketing
  6. how do you think the fights will do
  7. Official 2014 Review Thread
  8. What would you want in a sequel?
  9. Hypothetical: How would you handle the next reboot if we don't get a sequel?
  10. How much was actually cut? *Spoilers*
  11. Sequel Announced for June 3rd 2016
  12. Concept Art
  13. Quick Forum Consensus. New Film - Like, Dislike, Neutral?
  14. TMNT 2014 Movie Score Soundtrack
  15. If the movie was based off of 2k3?
  16. Are you guys happy that the new film is getting a sequel?
  17. Coming to Blu-Ray December 9th
  18. What ideas would you like to incorporate in sequel to make it better.
  19. Will you Add the New Movie to your DVD/Bluray Collection?
  20. 2014 TMNT: Objective Point of View of What Worked and What Didn't
  21. New Turtle Movie Coming Soon to YOUTUBE
  22. TMNT 2014 dvd and blu ray release is December 16th
  23. TMNT 2014 BD/DVD Release Dates & Exclusives
  24. Excitement Overload
  25. TMNT 2014 - Thoughts from UK viewers - SPOILERS
  26. Elevator Scene
  27. Bebop & Rocksteady (Sequel Voice Actors)
  28. So has Peter Laird watched and reviewed the 2014 movie yet? If not, when?
  29. Did the movie do as well as expected?
  30. New movie up for UK pre-order
  31. Tohoru Masamune Interview
  32. People's Choice Awards
  33. Han Geng in MV for Mandarin version of "Shell Shocked"
  34. Dream casting for the PD Sequel
  35. New Splinter 2014 Concept Art by Sam Rowan
  36. Movie Easter egg in this weeks TMNT
  37. Should the Turtles age in the new movies?
  38. Brad Fuller talks about the TMNT Movie
  39. Writing Point of View of the 2014 TMNT Movie's Script
  40. 2014 Movie avalible on Itunes Tuesday
  41. BD/DVD Featurettes for TMNT '2014
  42. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 movie - Clip Extended Ending
  43. Predicted Time Frame until the Sequel comes out.
  44. Skateboard Chair !
  45. TMNT Beat Lab
  46. The Special_Edition Movie Novelization
  47. Dave Green in talks to direct TMNT 2
  48. Which 2014 turtle do you like the most/the least?
  49. New Kevin Eastman Interview about the new Movie and upcoming sequel
  50. OT in the style of 2014 movie
  51. Interview With Michael Bay: Talks About Problems With TMNT
  52. TMNT 2014: Fave little moments
  53. Who actually liked the 2014 movie?
  54. Comicbookmovie interviews Pete Ploszek, Jeremy Howard, & Noel Fisher about TMNT.
  55. who would you choose to be director of a tmnt film?
  56. The best actor to play Casey Jones in sequel?
  57. "I liked it...but it's flawed."
  58. Honest Trailers 2014 turtles movie
  59. An Idea to Make Eric Sacks as Shredder Completely Justified
  60. William Fichtner confirms Eric Sacks was Shredder originally until reshoots
  61. Turtle Tattoos and Shell markings
  62. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ First Week Blu-Ray™ and DVD Sales Slice Their Way to Be
  63. Fans' opinion of a new reboot
  64. What would you do with a reboot, with a catch...
  65. TMNT (2007) VS. Michael Bay's TMNT (2014)
  66. TMNT 2014 Unused designs/concepts
  67. Leaked TMNT script
  68. TMNT movie Nominees/Awards thread
  69. Future TMNT Movie stories,characters in sequels + actors & actresses who'll play them
  70. 10 Ways To Make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Not Suck
  71. tmnt 2 2016
  72. best TMNT Movie idea: Baxter Stockman vs. the rat king?
