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  1. if the turtles were frogs or lizards would they gain the same success ?
  2. u got good quotes?post it for me plz !!
  3. Nunchakus
  4. Josh Pais autograph
  5. I watched the first 8 episodes of NT:TNM and...
  6. gobo's Turtles trilogy marathon!!
  7. Ring of Fire
  8. TMNT Vintage cartoon?
  9. What is your favorite song from "Coming Out Of Our Shells" tour?
  10. What Are You're Top 10 Favorite TMNT Characters
  11. TMNT Classic Cartoon Drinking Game
  12. TMNT's Greatest Hits
  13. Help finding pics
  14. Old toon DVD errors
  15. TMNT Appeals to Males and Females
  16. TMNT: Volume 7
  17. They see me roll on my Segway...
  18. Barbra Walters interviews the TMNT
  19. TMNT Special Edition DVD's
  20. Divers TMNT sigs!!
  21. TMNT Season 4 - 40 episodes, 5 discs
  22. TMNT PC wallpaper
  23. Anti-Gravity Boots...?
  24. TMNT second intro: what season did it start?
  25. Merry Christmas...
  26. Leo's Butt Wires
  27. What did you think of the Turtles various love interests?
  28. I can't believe it, it does my heart good.
  29. I got the pic I wanted !
  30. Piano TMNT theme...
  31. Question, sorry it it sounds stupid
  32. When Raph and Leo have their fights, who usually wins?
  33. Little odd observation from the OS...
  34. Anyone have a "Shredder's Suite" MP3?
  35. Season 4, 5 and 6
  36. Everyday Life With the Foot Clan.
  37. Another thread dealing with bad guys
  38. Innocent Bystander
  39. Number of episodes in each season!
  40. question about a website
  41. Who is your favorite TMNT.
  42. Raphael Vs Batman
  43. Characters that you don`t like
  44. Who would take the win?
  45. TMNT in SSBB
  46. couple of youtube TMNT i spotted!
  47. tmnt episodes on youtube..
  48. Old Switcheroo episode no. 2 of season 3
  49. How strong is Raph?
  50. For your viewing pleasure..
  51. looking for...
  52. Best old toon DVD so far
  53. My meeting with Adam Behr!!!
  54. Original TMNT Season 3 Box Set
  55. Now heres something we all wish we had(pic inside)
  56. best and worst episodes of season 3?
  57. TMNT 1 Trailer Music?
  58. Dimension X: Dimension or Galaxy?
  59. The Angry Video Game Nerd Reviews TMNT3 Movie!
  60. A story I heard today that made me grin...
  61. LOOK on ebay someone is selling a part 3 Raphael movie head skin.
  62. Received my photo back from Leif Tilden!!
  63. Trying to find a fan-made script for TMNT4
  64. 1990 Movie Question
  65. Turtle ages
  66. Who is most popular globally?
  67. acronym or full title
  68. Have your taste for your favorite TMNT character changed over the years?
  69. The mutagen
  70. Does anyone have any Leonardo pics from the second movie?????
  71. TMNT VS Battletoads
  72. If you could have any of the Turtle's head sculpt from either of the 3 movies. WHO???
  73. Do you remember the TMNT movie cards??
  74. Top Ten Comic Book Cartoons
  75. TMNT owes alot to Hong Kong...
  76. Think you're a huge TMNT fan? Well, you've got nothing on this woman!
  77. Season 4 "Hot Sheet" ad!!
  78. Need some opinions for a commision job please.
  79. Movie III hand prop on ebay. Look
  80. youtube TMNT finds
  81. For fans of TMNT NM here is a Turtle bust on ebay for sale.
  82. Lot of Next Mutation stuff on ebay. Look
  83. Raph and the Shredder
  84. TMNT over take HotTopics!
  85. Funny Item on Ebay
  86. What is your favorite incarnation of the Turtles?
  87. Rob Paulsen Live Action
  88. An attempt a thorough reference list to the Old Toon
  89. post cards?
  90. Favorite Shredder origin story (various versions)
  91. 11th & Bleeker joke?