  73. Original (Non "Blue Door") Script?
  74. Subtitle Speculation
  75. Preferred Director?
  76. Would anyone want to see the original cut of the film?
  77. A Rewrite of the 2014 TMNT movie
  78. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 up for several Razzies
  79. TMNT 2 Starts Filming in April in NYC!
  80. Cinema Sins: Everything Wrong With Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)
  81. Cross-promotional things you'd like to see for the sequel?
  82. Watch mojo.com Worst movies of 2014 TMNT #5
  83. Would you like to see any changes to the designs in TMNT2?
  84. Japanese hip-hop group RIP SLYME to perform theme song for Japan release of 'TMNT'
  85. 3D Imaging Society Nominates TMNT (2014)
  86. How did Splinter survive?
  87. Anyone who used to like this movie, but no longer does?
  88. Donny Wants ‘More Quiet Moments’ in TMNT 2
  89. This series needs a reboot
  90. UK Blu Ray release,
  91. TMNT 2014 Rifftrax commentary
  92. Adam Goodman out as Paramount Pictures Film Group president
  93. Can we count on PD to bring back the classics line?
  94. To those who disliked this movie more than Ninja Turtles 3
  95. TMNT 2014 in-flight movie
  96. 2014 movie is great!
  97. So what do we know what was cut?
  98. TMNT 2 to Shoot in Albany
  99. Nostalgia Critic/AVGN Reviewing 2014 Film
  100. supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio in TMNT2
  101. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Gets A New Title!
  102. Stephen Amell Cast as Casey Jones
  103. Do you think Bebop and Rocksteady will be human before mutation?
  104. The Official TMNT 2 (2016) Set Photos/Videos Thread
  105. What I hated about TMNT (Animation)
  106. What's in store for Sacks
  107. What do you dislike most about the 2014 film?
  108. TMNT 2014 collectibles
  109. What would a rated R PD tmnt movie look like?
  110. How Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Should Have Ended
  111. Rocksteady & bebop confirmed for tmnt 2!
  112. Making of NC and AVGN TMNT 2014
  113. Tyler Perry Cast As Baxter Stockman In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
  114. TMNT 2 Shredder
  115. Backlash against the violence level?
  116. How old was Shredder?
  117. Shellraiser
  118. CM Punk Auditoned For An Unknown Role
  119. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2′ Casts Brian Tee as Shredder
  120. Character Development?
  121. WHY IS APRIL RUNNING? (theory-possible spoilers, not really)
  122. FIRST LOOK @ Casey's Mask
  123. THE FOOT - second time around.
  124. Major _________ Scene Confirmed *spoilers*
  125. What we can figure out about this movie
  126. Laura Linney Joining 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2'
  127. A little on JONES' backstory for TMNT-2
  128. Should the Turtles be redesigned for the sequel?
  129. Should the turtles do a musical/sing in the movie?
  130. Brian Tyler is back!
  131. Judith Hoag spotted on set of TMNT 2.
  132. New Movie NOT overcrowded, maybe? *speculation/spoilers*
  133. An idw adaptation istead?
  134. Gary Anthony Williams Mutates Into Bebop
  135. RUMOR?? - KRANG a possibility in TMNT-2
  136. Interesting quote from Simon Pegg about Paramount
  137. Interesting quote from Simon Pegg about Paramount
  138. Shell Shocked (Alvin and the Chipmunks version) TMNT 2014
  139. 2014 movie on Netflix Canada
  140. Brittany Ishibashi To Play Karai In TMNT2!
  141. Bebop & Rocksteady pre-mutation - First Look
  142. Could this new movie be a soft-reboot?
  143. Homage to the OT- The technodrome
  144. Gas or Hope
  145. Could Karai be a good guy? :O
  146. What DO you want, then?
  147. Connor Fox cast in TMNT 2
  148. Should Platinum dunes do an April spin off film
  149. Be in the movie fundraiser
  150. 7 Things That Need To Happen In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
  151. A "Gothan Knights"-styled DTV for TMNT films
  152. TMNT Polystone Statues from Sideshow
  153. The Official Venting/Whining/Criticism TMNT Thread
  154. I'd love an IDW movieverse story
  155. NO Paramount (TMNT-2) @ COMIC-CON '2015
  156. We Wish You a Turtle Christmas Reference?
  157. lockout?
  158. Official TMNT 2 Discussion
  159. Rejected Shredder/Foot Concept Art
  160. How many people are in TMNT 2?
  161. Could Platinum Dunes TMNT2 be the best one yet?
  162. Toddler Turtles - BTS Look/Video Montage
  163. Realistic Anamatronic TMNT @ Monsterpalooza
  164. Fantastic 4, suffering the same fate as TMNT (2014)?
  165. Cowabunga, Dudes! TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES 2 Has Wrapped
  166. Worst Part of The 2014 turtles designs
  167. TMNT 2014 on US Netflix now
  168. Steve Jablonsky to score TMNT 2
  169. What did you like about TMNT (2014)?
  170. Would you like a 99 cheese pizza?
  171. Why 'TMNT 2' Could Be Terrible Or Amazing
  172. PD TMNT what's relatable?
  173. Happy 1 Year Anniversary TMNT 2014!
  174. TMNT 2 Marketing Speculation Thread
  175. Alan Richardson is Raph for Halloween
  176. Asia fashion life-size tmnt
  177. Have we seen this before?
  178. Brian Tee talks the Shredder
  179. Amazing TMNT 8-bit Cinema!
  180. Did children like the movie?
  181. Tmnt 2 trailer attached to star wars force awakens!
  182. Official TMNT 2 Trailer Discussion
  183. (Possible) Unused 'Donatello' Action Choreography from PD's TMNT
  184. Voices of the Turtles for second movie
  185. Turtles from TMNT2 - First Look! (toppers)
  186. New Composer for TMNT: Halfshell
  187. Eric Sachs not in TMNT 2?
  188. Rate Your Trailer Hype
  189. Couldn't Resist A Re-design
  190. Does anyone have a spare digital code from the first TMNT movie?
  191. TMNT: Out of the Shadows Set Report
  192. Whats VERN FENWICK been up to?
  193. Why is the movie name the same as an old videogame?
  194. Anyone seen this?
  195. MichelleIvey's TMNT 2016 trailer review
  196. HI-RES Screenshots of Trailer-1 (with notes, thoughts, and speculation)
  197. Who's the character to turn PDMT around
  198. TMNT post-Bay triliogy
  199. How would Michael Bay feel if he opened up this TMNT comics and saw this panel
  200. Would you be ok if the 3rd PD movie was called "Mutant Turtles"
  201. How to make Eric Sachs into a prominant tmnt villian
  202. Another love triangle?
  203. How do feel about the lighter tone?
  204. These movies awesome on paper?
  205. Baxter Stockman: The Fly
  206. Would M-Bay really turn Klunk into Old hob?!
  207. Do the turtles have a tail? (2014 movie)
  208. Article about Bay seeing Kraang
  209. First Look At Krang, Shredder, & Disguised Turtles!
  210. How did we let this happen?
  211. Second trailer soon!
  212. Official TMNT: Out of the Shadows Trailer #2 Discussion
  213. TMNT Superbowl Trailer
  214. They are listening to fans?
  215. I Don't Know Why I Love (Insert Here), But I Do
  216. So WHAT exactly will Shredder do in this movie?
  217. Viacom being pressured to sell Paramount
  218. #TurtleHuntUK Movie II promotion.
  219. The not official 2016 movie pictures thread
  220. 2014 PD TMNT Storyboards
  221. Frank Underwood vs. The Shredder
  222. Watch the entire TMNT2 segment of the Kids Choice Awards '2016
  223. What ever happened...
  224. Did this movie touch you?
  225. Prop Replica of Leo's Katana
  226. Official Contest - Design Artwork for TMNT:Out of the Shadows
  227. Corrections officer by Day, Vigilante by night
  228. THE Teaser and THE Trailer
  229. Official TMNT 2 Trailer #2 Discussion
  230. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows: set report
  231. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 trailer #3
  232. What is your opinions of this movie before it comes out?
  233. Donatello's Goggles
  234. Idea to Reintroduce Tatsu and Tattoo
  235. Baytles From a Meta-Perspective
  236. Official TMNT: Out Of The Shadows Review Thread (There Might Be Spoilers)
  237. TMNT 2 - advanced screening
  238. Bay TMNT backstory theory
  239. What did you think of Splinter
  240. a Kevin Eastman cameo in OotS; yes or no?
  241. Suggestion for Movie-3...
  242. TMNT out of the shadows soundtrack tracks names released
  243. TMNT 2 Box Office Predictions and Results
  244. OOTS on it's own merits? (or Lack therof)
  245. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - 8 Bit Cinema
  246. Shredder's Changes?
  247. Shredder and Splinter Relationship Theory
  248. Question for people who have seen the new movie (spoilers)
  249. What do you think of Officer Casey Jones?
  250. Emotional line by Mikey in TMNT2 Out Of The Shadows (spoiler alert)