  92. Things you'd change about the storyline of the original cartoon
  93. Endings that were just TOO convenient?
  94. Extras On the Original Series Season 4 Disc Set
  95. Best and worst episodes of Season 4
  96. Anyone have the NY Comic Con Floor Plan link? ASAP
  97. Leonardo's Voice
  98. Channel 6
  99. Does this bother anyone else?
  100. Usagi Yojimbo
  101. Autograph from Michelan Sisti !!!!!
  102. Turtle Kids
  103. OFFICIAL TMNT Music Thread.
  104. The OTHER "gang" mutants
  105. TMNT Classic Subtitles
  106. Interesting Discovery...
  107. Leo's katanas
  108. Don's Bo
  109. Mike's nunchucks
  110. Raph's sais
  111. Splinter's short staff
  112. Bought a used "Legend of Koji" VHS @ Hastings today.
  113. TMNT First Movie Music Video
  114. Got any autographs of the voice actors from the shows?
  115. TMNT Posers?
  116. American Aussies who import DVD's, help needed!
  117. Why do some people hate the third movie so much?
  118. R-rated Script
  119. Here's the Right Episode Oder for TMNT 1987
  120. Casey makes the list of top 20 Comic Book Weapons!
  121. interview with the TMNT2 turtles
  122. ok even tho the Next mutation wasnt everyones favorite
  123. Mikey's TMNT down
  124. Bizarre pronunciation question
  125. Pete hates the old toon?
  126. Casey in the original cartoon
  127. Can somebody help me find this pic?
  128. Voice Changing
  129. Lions Gate Original TMNT DVD Releases in Canada
  130. Turtle Trivia...
  131. The ninja turtles and shredders sun signs
  132. Theme Song Question
  133. Custom DVD Covers
  134. sprites and classic show
  135. Does Watching TMNT Make You Want a Pizza?
  136. Coming Out of their Shells singers
  137. Check out this old school character analagy website
  138. Micheal Reaves Is The Man!
  139. Blast from the Past: Ninja Turtles Cartoon Fan Speaks!
  140. I hated whenever Raph threw his SAIS
  141. A Question about Posters...help!
  142. how come tmnt like pizza
  143. Leo likes some girl, asking on ADVICE VIXENS
  144. Why does Donatello get the short end of the stick?
  145. An even better question: Oruku Saki is supposed to be japanese right?
  146. Original Movie Pizza Hut Commercial
  147. New Build a bear turtle!!
  148. game editors chime in on who is the best ninja turtle! WATCH!
  149. An Alien Express Card? where can i get one!?
  150. Aspects of Splinter in the old toon i wished they focused more on...
  151. Which do you like better?
  152. TMNT Podcast
  153. Techno or Dance Mixes
  154. A few questions
  155. Theme song covers
  156. TMNT Dubs
  157. We are going all out for the TMNT movie
  158. Will there ever be a TMNT/TMNT2 DVD
  159. Nightwatcher, Turtles Titan
  160. My Fiction Term Paper...from 2004
  161. Another Turtle Skit On Robot Chicken
  162. What are the turtles to you?
  163. Ign looks at the tmnt tv series.
  164. Original Toon Video Clips
  165. Who do you think is the best?
  166. Are we weird??
  167. Teenage Mutant Hardcore Turtles????
  168. Pizza: Turtle Style!
  169. Who ya gonna call?
  170. When you were little did this piss you off?
  171. TMNT Manhole
  172. Tmnt - Tmht?
  173. "Never pay full price for late pants"
  174. Levels of Ninjutsu
  175. OMG!! 2 Awesome autograph successes!!!
  176. ORIGINAL TMNT #4 art on ebay - NO RESERVE
  177. Quick DVD question
  178. Why __________ is my favorite Turtle.
  179. Kevin's here, but no Voice actor's?
  180. All 4 movies DVD box set?
  181. Tattoo Query and Poll
  182. Chris Allan cover on coloring book?
  183. Shredder Character/model sheet
  184. Leatherhead
  185. Crossovers
  186. how far has the tmnt universe gone?
  187. live-action TMNT 1&2 re-released on DVD in Hong Kong.
  188. Bull Slag
  189. Help learn TMNT themesong(s)
  190. Ohio TMNT Art Exhibit This Weekend - Anyone Going?
  191. Best Leonardo episode of season four
  192. Best Donatello episode of Season four
  193. Best Raphael episode of Season four
  194. Best Michaelangelo episode in season four?
  195. Michelangleo's Birthday
  196. Lotus Blossom and Karai
  197. TMNT episodes you'll never watch again
  198. on imdb
  199. Best voice for tMNT character ever
  200. Live action Rocksteady
  201. What are your thoughts on old toon Raphael compared to his other incarnations?
  202. Which 2 Turtles are closest?
  203. What could have been: 1st season of 87 toon
  204. My awesome TMNT day in Belgium!
  205. Michelan Wrote me again!
  206. TMNT Season 5 - any news?
  207. Desperately seeking Donatello Statue?
  208. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes 2 the original script
  209. Alright... this may seem silly...
  210. The Lair
  211. Kevin Eastman on Fangoria Radio
  212. Anatomy of Mutant Turtles
  213. Has anyone seen a 'making of TMNT' (1990)?
  214. Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!
  215. Martial Arts and TMNT
  216. Fans of Jon Du Prez's score, post here!
  217. Diego Jourdan's sig!
  218. Official! You're The Man Now Turtle Thread!
  219. Did anyone kinda like Mike with his grappling hook in the old toon?
  220. comic book creators
  221. Euro episodes?
  222. Did Donatello act as a replacement for OT Raph?
  223. TMNT Cartoon Crushes
  224. turtle tech
  225. Make your own SoundTrack...
  226. Casey's bag of tricks
  227. When the character dynamics change
  228. 90's teenage mutant ninja turtles cartoon movie?
  229. Would you want Peter Laird to post here?
  230. TMNT New York Pilgramage
  231. Re-doin' vocals?
  232. Check this out, pretty funny
  233. Here's some food for thought...
  234. The Ultimate Shredder
  235. Change of the eyes design
  236. memories & anecdotes from the golden years of turtlemania
  237. Showed the TMNT anime OVAs to my friends...
  238. Pics of Raphael display finally. LOOK
  239. Lots of classic interviews!
  240. Shredderville vs. The Same as It Never Was
  241. The Next Mutation - Can someone explain to me?
  242. Rob Paulsen Interview (not Raph related)
  243. Someone please help me...
  244. What is the current friendship status of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird?
  245. Tales of the TMNT #31 writer ComicCon appearance
  246. Old Skool Pictures?
  247. The Movie Caps Thread
  248. Help me!
  249. What episode is this line from?
  250. Need opinion about US online store.